Computer Shown As Connected But Wont Access Internet?

Dec 20, 2009

i have a hp computer dsl windows xp 1394 connection is showing connected but it will not access the internet i have tried the wizard connection transfering files and sharing i have 2 computers one is the host and it is windows vista and the one i am trying to connect to is windows xp please help i may not hve the updated drivers that i need but i cannot update cause i cant get on the internet

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Computer Is Connected To The Internet But Is Not Actually Connected?

Nov 5, 2007

the dial up worked fine until i took my computer to the high speed net at work. when i got the computer back i hooked it back up and dialed up it connected then i tried to view my webpage. it said page cant be displayed. my downloader was disconnected to. i had all the signs i was not connected to the internet but i was.

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Wireless Connected But Can't Access Internet

Nov 11, 2008

I had a virus on my computer and had to reboot it entirely. (erase everything) And I went to re install my linksys wireless internet that worked fine before. Now I'm getting a signal that says Im connected but I cannot access the internet. Only sometimes I can and for short amounts of time.Can anyone help me?Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600] C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.C:Documents and SettingsOwner>IPCONFIG/ALLWindows IP Configulation Host

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Wireless Access Not Working: Looks Connected, Explorer Dont Seem Connected?

Sep 17, 2007

I have G speedbooster router and setup MAC address and WPA with password. My laptop can access fine. I have emachines t2882 with xp and USB wireless g speedbooster adapter. I can access internet when plugging in computer lan to lan on router. When using wireless usb, I key in code and says I am connected and green lights show, but when pulling up explorer, it says no connected? Device manager shows device is working properly.I tried setting up automatically assign IP's on the computer and got same result, and put in specific IP I have assigned from the router to this computer with same results as well.Again, looks like I am connected, but explorer does not seem to recognize I am connected.

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Computer Freezing When Connected To Internet

Feb 23, 2005

The computer will freeze after a few minutes, no start menu, taskbar internet. Just some desktop control. CPU usage was 100% when I finally got task mgr to work.

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Computer Connected To Internet Run Scheduled Task

Jun 22, 2005

Run a scheduled task only when my computer is connected to the internet. I'm running eDNS, and it gives me a hostname lookup error when it's run and not connected. Is there a good way, other than just pinging a host, to determine if i'm connected in a batch file perhaps?

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No Internet Connection - Connected My Computer Directly To The Modem

Feb 7, 2005

I have a computer that is linked to a linksys wireless router by a wireless ethernet bridge. My internet was working properly until a couple of weeks ago when it just stopped working. My internet connection says imited or no connectivity and packets are only being sent not recieved. I have connected my computer directly to the modem so it is not going through the linksys hardware at all and there is still no connection. I have checked all of my computers hardware and it says everything is working properly. Also I have made sure all the drivers are updated and working properly.

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Cant Stay Connected To Internet For More Than 5 Min?

May 7, 2005

I have this problem at my work computer, on that one we run Windows XP. Verizon DSL for the last 2 days I have not been able to stay connected to the internet for more than 5 or 6 minutes. then I hafto reboot ran the virus thing the adware thing and the spyware thing but no improvement contacted Verizon to check my line but they said everything looked ok

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Cannot Use Update Because It Is Not Connected Internet

Apr 24, 2008

My Old computer is not connected to the internet and is running XP home with NO Service packs. I want to install SP2 but I cannot use windows update because it is not connected to the internet. I have installed a uxtheme patch so would that make problems when upgrading? Somewhere there must be a file that I can download, burn to CD or thumb drive, transfer and Install.I have found this but it says it is a Network Installation Package for IT Professionals and Developers,

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Can Not Connect To The Internet To The Pc Connected With Router

Oct 11, 2005

I have two computers kitchen computer is hooked up to dsl modem, I have a router in the computer in bedroom.I can only connect to the internet thru the computer in the kitchen, the one in the bedroom says that it can not connect to the server.all the wires are connected correctly, but still nothing

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Page Could Not Be Displayed / Internet Is Connected

Feb 22, 2008

Whenever i login and try to open Internet explorer or any internet browser on Windows XP, it gives me a message saying that the page could not be displayed. However, i am clearly connected to the internet as i can access it from Linux on the same computer and i can play on Xbox Live. Also, when i try to access the internet in safe mode with networking enabled, it still says that the page could not be displayed. Is there any way i can fix this without reinstalling windows because my computer did not include an XP disc when i bought it.

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System Shows No Internet Connection - But It Is Connected

Dec 22, 2006

The other day I tried to open yahoo messenger but it wouldn't open. So I restarted my comuter. As it was shutting off, a box popped up real fast right before it shut off. There was no way I coulda read what it said, it shut off too fast........When my computer came back on, a box popped up that said 'this computer does not have an internet connection' or something and had options to install it. So I ignored it and tested my internet connection and it still worked.Next, I realized that my sygate firewall and norton antivirus weren't in the system tray Then I got a box pop up that said my HP office jet printer encountered a problem and had to be shut down or something. My printer wasn't even on.

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Internet Connection Connected - Page Cannot Be Displayed

Mar 17, 2005

my friend runs windows XP and is on a cable modem. Her internet connection is connected and she is able to connect and chat using AIM but is not able to surf the web. Page cannot be displayed is all she gets when she tries to go to any website

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Connected To Router Cannot Find Internet Connection

Oct 16, 2007

This problem is on my other computer. im using comcast high speed internet.I have wireless internet going from my desktop and my laptop on my desk top it says im connected to my router but can not find internet connection.I have talked to comcast and they say that it is a problem with my router. but i have eliminated the router and hooked straight up to my pc and it still does not work.also on my network connections i have a wireless connection but my local area connection is gone. could my network card be bad?

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Built In Ethernet Card Not Working/ Dsl Internet Not Connected?

Mar 10, 2005

I can't get my ethernet card working. it is a built in card to my mobo and it just will not let me get to it. I have updated the driver already. i can't connect ot the internet cause i have dsl and i have eveything connected thru a router my card is a Realtek RTL8139/810x Family fast ethernet nic

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No Internet Connection Found - Icon Shows Connected

May 30, 2009

The one problem i usually have after i recover from the BSOD is am always unable to get back on line. all the other computers in the work group is usually still connected to the internet but whichever one of the computers that went down because of the BSOD, I always had to get the professional to reset my connnection on that particular pc/laptop is. So folks how can i fix this problem.Present systemis now up and running but no internet connection even when the icon shows that i am connected.

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Access Files On Other Computer Through Internet ?

Jul 13, 2005

i want to take files off one computer to another computer in different locations.I was wondering what program i can use ? i want to set up a program on one computer1 and let it be, and access files off of that computer1 from my computer2 at intervention on computer1 but seting up the program once.

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Preventing Internet Access For A User On Computer

Aug 8, 2005

Could someone please tell me how I can turn off all forms of internet access for a user on my computer. I enabled a content filter to prevent access to all websites; however, the user can still access the web through programs such as Maya and Hudini (computer animation programs). I want to have internet access on all the user accounts with the exception of this one user account

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Computer Stalling For No Reason/lose Access To The Internet?

Sep 28, 2005

my computer stalling/freezing for no reason. I have AVG and have used Ad-aware and Spybot Search and Destroy and neither have found a problem. Sometimes all of a sudden I lose access to the internet, Im on a LAN but when I lose access the other computers on the LAN still can access the internet fine. If that problem doesnt occur, my computer just decides to stall and when I restart it sometime freezes on the Window XP screen.

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Computer Running Very Slow - Have Wireless Internet Access

Jan 24, 2006

I am using Windows XP and have wireless internet access.....for some reason my connection has become slower than that of dial up. My daughter recommended I visit this site for help

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Network Connected At Work, Not Connected At Home?

May 2, 2007

I uses a laptop as a workstation. i uses it to get online from here at the school and at home. Recently, i can surf fine from work but when gets home when i plugs into network and gets all the signs of connectivity but when using the internet explorer, i only gets the "Work Offline" option and is unable to use the internet. I have a wireless connection set up as well as the regular ethernet connection. I usually only uses the ethernet port and rarely uses the wireless connection but both are running simultaneously.

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Uninstall Internet Explorer Shown Blue Screen

Feb 11, 2009

System has been shutting down and restarting up on its own, it has done this three times, i looked back at anything new i have done recently and all the i can think of was i deleted Open Office, i received a error message saying if i delete it some programs may not operate correctly. Also i tried to delete Windows messenger Live in the the control panel under add remove windows components i deleted internet explorer by mistake and had to reinstall it. The last time it didn't shut down but i got a blue screen that said Windows has detected a software or hardware problem and has shut down to prevent damage,check any new hardware or software that have been recently installed, the error massage was " IRQL_NOT LESS_OR_ EQUAL. I am running IBM pentium 4 windows XP.

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VCR Connected To Computer - Mov Maker

Aug 3, 2005

I have the VCR connected to the computer but I can not record sound. I've tried this program and "Unlead", yet I still can not hear anything.

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Logging - Computer Connected To LAN

Jul 22, 2008

I have windows installed in my desktop. I have heard that there is a way to find out if other people has logged on to your computer in your absence by checking the log. Can anyone tell me how this is done. I am the administrator and my account is passwrord protected but it is known to two more people. my computer is not connected to LAN. , how you check the log?

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Computer Hangs When Usb Device Is Connected

Sep 6, 2007

whenever i connect my printer or my flash drive into the usb ports my computer freezes up and i have to power off manually and remove the device for the computer to start up correctly. any suggestions to help solve this problem?

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Send Error Report Message Shown When Close Internet Explorer

Jan 7, 2009

Recently, I have come across a problem in the internet Explorer of my system. After I start Internet Explorer it does not cause any problem but when I close even one Internet Explorer window it asks me if I should send the error report. Even if I say, Send Report or Don't Send,it just closes down all my Internet Explorer opened windows.

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Open Outlook Express Shown Internet Explorer Script Error

Jun 26, 2005

Get an Internet Explorer Script Error when I open Outlook Express. It reads: An error has occurred in the script on this page. Line 229, Char 1, Error: Object doesn't support this property or method. Code:0.

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Connected To The Internet, Can Ping Sites, But Can't Open Sites In Firefox

Apr 5, 2007

I'm really clueless as to my next, step possibly a re-install of windows, i have a laptop and another PC both networked to my PC using crossover cables. 2 network cards in my computer bridged and ICS shared over the bridge. Both can access the internet with no problems using internet explorer, MSN etc. open web pages using Internet Explorer or Firefox sign into msn has once or twice since this problem started I have scanned with ad-aware and norton 2007 both up to date, found some things and fixed them but still not working.

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Loss Of Internet Connection: Programs Requiring Internet Access Unable To Connect?

Nov 19, 2006

After long periods of my internet connection being idle (2+ hours usually), all programs requiring internet access are unable to connect. By idle I mean I leave to run some errands with no programs other than Zone Alarm running. My DSL modem still has all lights flashing and active. There are a couple other scenarios where this occurs as well. Ex. I'm playing WoW for extended periods but not using the internet through any other program, then upon alt-tabbing no other applications are able to connect to the internet even though WoW is still connected and functioning. Rebooting the router/modem doesn't fix it, but rebooting the comp does.

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Virus Preventing Internet Access - Installed Norton Internet Security

Aug 5, 2005

I think that I have a virus which is stopping me from 1) Installing Norton Internet Security 2005 properly, and 2) Stopping me from accessing all anti-virus related sites, for example -,,, and when i tried to download AVG 6.0 from another site which was unrelated to antivirus, I found that I could access the site but the download failed.

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No Internet Access - No Network Access In Wrkgroup

Aug 6, 2008

a pc with windows xp pro suddenly started not to access the internet or the workgroup it normally worked on.
ethernet card is present in hardware devices, network connection says it "is there", the IP numbers etc. are all as they were.I have even tried a rollback to the time it worked fine, but no net

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