Dvd-rom Cd-rom Problem Saying "insert Disc In Drive"

Jun 23, 2005

I have recently installed a TORiSAN DVD-ROM DRD-U624 onto my Dell laptop. I installed a dvd decoder to play dvd's, but even before this nomusic cd's or data cd's would play. It would just say "insert disc in drive"

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No Disc In The Drive. Please Insert A Disc

Mar 27, 2007

Windows XP Home Edition (sp 2) HP Pavillion After I start the computer, I get this message---Red circle with a white x message states There is no disc in the drive. Please insert a disc into drive. This started this morning. Didn't have it last night when I shut it down. Have no idea why this all of a sudden started. Any help would be appreciated. I have tried clicking on cancel

comes right back. Went into Task Manager and clicked End Task.

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CD Drive Windows Display Previously Insert Disc Info

Sep 10, 2005

Running XP Pro with 1 DVD ROM and 1 CDR drive. Whenever I remove media from a drive and replace with a new disc, windows only displays the old data and doesn't recognize the new disc. Especially frustrating during a multi disc install. Sometimes it will refresh if I eject the disc through a menu vs. drive button. Other times this doesn't work. This happens with both drives, so it doesn't seem to be hardware issue.

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Scanner And Camera Wizard Pictures Come Up When Disc Insert

Sep 10, 2005

My grandaughter accidently clicked on the screen for the same picture tocome up each time a disc is inserted into the drive. how can i restorethis to how it was. i cannot use any of my discs now.i have tried to use the restore point section but was told there wereno dates prior to today.

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Disc Is Not Writable Insert A Writable Disc

Mar 17, 2010

I have DVD-RAM drive in my hp laptop and i used to write DVD-R disc usually.
In the recent time i get an message when insert a dvd-r disc. The error message is

The disc is not writable

Please insert a writable disc

Disc required for compliation : DVD R/RW, DVD R DL, DVD-RAM

Disc type in the recorder VD-R

But i used the same disc before and it was half writtened already.

help me to resolve.
Note: burning software nero 7 essentils(nero smartstart)

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Insert Disk - CD-Rom E Drive Appears

Oct 24, 2008

Compaq desktop, AMD 3200, DVD drive (D) and Asus CD Rom (E) I'm sure I've read about this before but for the life of me, I can't find anything now that fits. My CD-Rom (E) drive appears in "MY Computer" but when I try to use it I get the message to "insert a disk". I've tried data disks, picture disks, and music disks but the drive still thinks it's empty

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CD Rom Drives Error Please Insert A Disk Into Drive

Jan 14, 2007

When I want to move something to, or download anything to My CD drives I cannot get past the message "please insert a disk into drive (which ever)". Neither drive will recognize that there is a empty disk in the drive. I've tried different media and various makes of CD's and DVD.'s. I can burn a disk in the Cd/DVD
drive using "Nero". And both drives will open if there is data, music, or pictures on the disk in either drive, but I cannot open a blank empty disk unless it is in conjunction with something I'm doing with Nero.
There are no yelow symbols in device manager. And I have uninstalled both IDE channels that the optical drive is on and on reboot win 2000 reinstalled them automatically. I have updated the firm ware for each drive. Replaced the USB cable for the external drive and before I reloaded the updated firm ware I uninstalled both drives and reinstalled with the updated firmware. My three malware/spyware
programs have been run as has both of my virus programs.

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Auto Shutdown When Insert A USB Thumb Drive Into A USB Port?

Jul 28, 2005

everytime I insert a USB thumb drive into one of the two USB ports, the computer automatically shuts down.I have tried inserting another USB device into the port, and it works.Therefore I was leaning towards the driver being the problem. In device manager,it says that the device is working properly.The USB thumb drive came with a CD-ROM, but it only has the drivers for Windows 98 on it, as they are not needed for XP.I have since cleaned and re-formatted the computer, taking every back to its orginal state, as it came out of the box.

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Start AVG Anti Virus - Asking To Insert Disk Into Drive A

May 11, 2006

Everytime I try to start AVG anti-virus test center or Outlook from the desktop, this thing is looking to the A: drive (3.5 floppy) and giving me the following error. "There is no disk in the drive. Please inset a disk into drive A:" If I select 'Cancel' or simply hit the (x) at the top left to close the dialog box, the program starts normally. What would cause this computer to look to the A: drive when starting a program?

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Disc Drive Partitions Partitioned Hard Drive

Feb 14, 2007

A while back a friend partitioned my hard drive into three different partitions. the one I use is now almost full and I would like to merge the almost-full partition with the next partition, which is completely empty. Can anyone help me with the steps to do that? Thanks in advance. I have a windows xp system with the big service pak installed also. the pc is a dell dimension 4300 with a 1.6 ghz processor and 513 mb of RAM.

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Error Message At Startup "no Disk In Drive. Please Insert Disk In Drive"?

Feb 18, 2006

i am running windows xp home. recently every time my computer starts up it comes up with a error "no disk in drive. please insert disk in drive" the message window contains cancel, try again and continue. i have to cancel repeatedly to get it to go away. can anyone help?

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No Disc In Drive E

Nov 16, 2004

I was trying to run a computer game off a CD and I got the error "There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive E:." The E drive is my CD RW. I had run this program before without a problem. I took the disk out and put it back in- no luck. I gave up.Now I try to run a program that has been installed on my harddrive (Powerpoint), and I get the same error. I never needed to have a disk in the E drive to use that program before. I use Windows XP. Not sure where to look to troubleshoot this one.

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Error Message - There Is No Disk In Drive Please Insert Disk

May 2, 2006

In windows XP Pro. Error message: there is no disk in drive Please insert disk. (Refering to A drive). this happened after trouble with an old cable. Replaced the cable and this message pops up on boot.

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Having Downloaded Spy Bot / No Disc In The Drive

Feb 22, 2007

I have just finished a major rescue operation after my motherboard failed. I'm using Windows XP Home. Everything appears to be OK - except, having downloaded Spybot, when I try to run it, I get this message "There is no disc in the drive. Please insert a disc into drive DeviceHarddisk 1DR2". It doesn't matter which of the buttons I then click, nothing happens, and the only way I can get rid of it is to reboot the system. I had the same problem last May, although the context was different. I seem to remember that the only way I could fix the problem was to rename the virtual drive "c:" as "b:". Question - would that work? If so, how do you rename virtual drives, my memory isn't what it was, and I foolishly didn't write the process down.

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DVD-RW Drive Won't Detect A DVD-RW Disc

Jul 28, 2005

Before I start, I should tell you all that I am re-posting this with all of the original correspondence at the end.I've done as described, put both drives back into their proper place on the tape and into the proper order (DVD-RW - master, DVD-ROM - slave). On a hunch, I decided to pop in a DVD-R disc, and this was detected just fine. I also put in a DVD-RW disc, but it was not detected. Seeing as how I have data I want to append to an old DVD-RW disc, is there anything left to do?

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Dvd Drive It Says Is Disc Needs Formatting When Put Dvd In

May 25, 2010

My hp dvd 1140i will not burn my movies it keeps saying that the disc needs formatting.

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Unable To Use Disc Drive D:?

Feb 16, 2008

I have Windows XP and am using a CDW / DVD R/RW. I have used it in the past to burn CDs. Tonight I am trying to insert a movie disc and no matter which movie I insert, nothing autoplays. In addition, when I click the drive in explorer, it says please insert a disk into drive d. I have tried a number of different movies to no avail.

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Install On SATA Drive - Does Not On The Disc

Aug 14, 2007

I have recently bought a new computer that came with windows vista as you may have guessed the experience mostly has not been a good one, with lots of compatibility issues. I want to dual boot Vista with XP but the problem is I have heard windows XP does not have the SATA drivers on the disc. I understand that you just need to insert a floppy and push F6 I think but the problem is I don't have a floppy drive! Is there anyway I can slipstream the drivers into the install or something?

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Reformat Second Hard Drive Without Disc

Jan 17, 2005

want specific instructions on how to reformat a secondary hard drive without having the xp disc. never done this before. used to have son do all my hard drive installation work but he moved far away. i have complete system restore discs for first hard drive but does not recognize my secondary hard drive; found this out when reinstalling/doing complete system recovery on first hard drive. of course i backed up all my important information from both drives. i want to reformat second hard drive due to several reasons. One, i want to start off fresh. Two, there is a lot of junk on there i no longer want or need or use.

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No Install Disc? I Need To Reformat My Hard Drive

Sep 15, 2005

Any possible solutions? where can i go to get a new disc, I have no idea where it went.

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Cannot Clean My Hard Drive - Used Maxblast Disc

Oct 16, 2005

i used my maxblast disc to clean my hard drive now that i try 2 reinstall windows back everything i try fail i changed the bios to boot from cd rom and floppy [i have the 6 disks of xp bootables what do i do now i cant get anything to work

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No Disc Drive / Memory Card Keeps Rebooting

Mar 10, 2010

Further to my message of 03/03/10 I have a Samsung NC10 Netbook, it keeps returning to the reboot options black screen but whatever option I choose, it boots up, flashes Windows XP, flashes blue screen, ends up back on black options screen. There's no chance of getting on the internet to download anything, no icons no task bar. I know that this will cost us �70 to take to PCWorld and we're a bit low paid. How can I transfer the files to another PC?

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Super Multi Drive Install Disc For Windows

Jul 16, 2010

super multi drive disc for windows is not being read when put in dvd drive--why--its new one i have just bought from currys

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Hard Drive - Tech Information - Disc Installing

Jul 16, 2008

well this is my first computer i built so i'm a little inexpierianced but here's the problem i powered on my computer and put in the xp disc i boot it up from the disc and so the disc is installing xp it says windows is starting up for about 15 seconds the screen goes black and i get the bsod. it talks about my i get the error code : stop: 0x0000007B (0xF78D2524, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000) i've found what these mean but not wha

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Format Drive Without Original Operating System Disc

Jul 11, 2005

I have WIN XP PRO SP2 on my system. I have a 120G Harddrive. is it possible to reformst to a dual partition, 50% WIN 98 SE FAT the other half XP NTFS ? I dont have my original XP disk So I dont know if I will be able to reinstall my XP off of my backup disc.

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Full Hard Drive Wont Be Recognized / Os Is Windows Xp Fat 32 Oem Disc

Sep 12, 2009

Oem disc auto partions any hdd as 16GB os fat 32/D:\ drive NTFS raw. The Sony OEM disc(s) are pre sp1.
What steps do I take to install and get the full 200 GB to bea recoginized correctly?

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Disc Clean Up To Click On Compress Drive To Save Space?

Jun 3, 2005

Is it ok after running disc clean up to click on compress drive to save space?

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Primary Hard Disc Drive 1 Not Found - Unknown Device

Jul 6, 2004

I created a mess (but I'm learning more each day), and after a week got it going at least, but on boot got messagae "primary hard disc drive 1 not found" which required clicking F1 to continue. I ended up reinstalling XP, got everything up and running, but still have the HD message at each boot. I've passed all of the diagnostics in Set-Up, and found nothing on any of the troubleshooting sites that helped. Set-up says: Primary Drive 0 - Hard Drive; Primary Drive 1 - Unknown Device; Secondary Drives 0 adn 1 are both CD-ROM Readers. Everything works just fine, but I'd like to figure the drive problem. I had to create a partition for the reinstall - had no choice.

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Getting Disc Partition Type 77 Notification/ Unable To Format The Drive?

Aug 26, 2005

I have a P4 550 running XP Pro.I'm trying to reconfigue my drive to use all it's disc space, I have a'Type 77' partition that is 7.6GB that I can't seem to do anything with.Partition Magic 8.0 can't seem to format it, convert it to NTFS, delete it ,or any other operation I try to apply to it.I've reformatted this drive 4 times now and the 'type 77' partition always remains.It does not have a drive letter, PM 8.0 lists it as Local Disc [*:]

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I Have A Labtec Web Cam With Disc But My Mini Doesn't Have A Place For The Disc

Nov 15, 2009

i have a labtec web cam with software but i have a dell mini and have no where to insert the disc, please help

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Not Enough Disc Space To Complete Disc Defragmenter: Something's Fishy Here

Sep 27, 2007

I'm running XP Home on a Sony VAIO. The PC has a partitioned HD: C (main), & D (storage). I defrag every night.

This evening, I got the dreaded "not enough disc space to complete disc defragmenter" message. Suddenly tonight I'm showing only 2% free space on drive C. I went in and changed my System Restore percentage from 12% to 6%. Now I'm showing 6% free space (but still can't defrag).

I shouldn't have had to change my System Restore percentage tho. I'm sure that's not the culprit. Up until last night the C drive was nowhere near this full. Something's there tonight that wasn't yesterday. ...A whole LOT of something. The Defrag graph is showing a nearly FULL C drive with a LOT of red "fragmented" files"

I've been doing a bit of downloading, but after it's on the desktop (part of C), I move it to the D storage drive (which has a LOT of free space remaining).

Something's fishy. I'm no expert, but I'm thinking I need to find some type of application to tell me what's suddenly on that drive taking up all this space. Anyone have any helpful suggestions?

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