Unable To Remove A Trojan Spy Virus / Computer Running Very Slow?

Jul 9, 2005

I inadvertently downloaded spyware about a month ago and since then my computer's system has been slowly deteriorating. I downloaded lavasoft and adaware but they did absolutely nothing to remove problems.Recently my entire computer's screen is blue and says "A fatal error has occurred...error caused by Trojan-Spy.html.smitfraud.c" I'm afraid to use the internet on that computer.


Virus In My Computer And Computer Running Slow - Trojan

Jan 19, 2007

My computer has been running slow and I just did a quick virus scan and I seem to have a 8 trojan horses or something

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Unable To Remove Trojan House Virus 16.AG?

Sep 3, 2005

I have XP professional and I have a virus called Trojan House 16.AG. Can anyone help me to remove or fix this virus.

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Unable To Remove Virus Trojan 16AG From System?

Sep 3, 2005

I am running XP professional and have a virus called trojan horse 16.AG it is located in my systemvolumeinformationrestore file and I can't find this file or cannot remove (Fix) this virus.

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Trojan Vundo Virus - Slow Computer

Apr 15, 2007

I had this Trojan vundo virus about a month ago and you helped me remove it. My computer was running fine until all of the same things started happening again. Im pretty sure i still have the virus b/c my computer is running very slow and just plain bad. I ran VundoFix.exe (it found like 10 things), clicked remove vundo, and rebooted. I ran HijackThis and here is this log file.what i need to delete? ....

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Trojan In Reg32.exe =trojan.low Zones: Wont Remove Virus?

Feb 11, 2005

I have of lot of trojans and can't seem to get rid of them I have ran Spy Bot,Avast,Ad-Aware,Stop Sign and found a 1 Trojan in reg32.exe =trojan.low zones
2 downloaded program files says: Trojan.downloader1097 3 System 32 sygate = Win32.HLLW.MyBot.based 4 Avenue Media Internet Optimizer Software Package = Possible spyware Application 5 Appropos Media People On Page Application = Possible Spyware

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Anti Virus Site To Remove Trojan Horse Virus

Jul 31, 2010

Does any computer wiz out there know of an anti-virus site that will remove the rojan horse virus free? I know that all downloads are free,but once they find all the infected files,they won't remove them with out u paying for them

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Computer Running Very Slow: Having No Virus?

Feb 16, 2009

Ive been having troubles with my comp Programs are opening up slowly and generaly most thing are slow.The main thing that i notice is when trying to attached a item to a emil in outlook i will click insert/file/cdrive/this file/ that file, it takes somewhere between 1-2 min to open cdrive and each click.

Another thing that i noticed was that when i remove the usb keyboard and mouse 1-2 min later i will get the soud of being removed.I get alot of programs not responding but after a while they do, eg when shutting down a associated program with the printer almost allways pops up not resonding but does after a while.

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Computer Is Running Really Slow: Checked For Virus & Found Nothing?

May 10, 2006

I have run my adaware, spybot, and virus scan....nothing comes up...but my computer is running very slow....I need to know why pages aren't loading as fast as they were.

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Slow Running Computer: Found No Virus In System?

Apr 7, 2008

I am having problems with my computer running slow. It does not seem to matter what I do it still runs to slow. I am running Windows xp, have no viruses that have been detected but all my programs run slowly. What can I do to fix this problem???

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Slow Running Computer: Performed Virus Check Found Nothing?

Oct 12, 2006

I Recently Had My Computer Rebuilt And Went From Dial Up To Verizon Dsl. Loved The Speed For Awhile. 512 Memory Was Added. Now It It's Running Slower. I Did Add Spybot, A New Usb 2.0 Port, And Several Other Programs. I Have About 20 Icons On My Desktop. Will Any Of This Cause The Slowing Down Of Programs, Getting E Mail, Or Surfing The Internet? You Guys Were Great Last Time About Solving My Usb Port Problem.

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AVG Anti Virus Cant Remove Trojan Horse Downloader

Dec 17, 2004

trojan horse Downloader .Agent.5.P - is found in C:WINDOWSsystem32calsp.dll

AVG can't remove it

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System Restore - Downloads Runs Trojan -running Virus

Jul 6, 2005

If someone downloads and runs a trojan and then uses system restore to back
to a system restore point prior to running the virus, is that computer still
infected?Nocturnal http://www.spywaretalk.org

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Unable To Remove "Trojan-Dropper.VBS.Inor.cz" Trojan?

Apr 1, 2006

I have windows xp, i have avg antivirus and have run the tests in pc pitstop and done a regular search thru windows for the Trojan-Dropper.VBS.Inor.cz but can't locate it on my pc. My IE browser freezes everytime i go to a particular site and yet when i ask if anyone else has trouble with that site only a very few people say yes. The solution they give me is to download Mozilla and use it for that site. That doesn't protect me from the trojan completely infecting me does it? Can anyone tell me how to delete this trojan?

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Unable To Remove DMVLite Virus From Computer / Antivirus Wont Work?

Jul 27, 2006

After uninstalling a number of suspect programs, I ran my anti stuff, AdAware SE, Ewido, Spybot, Ccleaner, AVG, Stinger, CWShredder and Housecall. Got rid of a lot of Trojans & spyware. There is still a suspect, something called DMVLite, cant seem to uninstall this one. Google search only led me to do an HJT log. Not to sure I want to do that.I also tried to uninstall a program called DVD Sentry, but it said the Windows Installer 3.1 was missing.

Maybe most important issue. Ran Belarc, said it is missing 40 critical updates ! There is a Windows Update Shield that says it has a download to install. KB888162,it detects if SP2 is properly installed, it is NOT.Wants me to uninstall SP2. When I go to uninstall, I get all these, cannot copy files.My question is, is it OK to click cancel on these cannot copy, since I cant seem to do anything else anyway.

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Trojan Virus - Is Computer Cleaned After Virus Infection?

Aug 14, 2008

I had a trojan Virus in the computer. I think that I got rid of it, but I am not sure could anyone that can read a log please tell me if there is anything else left in the computer. The computer now doesn't stay on-line it disconnects itself. I called the company that provides me with my internet service, and they said that I need a filter for the phone line. The person told me that, that will take care of the problem of the internet disconnecting. I think that it could be the virus I had in the computer. I wasn't able to get on-line for at least a week, I had gone and checked the disk for errors and finally the anti-virus program was able to find the virus's.

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Computer Running Awfully Slow: Unable To Speed Up?

Apr 20, 2006

I am having difficulties with the speed of my computer. It is running really, really slow. I can't even go online at times because of the slow speed.

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Computer Is Running Really Slow: Unable To Run Any Program?

Aug 18, 2006

I am currently working on another computer. This computer seems to be running very slow.

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Computer Running Slow: Unable To Speed It Up?

Oct 27, 2009

I have tried just about every thing to speed my computer up. I have ATT High speed ,but it acts like dial-up . I have talk to att and they said every thing is work fine but i know its now it freezes up have of the time or it crashes .I have spend 200.00 dollars to have it debug. I need help

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Unable To Remove Fakespyro Trojan

Oct 1, 2009

This trojan virus slipped pass McAfee antivirus which still doesn't detect it. Also, each time I start my computer, Windows Defender (which is also installed) detects it, and even thogh I click on "Remove All", it still keeps popping up and is not removed. How do I get rid of this beast?

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Computer Running Slow: Unable To Find The Reason?

Jun 28, 2005

my computer been acting a lil weird lately and has slowed down a bit...

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Slow Starting And Running Computer: Unable To Speed Up?

Feb 3, 2009

Saw an earlier post where flavallee was addressing this problem and wondered if someone would assist me in trying to get my computer back to close to the speed it was. It has really slowed down the past couple of months.

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Computer Running Slow: Unable To Find Reason?

May 5, 2006

My computer is running slow...unable to find reason for that

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Slow Running Computer: Unable To Find Reason?

Feb 14, 2008

I don't know what is up with my system but EVERYTHING is running slow! Is there some way for me to dx what is wrong or is there a program I should run to fix this??

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Computer Running Very Slow: Unable To Install Any Program?

Aug 29, 2008

I have windows xp and for the last couple of weeks has been running very slow.Is there a program I can install to find out whats going on?

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Computer Running Very Slow / Unable To Make It Fast?

Aug 4, 2005

my computer has slowed down lately. i am unable to find the reasons for this and finding ways to make it fast?

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Computer Running Very Slow / Unable To Make It Fast?

Apr 15, 2008

Dell Dimension 2350 windows XP 28GB hard drive 14GB free space -- don't know how much RAM I've read other posts and thought I'd try MSCONFIG suggestions but how do I know which microsoft programs to disable under services there are tons of them (DNS, Server, Workstation to name a few) -- same for programs listed under start-up most of them have unindentifiable names like wkufind, igfxtray, hkcmd - are these spyware??

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Computer Running Very Slow: Unable To Make It Fast?

Dec 4, 2006

my computer running very slow and taking longer time to get to the welcome screen , uanble to resolve the situation or make it fast?

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Scanned And Got Trojan Horse: Unable To Remove From PC?

Jul 3, 2005

scanned and got trojan horse.... its says c/windows/system32/mqmapjk.exe. it wont let me quarantine or delete. How do i get rid of this

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Trojan Horse Collected AF / Unable To Remove From PC?

Oct 3, 2006

Ok so apparently someone hijacked a trusted freinds instant messenger screen name sent me an link in the IM window I clicked on it thinking it was my freind and AVG pops up and says a virus was found. So I quarantined it and though I was safe. When I restarted my computer I keep getting AVG poping up telling me the same viurus has been detected and then a website tries to automatically open in IE.

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System Running Extremely Slow - Zone Alarm Due To Trojan

Nov 29, 2007

I am currently running XP and have zone alarm due to trojan I had a year ago. Two months ago for some reason I could no longer change my desktop background and when i tried to restore the computer to a previous time before we had the problem it would not work-none of the days I tried to restore (I tried multiple days). I since was able to restore my desktop (my brother ran some program) but ever since then the computer has run EXTREMELY SLOW

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Scanning Showing Trojan.mitglieder.b / Unable To Remove From PC?

Apr 12, 2006

i have in the windows task manager in the process tab runing system.exe according to processlibrary.com this is a trojan.mitglieder.b and i tried to end the process from the task manager it will start counting and shut down my pc. how can i remove this trojan.?

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Unable To Remove 'trojan.win32.agent.qg' By Using F-Secure?

Aug 11, 2006

Trying to remove the above with F-secure anti virus 2006, ewido v4 and spydoctor without sucess, although F-secure generates 'popup' with Malware detected warning, but message says action failed.

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Unable To Remove A Software (or Is It Trojan Horse) / Regedit Wont Allow?

Jan 20, 2008

I have this software called SWF Sound Automation Tool, whenever I uses windows movie maker when I click on audio file, something pops up saying windows want to configure swf sound automation tool, and then it pops up some kind of error saying cannot write value to key etc, and I need to do cancel on the pop up and sometimes it hangs. Then my norton protection will pop up saying it blocks a trojan horse.

I tried to delete the software from control panel-remove software it doesn't work, then I do regedit and delete the entry in the uninstall area, however the control panel area still shows this software but it does not give remove button there anymore. However the problem still exists and hangs my movie maker! And I have no where to delete anything anymore, why this stupid software never goes away!

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Trojan.Win32.Patched Quarantined / Unable To Remove Registry Value?

Mar 5, 2010

i was looking for an alternative to the google desktop's sidebar when i came across this "ricks sidebar" from this rickentendo dude on wincert.com.I downloaded it and it worked fine untill i tried setting up the weather gadget then i got a popup from threatfire telling me it just quarantined the sidebar.exe which supposedly was infected with a "trojan.win32.packed",so i checked out the details and it showed "registry value delete disallowed" under the quarantined win32 trojan.

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Trojan Virus On Computer

May 23, 2006

i got a trojen virus on my computer just resently i have norton and avg but i would like to now what programs are good to have to to keep things safe.

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Trojan Virus Is Controlling My Computer

Dec 16, 2005

My computer seems to have gotten a virus called Trojan.Vundo.B located in C:WINDOWSsystem32vtutt.dll. My anti-virus spyware detected the problem but was unable to fix the problem.

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Infected Computer With The Conhook_dh Trojan Virus

Apr 9, 2007

I have tried Trend Micro and Spy Blaster and Defender and they see it but can't seem to kill it. Here is a printout of the HijackThis log.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.0 (BETA)
Scan saved at 3:27:34 PM, on 4/9/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:

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Deleting Trojan Horse Virus Slowing Down The Computer?

Jun 23, 2005

My computer has detected that I have a virus called "Trojan Horse." I think it is really slowing down my computer big time.What can I do to fix this?I was told to do the "HIJACK" this. The following is what came up:

Logfile of HijackThis v1.97.3
Scan saved at 7:36:28 PM, on 6/23/2005
Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

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Trojan Horse Generic Virus Freezing The Computer

Feb 26, 2006

I have dowloaded AVG anti virus and when i run a scan the following virus appear Trojan Horse Generic. Once this has been detected the search freezes and I cant delete this virus cos the PC freezes. Can I search and delete this virus in another way. I think it is this that is causing my pc to freeze and restart when connecting to the net

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Pc Running Extremely Slow - Virus?

Jan 30, 2008

is it a virus or what?

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Laptop Running Very Slow: Threat Of Virus In Log?

Dec 12, 2005

my laptop is running kinda slow and I just wanted to post a hijackthis log cause I think I've got some spyware that isn't showing up in spybot or somthing.

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Running Really Slow / It's Virus Or Spy Ware Related

Oct 3, 2005

My PC has started running really slow. I know this could be virus or spy ware related but I have Norton and have never had problems before. Just before it started I changed the desktop appearence on my display settings. It started running slow from this point.I then tried to start i-tunes and it crashed.The ususal whirring noise (hard disk?) now sounds like a ticking. Every so often it jumps into life and runs a t normal speed.My operating system is XP. 250GB HDD. Intel pentium four processor 540 (3.2ghz)

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Comp Running So Slow: Performed A Virus Scan?

Jun 26, 2005

I feel like I went back to a pentinum 1 486mh and 16 mb of ram....... I cant figure out what is wrong with my comp. I have run virus scan, spywear scan, done a defrag, and every thing is fine. There is nothing in the startup menu on msconfig screen. but yet my comp takes like 3 mins to restart. getting on the internet with Road Runner takes like 5 mins.

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Trojan Horse Virus Infaected Embedded Object - AVG Anti Virus

Jul 20, 2005

I have the trojan horse virus. I'm running AVG Anti-Virus.

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