Oct 30, 2009

Did a fresh install of Windows 7 64-bit and all my apps, deleted Windows.old, defrag'ed and activated. Then created a SYSTEM IMAGE using Win 7 BACKUP and RESTORE, so far so good.

Win 7 and my apps take up 43.9 GB on the hard drive but the SYSTEM IMAGE it created on my external drive is only 23.7 GB. Tried it on my laptop with similar results ISO was about half the HDD. Does that sound right? Just seems the ISO should have matched the HDD GB-wise unless it compresses or something.

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Backup Of System Image

Nov 7, 2009

I perform an incremental back-up every day using the built-in backup program.

How often would you do a whole system image? I was thinking of only doing that every few months or less. Each image would be 80GB.

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System Image Backup Cannot Be Found?

Oct 15, 2011

I have a system image that was saved to a maxtor one touch ext HD via USB. This was created using Windows 7 image making system. I am trying to copy the image to my new HDD (internal) 1TB. The problem is when I go to recovery>advanced options>restore from image and reboot, the PC cannot find the image. I can click advanced options and search for a driver and actually see the drive and the image folder/zips but Windows 7 cannot detect it. I have also copied this image to a internall HDD because I thought it may be the USB. I have not changed any BIOS settings as I am using Windows 7 on the 1TB HDD and trying to restore to that from either the Dnetouch or the F:internal HDD. Neither times will it find the image.uestions. Do I need to use an alternate program like paragon or clonezilla2. When the image is saved, it is the name of my pc. Example: Fesktop64-PC. Does it need to be in a folder or the image be a specific name? Ive seen WindowsImageBackup as a possiblity.

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Windows System Image Backup

Apr 8, 2012

I am going to upgrade to Windows 8 Consumer Preview, so before doing so I backed up Windows 7 as a system image to my external hard drive. In doing so, I forgot that a system image includes all the files on the drive, which means it backed up about 700 GB worth of data. That's OK except I already had those files backed up individually, so now my external drive is basically out of space for future use. Instead, what I'd like to do, is do a system image of factory state without having to lose the files already on my drive. Is that possible? I could always go back to factory condition, and save the system image, but then I'd have to re-add all my programs and files after I get the Windows 8 upgrade completed. I'd rather not have to do that unless it's an emergency.

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Windows 7 System Image Backup

Oct 7, 2012

i just ran the Windows 7 systems image bu first time. completed and created recovery disk. message said completed.when i look at my external hard drive, the created file contains 0 bytes; this doesn't seem right to me based on previous imaging software I have used.

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Create System Image After Each Backup

Nov 2, 2009

When I use Win 7 backup, it gives me the option each time I create a backup to create a system image. I created a system image on a CD a couple of days ago. Why does it ask me if I want to create another each time I do the backup? Is it talking about creating one on my hard drive, not a CD?

If it's just my hard drive then perhaps I should create one each time, but creating one on a CD is onerous. Plus, if this is the case, (that it wants me to create a CD) I don't know how that's to be done if the backup is on a schedule in the middle of the night.

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System Image Backup Missing

Oct 9, 2009

I have run the "create system image" successfully until today. I have an external HD for that image file. It appears to run, goes through the steps and says it has created the image. But when I go to the external HD and click on the Image file that was created there is nothing there. It shows 0. What could I have done to do this. I even looked for that image file on my C: drive, just in case, but it is not there either.

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Backup / System Image Problem

Nov 1, 2009

I'm trying to make a system image and configure backups but I'm unable to select the internal drive that has the space I need.

I have a 1Tb drive portioned into C: [Windows 7] and D: [Data]

and a 750Gb drive [H:] that used to have XP on it that I want to put my backups on.

I used to dual boot XP and Windows 7.

Computer Management > Disk Management shows

C: Healthy (Boot, Page File, Active, Crash Dumo, Primary Partition)

D: Healthy (Primary Partition)

H: Healthy (System, Active, Primary Partition)

System Imaging/Backup help says you can't backup to the system (startup) drive (not sure why?)

Is there any way to change which drive is designated as the system drive?

I've removed the dual boot and used bcdedit on C: to only reference itself

What's else do I need to do to make C: the system drive?

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Would Have To Remove Initial Backup An System Image

Dec 19, 2011

i have a dell laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate installed on my C:/ which is 160Gigs. I also have a 2T ext Hard drive Partitioned into, 3 Partitions,F,(500G)G(500G),H(1T),Back in 10/23/11 i had made a backup of my C:/ to my F:/ with a system image. i attempted to make a End of year backup and system image to the F:/, and the backup said i could not back up to the F:/ or G:/ ( both drives has Data on them but they also have enough free space for the backups),so i decided to use the H:/ to do the backup, the backup is including the F;/ in the backup which i do not want backed up,( because it already has a system image and a backup there already) so i manually told the backup to do the C:/ and it still wants to include the F:/ in the backup, I even reset the Windows backup to the default and tried to do a first time ( let me choose what to back up) and still it wants to include the F:/ in the backup and system image,all i would like to do is a simple backup of my C;/, why does Windows insist on including the F:/ in the backup when i explicitly tell it not to, and how would i go about doing a backup of JUST my C;/ ?,Would i have to remove the initial backup an system image from the F:/?

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How To Completely Delete Backup System Image

Oct 7, 2009

I been backup my system to second internal hard drive E. But the system image file take almost 160 gb that take up too much space. So I want to change to backup my system to an external hard drive. Now even I did delete all backup files in E: drive. But looks like that 160 gb system image still in my E: drive. Because when I check my E: drive properties I still missing 160 gb space so I think that system image still in there somewhere. How can I completely delete that system image to free up that 160 gb space on my hard drive.

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Restoring Windows, System Image Backup?

Jan 5, 2012

I recently got a SSD for my comp, before installing I did a backup of windows and included the system image option. I am now on a fresh install of windows but can only restore the files I had on my old windows and not the entirety of windows (programs, program settings.. ect). How can I use this image to put everything back exactly the way it was before?

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What Is Difference Between Backup Now, And Create A System Image

Apr 15, 2012

On the Backup and Restore page, it lists the two Thread title options?-

I read that you can't restore individual files from system image, but I'm wondering if I need to create both in order to do an emergency system restore using boot disc/or... (D: drive)?

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Cannot Create A System Image Or Backup Computer

Nov 15, 2009

I have tried every trick in the book to creat a system image whether directly or via backup computer. I am receiving those error messages; 0x8078011D when I try to create a System Image from the left bar and; 0x81000032 when using backup computer.

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System Rebooting Durning Backup Or Disk Image

Oct 16, 2011

when I have had the PC on to update or back it up it has rebooted itself. No one else uses this computer but me so I am unsure what is going on with it. Can someone give me some kind of idea where to stat on this problem?

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Cannot Select Storage Drive For Backup With System Image

Sep 23, 2011

I have 3 drives in my system,
- 64gb boot Health System Active
- 640g Apps Health Primary 376gfree
- 500g storage Healthy Primary 496gfree

I'm trying to a backup with a system image, It says for the storage drive when selected that it will not do a system image. But when I select the 640, it doesn't say it won't, but will not let me choose any files from that drive. Not sure what is going on.

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Created System Image In Vista Now Have Windows 7, How To Use Backup

May 29, 2012

I have a system image created in Vista with external, internal hard drive is done. i replaced internal and installed windows 7. Can i use any of the information from this system image backup? Is there anyway to read the drive and pick out some of the important files? i don't need the whole system restore but would like as much of the old info as possible.

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Windows Backup Stalls When Creating A System Image?

Sep 21, 2012

My laptop has been backing up once a week fine (except for an error about a missing file that is on the target drive, not the backup drive) for months. In the past few days, it has suddenly failed with repeated attempts to backup, it always stalls at 57% while creating a system image. I've tried a clean boot, same results. I'm backing up to a network drive (USB hard drive attached to the router), 274GB free of 458 total, and the total backup size has been pretty small as no heavy data is kept on the computer.

Lenovo SL510
Windows 7 Professional

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How To Properly Delete Windows 7 Backup System Image

May 2, 2010

I have a system image on my external HDD made by Windows 7 Backup & Restore utility on my old computer. Now I am using a new machine and would like to delete my old system's system image but do not know how to properly do so.

Since I have not ran a backup yet on my new machine, there is not option for "manage space" in the backup & restore utility

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System Image Backup Folder Size Problem

Nov 14, 2009

I have a question about System Image Backups. (Win 7 Ultimate, 64-bit).

I have setup System Image Backups to my external 1TB eSATA drive.

I have chosen to allow Windows to manage the space used for backup history, Windows says it will use up to 279GB (which is fine).

The properties on the actual "Windows Image Backup" folder on the external drive shows the size as 32.6GB. However The Windows backup menu "Manage Windows Backup disk space" shows "System Image: 68.90 GB."

Primary Question:

Is Windows Backup storing my system images somewhere else in addition to this folder, or is the menu just plain wrong?

Additional Question: Is the Windows Backup utility capable of doing differential backups for the system image, or is each backup a full backup? The GUI menus are not giving me enough information. Based on what I see, it looks like System Image backups are always full, and data files are incremental or differential.

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Backup And Restore Multiple System Image Drives

Oct 28, 2009

Why does windows put two drives in the "Include a system image of drives" option ?

I only want to backup C:

What is causing this?

My F: disk is only storage no system files as i know of.

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Is A System Backup The Same As A System Image

Aug 30, 2012

is a system backup the same as a system image?

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Attempting To Create A Backup System Image / Not Enough Space Error

Mar 18, 2012

I'm belatedly trying to create my first system recovery backup, on a system which I first installed Windows back in November 2011.I have a 1TB drive with a 214GB partition that I set up for a backup. I manually store all my media and pictures to both a separate partition on the drive, in the cloud, and on a separate external HDD, so all I really want to back up is the system image.This is the newbie sounding question to confirm my suspicions: The system drive I'm trying to back up is definitely bigger than the partition I've set aside for recovery. My C drive is a 473GB partition, and I'm using maybe a bit more than half of that currently. If this is the case, is there a way to reallocate un-used disk space from my other partitions to make the recovery partition larger, or should I be biting the bullet and shelling out for a 500GB external to cover my system recovery needs?

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Scheduled Backup Of System Image Is Not Allowed On Removable Devices

Dec 12, 2012

I just upgraded from Vista to Windows 7 Home Premium x32. When I tried to set up Backup and Restore, I got the message "System image cannot be saved on this location." More Info gave me "Scheduled backup of system image is not allowed on removable devices." This seems to be a very strange message since external drives appear to be the most popular backup devices. Backup and Restore setup lists both the C: and the FToshiba external) drives but if I try to create a System Image, it does not list the Toshiba as one of the choices.

I have a Toshiba 500GB usb drive that I was working fine with Vista and Macrium Reflect. I now want to switch to MS Backup and Restore.

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Create System Image - Backup Failed / Device Not Connected

Jan 9, 2010

I recently built a windows 7 home premium PC with an Intel 160 GB SSD as (C) for OS/programs and second 1TB HDD as (D) for data and backups. I also have a DVD burner (H). They are all SATA drives running in AHCI mode. Immediately after installing just windows, I used the windows backup feature to successfully create a system image to a local disk (D) which was and still is nearly empty. The next day, after installing drivers, updates, and a few programs, I went to create a second system image but this time it failed. The process started as it should have but halfway through it failed with the following message:

"The backup failed"
"The device is not connected (0x8007048f)"

At that point, after exiting the program, the D drive does not show up on my computer. Upon rebooting the D drive reappears. I searched the web and found some references to checking whether volume shadow copying services and their dependent services were working and that didn't work. Another reference said to try updating to a newer bios as some have bugs that screw up the enumerator for the drive order. The BIOS I use is the latest and wasn't changed since my first successful attempt at creating the system image.

Windows 7 Home Premium
Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD4 Bios 6 (latest)
Intel 160 GB SSD (C) OS
1 TB HDD (D)
Raedon 5770

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Factory Image Recovery With System Backup Discs Freeze At Disc?

Sep 12, 2011

I am performing an image recovery. I have 4 DVDs that came with my laptop from geeksquad. They say HP System Backup. Everything runs smoothly in disc 1. When I get to disc 2 nothing happens at all. I do have an external hard drive. I was considering trying to copy the System back up discs from a different computer onto the external and then trying to do the system restore.

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System Image Backup Failed (on Same Hard Drive) - Error 0x80042407

Feb 26, 2012

I have 2x160gb intel SSD disks running as RAID0. Recently my motherboard had failed and I replaced it with new one (different model). Couldn't access OS because apparently some RAID data is kept on the motherboard and that was gone, so I decided to use a backup. Booted from windows 7 installation disk and selected backup,

I click on 'repair', get to the 'select a system image backup'. Select 'use the latest available system image (recommended). Click 'next' I get the message 'all disk to be restored will be formatted and replaced with the layout and data in the system image'. Click Yes. But then got an error saying:

"The system image restore failed. The disk that is set as active in BIOS is too small to recover the original system disk. Replace the disk with a larger one and retry the restore operation. (0x80042407)"

Disk is completely empty with only 1 partition (deleted all partitions and reformatted and then created one). Before motherboard problem I had several partitions, but I imagine that restore would recreate them. Why do I get 'disk to small error' when I am restoring on the same disk? RAID configuration problem? Could stripe size be an issue here?

My OS: Windows 7 64 Professional

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Copy Entire System From Backup Image Over Bootable Fresh Install?

Jul 15, 2012

I have a drive that was using PGP that has become damaged and will not boot despite trying 3 days of different fixes and repairs. I have a complete drive backup that will restore but when I try and boot after my PGP password I get 'Missing operating system'. Again I have tried decrypting and fixing but to no end.

I have another disk with a working and booting install of Windows 7 (same architecture etc) on. I have the entire contents of the non-booting system disk that I can access from the image of it.

If I booted into something like Windows Recovery or Live Linux environment, can I copy the entire contents of the non-working Windows 7 drive over the working one and expect it to work and then boot?

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Make Backup / System Image For Internal And External Hard Drives At The Same Time?

May 11, 2012

how can i make a backup/ system image for my internal and external hard drives at the same time?

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Backup Data (or An System Image) To An Internal And External Hard Drives At Same Time?

Jun 29, 2012

can u backup your data (or an system image)to an internal and external hard drives at the same time?

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Created A Backup Image Using The Microsoft Backup Utility And Now Can't Restore?

Aug 9, 2011

I created an image using the Microsoft Backup and Restore tool in Windows 7. I saved the image on a network shared folder.I then went to the Advanced Recovery Methods in Windows to restore my image...that I just created. It restarts the computer and goes into recovery mode, I point to where the image is located, I entered the network credentials and it give me an error. "The Specified network resource or device is no longer available. (0x80070037)"

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Backup Complete Computer - Create An Image Backup

Nov 22, 2008

How to Create a System Image Backup in Windows 7 ?

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