Have To Click Links Twice To Load

Oct 4, 2010

I had a little play and disabled Flash in an attempt to speed up my page loading. (It seems to have worked.)However, now when I click on a link, I have to do so twice to get the page to load, (new window.)I have run Spyware Blaster and unchecked the kill bit as I was unable to get any links to work, but now I need to click the link twice, (the first time the page only part appears.) Not doubleclick, but actually click the link a second time as the page refuses to fully appear.I even System Restored it earlier, but then I could not get online atall, so rolled it back again.

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Can't Click On Links

Apr 1, 2005

This is so strange. For some reason I can't click on any link sent to me in an email (I use Outlook Express) or in a messenger program like MSN or Yahoo Messenger. it seems to be any link that would open a new window when clicked on.It was working fine this morning, but now I can't, even though I've restarted several times.All I've done on my PC today is remove a bit of spyware with X-Cleaner, and installed Windows Media Player 10. I've tried doing a System Restore back to this morning but it's had no effect. Does anyone have any ideas why this is?I'm on a laptop with a touchpad, but everything else is working fine.

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Wont Let Me Click Links

Dec 25, 2005

when i click a link, it wont work, it will just load for a long time, and i clicked the cntrl alt dlt and the prossecer speed is 100%.

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Lost Click When Following Links

Feb 18, 2005

This isn't a huge problem but I have done nothing different in XP but I have lost the 'click' sound when I follow a link. This is in all programs including Outlook and IE.I have made sure that the volume is up but to no avail.

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Can't Click On Email Links In OE

Nov 25, 2006

I started having this problem about 2 hours ago where when I go into my Outlook Express and into my "inbox and start reading my email. Upon reading email some would have a URL underlined and I would put cursor there which turns into a hand and I would click on the url but the browser wouldn't send me nowhere??? Now outside Outlook Express I can click on any url (say google or anything and my browser works just find. By the way, I am using Internet Explorer 6.0.

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Can't Click On The Links On Home Computer

Jul 22, 2010

I'm trying to click on the links on my works intranet from my home computer, but everytime I click on one of the links the message 'done but with errors on page' keeps coming up. It will allow me to click on the email link and open up my emails but will not open any other links. The background to the website should be a buff colour and its now white. I used to be able to access everything but a couple of months back a guy came and 'cleaned up' the computer and since then I can't click the links.

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Unable To Click On Underlined Links

Aug 24, 2007

I`m currently running windows xp home (media centre edition)and when i`m on msn messenger and someone sends me a link. iv not been able to open it. iv disabled pop up stopper. iv turned off net guard and zone alarm. and iv checked the settings on internet explorer and msn and nothing has changed.

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Must Click Twice On Links Often Get Page Cannot Be Displayed

Aug 19, 2007

I'm using Windows XP Media Edition with SP2. Also use IE 6.Starting about 3-4 weeks ago, I must click twice on most links to get the link to work. This had happened just for Yahoo games, but now it's for most links. My home page is www.yahoo.com and it often is not displayed when I start my PC or use the Home icon. I get the message "The page cannot be displayed." The only thing I remember changing about a month ago was an Internet option to display graphics instead of getting the boxes with the red X's. Also, now any advertising on a web page always says "The page cannot be displayed." and nothing else is shown, except for a long error explanation.

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Internet Explorer 6 Click Sound On Links

Jun 28, 2005

I used to get a click sound when I selected a link, I do not get it anymore.Does anyone know how to get it back?

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Get Links I Click To Open In Full Screen

Jun 10, 2008

when i click on a link in a page or on my mail icon in windows live messenger, for example, instead of it opening up full screen it opens in a small window which i have to enlarge to full screen manually every time by clicking the maximize box. this didnt happen until i had to replace my hard drive recently.having windows xp home edition service pack 2.

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Firefox Doesnt Open, Cant Click On Links In Emails

May 31, 2010

My ethernet input has recently been broken thanks to my Mrs, so I got an ethernet adapter which connects into the USB.Now I cant remember if I started to experience problems before or after the install...However I have experienced no end of problems recently... I cant download a file and then open it in any of the Office apps, as soon as I do, it tells me 'Notepad/Word' etc has encountered a problem and needs to close. On top of this, I cant run Firefox and if I try to click on links in my email within IE, the same thing happens.I have AVG and Malwarebytes and have ran them both and they havent picked up on anything.

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Cannot Click On An Icon To Load Program

Mar 3, 2010

Just removed a trojan with superspyware and now I cannot click on an Icon as to load a program. Non of the desktop icons have a shortcut and I cannot create a shirtcut on desktop. Same with itmes in my control panel

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Trying To Load Windows Xp / Load Set Up / Going To Load Files It Locked Up

Apr 12, 2006

First my computer was cutting off in the middle of any program. I decided to delete everything on the drive and reformat it and reload windows xp. While trying to load windows xp it would load the set up but when going to load files it locked up everytime. I tried also loading windows 98, 95 and they too locked up. At one point it said I had a virus in my boot sector and at another time it said I had a virus in my RAM. I got a program called PC Beginner to help partition my drive and redo the MBR. I can partition the drive and format it but windows still doesn't load. Now I wonder if there is a problem with the mother board and I have a dual bios board, I was wonder if there is a program loaded in the dual bios that may somehow causing my problem. If so what can be done to clear the problem? How can I get windows reloaded?

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Explorer Closes When Click On File Menu - Right Click

Aug 3, 2005

I have a computer that quits explorer every time I try to click on the file menu, or right click on explorer and go to the new link. It also does this when i try to delete a folder in explorer or through my computer.

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Double Click- Right Click Does Not Works For Apening Any Folder

Feb 16, 2005

When I open a folder (MyComputer, for example), and try to right-click or double-click an icon to open it- it does not work. When I right-click the icon, NOTHING happens. When I double-click the icon, the icon gets highlighted, but the program or other folder does not open. I checked in the folder options, and it is set up so that when you double-click an icon, it opens the program. But the weird thing about it is that if I try to double-click or right-click an icon on my desktop.. it works like it should. So this really just doesn't make sense.

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Mouse Single Click But Double Click Response

Dec 31, 2006

Many times when I single click on an item with my mouse, whether it be a program, a shortcut, or whatever, more often than not , it acts as a double click. When I double cliclk, it opens up the program twice more often than mot, also. I have the Folder options set up to double click so I don't know what's going on. I regularly run AdAdware, Spybot, and I have ZoneAlarm Suite running all the time

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My Laptop Will Load Data Cds I.e. Excel, Word Ete, But It Won't Load DVD

Mar 7, 2010

I had my laptop fixed due to windows xp not starting up. My laptop will load data cd's i.e. excel, word ete, but it won't ...

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Desktop Does Not Load, No Icons,cannot Load Safe Mode

Aug 25, 2007

1. My desktop remains blank without any icons.

2. clt+alt+del shows all choices except task manager - so I am allowed to reboot and shutdown

3. When I enter in safe mode cannot see desktop nor icons

4. Ran Norton Antivirus 2007 boot with CD - no virus found

5.Prior to crash desktop went RED, hence I rebooted and then the issues.

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Cant Load Load Os Microsoft Xp - Scandisk Checked

Oct 15, 2009

PC was rebooted and this message showed up. I couldn't get to safe mode so I put the XP disc in. I got to the D:winint dir and tried to run bootcfg to scan for the boot file. It came back that it couldn't find it. I was able to see the dir's and data on the 2 drives. I ran chkdsk to see if that would solve the problem, it didn't. Do you think this is a BIOS problem or a missing boot problem. If it was the BIOS would I be able to read the drive. Looking for a fix without destroying everything.

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Links Bar

May 13, 2006

I recently experimented with the desktop alternatives and ended up with larger than wanted Links bar icons.
How can I reduce the size of these icons?
Nothing I've reversed has helped.
Thanks, Bob

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Driver Links

Sep 6, 2003

Since most of us recommend that you keep your drivers up to date I thought a list of links to the driver update pages for manufacturers would be good. Here is a list for starters, I will be adding on as time goes on.

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Can't Click Or Right Click On Icons On Desktop

Feb 16, 2008

i have windows xp and i can't click or right click on any icon's on desktop.

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Problem In Opening Links

Dec 9, 2004

I seem to have a problem opening links in my emails.I have already followed 2 different procedures with no success.

It apears that a file is missing, this why I think a file is missing:

opened Windows Explorer
Tools|Folder Options|File Types
Scrolled down and tried to find....URL:HyperText Transfer Protocol

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Cannot Open Links On Websites

Jul 29, 2006

This apparently just started when i go on some site and click a link nothing happens

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AVG Free Stopped Links In OE

May 3, 2010

I'm running XP Pro, and just did a clean reinstall. I've been using AVG free for years, but this time it's preventing me from using the links in my emails. I went into AVG, couldn't find anything to correct the problem, so I turned off the email scan.Is there any other good free antivirus programs that won't muck up my computer?

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IE - WMP - Sound Links Websites

Dec 2, 2004

I run Windows XP Prof ? Service Pack 2. Lately, clicking video or sound links on websites, or often simply just going to sites that contain such links, I?m getting the following message:?Internet Explorer (or sometimes ?Windows Media Player") has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience, blah, blah.?AppName: iexplore.exeAppVer: 6.0.2900.2180 ModName: wininet.dll
ModVer:6.0.2900.2518 Offset: 00078de3I have deleted all temporary internet files and also deleted all files from the Windows Temp. folder;

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Links Folder In Tfavorites

Aug 12, 2002

Well if you're like me, you probably have tried to delete the "Links" folder in your favorites, and then come to find out that when you restart the "Links" folder is still there. Well if you follow these directions you will not have that problem again.1. Start regedit, navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftInternet ExplorerToolbar 2. Locate the string "LinksFolderName", right click on it and select modify and set the value to a blank string. 3. Exit regedit 4. Now delete the Links folder.

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Underlined Links Not Opening

Dec 22, 2005

Underlined links won't open when clicked on. This has happened before and I can't remember the solution. It is on the Internet that I have this problem.

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Load Dll Error - Can't Load Res_dll

Mar 14, 2010

My computer randomly started displaying this error upon start up a week ago and I have no clue what is causing it. I googled it and seen that it could be caused by a linksys wireless router, one was installed on the system before, but has been uninstalled for quite some time now. Can anyone help me correct this or at least help me figure out what is causing it?

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Load At Startup Or Load At Starup?

May 30, 2007

I was wondering what the difference was whether you had a program load at startup (by checking a box within the program to have it load when the computer boots) and unchecking that box but moving a shortcut to the programs executable into the startup folder on the start menu.

Is there any difference?

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Search Engines Will Not Pull Up Any Links

Nov 21, 2008

My search engines will not pull up any links. i have tried many different ones and none of them will work (google, yahoo, ask, etc..) Also everytime I try to shop online, it will not allow me to go any farther than viewing a picture of an item. it will not let me add it to a cart or buy anything.

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