Make A Windows Xp Vhd Boot From Windows 7 Bootloader

Feb 24, 2009

Is it possible to make a windows xp vhd boot from windows 7 bootloader ?

I need a how to if it's possible.

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Boot Issues Move Bootloader From Corrupt Vista On Primary HD

Aug 29, 2009

Here's my setup:

Corrupt Vista install on Primary HD

Win 7 (and soon to be Linux and maybe XP) on a second.

I want to be able to take out the primary hd to move it to a NAS unit and just have the second hd in. Problem is, the current bootloader is on the Vista drive. I need to know if there is a way to move this to the Win 7 HD without having to reinstall Win 7 at this time, though I know I will have to when it is released.

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How To Make Ssd Boot Drive To Make System Scream

Nov 29, 2012

I wanted to use my 180gb ssd as a boot drive and I do not know what to do. I installed windows and some drivers on the hdd but i want to start over and I need some guidance.I am doing a clean install now. once thats done how do i make the ssd the boot drive to make my system scream! also will i need to put drivers on both hdd and ssd?

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Windows 7 And EasyBcd Bootloader

Feb 2, 2010

I have a dual boot with vista 64 (my default OS set on easybcd) and windows xp. I wanted to install windows 7 over the vista 64 but was wondering if i need to change any settings on easybcd or any other steps i need to do?

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Bootloader Missing After Installing Windows 8 Consumer Preview?

Mar 23, 2012

I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 32 Bit it is installed alone on a Sata Hard Drive.I have just added a Second Sata Hard Drive and Installed Windows 8 32 Bit Customer Preview on it.Unfortunately the Bootloader hasn't installed,so I cant Boot into Win 8.I have checked in msconfig Boot and only the win 7 O/S is shown.

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Will XP Overwrite Windows 7 Bootloader If It's On A Separate Hard Drive?

Apr 13, 2011

I dual boot with Windows 7 on a physically separate hard drive, as well as XP, will XP still override my Windows 7 bootloader since it tends to get jealous?

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BootLoader Missing - Version Not Compatible On Windows Repair DVD

Nov 9, 2011

Boot loader is missing from HD. I entered the windows repair from dvd, and it finally showed the windows installation, C:Windows (recovered). Tried selecting it again to have windows reinstall MBR, but now it says version is not compatible. So, needless to say, I can't proceed any further. The only thing I can figure is the the windows dvd is both x86 and x64, thereby not recognizing that I have the x64 installed.

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How To Make Boot Disk Windows 7

Jun 10, 2012

how to make a win 7 boot disk then add programs that are avaiable on this site and run them off a dvd to try and bring a Dell laptop that i purchased last year. also if there are other scanning software that can be recommended would be useful. I have some computer background, but not advanced. One last item, is there such a scanning software that can detect injected services that are hooked in win 7 to slow down your laptop?

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Make A Windows 7 Boot Disk?

Oct 10, 2011

I'm building a new computer and I heard that you can make a bootable windows 7 boot disk? It could save me $100+.

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How To Make Windows 7 Boot Faster

Mar 18, 2011

My laptop takes longer to finish booting (60-70 seconds) than my slower desktop that boots up in about 35-45 seconds.

My laptops CPU is a Core i5 vs my desktop which is an old Pentium 4 HT. I've disabled the same amount of programs to start up on both so I don't know why the laptop is taking longer. how to improve the boot time?

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Make Windows 7 Boot Faster On I7 Rig?

Mar 25, 2012

i did a little researching last night to find out how to make my os boot faster, right now its a solid 40 seconds from pressing the on button to usable desktop. my rig is an i7 960, x58 gaming series with 12 gb of ram. followed a few guides on Internet that didn't make much of a difference that included setting the number of cores to 4 and max memory on the msconfig window. this rig came with a 64gb solid state which had the os on it, boot up was about a 1/3 faster and shut down took less than 5 seconds compared to now at about 12. i opted to sell it due to its immensely small size and stuck with the 1tb hdd which i then loaded win7 on myself.

any other tweaks you can recommend to get this rig to boot up quickly and shut down faster? there are tons of apps in the services start up that i really don't know what to do with and dont want to toggle them off, startup only has 5 required things that need to be active when booting up. outside of that, not sure what else i can do or if this is the limits of what win7 + my rigs specs can achieve. 40 second boot up seems slow on my 1tb hdd.

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How To Remove Grub And Get Windows 7 Bootloader Back (Uninstalling Linux)

Jan 12, 2010

I originally had windows 7 professional 64 bit on my laptop. I had a 10 Gb partition, which I divided in SWAP and / mount to install Ubuntu Linux. My computer now loads into Grub loader. All is well, its just now I want to get rid of Linux. (I will install it on desktop and mess around with it there.) I wanted to know how to get rid of the Grub loader.

I googled it and found that you can restore the windows (didn't find anything for windows 7) bootloader using the installation disk and going into repair. The instructions however were all for windows xp and few for vista. I want to know if it will work for Windows 7. I don't have a windows 7 DVD. I have a Windows 7 professional upgrade disk 64 bit. My Vista came pre loaded on the laptop, and i have recovery disks for it. Will I be able to do it from the Windows 7 upgrade disk.

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Make A Dual-Boot Partition In Windows 7?

Jun 23, 2011

I would like to make my PC dual-boot with Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit version & Linux Ubuntu. I know about Wubi to install Ubuntu within Windows, But would like more space than the 30gb limit that Wubi uses. How do I create an partition with Windows that can be used for a dual-boot. doctorwhovian11-24144041650249291689021989539000 has chosen the best answer to his/her question. Click here to view the answer that was selected.

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How To Make Windows 7 Machine Boot Up Quickly

Apr 27, 2012

I have read many articles on how to make your computer boot quickly. I have tried several, but after a month or so they become very slow again. I have four laptops and three PCs in my home. While they are from different manufacturers, they are all no more then a year old and running Windows 7 Home Premium. With my Internet service I have Norton installed. My newest computer can take up to 2 full minutes, while one of the laptops can be as quick as 45-50 seconds. Specifically what is the magic formula or method of how I can get all my systems to boot up quickly and continue to do so in future?

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How To Make A Windows 7 Boot Screen Of A Bear

Dec 23, 2011

how to make (and maybe has the time to do it) a windows 7 boot screen of a walking and growling (roaring) bear? i cant find many animation makers that dont require me to draw it. i cannot draw very well at all.

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Make Windows 7 Boot Disc From Scratch?

Mar 19, 2011

is it possible to make a Windows 7 boot disc from scratch? By scratch I mean, I want all the programs I currently have installed on my PC and some items in my secondary drives to be there too, in other words, can I take my current Windows AND the programs/items I have on my drives, and put them together as one installation, so that when I format my computer and reinstall Windows, my basic programs, like Photoshop, After Effects, etc, are still there, so there is no worry about downloading it? That's my main point, I have to install Windows 7 and the programs I have in like 30 computers, it would take forever if I ALSO have to download programs like Photoshop, I don't have the best internet in town anyways.

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Windows 7 Hard Drive Won't Boot - Cannot Make It Primary

Apr 18, 2012

I've had a Windows 7 PC that's motherboard recently broke so I have been trying to use the hard drive with another PC. The PC I'm trying to put it into has all Windows 7 compatible parts. I get to the starting windows screen and it restarts the computer and gives me the option to Launch Startup repair. I launched startup repair and it says that it cannot fix the problems automatically. I can hookup the hard drive as a secondary hard drive and access all of the files on it but I cannot make it primary it just wont boot. The computer that the hard drive originally came from did not include a recovery/install CD.

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Updates And Drivers Make Windows Crash On Boot-up

May 8, 2012

I have windows 7 installed on a PC I built a little over a year ago. I recently upgraded to the windows 8 consumer preview, but I didn't like it so I'm trying to switch back. When I install windows it works fine, I can turn my computer off and on as many times as I want and it will be fine, but if I install any video card drivers or any of the updates that windows tells me to install, the next time it boots up I either get the windows splash screen or a black screen right after it says, "welcome to windows", or whatever it says. I have tried installing only my video card driver, I have tried installing only one of the recommended updates, but no matter what I install it doesn't work the next time it boots, so this isn't a problem with one specific driver.The only thing I have changed since I had windows 7 installed before is that I got a new SSD, but I'm still using my old drive as well. I have tried installing on the SSD while the other drive is unplugged and I have tried to install windows on my original HD while my solid state drive is unplugged. I have tried installing on both, nothing works. I have formatted both several times. I have also tried installing both 32 and 64 bit versions, both to the same effect.

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Dual Boot Windows 7 / Ubuntu - How To Make Swap Partition

Jan 16, 2011

I am thinking about dual-booting my system with Windows 7 as the main OS, and linux ubuntu as a secondary. I have a few questions:

1. How much space should I leave for ubuntu's partition?
2. How do I make a swap partition (or whatever it is called, for swapping files between OS's)?
3. Can I set it up to automatically boot into windows unless I am holding down a specific key, or something similar?

BTW, my HDD is ~500gb, but my current (factory) windows partition is 450gb.

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How To Make Dual Boot XP And Windows 7 When Windows 7 Is Already Installed

Mar 3, 2011

I have Win 7 installed on my netbook, for watching movies would be XP better. So I have divided the disk into 2 partitions, I have an installation file with Win XP on my disk... I have read some tutorial but still am not sure how to do that - as I do not have CD/DVD on my ntb (and an easy way, hot to repair a system)?

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Bootloader Is Corrupted

Jan 9, 2012

My pc isnt booting to normal windows.. It gets stucked to the bootloader screen.

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Old Window XP Not In Bootloader After New Win 7

Aug 30, 2009

k, so a few months ago i installed Windows 7 RC and windows XP in a dual-boot different partition.

2 days ago i formated my win 7 RC installation and installed Windows 7 7600, of-course after a while i realized win xp is no longer in my boot0-load anymore and i have no idea how to use EasyBCD in 7 to make xp come back, if there is a way. And i don't want to reinstall XP, that would be to easy same time i would have to reinstall a lot of programs again .

So, anyone have any idea how to repair this mess ?

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Bootloader Question - Partitioned HDD

Nov 22, 2009

i currently have a hdd with vista and Windows 7 on it

vista was on it originally and i shrunk this partition to allow me to put 7 on

my question is, when i come to delete vista, will the computer boot straight into Windows 7?

does Windows 7 have its own bootloader or do i need to do some sort of transfer?

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Blank Screen After Bootloader

Dec 14, 2009

have a Dell Inspirion 1525 with Windows 7 RC dual booting with MacOS 10.5.8 on two separate partitions on one 160GB drive.

Windows 7 has been running great since installing on release day, this morning after i turned my laptop on, i got to the Windows bootloader, selected Windows 7, it then goes to a blank screen with the hard drive light constantly on. left it for about 10 minutes, nothing.

my MacOS install on the second partition still works 100%.

i tried a few things, startup repair from the Win 7 install DVD, it sees my Win 7 install on C: but gave an error saying it couldn't fix, the error report mentioned something about "startuprepairoffline" & "NoOSinstalled".

then tried a system restore from the disk, says it couldn't find any restore points (?!)

then tried to fix the mbr via recovery console, says it did the fix, but still won't boot.

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Stuck With The ' Grub ' Bootloader

Nov 8, 2009

i got a netbook recently with windows 7 installed, and found this free software "ubuntu" now am stuck with the "Grub" bootloader.

Does anyone know how i can remove this and return the netbook back to it's original state i've tried doing the Acer Recovery and it doesn't get rid of the Grub bootloader. Has anyone got any ideas??

I tried doing some things off the Linux website but i have no knowledge of linux at all it totally baffled me.

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Win 7 Bootloader - Multiple Drives

Dec 10, 2009

My work laptop that has pointsec (disk encryption) on it, which is the first thing that loads.

If I was to install Windows 7 onto a external usb HD, would it overwrite the bootloader on the internal laptop HD?

Should I go into the Bios and try to disable the internal drive (not sure i can get to the bios)?

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Can'T See Vista Entry In Bootloader After Win 7

Dec 15, 2009

Ive been using a hard disk with XP Pro installed first partition and Vista Ult installed second partition. Yesterday I installed Win 7 Home premium on first partition where XP was installed. During installation I deleted the first partition and created new one for the win 7 installation. Obviously XP is gone, dont care.

Win 7 is booting fine. Problem is I cant boot from Vista which is in second partition D. No vista entry on bootloader. PC boots from Win 7 straight away. I used easyBCD to add vista entry but no luck.

QUESTION: How to get my Vista back?

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Existing Windows 7 - Adding XP On VHD (external) To Make "dual Boot"?

Oct 12, 2012

A while ago I was using Windows XP Pro on my laptop. I was then forced to switch completely to Windows 7, but because I had so many application and configurations done on the XP, I created a VHD from it (using this) before replacing it. Now, I want to know if its possible to set that VHD beside my current OS as dual boot.I searched and found solutions, but those are either to add a new VHD (Windows 8 mostly) to the dual boot, or loading VHD in virtual machines.Also, if it is possible, can I copy the VHD on my external HDD and load it every time from there?The whole idea is because my laptop is not so powerful and it wouldn't handle VMs very well. Because of the same reason, XP Mode is not an option.Normal dual boot also is not preferred for two reasons:

1. I want my configurations which are already set on the VHD,

2. My laptop's HDD is only 150GB which does not have too much capacity left already. I can spare like 20-30GBs for XP, but I really cannot deal with the dual booting mess now! I will rarely use the XP for specific tasks, so VHD would be much easier if I will have the option.

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No OS, Or Bootloader Wont Start Restarts Continually?

Mar 19, 2012

On my computer, i have dual booted ubuntu 10.10 32bitand windows 7 ultimate 32 bit.i partitioned my drive into 2 partitions, 85 gb for ubuntu and the rest for windows 7. Right now i am running ubuntu live off of the installation disk.A few days ago i was using grub to boot ubuntu/ windows all that happens is, it shows the HP logo, then shows a flashing dash, and restarts, and deos this continually.

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Bootloader Removed While Dividing Disk Into Partitions

Oct 17, 2011

I've divided my disk into partitions and accidentally removed bootloader of windows and now I get "boot mgr is missing", so I cant load my windows. I have a disk and put boot order in BIOS but it still does not give me an opportunity to install windows, so I have only openSUSE right now, and 2 partitions of windows with C: and D: disks. How to restore this bootloader or at least make install windows 7?

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Dual Booting Bootloader Recovery Issue

Dec 28, 2009

I installed Windows 7 over Vista yesterday (fresh install). I had to first recover the MBR which was annoying (I would've thought it would do this itself), but anyway..

Windows 7 started just fine.

However, when re-recovered the bootloader from Linux, and when I now try to boot into Windows, it goes straight to Windows system recovery. Any ideas how to stop this?

Clearly it's booting to the right partition in the right way (as it's going to windows), but Windows 7 seems to just not want to boot into normal mode. What should I do?

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