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Corrupt Cd-rom Drivers

My PC with recently installed XP Home will not recognize the cd-rom drive anymore (after a system error from trying to install a sound card driver).I tried doing an uninstall, reboot, reinstall, update driver, etc nothing works! It always comes up with something about not finding suitable drivers for this device.Is there any easy way to get the drivers back again? I only have a single Windows XP Home cd which is meant to be installed on a new Dell PC, but worked ok with my somewhat generic PC. Someone told me it was just a recovery cd, but it did the full installation.

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Home Sp2 Cd-rom Drivers Corrupt: Cd Rom Stopped Reading Disks?
Both cd-roms: LG cd-rom & Liteon cdrw have stopped reading disks. Both are plug/play, using xp drivers. They are recognized by explorer,no issues according to the device driver. Both spin up, but won't read disk. In win explorer, selecting the LG cd-rom produces a red X: E: is not accessible,incorrect function The Lite-on did the same thing, until I downloaded/installed the firmware from the mfg. Not it acts like it is at least looking at the disk, but it doesn't see anything. Is there anyway to re-install the xp drivers (remember I can't read a CD)? Do you think I could re-install the xp drivers

Posted: Sep 2, 2005

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Dvd-rom Driver Corrupt
my dvd-rom driver is corrupt or missing (error code 39) apparently!ive tried system restore but it cant be restored and ive tryed troubleshooting but this didnt work, ive tryed uninstalling the device but now it cant be reinstalled so what can i do? i keep going round in circles.

Posted: May 27, 2005

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No Winxp Home Cd-rom! But Need For Installing Drivers
I'm trying to get a new usb mouse to work on it, and I have the drivers for it - but when installing the 'new hardware', it reaches a point wherein it asks to insert the "Windows XP Home Edition CD-ROM", but I don't have one! It won't allow me to skip this, and if I click cancel, the mouse isn't installed, and an error window appears saying that an error occured during the new hardware's installation.

Posted: May 30, 2006

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Unable To Find Drivers For CD-ROM Drive?
When i first got my computer the drive worked fine, but since the first time i opened it, It stopped working. Anyway I found the problem (the cable had been damaged) and now the computer can see it but cant find any drivers for it.Under drive properties it says the drivers are not installed code 28 I dont know the manufacturer of it either, the properties just say standard CD-ROM Drive

Posted: Sep 25, 2007

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DVD ROM Not Working: Installed Device Drivers Shown In Control Panel ?
my DVD ROM wont work. It has all the drivers installed and it is enabled from the computer management in the control pannel. I also enabled it using my backup software but it is still not recognised. Any sudgestions?? I used to have both Nero and Instant CD/DVD installed. I removed Nero just in case there was a conflict with the software but it still remains the same.

Posted: Jun 22, 2005

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System32/DRIVERS/isapnp.sys Is Corrupt
XP wont start and as it came pre-loaded I dont have an XP CD to boot it from

Posted: Sep 2, 2009

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System32 Drivers Tfs.sys Missing Or Corrupt?
My Hewlett Packard Pavilion ZT3000 notebook was running fine but then Windows wouldn't load and the message, "system32driverstfs.sys is missing or corrupt" came up. I'm using Windows XP.Only two things happened prior to this occurring, the lid got shut a little hard but no damage and I downloaded Servicepack 2.

I ran a HHD self test and it tested ok, all the help screens, etc. come up fine but not Windows.I have an operating disk and a recovery disk but neither seems to help

Posted: Feb 23, 2005

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System32/drivers/ntfs.sys Missing Or Corrupt?
XP pro computer tells me this when i turn it on. Offers to load in safe mode first, then tells me its lost/broken this file, push r to repair. Push r and it restarts. Cant work out how to fix this problem, and not liking the name ntfs in the error at all.

Posted: May 25, 2006

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Pro Has Missing Or Corrupt Mouse And Keyboard Drivers
I had a bug that deleted the mouse and keyboard drivers when it executed. I restarted the computer but cannot use the mouse of keyboard at all. therefore cannot use the computer. i have tried using the 6 disk setup for xp sp1 but when i select 1 for the drive it stops. i also cannot boot from the xp cd. i can however access the cd-rom using a boot floppy. but i do not know the actual names of the drives i am trying to reinstall.

Posted: Dec 17, 2004

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NVIDIA Drivers Corrupt & No Internet Connection
My Network adaptor screen identifies a problem (yellow exclamation mark) saying NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller - McAfee Core NDIS Intermediate Filter Miniport and WAN Miniport (IP) - McAfee Core NDIS Intermediate Filter Miniport ive lost internet connection and hence can surf the net or email. Does anyone know specifically how to download the correct drivers and then install on the PC. PS I have a lap top and a portable harddrive

Posted: Jul 6, 2010

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Brandless Webcam - Installing Corrupt Drivers Harmful To Pc?
basically i got this very old and cheap brandless webcam, it came with a mini-cdr which holds the drivers, when i place the mini-cdr into my dvd drive, it made a load ###scccrreeeaaaccchhhing### noise, then the installer runs and i got the error shown in the top of the pic, as i continue the installation i got another error, shown at the botton of the pic, now i know maybe the disc is corroupt or something, so i decided to use device manager to install the drivers manually.

when windows did found the driver on the disc, it turns out to be a notepad file, which was strange, but i continue to install anyway, but windows pops up a message saying the driver isn't signed or could be harmful or something like that, i cancel the installation and uplugs the camera. i thought it made sense since the mini-cdr could actually be a coaster or a badly burnt disc, as the installer states there's an error, but should i try anyways? i was thinking if i click yes when device manager ask me and continue to manually install the drivers would i damage my pc? when i place the mini-cdr in my dvd drive, it made a very load screeeeaachhhing noises, did the disc damage the lens or the drive?

Posted: Aug 24, 2006

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PC Wont Boot: System32/drivers/ntfs.sys Missing Or Corrupt?
I come to boot up the computerwhen booting in normal mode or safe mode I get the message system32/drivers/ntfs.sys is missing or corrupt please insert original windows disk and press 'r' on the first screen. so i put in the disk and it says boot CD but then after a while it just comes up with the same message telling me to insert original disk.I have tried this now with 2 different windows disks, iv changed to boot settings and this still does not work.

Posted: May 16, 2010

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BIOS Won't Detect Hardware - DVD Rom And CD-RW ROM
I've had my PC now for almost 5 years. Everything was fine until one day my Windows XP PC just froze. I restarted it and now my DVD-ROM, CD-RW ROM are no longer detected at the System POST Screen. instead of the Drives showing, it now says the Secondary master and secondary Slave drives fails.The only thing that is detected is my Seagate Hard Drive. When I press F1 to continue I get a messagesaying "NTLDR is missing and I have to restart. I put the Windows XP Pro Disk in the drive and the same message pops up over and over. So I went to the System POST Screen, pressed delete to enter Setup. I checked the BIOS and my DVD Rom and CD-RW ROM no longer appear.

Posted: May 17, 2010

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CD-Rom And DVD-Rom Drives Aren't Recognized
I recently re-installed a fresh copy of Windows XP Pro because of a patched user32 virus that caused me problems it seems to be gone now since the re-install. But now since I re-installed Windows XP, my dvd and cd drives don't show up in Windows. In BIOS they are recognized as ch.0 master and ch.0 slave drives. But in Windows they're not there in My Computer or Device Manager. I pop in a disc and it spins around but nothing happens.

Posted: Jun 12, 2010

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CD Rom And DVD Rom Drives- Seemingly Frozen While Trying To Start
I upgraded my video card drivers (latest nvidia geforce drivers), and restarted. Everything seemed to be fine. I tried to boot up Madden 2007 which I'd just gotten this weekend and had no problems with... until today. It wouldn't start up, seemingly frozen while trying to start... finally after waiting a few minutes I task manger/ended the program, or tried to. XP seemed to freeze up... I finally got tired of waiting and decided to hit the restart button, but accidentally put it into standby mode instead. I couldn't get it out of standby mode and at that point had to power down and turn the pc back on.
Ever since then, it's been taking longer to boot up, and the worst part is that the cd and dvd drives don't seem to work properly.

Posted: Oct 30, 2006

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CD ROM And DVD ROM Access Missing- Running XP Home
After removing Musicmatch from my computer I cannot access my CD or DVD drives. I've read (Microsoft Knowledge Base) that after removing CD writing programs that this sometimes happens and that some changes need to be made in the registry. It is stressed that a backup of the registry should be made before making any changes to the registry . . . AT YOU OWN RISK. My question is - how big is the registry - can I backup to a floppy or USB Flash drive or should I put the backup on my hard drive? Also, if there is a problem with the registry now, would it be silly to back up a registry that is not correct I am running XP Home Edition - "Backup" is supposedly on my XP CD but I'm not able to use CD drive

Posted: Jun 14, 2005

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CD-Rom / CD-RW / DVD-Rom Not Reading Data On CD's
CD-RW and DVD-Rom stopped reading data on my CD's. They see the CD's but don't read the data, the CD's appear not to contain anything. I've posted the particular problem twice on this forum, but got no answer. For users experiencing the same or similar problems, I've now determined the cause... I've got a SAHARA USB 2.0 flash drive that came with a UFD-utility that enables one to configure the drive into a private and public area, enabling you to safeguard critical files. This utility causes this problem. Unfortunately I could thus far not find a solution, apart from uninstalling the utility and making do without this function. The flash drive works fine otherwise, not causing any problems. Only the UFD-utility does. I will see if I can find an update that resolves this problem and I will let SAHARA know about it.

Posted: May 16, 2004

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Dvd-rom Cd-rom Problem Saying "insert Disc In Drive"
I have recently installed a TORiSAN DVD-ROM DRD-U624 onto my Dell laptop. I installed a dvd decoder to play dvd's, but even before this nomusic cd's or data cd's would play. It would just say "insert disc in drive"

Posted: Jun 23, 2005

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Touch Not Working / Bad Drivers Installed Drivers Over Bad Drivers
How do I uninstall all drivers associated with my (windows xp) touch pad. Touch Pad is not working / bad drivers installed drivers over bad drivers.

Posted: Oct 9, 2010

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XP recognizes my DVD-ROM as CD-ROM I upgraded my dell ME to XP home edition.
Now everything is fine except samsung SD-612D DVD-ROM is shown as an ordinary CD-ROM drive on my computer.
I have samsung CD-RW with nero working fine on drive E: and samsung
DVD-ROM on drive F:.
On properties,it shows samsung SD612D and enabled and working fine but
it;s shown as an ordinary CD-ROM drive on my computer.
When I insert DVD disc and green light on DVD keeps blinking and
nothing pops up. When I try to explore,it says please insert a disc on
I installed CD-RW a year ago and DVD-ROM came with the system.They all
worked fine until I upgraded ME to XP.
WinDVD came with the system was not working with XP so I had to buy
WinDVD 5.5 for XP.

Posted: Apr 3, 2004

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Home Firmware Drivers: System Recognizes The Drivers Wont Install?
I purchased a SIIG PCI firmware adapter. It has no drivers and says that it will use Win XP drivers. Well I installed the board and booted the pc, Win XP
recognized the hardware but could not find any drivers. I tried unplugging it manually, installing it in another card slot with no luck. I took it back to
my pc dealer and he plugged it in his system and had no problems. I decide to try another brand, an IO Gear GIC1394.

Posted: Jul 30, 2005

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Pro Drivers: System Crashed Installed New Copy / Missing Drivers?
A friends HP Media Center PC m7077c crashed. Had no recover disk, etc. Installed XP Pro SP2 and I need drivers (according to Device Manager). No sound is obvious but video controller is not. Video seems okay. Where do I find drivers for this machine. XP Pro, Home and MCE are different OS's ... as far as my experience. The drivers are not the same.

Posted: Nov 3, 2007

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Video Drivers Messed Up - Device Manager Display Drivers Update Can't Find
video card on my laptop messed up somehow, i can see a exclamation mark on the device manager in the display drivers tab... now im searching to update my driver but cant find any sources that would suit xp windows now everything is very laggy cuz it shows im not using any video card or something like that anyway?

Posted: Aug 17, 2009

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Drivers For Pro: Downloading Software Asks To Download Drivers?
I just recieved an IBM laptop while downloading some software, it was suggested by the site that I should download all the updated drivers. I am very wary of this advice because I don't want to fix something that doesn't seem to be broken, but at the same time, I would like to be up-to-date. I am running XP Pro, how I should proceed? And where I might safely download such drivers?

Posted: Jun 25, 2010

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Installing Drivers For Graphics And Wireless Network Card Drivers
Whenever i install drivers on my pc, (i've tried graphics card drivers and wireless network card drivers) my pc stops working. When i installed the graphics card drivers, i tried testing the graphics on a game (counter-strike) but as soon as i got into the game, the pc flashes a blue screen, and reboots. I cant see what the blue screen says because it flashes on and off again to quick for me to read it. I decided to uninstall the graphics card drivers, and the game worked perfectly, but the graphics were REALLY bad. So i thought i might need to update some other drivers, so i tried to install my wireless network card, but when i finished installing the drivers when i had to restart my computer, it flashed the BSOD.... AGAIN! I need help urgently as im going to a LAN gaming comp called "rezidue" and its on in 2 weeks, i need my pc fixed by then! All these problems started when i upgraded my CPU. Everything was running smooth, and i was happily playing along on my computer, when i was asked what my FPS was in counter-strike, and i was all "mine are 65!" and there like "wow that sucks, mines 130" so i set out on my epic quest to get better FPS then everyone else and MAN THAT WAS A MISTAKE. I upgraded from my celeron 2.8ghz cpu to a P4 3.0ghz HT cpu, and thats when things started messing up on me. My entire system is as follows (incase it can help someone help me) P4 3.0ghz HT CPU, Microstar P4 motherboard, 128mb Nvidia Geforce mx4000 AGP x8 graphics card, 256MB ddr ram (recently brought new 1GB ddr ram off ebay just for rezidue! should be here soon!) TP-LINK 54mbps wireless network card) And last but not least

Posted: Jan 1, 2006

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Drivers For Home Edition: Finding Suitable Drivers?
I am trying to find drivers for sound because I reinstaled the Windows HP Home Edition and I can't find the suitable drivers.

Posted: Jun 18, 2005

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Drivers For Home Edition: Finding Suitable Drivers?
I am trying to find drivers for sound because I reinstaled the Windows HP Home Edition and I can't find the suitable drivers.

Posted: Jun 18, 2005

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How To Add Drivers To Default Drivers Installations List
Is there anybody who can tell how I can add a driver so that windows Xp recognize this and does a unattended installation of the hardware device (a example is a USB mouse) But the Windows XP is alreay installed so, I am not really looking for a sysprep solution?

Posted: Aug 8, 2005

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When Installing My Dvd Rom, The Computer Says Installing Cd Rom Why?
When i tryed installing a new dvd rom on my computer, it installs drivers for a cd rom instead.
And when i try to play a dvd r it won't, it will only play cdr's.

Posted: Jul 12, 2009

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