PC Won't Let Me Drag And Drop, Highlight, Re-size Pages

Sep 24, 2006

My PC won't let me drag and drop, highlight, re-size pages, etc. Everything just jumps around on the page. Here's my HJT file. I have run scans, spyware and virus prog but to no avail.


Can't Drag And Drop

Apr 29, 2007

I am running window XP Pro and suddenly I am having some major issues. Not sure if it's a virus, spyware or something else. I've run AVG free virus scan and AVG free spyware and got nothing out of it.I've also formatted my hard drive and re-installed windows and STILL have the problems. Here's what's happening if ANYONE can get this fixed for me, you're a real pro.First off, I can't drag and drop anything.I can right click and copy (or cut) then paste elsewhere, but I can't move desktop icons around, or drag them to the recycle bin, or any sort of drag and drop.

Also, very frequently, all the sudden, I won't be able to click anything. No shortcuts, no quick launch icons, NOTHING! My computer acts kinda like it's hung, but the mouse works fine, just when I mouse over a button or icon, I get nothing, same thing when I click the button or icon nothing. however, I have oddly noticed that if I press CRTL+ALT+DEL, then simply close down the task manager right away, without doing anything, my PC will let me click icons and buttons again, but still no drag and drop after a few minutes it'll mess up on me again, then CTRL+ALT+DEL and close task manager again to get back in business.

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Drag And Drop To The Quick Launch Bar

Sep 23, 2007

I have just got another computer running XP home. I am not able to drag and drop a shortcut to the quicklaunch bar. And yes I have the bar unlocked and quicklaunch checked. I can't imagine why I don't have this function. When I drag to the quicklaunch bar I don't see the usual black line on the left of the icon.I can drag and drop on the desktop all day. Any suggestion as to what the problem might be? I have never had this problem in eight years I have had a computer.

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Drag N Drop In The Start Menu

Aug 8, 2005

Since a few weeks my drag and drop in the start menu doesn't work anymore. In Taskbar and Start Menu Properties/Start Menu/Customize/Advanced, Enabling dragging and dropping is selected.

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Drag And Drop Doesn't Not Work

Oct 7, 2007

while using windows, i found that i am not able to drag and drop files. i can move them around, but when i place a file into another folder or location on my desktop or through explorer, the file doesn't move. it just bounces back to where it originated from.

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Can't Drag / Drop URL Shortcut To Open IE6 Window

Feb 27, 2008

I'm using IE7 Until recently, I could drag a URL shortcut from my desktop and drop it on an open IE7 tabbed window to go to a new site. Now I get the "blocked" symbl on most windows but not on a new, empty tab.what setting controls this and how it could have gotten changed?

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Drag-and-drop Web Page To Active Desktop?

Feb 5, 2009

How does one drag-and-drop a web page to Windows XP Active Desktop? I accidentally did it one day and was delighted with the results, but I can't repeat it and can't for the life of me find any mention online. The only way I can now accomplish the same result--displaying a web page in a window on my desktop, not just a link to a web page--is this sequence: Start | Control Panel | Display | Desktop | Customize Desktop... | Web | New.

I use Firefox almost all the time, so I believe I was using Firefox when the "happy accident" occurred, but I might have been using Internet Explorer.

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Unable To Cut - Copy - Paste - Drag And Drop Anything

Aug 18, 2006

I really messed up my computer. I think I deleted a necessary Service. I searched high & low at Microsoft Support & all over the internet, but everthing I do to try to fix the problem only brings me to another error message or another function that does not work properly. I don't think I have a virus or any other malicious software because I scanned my computer a day or 2 before this happened & it was clean.

My taskbar/start menu has disappeared, system restore won't work, I am unable to make any chages to my system services, safe mode is working just as bad as regular startup, many programs do not work properly including internet explorer and more. I am almost surprised I am able to post this. I have pretty much given up on trying to restore my necessary service(s) or restore my computer to my last restore point. I decided to burn some files/folders to my disk drive and then re-format my computer. But I have run into another problem. I am unale to cut, copy, paste, drag, drop, move or send files/folders to another location on my computer, including my CD-R drive. I am able to select cut, copy, sent to, etc, but nothing happens after I do.

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Basic Copy - Cut Or Paste - Drag And Drop

Feb 7, 2008

Why is it that when i copy files or pictures, sometimes they copy and sometimes the cut?

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Running Photoshop - Drag And Drop Not Working

Dec 29, 2008

1) This computer has trouble running Photoshop. I bought it specifically for graphics programs (Being a gaming laptop I thought it would be capable) I did my final year of high school, hardly using Photoshop at all (But it worked all the same) and then as I finished high school and the warranty expired it stopped. What happens: I open Photoshop, it opens fine. I try to create a new file or open one and nothing happens. Sometimes if I'm lucky and I repetitively open a file it will open, but when I attempt to draw the line will delete itself. I have heard of Wireless adapters and Printers interfering with it, but that seems to not be the case. I have formatted twice and still no fix. I thought this was just a general Photoshop problem, I installed the trial, a legit version of PS7, a cracked version of CS2 and CS3, and still nothing (Don't worry, I deleted all photoshop files in between installs)Now Zbrush won't open, Corel Painter has trouble and Paintshop pro is also having problems. This computer hates me! I also have other problems: My computer has never been able to drag and drop. I have installed the registry entries for it, checked my start panel options, upgraded mouse drivers, bought at least 3 mice and still nothing. I can drag and drop on some programs such as RocketDock, but never on the desktop or within folders. When I start up the computer everything freezes and all popups close when I click on them automatically until I click the FN key. Sometimes when I'm talking on MSN or a similar program the window will just close without warning and I can't open any file until I click the FN key. Every now and then I get a BSOD with a Kernal inscreen error from Atapi.sys - Even after formatting twice I've tried everything. I have upgraded drivers (All of them as far as I know, even updated the Bios last time) formatted, searched for hours online, contacted Asus (They told me to contact Adobe who told me to contact Asus). This computer was surely a waste of $2000.

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Curious Copy And Paste - Drag And Drop

Mar 9, 2010

This is a curiosity question more than anything At my office, an outside tech guy told us to always copy-and-paste when moving files on our NAS drives and never to cut-and-paste or drag-and-drop. I'm wondering: why?Is there a file integrity issue when using cut-and-paste or drag-and-drop that doesn't exist when you copy-and-paste? Is there a serious issue that can develop if you cut or drag?

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Unable To Use Drag And Drop Option On Desktop.

Aug 30, 2005

A while back I was trying to fix something with XP. At some point I remember
turning off drag and drop on the desktop. That did not fix the problem I was
having but I cannot remember how to turn it back on.

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Unable To Drag And Drop Icons From Desktop To An Open Windows

Sep 27, 2006

I'm unable to drag and drop icons from desktop to an open window or open window to open window what happens is when i hold down the left mouse button to drag an icon from the desktop to an open window
the cursor changes to a black circle with a diagonal line going through it

what is causing this to happen?

ONLY copy/cut and paste works now

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No Task Bar, Start Button, Drag/drop, Paste Or Network?

Apr 21, 2010

i was prompted to restart my dell machine running windows xp pro at work this morning by mcafee. when i did so it started up with no task bar/start button. program icons were displayed, and programs would load when icons were clicked on. however i soon noticed that i could not cut and paste in illustrator. i cannot even cut and paste in any program, and cannot drag documents from one location to another.my network is no longer available either, including internet.

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Major Crash & Reboot / Drag & Drop Files To CD Burner

Aug 20, 2005

Recently I retreived a bunch of my pictures off of our church computer.I burned them to disk with some Roxio program.I brought them to home computer and put them in the appropriate file with other pictures from same event.It was my intention to make one CD with all pictures from same event on it.I selected pictures, hit properties had quite a bit of hang time.I selected all pictures for burning.I told the burner what to do using the Win XP pro directions (wizard?) and walked away. DIdn't work, had a problem.Low on memory, so I rebooted. Came back and deleted a bunch of pics that had been archived.Selected pics again, but during the time it was transferring files to the CD (before the wizard) it put up a black screen with a bunch of information that flashed too quickly to read before it rebooted.

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Can't Drag-and-drop Files In Operating System / Mouse Wont Work?

Jan 8, 2006

I woke up one day (hadn't installed anything in the meantime) and was unable to drag any icons or folders. My mouse won't "pick up" any of them, on my desktop or within a folder. I can drag program windows around, so I don't think it's an issue with my mouse. I thought maybe a recent Windows Update had messed it up, so I uninstalled the most recent one, but it didn't do anything.

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Unable To Move And Drag Or Drop Files / Copy Paste Wont Work?

May 31, 2006

I cannot move any of the desktop icons.I cannot drag and drop any files, but copy and paste works.I cannot mouse click in between different programs many times and often have to use Alt-Tab to get around windows.Since this has shown up, I reformatted and installed Windows at least 10 times. I've run numerous virus and spyware programs and found the system to be clean.

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Can't Change Font Size In Web Pages

Nov 8, 2006

I posted about this a few hours ago in XP forum but I can't find it now. When I click on it in my profile I'm taken to a page in the Feedback forum but it doesn't seem to be their either.?At most sites I cannot changing the font size. I have tried using Ctrl > scroll wheel and View > Text size But the text does not change. When I use Ctrl > scroll wheel the View > Text size setting does change. When I attempt to change font size the scroll bar moves moves tiny bit as though the font size was [going] to change.I am able to change the font size on very few sites. On the CNET site the font is much smaller than others. In fact it is so small I can just barely make it out with my reading glasses. But after a moment I have to stop as my eyes start hurting bad.I am able to change font size in Word and such. The font size in this Message body box is normal but the font size in the Subject title box is tiny.I am using XP Home SP2 and IE6. No viruses, ad/spy ware, etc.I would appreciate any help to fix and/or understand what may have caused this problem. If anyone responds please send it in email to me via my profile as I probably won't be able to make it out in the forum.

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Changing Font Size For Web Pages And Address Bar

Jul 14, 2010

How does this just about to turn 80 year old senior change font size, for downloaded pages and address bar?

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How Do You Remove Icon Highlight?

Jun 3, 2005

When you click on icon on your desktop it highlights in grey (the icon and the text underneath) - is there a way to turn that off?

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Can't Highlight Text & Then Copy

Dec 3, 2006

I am just recently having problems when I am on a webpage trying to highlight some text and then copy it somewhere else.My problem is: sometimes after placing my cursor near the text I am trying to highlight and then copy. it will not highlight at all. Or either it does highlight a bit then stops and will not continue to highlight the text so I am able to copy it.How can I fix this problem. I have never had this problem til just a couple of weeks ago.

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Highlight Colour In Explorer No Focus?

Jun 24, 2005

What is the name of the display element for a highlighted item in Windows Explorer for when Explorer does NOT have the focus? In the standard XP them(blue) the highlight colour is a strong blue while Explorer has the focus. When it loses the focus it becomes a very pale mushroom that is almost impossible for me to see.I would like to change that but cannot find the correct display element in Display properties/appearance/advanced.

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Explorer Crashes When Just Highlight An AVI File

Dec 17, 2007

I have set a file to be opened when I double click it. However as soon as I simply selected any video file (have noticed this problem mostly with avi files), explorer crashes. Any clues? Can some help me... want to rename my video files but simply can't because I select the file and even before I press F2 or right click (to rename)the same explorer crash problem

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Mark/Highlight Many Programs At Same Time

Jun 12, 2005

Used to have a program that allowed me to mark/highlight more than one item at a time. What is it?

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Weird Highlight - Copy - Paste Mouse Thing

Jun 3, 2008

When I hold down my left mouse button and drag across a word or words to copy and paste, the text "sporadically" highlights. This happens in Notepad, in a webbrowser (Firefox), bascially anywhere there is text you may want to copy.xFor emaple, if I want to copy the sentence above and I start at the beginning of the sentence, here's what happens:1) Sometimes it will "highlight" everything as I drag but then goes away once I let go of the left button2) Sometimes it skips letters or words. Eventhough I start at the "W" in When, it misses a few letters or words entirely.

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Font Size - Quick Launch Icon Size

Oct 14, 2006

I have finally decided to put my screen settings to 1024-768 or what ever that one is lol .. but my only problem now is the font size.. for example up top of this page where it says file,edit, view etc..is really small and same as the name thats down on my bar at the bottom of my screen where my open windows are they are really small and I want to make them bigger how do I do that? also .. my quick launch icons are super small can I make them bigger? I made the ones on my desktop bigger but can't figure out how to make the quick launch ones bigger.

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Tried Changing Resolution Font Size Screen Size

May 6, 2005

i tried chaging the resolution font size scrren size i tried changing everything nothing works all my icons r big my text my task bar exc

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Size Of The Paging File - Change Initial Size

Apr 21, 2008

I heard that the paging file should always be 1.5x the amount of RAM that is available on the machine. My initial size of the paging file is set to around 2GB and I was wondering if I should change the initial size to 3GB or put it to 'System managed size'?

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Desktop Size - Monitor Screen Size.

Dec 23, 2009

I am using an elderly 3M LCD projection panel on an overhead prjector for big screen Tv, driven by XP pro SP3. The panel has no controls for vertical/horizontal size and whatever monitor is used, an OS desktop fills the screen by default. I can resize the window for the TV viewing program in the normal way,just filling my projection screen, but the XP desktop is far too large.Does anyone know of a way to change the physical size of the desktop (including the taskbar) so that it sits in the LCD screen with a blank border all around, or maybe even make it custom resizeable as in a program window ( without changing the resolution)?

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Can't Seem To Drag Icon On Task Bar

Mar 24, 2010

I have Windows XP on my computer. I have a dictionary icon on my desktop. But I cant seem to drag that icon to the left side of my taskbar. When I drag it down it springs back up. How could i put it on my taskbar?

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Can't Move Or Drag Icons

Jun 15, 2006

What does it mean when your all of your icons are locked up, i mean i cant move or drag any of my icons, files or folders throughout my whole hard drive.

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File Size - Size On Disk

May 1, 2006

When I right click a file to view it's properties there are two different values shown: one for file "size" and the other for "size on disk". The second value is always larger. Could someone please explain what the difference is because I'm in the process of allocating space for backed up user data on a network share and I need to multiply the average file size by the number of users to get an estimate of how much space to allocate to that share.

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Installed Pro But Display Is Wrong - Cannot Drag

Apr 3, 2008

just installed windows xp pro, seemed to go well, however when sign in page opens its only like half the page showing, and i cannot drag it. its like the top of page is in the middle.

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System Tray Clock - Cant Drag Top Of The Bar Down

Jun 11, 2005

in the System Tray I not only have the time, but also the day, month and year appear and everything is mushed to the right in a small box. This suddenly appeared for some reason. Also, everything in the Task Bar is on two lines instead of one. I can't drag the top of the bar down further. I've searched all over the net to see how I can restore my Task Bar, but to no avail.

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Hangs Open Save Drag Box

Jul 2, 2009

hangs open save drag box , how to solve this?

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Drag And Name A File - Extention Automatically Recognized

Apr 13, 2010

I previously could drag a .msg or .pdf file into a folder and name it. When i would name it i did not need to add the .msg or .pdf file. Does anyone know how to drag and name a file and have the extention automatically recognized?

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Drag Icons On Desktop - Won't Copy File / Explore

Jun 11, 2007

I have run windows XP after removing some nasties and the following hassles seem to occur: Can no longer: cut and paste; click and drag icons on desktop; it won't copy; can't file transfer; Int Explorer won't initiate; email (outlook) says I can't do the requested action (send/recieve); the network card isn;t recognised; the media files won't play; I can't send to e drive to burn files.; the security I have - Trend Micro - apears to load and then vanishes ...seems all I can do is read, open some programs and type...

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Cant Go Into Web Pages - Reformat?

Jan 27, 2005

ok I have a bunch of crap (virus') on my computer and i am in the process of tryin to fix it. i.e. spybot, ad-aware, spyblaster, and HJT. One problem im havinf is that i cant go to any web pages. so i have to do all this then bring the results to work so neeedless to say its taking some time. well anyway i was wondering since my computer is pretty new would it be ok to save the few things i wanna keep on a flash disk and reformat and reinstall windows media center edition? Or would last known good configuration do the trick (get all the crap off)?

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Cannot Access Some Web Pages

Oct 3, 2008

I recently had to have my computer completely restored due to a virus. I lost everything on my computer. Now when I try to access yahoo chat rooms I can't get in. I can get to the chat room itself but when I click on the verification link nothing happens. This has happened on a couple other sites also. I'm not sure how to fix this problem.

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Can't Logging Into Web Pages

Jan 26, 2006

I'm having trouble logging into web pages. I can open just about any I want to, except when it comes to logging in. like ebay, paypal, etc...)

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IE Can't Load Some Pages

Aug 14, 2005

I've created a new user account for my other half and it all works fine EXCEPT for the fact that any URL which doesn't end in '.htm' or '.html' won't load in IE6. also have the google toolbar and none of the buttons seem to do anything (but I think this is related to my first problem). On my own account, everything works perfectly. I've tried as much as I can without ANY success (checking for viruses,
spyware, many settings etc.).

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Sign In On Pages

Jun 18, 2005

A simple, silly question but where is sign in on these pages? I can't find it and to be identified as the upright character I am I need to go to 'sign out' before I am recognised. What am I not seeing?

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Drop Down Bar Ghosts

Jul 6, 2008

Recently, my XP windows drop down bar has taken on a ghostly apperance (non-apperance). When I right click on a menu item, I see a ghoast of the right side and bottom line of the dropdown list, but no choice text. Only after I mouse over each of the dropdown choices does any text appear. I find this somewhat concerning, because I don't know what caused the change.Where can I redefine the appearance of the dropdown. I tried looking in Display but don't know the location to adjust.

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IIE7 Will Not Allow To View Web Pages

Jul 31, 2008

This problem has presisted for about a week now, my IE7 will not allow me to view web pages, however, if I were to type www.msn.com in the address bar, I am rerouted to google and I'm given search results for msn.com. When I click on the msn.com result I get the "IE cannot display web page error". I've done several system restores, I've deleted the security update 94453 like some recommended, I've turned off my firewall, done spyware checks, virus scans, and have come to find out nothing wrong with it. My laptop is able to surf the net just fine so it has something to do with my computer, but I am not sure what. Was wondering if anyone has had this happen, and if anyone could help. THanks in advance!

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How To Get Web Pages Displayed Besides Restarting The PC

Jul 30, 2007

gets displayed even when there is an internet connection available. tried disconnecting but ths same message is shown again. Then finally i have to restart the PC to get this resolved. I use ADSL connection with 512kb/s in Qatar (MIddle East). Oh oh i've tried cleaning the pc with Spyware Doctor and Registry Mechanic too. can i do anything else to get the web pages displayed besides restarting the PC.

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