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Bsod At Wake Up From Sleep

I have a bsod problem at wake-up from sleep on windows 7 x64 ultimate.

View 2 Replies (Posted: Sep 28, 2009)

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BSOD On Wake Up From Sleep
It's my first time posting! I've been browsing this forum and many sites on google trying to find the solution to my problem, but I can't really understand what is going on, even when taking a look at the dump file. I ran memtest, did all the usual things, but no sign of source of error to pin point. Every single time I put my laptop to sleep and keep it like that for longer amount of time (I think it's about 20 minutes) I can't get my laptop back from sleep in a normal fashion. What I mean is, that the screen never turns back off, stays completely black, my external monitor doesn't turn on either, just goes to idle mode. After reboot I get a message that there was a blue screen error and I can try to look for solution online. I read that my SSD HDD might be the cause of it, but after updating the firmware the problem persisted and after looking at my memory dumps, I found out that DirectX kernel is causing the problems, but updating it didn't yield any results, the problem persists, so perhaps I am missing something in the dumps that aren't that obvious to spot.My RAM aren't stock that came with computer, both chips 4GB each are aftermarket ones, but I have no issues with anything when using the computer except when it is waking up and MEMTEST didn't throw me any errors after an overnight pass.

Posted: Dec 21, 2011

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BSOD On Wake From Sleep?
CPU = Intel i7-860
MOBO = Gigabyte ga-p55a-ud4p
RAM = G.Skill 4x4gb 1333mhz
PSU = Corsair TX 650 watts
GPU = Nvidia GTX 480
HDD 1 = W.Digital 7200 rpm (1 TB)
HDD 2 = *NEW* SSD Samsung 840 (256 GB)

The new SSD is my boot drive with a legit Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. I have the repair discs also if necessary.Problem = Many, but not all, of my wakes from sleep result in a blue screen of death. (I have no other BSODs)Also, this never happened using my old HDD.Two recent BSODs with different error codes = [URL]I have installed the MOBO CD drivers and the latest NVIDIA GPU drivers and latest SSD firmware (before OS install).Are there any other drivers I might have missed?SFC /SCANNOW detects no integrity violations.CHKDSK on both the SSD and HDD detects no problems.Windows Memory Diagnostic detects no problems.

Posted: Jan 6, 2013

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BSOD Upon Sleep Wake Up?
My problem usually comes when I put my computer to sleep, and then wake it up. Instead of just jumping right to the desktop screen, it now goes back to the motherboard screen and does a resuming windows operation that takes 5x as long as it used to.

Sometimes this problem causes the computer to simply restart and get a BSOD, when I am in the process of resuming windows.

EDIT: I believe I have actually gotten 2 separate BlueScreen reports during this... d1 1033, and 1e 1033.

Windows 7 x64
i5 3570k
HD 6950
1tb HD
8gb RAM
750W PSU

Posted: Jul 8, 2012

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Scheduled Task: Wake From Sleep, Run Task And Return To Sleep?
I have a Win7 Ultrabook. I'm using Areca backup software to backup my personal data.I created a Scheduled Task to run my backup weekly.I set it so that it would wake from sleep to run the task. But I'm having trouble finding a setting to tell it to return to sleep if it woke itself up. Is it possible to do so?In the alternative, is there something I can insert in my batch file (the scheduled task runs a bat file) to tell my book to enter sleep mode?

Posted: May 21, 2012

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Sleep Crash On Wake-up?
Just built my new computer, and everything, including sleep, worked perfectly. I then installed GRA4 off Steam, and now when the computer wakes up it does NOT blue screen-rather the monitor inverts color, pixelates heavily, and then freezes. I cannot, or the life of me,


Posted: Jun 3, 2012

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System Goes To Sleep But Does Not Wake Up
Usually, the power management sleep mode shuts down the system, including the power switch indicator, which must be depressed to wake the machine back up and resume Windows. So long as the power indicator remains lit, it takes only a touch of the pad to start up again.

Lately, however, the system goes to sleep (as do I), but the power indicator stays lit. When I return, the system is completely unresponsive. I have to hold the power switch, shut down abnormally, then reboot the system from scratch.

Posted: May 31, 2012

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Computer Will Not Wake From Sleep
Recently, my computer will not wake up from sleep mode. Once it enters sleep mode, the only way to get it functioning again is to hold the power button, completely shut it off, and then boot my system back up. It appears as if everything starts back up once I open the lid or press the power button to wake it up, but the screen never turns back on. The fan starts up, the backlit keyboard lights up, the leds all blink, but nothing I try will turn the screen back on forcing me to press and hold the power button for a complete shut down.I have reinstalled the latest Intel HD Graphics driver as well as the latest NVIDIA graphics driver (both the stable and beta release).I do not get a blue screen or any sort of error. Upon the restart, I am not prompted with any error from windows or any signs of the forced shut down.

Posted: Nov 28, 2012

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Fails To Wake From Sleep?
Read most of the many threads on this subject. I have turned off Sleep using Control Panel, Editing the Registry, disabling hybrid computer as described in this forums tutorial.The Start/Sleep button is not grayed out and still shuts down the computer although the automatic timed sleep mode seems to be eliminated. Moving or clicking the mouse does not wake up the computer as originally. I have to remove the power cord for a few minutes and then press the power button. I think the computer then comes back up w/o the windows sign-on window as if awakening from Sleep. Windows 7 initializtion is very slow.

Problem with Sleep arose after installing an external drive enclosure with a sata hd and using the esata interface which did not work and caused loss of 2nd internal hard drive.I do not mind the automatic sleep mode if the computer would awaken properly.Forgot to mention the following: Even though the Sleep recovery does not work, the computer responds to Restart and turn on from power shut down normally in its usual quick fashion.

Posted: Jan 8, 2012

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Can't Wake-up From Sleep/hibernation?
I want to say 2 days ago, my computer has decided to fail when going to sleep. It is Windows 7, completely updated with no problems to that point. When it falls asleep and I wake it up, the machine starts up and is active, but my monitors and external hard drive are never turned on as they once were and the machine just sits there running with a black screen. I restart, boot back into Windows and it says resume (as if it was in hibernation, but I have hybrid sleep on) and I just get a flashing underscore and no more. I restart once again, it says Windows could not restore the session, I start a new session and all is good again... until the computer falls asleep and the process starts over.

I have tried turning off hybrid sleep. No good. I have tried using hibernation instead of sleep. Same error. I found online where someone said they had this problem with an ATI card, but once the upgraded the Catalyst Control Center and drivers, they had no problems. That did no good. The only update I've done recenly is Firefox, but I have not seen any other reports of the newest Firefox causing sleep problems. I read where someone had a problem with waking up from sleep mode because of Firefox's memory leaks and they said closing Firefox before putting it to sleep helped.It does not matter if I put it to sleep and wake it up immediately or if it goes to sleep and when I get home from work, boot it up. The same thing happens no matter the length of time.I have a dual boot with Ubuntu, but that has been on there for months with no errors and Ubuntu will sleep and wake up just fine. There have been no hardware changes or any hardware driver changes other than the video card. I tried rolling back video card drivers to see if there was a difference with no change. My ASRock MB has the most up to date BIOS that has been out for over a year. My video card is a 5770, but like I said, I've tried older and new drivers. I tried the prevx black screen fix with no luck.

Posted: Mar 11, 2011

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Computer Does Not Wake Up From Sleep Mode
Should I tweak anything? I just tried "powercfg -energy" today and it shows about 15 warnings in my Energy Report. The reason I did this is because my computer does not wake up from sleep mode sometimes.

Posted: Mar 30, 2012

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Power Cycles On And Off After Trying To Wake From Sleep
This started two days ago. When waking up from sleep, the power cycles on and off about every 2-3 seconds. This is happening before any programs are restarted, and the screen is still dark. I first thought it was my new battery backup. I called APC, and they agreed that it had failed even thou the UPS was only 10 days old,. So I disconnected it, and plugged the computer into a dedicated outlet, removed the UPS monitoring software with Revo, and then cleaned the registry with CClean, with no effect. The only new programs I've loaded, were about 2 weeks ago I added itunes, and a Win update or 2, and the battery backup software, which has been removed.

The computer is a Win 7 Pro machine about 3 months old. I7-2600, 16 GB ram, and boots from a SSD that only holds the OS, 4 TB of HD in raid 0. No mods or overclocking....Just as it came from Micro Center.

Posted: Apr 5, 2012

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Auto-Return To Sleep After Wake Up?
It will not honor the "Return to Sleep" timeout value that is in the registry - when the Power Plan is set to High Performance. If this plan is in play - and I need the machine to wake for - say - a backup at 2:00am...the machine will wake okay - and then NEVER go back to sleep.

Posted: Aug 5, 2010

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Monitor Cannot Wake Up From Sleep Mode
I have a Dell Studio XPS435 MT running Windows 7. For the past six months I noticed that when waking the computer from sleep mode, occasionally the monitor would not wake up and I would have to reboot. It got worse and worse until now it will never wake up without rebooting. I also noticed when I reboot, if I don't wait a few seconds for the computer noises to stop and immediately press the power button; the computer starts beeping loudly and nothing works. I have to manually shut it down and wait about 30-40 seconds to reboot.

Posted: Jun 17, 2012

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Monitor Not Wake From Sleep Mode
sometimes not all the time after my pc has been in sleep mode, the monitors dont come back on, i can see the pc wakes up but the monitors stay black and so far the only way ive got it to work is to power off and reboot.

all my drivers are upto date what could be causing this i dont realy want to disable the sleep mode?

Posted: Nov 13, 2009

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Wake On LAN From Sleep Not Working
My pc can wake up from sleep if it is shut down, but if it's on sleep or hibernated, i can not wake it up. I've already turned on everything in Bios and Windows. There no option like WakeOnLAN from Sleep, just WakeOnLan from PowerOff in network adapter's Advanced tab properties. I've also updated network car driver. Maybe I should try with other network card?

Posted: Oct 11, 2011

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Volume Muted After Wake From Sleep
My current issue is that everytime my computer goes to sleep, the volume in Windows 7 gets muted, I dont mind this part. What I do mind is when the computer wakes up, the volume si still muted. I am currently trying to make this media center pc almost keyboard free, but everytime it wakes up it stays muted until I umute it on the volume control in th taskbar.I have updated my drivers for the video and sound card (ATI) and BIOS yesterday. I cant seem to find any setting to change this function as it looks like a function from windows.

Posted: Jul 25, 2010

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Wake The PC From Sleep/hibernation When Power Comes Up?
I live in a place where we have power shortages from time to time. I have my Dell desktop pc attached to a UPS and i have configured the pc to go to sleep after 5 minutes when on UPS. Is there anyway to wake up the pc automatically once the power is on? I have connected my UPS with USB cable to the pc, and the pc treats the UPS as a battery. I use this pc as a media centre so this feature is something i really need.

Posted: Apr 20, 2011

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Goes To Sleep While Active Wont Wake Up?
I am experiencing an issue with my gateway pc it seems to go to sleep while im working on it and wont wake up without a hard start I have set the sleep and monitor settings to never and this has not helped is there any other settings I need to change or something I can do to stop it from sleeping. when the screens go black the fans and lights seem to still be on but solid in color not

Posted: Jul 14, 2012

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After Using Sleep Button, On Wake Up New Programmes Not Starting
I frequently use the Sleep option, and it's worked fine until recently, when I wake up the computer everything comes up back as normal, but I can't launch new programs... I click the icon and the cursor in dictates it's loading, but then it stops and the program never loads.

I then have to restart my laptop.

Any clue why this is happening?

Posted: Feb 9, 2011

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Windows 7 Randomly Goes Into Sleep Mode, Will Not Wake?
This is now my third time with this problem, the first required me to restore to factory settings. These last two seem to have been triggered by a power flicker at my residence. The power momentarily flickered long enough for my computer to shut down. After booting the computer seems fine until approx 5-10 min later it will enter sleep mode no matter what I am actively doing on the pc. I fixed the second time with a restoration to two days before the incident. This time I restored to that same point and it still has the problem. Power settings are on high performance with sleep and hibernate set to never.

Posted: Oct 3, 2012

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CPU Overheating On Wake From Sleep Mode?
I have my computer set to sleep after 30 mins of idle so that it won't stay on all night. But lately when I wake it in the morning, I have noticed the cpu temperature steadily rises over 2-5 mins until it gets so hot the computer shuts itself off without even performing a crash dump first. I started using Coretemp to monitor it to discover this when the shutdowns started, and WhoCrashed to try to figure out the crashes (but since its not creating a report that doesn't work). I normally run below 40 for idle and below 50 at load, but after waking from sleep it starts in the 30's and just keeps climbing without the fan ever becoming more audible or seeming to react. Its not a false reading either - you can SMELL it getting hot, thats why I got Coretemp involved in trying to figure it out.

It is now doing this every single time it sleeps, whereas before it was more random. After it shuts off (or I shut it off to protect it), and cools off for a few mins, I turn it back on and can hear the cpu fan kick on in high gear for a while then gradually slow down - interestingly it it does not kick in like that during the overheating after wake. So... what would cause the cpu fan to fail to compensate for overheating ONLY after waking from sleep mode?!

Posted: Jan 18, 2012

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Realtek Audio Muted After Wake From Sleep
I've been having a problem with my Realtek HD integrated audio (Driver Version: It seems that whenever I wake my Lenovo B570 from sleep mode, the audio magically mutes itself.I have tried re-installing the device drivers, removing them, then installing again, but nothing works.I also do not have a virus of any sort, I'm using ESET Smart Security 6.0 and Malwarebytes 1.62.

Posted: Aug 8, 2012

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PC Won't Wake From Sleep Mode
I installed 7RC a couple of months ago. Since then whenever my pc sleeps I can not wake it up. It used to wake up fine in XP. To get it going again I have to cold reboot or pull the plug. When it comes back up everything I was doing is still there, I just have to enter my password. I think I have all the settings right but if someone could run me through everything that needs to be set I'd be really grateful.

Posted: Jul 17, 2009

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Won't Wake From Sleep Mode?
I am not savvy in this kind of stuff. My husband has a home built computer that runs our tv system with windows media center. He had to leave on a military deployment and right before he left he had to reinstall the OS. Since then the computer refuses to wake from sleep mode. I have to scram it to get it to come back up. Since we run the media center it ought to wake up to record automatically, but it isn't doing that either. I've checked all the power options but that doesn't seem to be the problem. Although, at this point, I really have no clue.

Posted: Sep 21, 2010

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System Can't Go To Sleep Likely Because Of Wake On LAN
Mobo Intel DP55WB. Computer cant enter into standby. In event Viewer I found System: e1kexpress - Intel 8257DC Gigabit Network Connection- Network is disconnected and 3 seconds later Intel 8257DC Gigabit Network Connection - Network link has been established at 1Gbps full duplex following in 2 seconds The PCP/IP NetBIOS Helper service enetered the running state following in 2 seconds Power troubleshooter -> The system has resumed from sleep . sleep time approximately 10 seconds The mobo's BIOS doesn't have Wake on Lan on/off option.

Does Windows has any overriding power settings?

Posted: Feb 19, 2011

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Cannot Wake Up From Sleep Mode - Restarts System Instead
My previous OS is Windows Vista Starter w/c is very much annoying IMHO, so I installed another OS which is Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit Edition in a partition and this is the one I'm using at the moment. But the problem is the sleep function..Every time I put my Laptop to sleep and when I'm waking it up to resume the task I'm doing it restarts my system instead which is pretty much annoying..

Posted: Jul 28, 2011

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Laptop Won't Wake From Sleep
Hi new user here, my RTM copy used to go to standby and wake up fine but recently when I try to power it up the machine will appear to start up, but my screen, keyboard and mouse do not wake up, also my wifi light does not turn on either.

The only way to get on to my pc is to do a hard restart.

I believe this might help:
Power Efficiency Diagnostics Report

Computer Name KYLE-PC Scan Time 2009-08-06T10:10:33Z Scan Duration 60 seconds System Manufacturer DIXONSXP System Product Name DIXONSXP BIOS Date 04/12/2007 BIOS Version 1.00.DIX OS Build 7600 Platform Role PlatformRoleMobile Plugged In true Process Count 61 Thread Count 793 Report GUID {15f6f462-9d4b-4faa-a8b5-f49855e75b24} Analysis Results


Power Policy:Sleep timeout is disabled (Plugged In)
The computer is not configured to automatically sleep after a period of inactivity.

USB Suspend:USB Device not Entering Suspend
The USB device did not enter the Suspend state. Processor power management may be prevented if a USB device does not enter the Suspend state when not in use.

Device Name RT73 USB Wireless LAN Card Host Controller ID PCIVEN_8086&DEV_27CC Host Controller Location PCI bus 0, device 29, function 7 Device ID USBVID_148F&PID_2573 Port Path 3

USB Suspend:USB Device not Entering Suspend
The USB device did not enter the Suspend state. Processor power management may be prevented if a USB device does not enter the Suspend state when not in use.

Device Name USB Root Hub Host Controller ID PCIVEN_8086&DEV_27CC Host Controller Location PCI bus 0, device 29, function 7 Device ID USBVID_8086&PID_27CC Port Path

CPU Utilization:Processor utilization is high
The average processor utilization during the trace was high. The system will consume less power when the average processor utilization is very low. Review processor utilization for individual processes to determine which applications and services contribute the most to total processor utilization.

Average Utilization (%) 14.90

Battery:Last Full Charge (%) The battery stored less than 40% of the Designed Capacity the last time the battery was fully charged.

Battery ID DIXONSXP DIXONSXP Design Capacity 2000 Last Full Charge 797 Last Full Charge (%) 39

The report points to my wifi card being the source of the problem yet I have tried disabling it and the same occurs.

Posted: Aug 6, 2009

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PC Won't Wake Monitor After Sleep?
I know there has to be a simple fix to this but I'm banging my head against the wall right now trying to figure this out. Everytime my PC goes to sleep I'll press a button on my keyboard or move my mouse and it will wake up just fine, but the monitor won't wake up. I've also noticed that the backlight on my keyboard doesn't show up. I've tried different monitors and removed the VGA cable from the graphics card after waking up and plugged it back in and no video. I have to reboot the computer to get video again and everything works great.. until it goes into sleep mode again. I have updated my graphics card driver (Geforce GT 210) and still no fix. I haven't made any changes that would cause this. Someone has to know something about this

Posted: Jan 27, 2012

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Wake-On-Lan Not Working After A Long Sleep?
I have a relatively old laptop (Lenovo Thinkpad x61) which is running 32-bit Windows 7 and has an intel NIC.I have been trying to setup wake-on-lan (inmy local network) for this machine for a couple of days and haven't been able to make it completely work. I have upgraded the bios and the drivers on the machine to the latest versions and also enabled WOL in the bios and in the driver for the NIC. When I put the machine in sleep and then after 10 - 15 minutes send a magic packet from a remote machine, it does wake up.The problem is, when the machine goes to sleep and stays in sleep mode for a long time (over night), then I can't wake it up any more. The machine is still in the sleep mode (it does not hibernate), but I think it turns off something after being in sleep for a while.

Posted: Dec 6, 2011

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