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Deactivate Oem Windows To Transfer To New Computer

I have a laptop which came with Vista 32bit 2 years ago. I have purchased and installed an OEM Windows 7 but the computer can't seem to handle it (only 1 gig ram). I'd like to revert back to Vista installation that is partitioned on the hard drive because I'm convinced it will be faster.

My question is can I un-mate that new Windows 7 installation from this computer so I can use it on one of my other PCs? When it was installed I think I chose automatic activation. Am I screwed out of $120 now with two Windows installations mated to the same computer?

If I reformat and revert to Vista on the laptop, will the Windows 7 installation install itself on another pc with no issues?

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how do i transfer music from a 64bit comp to a 32bit comp?

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Transfer Information From Computer To Computer With A Ethernet Cable?

Posted: Dec 26, 2012

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How To Deactivate Windows 7
I have a original Windows 7 ultimate single user DVD and it is activated in a PC. Now I bought a new PC with upgraded components and don't want to run that original copy of windows 7 to the old PC. So is it possible to deactivate the windows 7 from the old PC and to activate in my new PC?

Posted: Jul 8, 2012

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How To Deactivate Windows 7
So, I want to deactivate Windows 7 on my old PC. Then install Windows 7 on my new PC and activate it with the same serial key..The person buying my old PC can still boot up and see it's working - he will just get some message that Windows isn't activated.

Posted: Oct 21, 2012

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Way To Transfer Programs Loaded On Old Computer To New Computer?
Would like to get general thoughts on the best way to transfer programs from old computer to my new 8-core Windows Pro 64-bit(new install) computer. One of my areas that I'm concerned with is that several of the programs I'm wanting to transfer were purchased over the internet & downloaded with no physical media involved. Otherwise, I would just do the install via the install cd's

Posted: Jun 15, 2012

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Cannot Locate And Deactivate File?
I am trying to transfer my entire user file onto an external hardrive. As soon as a drag and drop it over "external E" a window pops up that sais "this cannot happen because ntuser.dat is open in system." I have tried checking processes in the task manager but cannot find ntuser.dat in there. How I can sort it out.

Posted: Oct 15, 2011

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How To Temporarily Deactivate F-keys
if I can temporaily deactivate in a LAPTOP the function keys (F1, F2 and so on, normally dedicated to functions like dimming, changing volume...), so I can use them for gaming? some games need that keys, but I cannot use them because they do something else...

Posted: Apr 6, 2011

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Subwoofer Will Not Deactivate When Using Headphones
When I plug in my headphones I can still hear sound coming from my computer, I checked and found out that it is actually coming from my computer's subwoofer, the only way to disable it is to actually lower the volume down to 0, even using mute will not turn off the subwoofer and will still play at the volume it is left at. I have tried searching for what could cause the problem, trying every possible combination of sound drivers that could be the source of the issue but I cant find the solution, does anyone know what could be happening? Windows has no information on these things and it seems to be something unique since I cant find a similar problem on google.

Posted: Dec 28, 2010

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Deactivate Win 7 Upgrade Product Key
I have installed Windows 7 with upgrade media and activated with the supplied key. Unfortunately, this computer will not last much longer, and I will be replacing soon. Is it possible for me to deactivate my product key so I can install it on my replacement, or am I just out of a lot of money?

Posted: Feb 28, 2010

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Can Deactivate Old Windows 7 And Use It On New Build
I have Windows 7 on an old OEM Acer Aspire laptop, if I deactivate it can i reuse the key to install on my new rig I'm building soon?

Posted: Dec 5, 2012

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Deactivate 'Type Of Network' PopUp
I'm looking for a solution for stopping the Network Type PoPup which appears after changing the network (eg. new UMTS network etc.)I found this how-to: Unidentified Networks - Set as Private or Public which automatically defines an undefined Network as punlic or private. This is a fisrt step but unfortunatelly the Popup still appears.I need this for unattened systems that does not allow user interaction and block my network for this system.

Posted: Jul 28, 2011

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Deactivate / Activate Network Card
Each time I put the PC on, I can't use Internet before I deactive then reactive the network card. When it's run fine, I have a domestic network but when I start the Pc I have two networks, the domestic one and a new public one.

As soon as I desactive - reactive the network card, the public network desappear and all is ok as long as the PC stay on..

I'm a brand new user of Seven so perhaps it's just a simple tune I didn't do..

Posted: Sep 25, 2009

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How To Deactivate A Windows 7 Serial Code
How do I deactivate my serial code whenever I want to format my PC, so that it resets the limit of how many times I can enter it?

Posted: Aug 24, 2012

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Deactivate Or Hiden Desktop Screen In The Tray
I want to Deactivate an kill the desktop screen icon on the tray can you help me ??

Posted: Nov 19, 2009

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Possible To Transfer Windows 7 To Another New Computer?
My older computer is bad and quit working. Repairman says it is not worth repairing. It has windows 7 on it and I have the windows 7 disc and the coa# number off the old computer. I have a newer computer, with windows xp on it. Can I call Microsoft and give them the serial # of my old computer and have it voided and use the same coa# and install it on my newer computer.?

Posted: Apr 16, 2012

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Transfer Of A HDD With Windows 7 To New Computer?
first off i have/had a Dell xps 710, and it originally came with vista, but my old old, hdd crashed, and i bought a new hdd, along with a new Windows 7 64bit oem version approximatly 5-6 months ago, installed it and everything was on the money!!

now this is where i run into my problem, now my motherboard has failed on me, and im in the process of building a new computer from scratch.. new everything except my hardrive(since its brand new 5-6 months ago), and video card...

how would i take my hard drive with Windows 7 64 bit oem version installed on it and use it on my new setup.. i really dont wanna buy another Windows 7 when i literally just bought it.. i read on here that somone posted doing it through "sysprep", but i cant do the first few steps since my mobo is shot... before i make this post anymore confusing this is my situation what should/could i do to make this work using my hdd with Windows 7 already on it along with my 4000+ audio files any thing else on the hard drive i could care less about...

p.s not sure if this is 100% accurate i have not read into it, but i hear Windows 7 unlike other win versions are now bound to mobo once installed.. if this is the case am i sh!t out of luck, or are their ways around it?

Posted: Sep 5, 2011

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Transfer Music From Computer To PS3?
How can I transfer music from my laptop to my PS3. I've already tried a flash drive but the PS3 doesn't recognize it because it is an encrypted flash drive. I also can't use a network to do it because all I have is one ethernet cable for both my computer and PS3.

Posted: Apr 13, 2011

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Windows 7 Transfer To New Computer?
I purchased a retail copy of Windows 7 Home Premium Edition which included both the 32 bit and 64 bit discs. I am currently using the 32 bit version on my computer. I am considering using the Update Anytime online to upgrade to Windows Pro. In the future, if I build a new computer, can I use the 64 bit disc for install, or am I limited to the 32 bit, since I have already used it? If I can use the 64 bit version, can I still use the key provided for the upgrade to Windows Pro for my old computer? I don't want to upgrade my old computer to Windows Pro edition if I can't transfer it to a 64 bit version I would need for a new computer. Would the correct sequence be to install the 64 bit Home Premium edition to the new computer, then use the key provided by Microsoft for the Pro version update given to me on the 32 bit update?

Posted: Dec 11, 2012

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Transfer 1 Folder To Another On Same Computer?
I cant seem to figure out how to send 1 file to a new folder so options from SEND except compressed folder (which I dont want) or desktop I image this is simple .could do it with old computer this is an Acer bought new 2010

Posted: Nov 29, 2012

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How To Transfer Information From Computer To Other
How To transfer information from computr to computer with a ethernet cable

Posted: Dec 26, 2012

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Transfer The Program/ License From Old Computer Onto The New One?
I bought Microsoft Outlook 2007 (Program on CD, unlimited Licenses) 2 years a go, and have installed it on my windows XP. However I recently bought a new Windows 7 Computer and want to install Outlook but I lost the CD, so is there any way that I can transfer the program/ license from my old computer onto the new one.

Posted: Apr 18, 2012

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Transfer Backup Data To New Computer?
I have backup DVD that contains data and pictures that I would like to transfer into a new computer. What steps should I take. I have W7 and use Mozilla Firefox or IE. I have never worked with a hard drive and don't want to screw it up.

Posted: Jan 29, 2011

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Transfer Old Programs, Information Onto New Computer?
Joined a few days ago, just got a new computer, hasn't arrived yet. Had posted a purchase template and other things but little help so did the best I could with that decision. Bought my great old computer long ago when I knew nothing at all. I got it second hand from a third party, and didn't get any install disks. Can anyone tell me what old material is transferable to the new computer, and how does one do the transfer.

Posted: Nov 28, 2012

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How Can I Transfer My Speech Recognition To New Computer?
When I teach my computer Speech Recongnition and change computers, where is the database so I can transfer it to the new computer?

Posted: Feb 12, 2011

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Backing Up Programs To Transfer To New Computer?
My dad and I are planning to switch computers and he would like to transfer all of his programs, software, and folders to my computer. With that, we would just simply have to switch hard drives. We could always set up a new OS and reinstall all of the components and drivers manually. Is there an efficient way of keeping all of his programs and folders while still be able to reinstall a new OS? Or would he have to reinstall all of them? We have an extra external hard drive at hand in case if we need it for backing up

Posted: Jan 22, 2011

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Transfer Anytime Upgrade To Another Computer?
I ordered a dell laptop for my mom (xps15z). when i got it in i was on the fence about keeping it. then i decided to keep it, i used anytime upgrade on it to upgrade to windows 7 professional. After testing the laptop some more, im disgusted by the quality of it, not necessarily its performance (well besides the screen is just crap). The whole thing (even though some of it is aluminum or some kind of metal) is just plain cheap feeling. Everytime i go to open the laptop, my thumb gets caught on the some lame cheap chrome trim. (i dont see that trim lasting long). the lid/display is flimsy. it feels like a cheap toy. period. Im going to return it to dell and get her one of the samsungs that i tested out at some best buy nearby, its pretty solid feeling. its like a macbook or something.

anywho, what should i do in this scenario (about transferring the anytime upgrade). i believe the samsung will just have home edition installed, so i can use (or would like to use) this same key for it...

Posted: Mar 25, 2012

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Transfer Programs And Data To New Computer?
I am attempting to help my friend. Has old laptop, been making system image backups with Macrium Free on external usb WD Hardrive. Now wishes to get new laptop and transfer pertinent data and programs to the new computer.He had not installed the HD programming, using macrium instead.

Posted: Jan 17, 2012

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Ipod To Computer Music Transfer?
My laptop's(dell inspiron, windows 7) hardrive recently crashed, and I lost everything. And I'm trying to transfer everything from my ipod touch back to my computer. I've read about how you can do it, but whenever i plug my ipod in it comes up as a digital camera. And not in 'devices with removable storage'.

Posted: Jan 22, 2012

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Transfer From External To Computer Windows 7?
okay the 1TB WD external was working fine all of a suddon it working. When I finally found it it said it was empty but its not its totally full. Ive trid a lot of different things.

Posted: Jun 20, 2011

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