Network Adapter Working But Does Not Appear In Device Manager?

Oct 9, 2005

Since upgrading to Windows XP Service Pack 2, my network adapter (a 3Com 3C905-TX-M)does not appear in Device Manager and I therefore can't get this computer to appear on my home network. The network adapter is still working because that's how I connect to the Internet, via LAN to a router then cable broadband,and IPCONFIG gives valid results including the correct IP address from the router via DHCP.I installed a clean copy of XP Home on a spare hard disk. The network adapter appeared in Device Manager and the computer appeared on the network. I then upgraded to SP2 and the network adapter disappeared from Device Manager and the computer no longer appears on the network.


Installing Network Adapter - Name In Use As Device Name Or Service Name?

Jul 15, 2005

Im trying to install a LinkSys network card, and it doesn't work after I do. When I try to reinstall in device manager, the error I get is "name is already in use as either a device name or service name"I've tried all the obvious... uninstall, reinstall stuff. I know I have to play with the registry to fix this but I dont know where to start. Can anyone help me, because as of now, my mother's computer doesn't get the internet!

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Device Manager Not Working - On Boot Up Sound Device

Dec 17, 2005

I gotta a XP Home SP2 Machine was running fine then on boot up sound device not found. went to device mng and no items displayed. System restore had been didabled and Norton disabled as well. Done a spyware scan pull nout so did virus

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Have Apropos - Device Manager Working

Feb 13, 2007

Since before December 2006 I have been unable to get my AOL 9 to run...I have only been able to use AOL8...I have re-installed new AOL 9 disks...un-installed them and still the same problem remains eg..."AOL9 will now install the files needed for you to be able to connect".I got in touch with AOL Tech help and they told me that I was in a LOOP and gave me steps on how to deal with my problem...but,it didn't work.I have been searching around the web and found something called "Apropos" which can be a cause of all the problems I am having also it can cause there to be a blank window in Device Manager?I went to my Device manager and yes mine is Blank

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Device Manager Not Working - Cannot Access Printer

Jun 10, 2010

at start-up I get the error message Device Manager not working and now I cannot access my printer(Lexmark 2500).

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Usb Ports Stopped Working - Device Manager

Apr 13, 2009

I am using windows xp sp2 professional.few days back my usb ports stopped working suddenly.They don't recognize any usb devices.Also there is nothing like usb controller or usb ehci in the device manager.I don't have anyway to know what has happened.The motherboard is intel 845 gvsr.If you have any links for updating the usb driver or the bios or any solution to this

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Bizarre Network Adapter / No Icons In The Network Communications

Sep 16, 2005

My network adapter does not appear in Device Manager, until I "Show hidden devices". And then it appears as a "Realtek RTL8139 Family PCI Fast Ethernet NIC", whereas I actually have a D-Link DFE-538TX 10/100 adapter. Furthermore, I get no icons (at all) in the Network Communications window. So if I want to change any settings of my LAN, for example, I can't, because I can't select the LAN icon or right-click on it. The LAN is working though. The current driver for the Realtek adapter which is listed is a MS driver.

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Device Manager Reports Unknown Device Found?

Jul 15, 2005

I have installed a targus 7 port powered USB HUB on my computer. Device manager reports unknown device. I have deleted and it restalled the drived after the system rebooted. Device manager still saying unknown device. Their is not driver needed according to the manufacture. When the PC is booting it does see the IPOD mini and the Flash drive. But once the PC is fully out and login and I look a the device manager is still reporting unlnown device error (code 10).

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Audio Device Not Found / Listed In Device Manager

Aug 4, 2010

I had some trouble last night and today with getting rid of a virus. Now that it is gone, I am having sound problems (maybe related, maybe not). This morning, when I opened iTunes I got a message that there was no audio device detected. After trying several things, I rebooted. Magically, I could play music again. However, a short while later, I again got an error message telling me that there is no audio device found, even though it shows up in Device Manager as working properly. The problem goes away for a short time after I reboot, but returns. It is Realtek AC 97. Why won't my computer keep recognizing it? (It tried going to Realtek's site to download an update. It has updates for Windows 98, 95, etc., but not for XP. Or at least I couldn't find it.)

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Yellow Exclamation Point On Pci Device In Device Manager

May 12, 2010

Running Windows XP on Emachines ET1161-07. Installed all drivers that I could find, since EMachines does not represent XP. Tried Realtek audio and HD audio, tried Intel, didn't work. Tried NVidia, as it has an NVidia motherboard. Spent too much time on this computer. Can anyone lend a hand? I know it's got something to do with Audio, as there's no audio device detected in Sounds, under Control Panel.Customer has to have computer today.

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Mystery PCI Input Device In Device Manager

Aug 31, 2005

I had this problem last time when I fresh installed Windows XP Pro on my computer. I don't know the time, but it happens at least 30 days after I reinstall the OS and software. Today, my computer prompted me to install drivers for a PCI Input Device, but I haven't installed any new hardware for months. Basically, I haven't touched the inside of my computer for that long. So why is Device Manager prompting me to install this mystery device? Hardware ID shows that it is from vendor 1102, which is Creative, and I have an Audigy 1. Also, my FireWire port is Code 10, the device cannot start. So I'm thinking the mystery device is the same firewire port. But why show up as a separate device? I tried removing the devices and restarting the computer, but they return to haunt me again. The device properties for the PCI Input Device says PCI SLOT 7, AND I DONT HAVE A 7th slot! Can someone help me, please? Device manager shows my 1394 Net Adapter with a yellow exclamation, and it has code 10, device cannot start. There is an unknown device, the PCI Input Device, which doesn't allow me to install any drivers for it, yet it has the creative Vendor ID 1102. It shows itself as being PCI Slot 7.

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CD Device With Yellow Icon In Device Manager

Dec 8, 2004

I have a feeling that this is simply a case of some registry settings which need adding/modifying/deleting but exactly which ones and what values I do not know. No, I haven't tried re-installing XP.

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Try To Run Network Set Up Wizard / Wont Find Network Device

Nov 7, 2006

I try to run network set up wizard but it wont find my network device.It finds my network card but i installed a wireless card. It wont find that. Its a linksys and I am using the linksys software to run it.

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Cannot Uninstall Network Adapter

Feb 18, 2005

Following overactive uninstallation of an ip filtering utility, my network adapter has stopped functioning. (Broadcom 440x 10/100 integrated controller, XP pro sp1)
I strongly suspect serious registry damage, but none of the three highly rated registry utilities I have used have been able to fix the problem. In Device Manager -> properties, the message is : 'device not configured properly (code 1), reinstall the driver.' Attempting to reinstall the driver gives the following error message: 'An error occurred during installation of the device The system cannot find the file specified'.

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Change Name Of Network Adapter

Aug 22, 2009

I need to know how to change the name of a Network Adapter, specifically the Hamachi one. When going to Network Connections, under the Hamachi connection it states its Network Adapter name (also shown as this in Device Manager); Hamachi Network InterfaceI need to change Hamachi Network Interface to anything else, other than Hamachi Network Interface, Lets rename it to Local VPN.I have altared all instances of the name Hamachi Network Interface located in the registry (literally searched for it, and replaced all values and names that stated it with Local VPN instead of Hamachi Network Interface), I even changed all instances within the driver itself, reinstalled the driver, and it still would not altar the name to Local VPN.

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Network Adapter Conflict

Sep 12, 2009

I have recently acquired a Dell Studio 1555 laptop with the above configuration. My OS(and drivers) were partialy instaled by the seller. Now here is the problem. After I installed the network lan and wireless adapter(using the dell official drivers), I noticed that IE doesn't work. As I'm a Firefox person myself I just let it pass, but then I noticed that other things like the Java Runtime online installer, Yahoo messanger online installer, Blizzard downloader, Yahoo messanger itself(I got the full kit downloaded and installed it), don't work. The message is the similar on all of them: check if your firewall or your internet settings do not forbid access to X. Clearly, the firewall is off and the security settings are checked and shouldn't be a problem. So I got back to the internet explorer, thinking that all these are somehow related. I "used diagnostic tool" then "view log".

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Cannot Start Network Adapter

Mar 19, 2010

yellow ! on wan miniport ATW #2, can not start (code 10) tried uninstall & reinstall didn't work.

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Network Adapter Not Recognized

Apr 14, 2008

Had to reformat a drive and reinstall XP Pro on it, but upon reinstallation of XP it refuses to recognize the network adapter. It's been determined that the network adapter is a 3C920B-EMB Integrated Fast Ethernet Controller.Upon downloading drivers for this and attempts to install them, an error of "The device cannot start" occurs.On a separate install of XP on a seperate drive, the network adapter functions greatly. Is there a way to take the registry keys from the one install of XP and somehow...copy them over to the other install of XP? Or, is there a way to get the thing functioning without having to do that?

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Task Manager / Device Manager Don't Run

Aug 30, 2005

A friend of mine has a 4 yr. old PC running XP Home with 128Mb of memory. He's had problems with programs aborting recently. I tried to run Device Manager to make sure there were no issues there. It briefly brought the screen up, then it went away. The same thing happened to Task Manager when I tried to see what was running and how much memory was being used. Anybody ever see this behavior before? I might try installing a memory cleaner pgm (ie. Memturbo), but I'm not sure I would even be able to get it to run. The hard drive amd memory seem to have no errors.

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USB To RS232 Prolific Adapter -- Device Cannot Start?

Aug 19, 2010

I just got a Prolific PL2303 USB-to-serial adapter cable. I went to Prolific's web site for the most recent driver (v. 130) and it installed successfully. Now when I look in Device Manager, there's a "Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port," but it isn't functioning. When I look under properties, the error message says, "This device cannot start. (Code 10)"I have Windows XP Media Center Edition with Service Pack 2. I've made the rounds of some different forums, but most of the people who have had problems with this adapter seem to have issues when using it with Vista or 7

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Unknown PCI Device In Device Manager?

Mar 11, 2006

Last night I installed ATiTool 0.24 over my 0.25 version (stupidly). I also did a BIOS update and installed Cat6.3 and then AVIVO converter. When I rebooted, I had this new PCI device requiring a driver,but it's an unknown device and doing an auto update helped me.I can't get rid of this pesky PCI device (tried uninstalling but Windows detects it again after restart/boot-up). All my stuff is working, so I don't know where this critter came from?

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Unknown Device In The Device Manager?

Dec 24, 2007

I have a huge problem with two unknown devices in my "Device Manager" after formating and reinstalling fresh copy of Win Xp Pro.In my "Device Manager" there is two lines with Unknown devices.

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No Device Listings In Device Manager

Jun 20, 2008

I'm using XP SP3 Home Gateway desktop My device Manager has nothing in it. I don't know when it quit showing. I have checked Bios plug&Play, and it is set in Auto. I am also getting an error stating my recovery D: is running out of disk space.

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Device Manager Cannot Detect Device?

Dec 28, 2007

My computer cannot detect any cd's in my DVD or CD drive. When I open Device Manager the CD/DVD devices have an error. This error: Windows successfully loaded the device driver for this hardware but cannot find the hardware device. (Code 41) Click Troubleshoot to start the troubleshooter for this device.When I run the DriverScan it simply doesn't even have an entry for the drives, probably since it thinks it doesn't even exist at the moment.

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Renaming Device In Device Manager

Aug 3, 2005

Anyone know how I can rename a device in device manager, (or the registry), so it doesn't show #2 after the device.I used the leadtek driver uninstall tool last night. And it removed the drivers I had for this Leadtek Deluxe tuner alright.BUT it also renamed my onboard Gigabit LAN (onboard) to #2 my scanner to #2,
and removed my Nvidia drivers for the video card.And reverted the videocard drivers to MS Nvidia drivers.I managed to fix the scanner entry by uninstalling the drivers, then rebooting and reinstalling the drivers.And I managed to fix the videocard drivers, by reinstalling the Nvidia drivers.So, yup, anyone have any idea how I can change the board LAN, so it doesnt have #2 after it? sing XP Pro SP2

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Cannot Find My Documents - Network Adapter

Dec 29, 2007

I have had my Gateway laptop with Windows XP for about 3 years now. For the past year or so, for some reason my Broadcom 802.11g network adapter has been showing up as having a problem, which has meant that have not been able to use the wireless feature of the laptop. I have lived with it until tonight. I tried to fix it by trying to download a new driver, update the driver, restore settings to a previous date, ect. After nothing working, I decided to do a system recovery. When I did this, it gave me 2 options, one with backup and one without. I chose the backup option and it said everything would be saved to a "my backup" folder. I went through the process which took quite some time. It installed windows and I set the computer up. After everything, when I went to the my backup folder, it only has applications, NO DOCUMENTS. I have TONS of pictures and important documents on my computer that I now can not find. I am panicing as I truley hope I do not lose EVERYTHING. Is there any way to get this stuff back? I have done several searches and nothing comes up. Ironically, my wireless adapter is now working, but I would gladly go back to it not working to have all of my pictures back.

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Driver For A Wireless Network Adapter Mn-720

May 21, 2010

The Driver for a wireless network adapter mn-720 needed.

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Diagnostics Network Adapter Failed

Jan 27, 2009

network diagnostics network adapter failed realtek rtl8139 family pci fast ethernet nic(failed)is this why i can't get on the xp home.IE can not dispay page,firefox page error.system restore won't go back to the previos month when pc was ok.also internet options won't open.Tried to download IE8 on20th Jan,had problems since then.

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Network Adapter Failed To Operate

Aug 28, 2005

I have ran sveral searches, and cannot find a thing. Also have checked for any updates and fixes. No sound, some games don't play, no video,etc.

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Network Adapter Freeze When Loading

Sep 19, 2007

Booting the machine is fine; however, after loading up a few of the startup programs, the machine has a tendency to stall for around 3-5 minutes while loading the Local Area Connection network adapter as visible in the system tray. After the stalling, the remainder of the startup programs load in the tray and network functionality continues.There's 2 network adapters: Local Area Connection & Hamachi Sometimes the programs that load before it stalls have connectivity, sometimes not.. these include Xfire, AIM, & a batch script I have that updates dyndns.

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Integrated Network Adapter And Sound

Jun 23, 2005

I recently reformatted my hard drive and reinstalled Windows XP and now I am having two issues. The issues are Integrated Network Adapter not working and no sound from the Integrated Sound Card/Adapter. My Integrated Network Adapter is from Intel (which is built on the Motherboard), and I cannot find the Compaq Restore Plus! CD, Restore Supplemental Software CDs. I emailed Intel about the Network Adapter problem. My Integrated Sound Card/Adapter comes from a company called SoundMax. I would like to know where to download the Drivers for these two devices.

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Lost Photos - Video Adapter Conflicts With USB Device

Jan 8, 2006

Got to device manager in safe mode and video adapter appeared to have conflicts with USB device. Attempted to resolve. Must have done something wrong, can't get close any more Normal boot gets ''1. Analog Input - can't display this video mode Safe boot gets hung at multi(0)disk (0) rdisk (0) partition(2) windowssystem32driversagp440.sys Dell Dimension 8300 SeriesDell 1901 FP Color Monitor 1 SATA drive, not partitioned Windows XP Home Naturally,not backed up!

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Wireless Adapter / Set Up A Belkin Wirless G Usb Network

Oct 14, 2006

I am trying to set up a belkin wirless g usb network adapter on my daughters computer but i keep getting a message saying: Ahi-speed usb device is plugged into a non hi speed usb hub.

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External Wireless Adapter / Seting Ad-hoc Network And PC

Aug 16, 2010

using an external wireless adapter can i set an ad-hoc network and my pc, so that any other laptop can connect to me

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My Network Adapter Cannot Be Recognized Even After Loading The Driver

Nov 21, 2009

I have a Dell D600 Latitude that was working fine, then i opened and email that i thought was from my sister and now my network adapter is not recognized and reflects the yellow!. I bought a Linksys USB ethernert adapter and get the same result. The drivers cannot load.I have no way of connecting this computer to the internet to run updated virus software or go to Dell to run diagnostics.

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Network Driver Needed - RAS Async Adapter

Oct 2, 2008

I need a driver for my network card - a RAS Async Adapter. Can't seem to find a proper download anywhere on the net! Not even on Windows Update.

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NetWork Adapter After Installing Hard Drive

Jun 30, 2009

I had to install a new hard drive on my laptop. It has windows xp. That installed ok and now I can't get my wireless to work. It says "No active network adapters". It is not plugged into the ethernet, my home computer is. I usually just get on my laptop in another room with the wireless that is built into the computer.

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Network Adapter / Can't Sign On Line Anymore

Dec 15, 2004

I don't know what my sister did to the Network Adapter but it's not there so she can't sign on line anymore. i'm thinking she might have deleted it.

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Network Adapter Infinite Reboot Cycle

Oct 16, 2008

I had the problem with the infinite reboot cycle. I fixed that by just clearing out my whole hard drive, in other words full restore. But now the problem is, I can't find my LAN in my network connections. The only thing it shows is MSN and I dont use that. I use a router with all wires and I share the internet with me and my dad. Its modem to router to my computer and my dads computer. So i go to device manager and what do you know? I also cant find my network adapter option in it.

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Unable To Uninstall Network Adapter (Code 31)

Apr 20, 2004

I have an Intel Network card in a fairly modern computer running Windows XP SP1. Unitil I uninstalled a VPN client I have had no trouble with it. However, after the uninstall, Win XP displays a yellow icon with an exclamation mark for the network card in the device manager and the info says "Code 31 Could not load the drivers for this device".I have tried uninstalling the network adapter (in order to be able to re-install it) but Win XP tells me that it "Failed to uninstall the device. The device may be required to boot up the computer".I have also tried upgrading the drivers for the adapter but the problem prevails.My guess is that the registry somewhere links my network card with a virtual driver that the VPN client used.

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Clean Install / CT Network Adapter And Can Not Find The Driver

Sep 4, 2007

I am going to install a new OS Windows XP , Home with sp2 on my computer , at least try. Now i remember that the network adaptor is one of the things i need to d/l drivers for , well i have already run into trouble i have a Intel Pro/1000 CT network adapter and can not find the driver for it.

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Network Adapter Is Missing - System Analysis Software

Aug 24, 2006

In a previous post, I mentioned that my network adapter is missing in action after a reinstall of XP on top of an existing Xp installation. I have been unable to identify my Mobo so that I can rectify this issue.Heres where I am today:
Using system analysis software recommended on this site, I discover that my Mobo chipset is manufactured by Viathe Via VT8367-8235.Unfortunately, the specific board manufacturer is not apparent. (I assume that Via sells chipsets to many potential board manufacturers.)So I go to Vias web sight. I assume they actually do MoBos as well as chipsets. My board isnt specifically listed there.

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Running On A Toshiba Laptop - Video - Network Adapter

Jul 27, 2008

So, a friend is looking to get a new laptop with a 17" display. I found this Toshiba Satellite model at BestBuy for $699: comes with Windows Vista pre-installed. I went to the Toshiba support page for the laptop and found only ONE Windows XP driver and that's for the built-in modem. The bulk of the drivers are for Vista.What would the chances of actually getting Windows XP to fully function on this laptop? Where would I go for XP drivers for things like the ATI video adapter, the network adapters (Wi-Fi and Ethernet), and so on?

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Ps2 To Usb Adapter Not Working

Jul 6, 2005

I have a notebook with xp pro and i have a foreign language keyboard that I would like to plug in and use. The keyboard is ps2 but I dont have a ps2 connection on my notebook. i went to an electonics store and bought a ps2 to usb adapter so that I could use this keyboard - but xp pro doesnt recognise it doesnt ask for new drivers - doesnt even register.

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Broadcom 802.11g Network Adapter Wireless Connection Is Apparently Disconnected

Apr 17, 2007

The Network Setup Wizard tells me that it found disconnected network hardware. My Broadcom 802.11g Network Adapter wireless connection is apparently disconnected. Any ideas on how to rectify this?

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