Unable To Log You On / Account Has Been Locked Out

Aug 17, 2007

When trying to log onto my laptop with Windows XP Pro I get the following message:Unable to log you on because your account has been locked out, please contact your administrator.

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Locked Out - Debug User Account Group

Oct 10, 2008

i was messing with some settings in a debug user account group my main user. And i changed something in the registry and had to suddenly shut down. So i start up again and could not get in at all. Any hints? I am currently using my admin account but all my important folders are on that user!! How can i get them back?

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Locked Out Of Pro SP3 - Unable To Access Anything

Oct 24, 2008

I ran "cacls C: /P guest:n" in a command prompt. After that, I was unable to access anything. I shutdown and booted from the OEM CD. I ran a repair install. I rebooted and put the CD in to try to finish the repair installation. It was going fine for about 5 minutes. Then I got a fatal error. I looked the error code up and it said that this meant that there were not sufficient permissions to perform the necessary tasks. Now, I can't even boot into Windows so what is the best way to fix this? Maybe resetting the permissions (if so, how)? (By the way, I have already tried cacls in recovery console and copying it onto a flash drive and running it in the recovery console. Neither work. I am dual-booting with Ubuntu on another partition, so if I need to use linux for the repair, feel free to recommend that.)

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Computer Locked: No Network Attached / Keyboard Locked?

May 18, 2008

I have a laptop that runs Windows XP. Recently I opened it and an error message that says that the computer is locked and only the administrator can log on appeared. But, I'm the administrator of the computer! It is not apart of any network so no one else was using it.The keyboard is also locked so I can't type anything.

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Log In My Account - Unable To Switch Users

Jun 1, 2007

when i log in my account i am unable to switch users. I have to log off and then they will be able to sign on.

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Unable To Locate Administrator Account

Aug 17, 2006

im have a windows xp computer and i had a username called administrator and then i made a new account for my friend to use wich deleted my administator account but the thing is all my this form that account are still there but when i go to my documents and click administrator it says access denied so there must still be that account there i just dont see it at the welcome screen to log on to that account so could anyone help me please

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Booting - Unable To Log On - Account Restriction

Jul 13, 2005

I have a Compaq laptop with XP which is linked to my main computer via wireless connection. I have had a minor problem for a while when booting. After loading up XP I get a log in box with 'Administrator' in the box. A second window opens on top of the first which says "Unable to log on because of an account restriction" I found that if I clicked OK on this box and then entered my user name, ('Bill') in place of 'Administrator' I could then get in and the computer worked fine. (There is no password for 'Bill' a blank field works.) Now when I try to boot up the same thing happens, but both boxes only appear momentarily and then are gone and the machine locks up with the message "Windows is starting up" on the screen. I have started in Safe Mode and gone into Control Panel/User Accounts. This shows two Computer Administrators, 'Administrator' and 'Bill'. It also shows 'Guest. Guest account is off'. Can anyone assist me to get the computer to log in as 'Bill'? I can't work out how to do this. It is a home computer and I am the only one using it so there is no need for multiple user safeguards.

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Unable To Access System Administrator Account In Pro

Jul 30, 2009

I'm using an HP Compaq laptop with XP Pro, bought a year ago, and set up for me by the vendor. The logon screen has always shown Administrator in a box, and I simply clicked on that to log on - over time it became routine and I thought no more about it.

Having only limited knowledge of the workings of computers, I was a little puzzled to find that I didn't have an option to set her account to 'Limited', but proceeded anyway. Her account was, of course, set up as an Administrator.I now find that I am completely unable to access my own account, and now understand that all this time I have been using it as System Administrator.

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Unable To Recover A Deleted User Account ?

Apr 7, 2010

I seem to have lost the user account on my computer with XP home edition I can still log on to my computer via another user but of course I have lost all my saved emails and other saved items. I can retreive the files etc stored in the 'my documents' folder as that folder is still available in 'Documents & Settings' I realy want to log in to my old user account which ,incidentally,was not password protected.

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Unable To Log Off Operating System From Any User Account?

Sep 4, 2005

i have windows xp home with sp2, my computer is a Dell 5000 with pentium 4. i have 3 administrator accounts. my problem is logging off. i cannot log off from any of the accounts, i can switch off or switch user but not log off. if i try to log off it goes as far as a black screen and then nothing, i can't use the task manager. the only way i can then do anything is to unplug the pc from the mains and start again.

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Unable To Edit Registry Values By Using Admin Account?

Jul 14, 2005

I have a Windows XP Pro, SP2 customer. We are attempting to modify the registry key for the "Everyoneincludesanonymous" from a value of 0 to 1. When he
selects "OK" he gets a message that says he cannot change this value. In fact he cant change any registry data and he is the admin.

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Administrator Account Unable To Change Write Access

Dec 17, 2006

Windows XP Home SP2 account is an Administrator and I just installed a FPS game and I can't run that game because it produces an error saying that the games EXE folder needs to writable but when i try to make it writable windows tells me Access Denied. How do I correct this so I can play my game? Also, of the files and folder it DOES let me change the change doesn't actually happen it looks like it does but it doesn't.

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Unable To Access Administrator Account In Operating System

Sep 14, 2010

I changed administrator accounts on XP Media and made the original administrator a limited account. when I the restarted the computer and choose the new administrator account it starts to load then seems to freeze on configering Internet Exp 6.Is there a way to wipe out the new adm account and change the limited account I created back to the administrator.

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Unable To Access Shared Folders In Network - Account Is Not Authorised

Jun 20, 2007

I am working in domain with 30 desktops and one server. Every user is able to access shared folders from every other system as per rights assigned. But in one system, whenever an user tries to access shared folder he gets the following message: "\*.*.*.* is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions.The account is not authorised to log in from this station."

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Limited Account Is Unable To Access Internet Via Wireless Connection

Feb 8, 2010

WinXP SP3; A limited account is unable to access the internet via wireless connection unless an administrator account has logged on to the wireless network. Works Ok after administrator account has logged on and established link.Our church wants to set up a computer in our library for visitors to use to access the internet. A hard wire connection to the router works with the Visitor Limited Account without the Administrator account being logged on. Running a hard wire CAT5 cable to the library isn�t an option. The computer�s wireless adapter is Belkin G Plus MIMO USB adapter. The DSL Modem/Router is a Siemens SE 567.

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User Account Missing / Getting Back Files In Admin Account?

May 13, 2005

One of my user account for window xp proffesional is missing.Orginally i had one user account and then i decided to make another one.When I was making the second one I had to choose adminstrative powers because it said that I didn't had any other accounts with adminstrative powers. Then after i restarted my original account was missing and I was like wtf! My files are all gone now.The original account name was Administrator. I still have the files for it in my C:Documents and Settings Administrator So how do I get it back?

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How Do Copy Documents From My Main User Account To My Second Account

Feb 10, 2009

How do I copy documents from my main user account to my second user account on my home computer?

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Admin Account Treated As Limited User Account

Mar 21, 2009

Windows XP Home SP2 in a Gateway Performer 1300 P4 I recently purchased a used computer locally from a private party. It seemed to work fine. Once I got it home, however, I discovered that when I tried to install the drivers for my wireless adapter, the InstallShield Wizard would come up and extract the files from the CD and then go away and nothing would happen. When I went to the Windows update site, it would not down load the activeX control to check my computer for needed updates. It did the same thing. It would show that it downloaded the file and then nothing would happen. I talked to a local computer shop and they said they have had a lot of trouble with "broken" Windows Installers lately. So I went to the Microsoft site and downloaded the updated Windows Installer (as they suggested) and this did not change anything.

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Renaming Primary User Account - Renamed The Account

Feb 17, 2007

I've gotten myself in somewhat of a pickle. I have a system that I had built for my husband. I later built a new box for him and decided to sell the previous one. A friend wanted to buy it so I purchased a copy of Windows XP so they'd have their own license, but instead of rebuilding the box, I wiped all the pertinent programs and info they didn't have licenses for and changed the license number to theirs. The problem is, I want to change the user account name under c:documents and settings to reflect the new name.I have created a new ADMIN account, logged in as this account and renamed the account "mitch" to "don". All this does is creates a new user "don" and moves the "my documents" (I have downloaded numerous pdf files that I've created instructing him on how to update antivirus, antispyware and general info on computer use, security, etc. and placed it in the My Documents folder) from "mitch" to don".

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Change My Account To A Limited User Account!

Dec 23, 2007

I am using Windows XP Media Center Edition and I would like to use my current account as a Limited user account.

I realise that I will need at least one administrator account on my PC -- so I go into user accounts, create a new administrator account, then I try to change my current account to a limited account, but it will not let me.....

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Can't Change Login Name - Only My New Account And Quest Account

Aug 8, 2007

I created a new account in windows xp and I can not understand why there is still the name of the last user on a login screen of windows xp proffesinal. In accounts there is only my new account and quest account

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Account Missing - Reset - Recover Account?

Feb 23, 2007

when i rebooted and logged into the system from the menu screen, a pop-up came on telling me that it could not find my account and that it will temporarily be replaced by one. It gave me a blank account as if I had nothing on it... ever. is there some way to recover my account or at least scavange some files(like my all-important hundreds of bookmarks full bookmarks file) from it? no system restore is not turned on, sadly.

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Main Account Gone And Administrator Account Useless

Sep 2, 2005

My main user account has disappeared from the welcome screen. I know all about pressing Ctr+Alt+Del twice and typing in your account and if that doesn't work, to use the "Administrator" account to enable your main account. The problem is that my administrator account doesnt even seem to have any administrator privelages... its just as useless as the guest account, or so it seems.I don't know what to think. If i go to computer management and check out the users i see: Administrator, Guest, and some other SUPPORT_388... but not my main account. IF i go to documents and settings, i see all the accounts, including administrator and guest and my main account. So what's happening?

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Owner Account Changed To Account Unknown

Sep 11, 2005

My owner account (where most of my files are) has been magically changed to "account unknown" under the System Properties/Advanced/User Profiles. I "see" the "Account Unknown" listed, but I am unable to access it. I tried signing in as the administrator, but no luck. I checked Windows help online, but no luck. I called Sony Vaio support, (support?), no luck. I am running XP Home Edition SP2 will all updates. I have found out that the files aren't gone, according to online readings, but getting to them is another matter. I'm a minister and all of my sermons funerals baptisms etc. are connected with the "Owner" profile.

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Can't Log Into User Account -- Logs Into New Account

Jul 23, 2005

When I try to log into my user account in WinXP (I'm an administrator), it logs me into a newly created account (I didn't
create it, the computer did).

For example, my user account name is JandJ, and my computer's name is LOVEMACHINE.

When I attempt to log into JandJ (as usual), I get logged into JandJ.LOVEMACHINE instead....

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Virus In One Account Will Also Effect The Other Account?

Apr 5, 2005

I have 3 user accounts on my computer, 2 of which are admins and the 3rd is my 7 year old daughter. Instead of moving start menu programs around, can I just put it all into the all users folder and somehow check which folders/files in there her account can access?

Also, when running anti-spyware/anti-virus programs from my account, will it catch nasties in the other 2 accounts as well or do I have to run the programs from each user account?

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User Account Delete One Of These Account

Dec 23, 2006

Just wondering if anyone out there can help me. I currently have two user accounts set up on my computer, if i was to delete one of these what would happen to the information that is saved in that user account and not in the other?

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Use A Limited Account, Or An Administrator Account

Mar 23, 2006

It's apparently a lot safer to use a limited user account, and that's what I'm trying now, but it's also a pain-in-the-a$$.I also don't understand why the XP installer forces you to create another admin account, when you could simply login as 'Administrator'.You're supposed to login to the admin account to install everything, but when you do, in most cases, the shortcuts seem to only be created for the account you're logged into at the time. Very messy.The list goes on, and these things have probably been discussed before, but why is there a single 'Program Files' directory, which all users have access to? Surely there should be a separate directory for each user, so user A cannot access programs installed by user B, unless of course it was meant to be shared?

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Create A New Account While Using The Guest Account

Aug 20, 2010

I have a question. how do i create a new account while using the guest accountn.

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Home User Account Mess - Protect From User Account

Aug 8, 2006

I wanted to protect my documents on my laptop with a password, and I used ''the easy way'' of protecting it from within my XP user account (I used the built in documents password protection, found in the account mangement menu in the control panel). everything was fine until I've restarted the computer. I got (and still getting) the following message: ''The system could not log you on.

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Passworded Administrator Account And A Non-passworded Limited Access Account

Aug 17, 2007

Guest account feature is off. Two other accounts are normally available on the machine, Mine (named "RedCola") which is a passworded administrator account and a non-passworded limited access account.Tonight when trying to log on I accidentally typed the wrong password. When I entered the correct password on the second time it gave me a message that my account was locked and would have to contact my administrator. I rebooted just in case and the account was not available to select, but the generic Administrator account was now there. When I went into that account to check User Accounts though the Control Panel my account (named RedCola) was not even listed. I rebooted again. At the log-in screen I hit Ctrl+Alt+Del twice and typed in my account name and password. Again, same message about the account being locked.

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