D-link DWL G510 Problem

May 16, 2009

i have a d-link DWL G510 rev b wireless card in my computer, but windows 7 does not recognize that it is there.

i installed drivers for it but there is still no entry for it in the device manager.

is this card just not compatible?


Logitech G510 Issue

Feb 11, 2013

I've had my g510 for a while and all this time the folowing ssues have been occuring and I can find any solutions on the internet. Ok problem one:I can't use the keyboard to get into the bios/edit things within the bios as it doesn't work untill the OS is booted Problem 2: I have to keep a mic/microphone jack pluged into the keyboard at all times or it will not alow me to use any of the keys or the lcd display and this can only be resolved if I unplug and replug it in the usb port and put the mic/headphone jack in (this is an issue because I use an usb headset now)

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DWL-G510 Pci Network Card

Jan 18, 2010

we just installed window 7 and it's not comaptible with DWL-G510 pci network card(Dlink) it needs a driver upgrade and can.t find one , anyone can help what to do?

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Brand New Logitech G510 Keyboard Won't Wake PC Up From Sleep Mode

May 3, 2011

My brand new Logitech G510 keyboard won't wake my PC up from sleep mode. My mouse (Razor DeathAdder) will wake up PC from sleep mode. When it does wake from sleep mode I hear the beeps like new hardware has been found and then I can use my keyboard. I've checked for the latest firmware and software from Logitech's website, but it's a fiasco looking for updated drivers and firmware on their site.

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Logitech G510 Keyboard's Volume Control Wheel Doesn't Work?

Feb 17, 2011

as described I use a Logitech G510 keyboard with multimedia keys and the posibility to insert a headset into it (the keyboard got its own soundcard). The keyboard also got a volume wheel which worked with Vista like it should: I could controle the speaker's volume by the keyboard.

Now with Win 7 I can't use the wheel anymore, even with the latest drivers.

My system:
OS Win 7 professional 32 bit
Intel core duo E4500 2,2 GHz; 2GB RAM
Sapphire HD5770 graphiccard

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2nd Generic Keyboard Needed For Logitech G510 To Choose Drive In Boot?

Sep 15, 2012

On my home built system, when booting up, if I don't have this generic Dell usb keyboard hooked up, I can not choose from multiple drives I have installed with the Logitech G510 keyboard( which I use to choose, I just have to have this other keyboard connected). Other than that, it behaves normally, fine.Is there something I can do in the way of getting a driver onto a usb thumb drive and then keep that thumb drive permanently attached (like inside the case)?

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Difference Between Dual Link DVI And Single Link DVI Cables?

Jun 28, 2012

What is the difference between dual link DVI and single link DVI cables? Would I see a noticeable difference if I switch to dual link cables? Would I benefit any at all from switching from single link to dual link?

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Get Download Link Of Vb6?

May 19, 2011

am using windows7 32bit operating system,i would like to download vb6 software freely,can u provide link

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Link Does Not Work?

Jul 22, 2011

I use IE, and hotmail.When I get noticed from seven forum in my mail, I clicked a link to thread, but that does not work.

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D-Link DWA-130 Compatibility

Nov 20, 2009

I have two computers that are running Win XP Home and one that is running Win Xp Media Center Edition. Will I have any problems upgrading the Win Xp Media Center Edition?

Currently I'm trying to upgrade the system with Win Xp Home. It has a Gigabyte AMD AM2 Socket (GA-M57 SLI-S4) motherboard, AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 6000+, 4 GB of ram and a Creative SB Audigy 2 ZS soundcard.

I ran the windows 7 upgrade adviser on the computer and then someone suggest I also run the vista upgrade adviser as well. On both it is telling me that there is a problem with "Windows Aero Support". I've seen lots of posts stating it will run on their video card but I have not seen anything on mine and need to know if I can upgrade to Win 7 Home Premium without a problem. My video card is a NVidia Geforce 7900 GTX. Does anyone know if that card will work with Win 7?

Then also it is telling me that my D-Link DWA-130 Wireless USB adapter is a problem. I went to their website and they have Vista drivers but not Win 7. Someone suggested not downloading the D-Link drivers but downloading the vista drivers and that it would work. I have little knowledge regarding Win 7 and therefore didn't know if this was good advice or bad advice on downloading the vista drivers. Is anyone here using this wireless adapter successfully with Win 7?

Last it mentions that it is not compatible with the Creative Game Port. I don't know if this is something that is downloaded with my Gigaabyte motherboard recovery disc. I don't think it was something I installed but not sure. AS far as I know it is not something I'm using so it doesn't matter if it isn't compatible (at least I think it's not). I didn't know if anyone knew about this.

I'm hoping anyone that has experience with any of this hardware will let me know if it is compatible with Win 7 before I upgrade it only to find it is compatible to upgrade.

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How To Link Computer To TV

Dec 25, 2012

I am trying to link my windows 7 computer to my Sony Bravia television. I have bought ethernet cables for my TV and router. I can get you tube on the TV so the link with the router seems to be OK. My computer is wifi to the router. How do I get the computer to recognise the TV? When I link them up I plan to play a slideshow.

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Broadband Link Is Currently Not Available?

Apr 21, 2011

OK so I already wrote all this once so give me a break if this gets brief. I have AT&T DSL and at the most inconvenient times I get sent to an AT&T page that states " The Broadband Link is Currently Not Available" It has a reset button at the bottom but there is no need because I can wait a moment and refresh and it will say problem solved please close the browser. This has the ability to cause lost work.I have read alot of forums blaming everything from the wiring to the phone lines in the house to the hardware, anyhow everything on this house is Wifi so I don't know if this problem persist over hard line but I assume it does because others have complained of it.

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Using QoS On D-Link Router?

Jun 12, 2011

I have D-Link router 2650U, and I'd like to use QoS on my router to get the highest priority for internet, for gaming, surfing or w/e.I had some issues configure the parameters so help me please, pictures :As u see I've enabled the QoS I've enabled here QoS too, though I don't know what those options and DSCP means and if I even need it.. Here I've set its priority This how it looks after I've done making the 'QoS' for my pc/ports, not sure if its good. This is the window where I need help insert the right details to give the priority to my PC, the ports 7700~7800(range) are the ports for the game I play GunZ I found out those ports through Port Forward website. I just want to know if the QoS is right, or how can I make my whole PC with the highest priority and not just ports. Will disabling items help/harm my internet? And putting it in such order is better? or give the web client network higher priority?And also disabling all those items?

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D-link DWA 120 USB Problem

Aug 26, 2009

Im hoping someone can help me with my wireless issue. I have a D-link DWA 120 usb adaptor connected to a new Windows 7 RC (x64) build. The problem is that I am unable to get the darn thing to work.

First of all when I plug it into the cradle it does not even blink. Plugged it directly to the PC and still does not light up. Even though it appears in device manager as "!USB WLAN device". When I try to update the driver automatically it says "Windows could not find driver software..". I then try to specify a location but that returns the same error above.

I have tried to run the setup in compatibility mode as per the instructions I found on this site and although the installtion appears to complete successfully, I still dont have it working.

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D-Link DWA-552 Problems

May 4, 2010

I have a d-link x-treme router and internal pci card. It worked great for about a year and today it can't find any networks. I tried disabling all the other network adapters like the Ethernet and Bluetooth, but that didn't work this time like it did with vista.

I have also tried having windows repair it and it couldn't. I disabled and enabled my adapter, no good. I know it's not the router because I'm using my iPod touch to type this message. My Mom isn't having any problems with her laptop connection either.

I looked into it and have found that I'm not the only one who has been having problems, but so far, no one is sharing the solution. All I have heard is that is has something to do with the driver. However I haven't updated anything and it has been working fine for two months.

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Can't Link Monitor To Tv

Apr 22, 2011

i want to watch my movoies on my tv. i have windows 7 on a sony vaio . this used to be simple, how i can do this before my kids revolt!

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Getting Link For Downlading Gta Sa For Pc?

Jul 15, 2012

can you give me a link for downlading gta sa for my pc? does it matter if its home basic?

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HP Display Link Adapters

Jan 19, 2012

I've got a user that has a laptop with two external HP monitors. One monitor is connected via VGA connection to the laptop - the other is using an HP Display Link adapter over VGA and/or DVI. The screen that is connected to the Display Link adapter keeps stalling. He will move Internet Explorer over to that screen, try to maximize the window, and it freezes, but if he moves another window, like Windows Explorer over to that screen on top of it then Internet Explorer will start to respond.

Things I've tried: updating drivers on the integrated graphics, updating drivers on display link adapter, replacing display link adapter, changing usb ports, changing refresh rates on the monitors, and alternating between DVI and VGA connection on the Display Link adapter. Oh, and also disabling Windows Aero.

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Download Link Went Blank

Oct 20, 2012

My download link went blank the other day & if i click on it it shows this message any help??

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Link To Pictures Not Working?

Jan 30, 2011

When I click Start>My Pictures I get the error message "Pictures.Library-MS" is no longer working. This library can be safely deleted from your computer. Folders that have been included will not be affected. I can still access My Pictures by clicking Start>User>My Pictures, so there still there. Is there a way to correct this.?

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ADs And Highlighted Text Link?

Apr 11, 2012

I recently installed Codec-c Video plugin and now ads and highlighted text links are showing up on my browsers.

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D-Link Can't Load Adapter

Feb 24, 2011

Installed D-link DWA-140 on my laptop running Windows7 SP1,no problem with the installation.Clicked on the D-Link icon, up came D-link Wireless Connection Manager this was empty, clicked on new and entered my wireless network, clicked on activate, nothing happened.Went to Network and Sharing Center, On the left clicked on change adapter settings, my D-link Connection is showing Disabled, right click, then on Enable, changed to enabling, then enabled, D-link still Disabled.I have the message, Wireless adapter not found, insert the adapter now.My question is?. Where do I find the Wireless Adapter.I went to Device Manager then Network adapters the D-Link adapter is showing and there is No yellow mark on it, right clicked, This device is working properly.

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IE 9 - Logging Into Websites Which Are Not As Link Indicates

Mar 16, 2012

IE 9 - When I click onto link, after a search, the link comes up with a different web site and not as the link indicates. I am forced into a web site not as indicated. My Grandson's computer is doing the same now.

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Can't Launch Link In Application?

Apr 13, 2011

my friends use Windows 7 and IE 9, but it only works right for them from the administrator's account.From a normal user's account clicking the link in IE 9 would open up the link in a new tab (as normal) and launch the Sopcast software, but would not tune it to the right channel.Under the administrator's account it did initially require 2 or 3 permissions, but as the regular user it doesn't even ask.I tried changing the regular user account to an administrator and reinstalling the software by the new admin, but it still did not work and did not even pop the permissions.Only lowering the UAC all the way to 0 made it work, but upping it again even one notch disabled things again. It never asked for any permissions, like it did under the other account.I searched and found others with somewhat similar issues, but no direct solution.I guess Windows 7 blocks it for the regular user, but how can I authorize it? Make it ask me?Should it have been working or is it something generally blocked, on purpose?

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Unable To Open Link In New Tab

May 17, 2011

Not sure what happened, but starting this afternoon, Explorer 9 (released version via automatic update) will not open a link in a new tab, nor will it open that line into a new explorer window.Looked at multiple complaints and fixes for this, none worked (including the scripts). recent automatic windows 7 update to "allow further updates", I used firefox for the first time - note did not set it as the default, there was a java update and an adobe update. This machine is windows 7 sp1, completely updated 64bit home premium system. Turned off all the add ons, restarted - didn't fix it. Tried the script for the same problem, that didn't work. All the resetting has done, is removed the tool bars I like to use and it still doesn't work.

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Link Failures With Windows 7?

Apr 2, 2012

Our laptop is using 7 and commonly fails to make links on a site. The desktop we have runs XP and easily allows us to move around within URLs. We need the ability to use 7 to conduct our business but something is amiss.

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D-Link DWL-510 Driver Problems

Sep 5, 2009

As it goes, windows 7 doesn't support my wireless card, without one I cant go to the internet to search Microsoft online driver database. The card in question is Dlink DWL-510... The card manufacturer isn't going to publish 64bit drivers and I don't know what to do?

The windows 7 driver database don't have my driver, although I had some success installing other drivers with similar chip-set and passes instal process (realtek), but card simply doesn't work, even when windows say that card is installed successfully.

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D-Link DI-604 Router Driver

Dec 1, 2009

Can anybody give me D-Link DI-604 router driver.

I found one here: di 604 driver (D Link Systems) 7, Vista, XP, download

but i can`t create account to download it...

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Symbolic Link Across Drives

Jul 26, 2009

I am new to Windows 7 and new to using symlinks. Please bear with me.

I am trying to make a hard link to a file on a RAM disk, but I get the error

"The system cannot move the file to a different disk drive."

I can't make a directory link to the RAM disk because I cannot fit all the files in the original directory on the RAM disk. I need to make a couple links file-to-file.

I am trying to use the command

mklink /h lichking.mpq j:lichking0.mpq

like that. I would be very grateful if someone can come up with a solution to this problem!

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Symbolic Link Not Working?

Dec 20, 2012

I recently got a small sdd for my system. However, being a heavy gamer, my appdata folder is starting to get quite large and I do not want to "waste" all the writes on my sdd. I used this guide to move my entire user file over. User Profile - Change Default Locationfter finishing that I realized my programs might still be trying to reference my old appdata folder and tried to make a symbolic linkmklink/J D:Frederick C:UsersFrederickAppdataWhere D is my new user file after I moved it. It keeps telling me "Cannot create a file when that file already exists." I checked the path myself (typed C:UsersFrederickAppdata) and it told me it did not exist, so

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Portforwarding With The Sky D-Link Router?

May 17, 2011

I can't seem to portforward on the new D-Link routers? I got my router this year, so it's one of the new black ones that stand up? It has all of the wifi info on the side of the router. Anyway, I'm trying to portforward, followed a couple of guides but when I go on 'canyouseeme' it says it's not open? Is there any video tutorials for portforwarding with this router because I'm fed up now.

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Email Link Not Working

May 31, 2011

does Microsoft Outlook not work with Windows 7? Do I need to use Windows Live Mail? How do I get our email address to Windows Live Mail send and receive (with NTL) How does it work?

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Download D Link Driver Dwa-110

Jan 6, 2010

how can i download d link driver dwa-110 on windows 7 ?


i am using DWA 110 with windows 7 32 and here are the drivers for 32 bits and 64 bits


Dlink App and drivers for Dwa 110 xp vista and 7:


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Networking D-Link DNS-323 NAS Issue

Nov 7, 2009

I connect wirelessly to my D-Link DIR-685 router and my D-Link DNS-323 NAS is connected to the 685 via ethernet. I can see other computers and devices on the network just not the DNS-323. I had no dramas with it in Vista. Windows 7 just does not see it???

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When Click On A Link Get A Blank Page

Feb 6, 2013

I,m using w7 64 bit. On about half of the web sites I go to if I click on a link I get a blank page. I reset everything to default settings but no joy. I remember reading about this in the past and it is a windows setting but I forget which.

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Click To Open Link In New Tab Not Working

Aug 23, 2011

This just happened a few hours ago. Scrolling still works fine but clicking (used to open the clicked link in new tab) doesn't work anymore. I've tried this in both Chrome and FF and tried a restart but nothing has worked.

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Wireless USB Adapter TP-LINK TL-WN620G

Oct 30, 2009

I am having trouble getting my USB wireless adapter working with Windows 7. Is there a driver available for it? Where would I find such a driver?

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Laptop Can Not Connect To D-Link Even Though Other Computers Can

Apr 11, 2012

My computer was working fine yesterday, it showed about 6 Networks and I was able to connect to my own network, D-Link fine. Now after playing a game via game booster I tried to acces Google Chrome and it says "this webpage is not available" I cant acces Skype or steam or anything that requires internet. I thought I had simply disconnected my self but when I went to check, it shows no networks. I thought this was my connection but then tried other devices "I-Mac, I-Pad, Windows XP Desktop and a DSI" and they all seem to find many networks and connect to D-Link fine.

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Trying To Link Up To SBS 2011 On Home Network

Jun 3, 2011

I've got a home network with Homegroup working fine across three /four machines & printers.I've just installed a small test server and loaded Windows Small Business Server 2011 (SBS2011)I've tried connecting to this server from two Win 7 pc's and having no joy. Also, cannot even see the server on my network from the pc's.If I try to use the sbs2011 connector software (as recommended) I enter url... and get a software download from the server. This is supposed to make it easy to link the pc to the server and run backups and so-on.However it fails and gives me an "unexpected error" after trying to log me in (I think).I cannot see the server at all from the pcs other than by using remote desktop protocol - network search and network sharing both fail to see it.I've removed my pcs from the homegroup in case that is the conflict but still no joy.BTW, the server CAN see the other pcs on the network when it performs a network search.

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Startup Sound Changer Link?

Sep 24, 2011

A short time ago someone posted a link to a little program that changes the Widnows 7 startup sound with a click.I lost the program when my computer crashed and I can't find the source on the net.

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Want Outlook Link To Open 32 Bit Iexplore

Mar 2, 2011

currently when i click a link in outlook, iexplore 64 bit version opens. i would like to have the 32 bit version open as flash will play only in that version.

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Browser Link - Redirect To Different Site

Feb 16, 2013

Using Windows 7.Within browser (Chrome), I can do a search, and then when I click one of the links, I am redirected to a different site... Siteadvisor jumps and asks if this is what I want to do.  Multiple windows would open.
What I did:
-  Uninstalled Chrome
-  Ran full scan with McAfee... nothing.
-  Run full scan with Malewarebytes... nothing.
-  Run scan with DoctorWeb... found three items... had them neutralized
After doing this, IE worked fine... search / link / no issue Downloaded Firefox... tested... search / link / no issue Downloaded Chrome... test... search / link... problem resurfaced!Right now, I have removed Chrome again and running DoctorWeb again.

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Windows 7 / IE 9 - Getting Blank Tab On Clicking Link

Dec 11, 2012

I have windows 7 trouble with IE 9 when I click on a link I get a blank page and blank tab I have tried resetting IE and also a reg fix on the internet the same is happening if I upgrade to IE 10.

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Can't Send Link/page By Email

Aug 14, 2011

I just had Windows 7 put on my computer but have not purchased the copy of my Premium Home Edition yet. I have 3 more weeks and I don't know if THAT is my problem which is;

I've seen earlier posts about this quirk that MS should have never let out of the barn. I've found some "solutions" on these forums but when I go to change settings in the default menus, it doesn't "save".

I'm referring to changing default in INT Explorer. Some posters refer to IE8 but mine only says Internet Explorer. My computer guy also has me set up for Google with Google toolbar which comes up when I select the Internet Icon. I would rather have the good old Internet Explorer page come up and type Google into the address bar as I need it vs. Google everything.

I only have 3 buttons OK CANCEL HELP

after I make my adjustments. So I hit OK, but it doesn't save as I will recheck it after each time I try. I do NOT have an apply button which I find strange.

ALSO, for some reason after hopping around on websites or Internet, I can't open my Outlook Express to check email. The Icon just kind of "glows" when I click on it and there is no right click options other than to "unpin" it from the menu bar.

I have to restart/reboot to be able to get back into Outlook to get my email again.

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How To Get Full Window In IE8 When Click Link

Jan 1, 2012

when comes to PC with Windows 7 (which I hate BTW! For me best was the one before "Vista" - I think it was "Windows XP"?)!That said - when using IE8 every single time when I click a link the page opens up in new window but reduced in size and I always have to "maximize" it to view it. It is driving me nuts! I have been told more than once that a window will open the same way that it was closed - not true! Reduced window does not happen when using Mozilla. Must be simple option for me to make a change - but how? Where?

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