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Dvd-rom Cd-rom Problem Saying "insert Disc In Drive"

I have recently installed a TORiSAN DVD-ROM DRD-U624 onto my Dell laptop. I installed a dvd decoder to play dvd's, but even before this nomusic cd's or data cd's would play. It would just say "insert disc in drive"

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BIOS Won't Detect Hardware - DVD Rom And CD-RW ROM
I've had my PC now for almost 5 years. Everything was fine until one day my Windows XP PC just froze. I restarted it and now my DVD-ROM, CD-RW ROM are no longer detected at the System POST Screen. instead of the Drives showing, it now says the Secondary master and secondary Slave drives fails.The only thing that is detected is my Seagate Hard Drive. When I press F1 to continue I get a messagesaying "NTLDR is missing and I have to restart. I put the Windows XP Pro Disk in the drive and the same message pops up over and over. So I went to the System POST Screen, pressed delete to enter Setup. I checked the BIOS and my DVD Rom and CD-RW ROM no longer appear.

Posted: May 17, 2010

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CD-Rom And DVD-Rom Drives Aren't Recognized
I recently re-installed a fresh copy of Windows XP Pro because of a patched user32 virus that caused me problems it seems to be gone now since the re-install. But now since I re-installed Windows XP, my dvd and cd drives don't show up in Windows. In BIOS they are recognized as ch.0 master and ch.0 slave drives. But in Windows they're not there in My Computer or Device Manager. I pop in a disc and it spins around but nothing happens.

Posted: Jun 12, 2010

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CD Rom And DVD Rom Drives- Seemingly Frozen While Trying To Start
I upgraded my video card drivers (latest nvidia geforce drivers), and restarted. Everything seemed to be fine. I tried to boot up Madden 2007 which I'd just gotten this weekend and had no problems with... until today. It wouldn't start up, seemingly frozen while trying to start... finally after waiting a few minutes I task manger/ended the program, or tried to. XP seemed to freeze up... I finally got tired of waiting and decided to hit the restart button, but accidentally put it into standby mode instead. I couldn't get it out of standby mode and at that point had to power down and turn the pc back on.
Ever since then, it's been taking longer to boot up, and the worst part is that the cd and dvd drives don't seem to work properly.

Posted: Oct 30, 2006

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CD ROM And DVD ROM Access Missing- Running XP Home
After removing Musicmatch from my computer I cannot access my CD or DVD drives. I've read (Microsoft Knowledge Base) that after removing CD writing programs that this sometimes happens and that some changes need to be made in the registry. It is stressed that a backup of the registry should be made before making any changes to the registry . . . AT YOU OWN RISK. My question is - how big is the registry - can I backup to a floppy or USB Flash drive or should I put the backup on my hard drive? Also, if there is a problem with the registry now, would it be silly to back up a registry that is not correct I am running XP Home Edition - "Backup" is supposedly on my XP CD but I'm not able to use CD drive

Posted: Jun 14, 2005

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Insert Disk - CD-Rom E Drive Appears
Compaq desktop, AMD 3200, DVD drive (D) and Asus CD Rom (E) I'm sure I've read about this before but for the life of me, I can't find anything now that fits. My CD-Rom (E) drive appears in "MY Computer" but when I try to use it I get the message to "insert a disk". I've tried data disks, picture disks, and music disks but the drive still thinks it's empty

Posted: Oct 24, 2008

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CD-Rom / CD-RW / DVD-Rom Not Reading Data On CD's
CD-RW and DVD-Rom stopped reading data on my CD's. They see the CD's but don't read the data, the CD's appear not to contain anything. I've posted the particular problem twice on this forum, but got no answer. For users experiencing the same or similar problems, I've now determined the cause... I've got a SAHARA USB 2.0 flash drive that came with a UFD-utility that enables one to configure the drive into a private and public area, enabling you to safeguard critical files. This utility causes this problem. Unfortunately I could thus far not find a solution, apart from uninstalling the utility and making do without this function. The flash drive works fine otherwise, not causing any problems. Only the UFD-utility does. I will see if I can find an update that resolves this problem and I will let SAHARA know about it.

Posted: May 16, 2004

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CD Rom Drives Error Please Insert A Disk Into Drive
When I want to move something to, or download anything to My CD drives I cannot get past the message "please insert a disk into drive (which ever)". Neither drive will recognize that there is a empty disk in the drive. I've tried different media and various makes of CD's and DVD.'s. I can burn a disk in the Cd/DVD
drive using "Nero". And both drives will open if there is data, music, or pictures on the disk in either drive, but I cannot open a blank empty disk unless it is in conjunction with something I'm doing with Nero.
There are no yelow symbols in device manager. And I have uninstalled both IDE channels that the optical drive is on and on reboot win 2000 reinstalled them automatically. I have updated the firm ware for each drive. Replaced the USB cable for the external drive and before I reloaded the updated firm ware I uninstalled both drives and reinstalled with the updated firmware. My three malware/spyware
programs have been run as has both of my virus programs.

Posted: Jan 14, 2007

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Dvd Rom Drive Undetectable
Running Windows Xp Professional, I have One CD-RW and one DVD-R drive. My Cd drive is up to date, takes normal cd roms in, my dvd drive is up to date, when you press the open button it opens fully and closes straight away. It is undetectable. I do not have a set-up CD for it, even though It worked perfectly fine when the computer was brand new. Also if It occasionly comes up in My Computer it will say "error incorrect function" or somthing like that, the same happens with my portable media device. Any advice would be great, I have access to Administration account, power user, user and guest.

Posted: Apr 19, 2006

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Attached A New Dvd Rom - Changing Drive Letters?
I recently attached a new dvd rom to my pc. After it was detached, the drive letters on my extra HDD's have changed around.Can anyone please explain to me how to change the drive letters back?

Posted: Jul 7, 2005

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Cd-rom/dvd Not Working: Unable To See Drive Icon?
I have a dell, and my cd icons isnt showing next to c-drive icon..i cant seem to get my cd to run either, i tried to run several cd players still not running but it does show up on my operating system when i push delete to excess it..i tried to replace the ribbon, doesnt work

Posted: Dec 5, 2007

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XP recognizes my DVD-ROM as CD-ROM I upgraded my dell ME to XP home edition.
Now everything is fine except samsung SD-612D DVD-ROM is shown as an ordinary CD-ROM drive on my computer.
I have samsung CD-RW with nero working fine on drive E: and samsung
DVD-ROM on drive F:.
On properties,it shows samsung SD612D and enabled and working fine but
it;s shown as an ordinary CD-ROM drive on my computer.
When I insert DVD disc and green light on DVD keeps blinking and
nothing pops up. When I try to explore,it says please insert a disc on
I installed CD-RW a year ago and DVD-ROM came with the system.They all
worked fine until I upgraded ME to XP.
WinDVD came with the system was not working with XP so I had to buy
WinDVD 5.5 for XP.

Posted: Apr 3, 2004

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When Installing My Dvd Rom, The Computer Says Installing Cd Rom Why?
When i tryed installing a new dvd rom on my computer, it installs drivers for a cd rom instead.
And when i try to play a dvd r it won't, it will only play cdr's.

Posted: Jul 12, 2009

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DVD ROM Does Not Recognise Some Movie DVD's
I'm a new member to this site. Found some posts pretty interesting and hence thought that this would be the place where I may get the solution to my problem. I have a SONY DVD RW AV-G170A installed on my Dual Processor Pentium PC. There are some Movie DVD's which I can play and view movies perfectly. The drive recognizes the media and plays the movies But there are some DVD's which when inserted in the drive are not recognised by Windows AT ALL - under any circumstances. It says "Windows cannot read from the this disk. The disk might be corrupted, or it could be using a format that is not compatible with Windows"

Posted: Oct 9, 2007

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Home Sp2 Cd-rom Drivers Corrupt: Cd Rom Stopped Reading Disks?
Both cd-roms: LG cd-rom & Liteon cdrw have stopped reading disks. Both are plug/play, using xp drivers. They are recognized by explorer,no issues according to the device driver. Both spin up, but won't read disk. In win explorer, selecting the LG cd-rom produces a red X: E: is not accessible,incorrect function The Lite-on did the same thing, until I downloaded/installed the firmware from the mfg. Not it acts like it is at least looking at the disk, but it doesn't see anything. Is there anyway to re-install the xp drivers (remember I can't read a CD)? Do you think I could re-install the xp drivers

Posted: Sep 2, 2005

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CD Rom En Dvd Writer Do Not Know Any Blanco CD Or DVD
Since a short time my both players do not knoe an empty CD or DVD.Every re-writable CD or DVD they recognize but noe an empty.Who can help me or have has the same problem

Posted: Jun 27, 2009

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I have a dual boot arrangement with 98SE and XP. In XP after switching on there is no sign of my DVD/CD-ROM drives in Windows explorer unles I go through the following sequence: Control Panel -> System -> Hardware -> Device Mngr -> IDE/ATA/ATAPI Controlers -> NVIDIA NFORCE MCP2 IDE Controller -> Right click , scan for Hardware Changes, then the DVD/CD-ROM drives appear and work perfectly

Posted: Jul 25, 2005

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Cd-rom Issue Prevents Me From Installing Multi-disc Software
Windows XP failing to recognize new CDs placed in the cd-rom drive. On a fresh boot, I can put a CD in my drive and it recognizes it fine, but when I take that disc out and put a different disc in the same drive, it keeps showing the name and contents of the old disc. I have to reboot to be able to access a different CD.I'm trying to install a game, and I can't because of this. I have two drives, and they both do the same thing. The drives are:
Plextor DVDR PX-708A
Samsung CDRW/DVD SM-352B

Posted: Jan 17, 2007

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CD-RW And DVD-ROM Has Disappeared Into Computer
I'm having a kind of Windows bugs My Burner and my DVD player drive has disappeared into My Computer and they don't come back after I restart.

Posted: Feb 12, 2004

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New Computer, DVD ROM Problem
Just built a new computer w/W2K OS, and everything is running (I think) very good, except for:
At boot up I get an application error for the Direct CD program. (DirectCD.exe - application error) The application failed to initialize properly, 0xc0000142. Click OK to terminate the application.
My DVD ROM drive is an Artec DHM-G48, 48x CD-ROM, 16x DVD-ROM. Audio CD's plays great thru it.
If I double click the Desktop icon for the CD Creator I get an error message, "CD Creator engine initialization has failed. (Could not load CDR4)." I think that reference to (CDR4) is a driver in the WinNTSystem32Drivers folder.

Posted: Jan 9, 2005

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Dvd Rom Missing In My Computer
helped a friend reinstall windows xp using the symantec restore option in her dell dimension 2400, F11 + ctrl keys, alls well but the dvd rom isn't showing in hardware manager or my computer. not sure where 2 go from there. have googled but other than tons of threads, haven't found a real solution yet. she's technically challenged, so doubt she will take the cover off 2 see if any cables have come loose

Posted: Sep 18, 2008

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DVD/CD Rom Drives Not Recognised
Since upgrading to XP Pro from W2K a few weeks back my CDR and DVD drives are no longer recognised. In device manager an exclamation shows and I've been unable to find either an XP or more up to date driver. The drives in question are the NEC NR-7800A and NEC DV-5800A (In a Dell Dimesion 4300 machine) Does anyone have any idea on how I might approach getting these drives operating again

Posted: Jun 7, 2005

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Dvd-rom Driver Corrupt
my dvd-rom driver is corrupt or missing (error code 39) apparently!ive tried system restore but it cant be restored and ive tryed troubleshooting but this didnt work, ive tryed uninstalling the device but now it cant be reinstalled so what can i do? i keep going round in circles.

Posted: May 27, 2005

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How To System Change Cd To Dvd Rom
AM already converted CD to DVD but not working DVD?

Posted: Jun 11, 2010

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Can't Access DVD / CD Rom
My problem is with the above drives. I have Windows XP Pro and have followed all the instructions to get drives back working. They did work just fine till I put an old program on which conflicted with windows which said it couldn't be accessed so I unintalled it and then lost all the drives. I have since been able to get them back where they are recognized in My Computer and in the bios. In the bios they were always recognized but not in My Computer or in System files. In Device Manager they say all are working properly but still cannot use them. Can anyone tell me what else to do? I have followed all windows instructions but still can't use them.

Posted: Jan 8, 2007

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Unable To Autorun Cd/dvd Rom?
Hi!So this is the problem. When I insert a CD or a DVD disk the autorun does not start!The disk is loaded and ready for use but there is no indication by the autorun!?This option is turned on - I checked!So why is it not working?

Posted: Dec 16, 2007

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CD-Rom Wont Open CD-RW -error "Please Insert A Disk"
My CD-Rom drive wont open CD-RW's for some reason, when i insert the disk and try to open it i get the msg Please insert a disk in the cd-rom drive.considering that i've used these same cd-rw's in the past and never had a problem I'm kindda lost. i cant think of anything i've changed that would cause this problem.

i'm useing an acer cd-rom drive and the disks in question have Fedora core 2 on them, I cant get my computer to boot off them, so i tried opening them in windows and there not even being recongnized by the drive, I used them awhile back w/o and trouble but have re-formatted since then

Posted: Mar 27, 2005

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After Unproper Shutdown It Not Showing My Cd/RW And DVD Rom
In my system Windows XP SP1 is installed, after unproper shutdown it not showing my Cd/RW and DVD rom. I have trying installing and uninsatlling but not working. But in m other OS Windows 2000 working fine.

Posted: Jan 20, 2005

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CD ROM Hidden But Showing Dvd Room
I have both a DVD COMBO and a CDRom on my computer.The dvd combo shows up on MY computer list but there is no sign of the CD ROM.The properties say it is working correctly and is enabled. Not on device manager either. It does work though If I call it up on run an type in the label it had (G): how to put it back on the MY COMPUTER list?It used to be there

Posted: Sep 25, 2007

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DVD Rom Works ONLY In Safe-Mode
I've installed Windows XP SP2 Fresh after I had some other hardware problems. Everything seemed to work fine until I managed to get into Windows. The OS refuses to read ANY dvd/cd that I put inside. If instead, I boot to Safe-Mode, the DVD-RW works fine. Of course I tried to switch the DVD-RW with another one but the results were the same.

My system specs are....

Posted: Dec 23, 2006

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