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Why Am I Not Administrator On My Computer ?

i just set up my new laptop and i am not being recognized as the administrator ?

View 8 Replies (Posted: Dec 8, 2009)

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Get Administrator Rights On Own Computer?
I am trying to upgrade some software on my Windows 7 system. (Scan Disk upgrade) I continue to get a messages that says I must have "Administrators Rights" to continue.

How do I get Administrator Rights on my own computer?

Posted: Mar 18, 2011

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How To Run Computer As An Administrator
i really need to know how to run my computer as an administrator

Posted: Feb 15, 2011

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Computer Locked On Windows 7 No Administrator
I am missing a password for win 7 ultimate. I dont have administrator and also cannot just open bios and reset all passwords.It seems that this computer is networked to others and it is locked from outside.

Posted: Feb 6, 2013

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Change Administrator Name In Windows 7 Computer?
My son was the administrator on this computer and he died in January 2011. I do not have the password and cannot change anything in this computer.

Posted: Oct 24, 2011

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Computer Wont Let To Get Administrator Account
my computer wont let me get a admnistator accout i deleted it this is how i deleted it i went to the control panel went to my adminastitator account and then i went to control panel nd it was 2 windows up of the control panel then i went to my other account i mad both of them as a standard user then it worked now i cant download anything

Posted: Nov 30, 2012

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Enabling The Administrator Account On Windows 7 Computer?
I keep having problems enabling the administrator account on my windows 7 computer.. i tried command prompt but it wont work... whats a good way to enable it??

Posted: Nov 23, 2012

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Running Computer Management As Administrator - Cannot Extend Partition
While running Computer Management as Administrator, I have a USB disk that is split into two partitions. One is healthy and active (NTFS) and the other is unallocated. When I right click on the active disk, I should be seeing an option to expand this drive to take over the unallocated space, should I not? It is a basic disk, not dynamic, but I thought that even basic disks have this ability. I am able to see this option when I right click on dynamic disks...

Posted: Jul 27, 2011

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Why Doesn't Local Administrator Group Have Full Administrator Rights
A little background and info: I support a number of people who for one reason or another need to be able to do things a local admin can do like install programs and start services (or more accurately allow a program they're running to start a service). All users are in the local administrators group. The local admin account is enabled (and renamed) so that we as administrators have local access when the machine comes in for service. The machines are joined to a AD domain so that we can control a lot of the security via GPO. Everything worked fine in XP.

We are getting a few different "you do not have permission" errors. When the user tries to run OpenAFS (which starts a service) they get a "you do not have permission" error. There is no way around this error.

Also, when the users try to run Lotus Notes they get a "you do not have permission" error. When we go into compatibility mode and check the "run as administrator" (or just right click and "run as administrator) it works fine, but they have to click the elevated privileges. The program was installed while logged in as the user.

Again, all users are members of the local administrators group. When the local admin account logs in all these programs run fine. This behavior started in Vista and I chalked it up to "vista sucks". Windows 7 so far seems to be great, except that like in vista, members of the local administrators group are not really local administrators. How do I make them true local administrators?

Posted: Feb 22, 2010

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Drag & Drop Works For Hidden Administrator But Not For Administrator User?
I use an old XP app (JetToolbar - available at JetToolBar - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET and do not want to change but I cant make it work on Windows 7. The application installs and starts up just fine but it is not possible to drag icons/programs/files to the toolbar - I just get the 'no entry' sign (Circle with line through)However, the application runs fine when logged on to the hidden Administrator account. If I set up the application in the hidden Admin account and then log on as a normal admin user and run it from that account, the icons I set up are just not visible.So what do I have to change in my normal user account (member of administrators) to make this drag and drop work?I have tried 'Run as administrator' but that made no difference. Ive read about dropping to 'Run as User' apps from 'Run as Admin' apps but that's not the problem (at least problem occurs when app is run as user or run as admin)

Posted: Feb 14, 2011

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Renaming The Administrator Account Back To Administrator?
I have an Acer laptop which came with one user account, Acer, with the administrator right. When I tried to rename it to Administrator or administrator, I got an messages saying that user name has already existed

Posted: Dec 28, 2011

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"You Require Permission From The Computer's Administrator To Make Changes To This File"
I'm trying to move some files from my old (soon to be retired) XP Pc to my new Win 7 PC but am having problems?I am the only user on both machines and after checking user accounts on both machines I am described as Administrator. On the Win 7 machine I have UAC set at "Never Notify".I tried to map the C: drive on the Win 7 PC as drive Z: on the XP machine (I can see the Win 7 drive on the win XP Machine ). but it says "access is denied" When I do it the other way around I can map the Win XP drive on the Win 7 machine with no problems, but there are some files it won't let me copy over. It says:"You need permission to perform this action""You require permission from the computer's administrator to make changes to this file"

Posted: Jan 4, 2013

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Get Name As The Administrator?
how do I get my name as the administratorr?

Posted: Nov 12, 2011

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Not Recognized As Administrator
When I start up I recv. a msg stating that I am not logged on as an administrator. I then have to switch users at the start menu and then no more pop up and I do have administrative capabilities.I am not that computer savy but I dont think this is normal. Other than the guest account(which is off), I am the only user. I have been through the control panel inside out and upside down. I am listed as the administrator for sure, in a group, not a domain. I also turned off the password requirement.

Posted: Mar 29, 2011

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Cannot Install Administrator
I am the administrator of a new laptop running windows 7 and this laptop will not let me install a software package. It states that I need to have administrator privileges. I have tried to set compatibility mode and choose run as administrator. All are greyed out. I can right click on the installer and run as administrator is not an option either. I am the administrator of the domain also, which should not make any difference.
Why would one program not allow me to install it?

Posted: Feb 14, 2011

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How To Become Administrator At All Times
Often I am told that I need to be an Adminisrator to do something when using Windows 7. Is there a way to become a Adminisrator when I boot into Windows, and be a Adminisrator all the time I'm using Windows 7? Or is there a way of disabling the feature that pops up the message telling me that I need to be an Adminisrator to do something when using Windowd 7?

I am using Windows Ultimate (64 bit).

Posted: Aug 13, 2012

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Run As Administrator - Always
is there a way to tell your computer "listen compy, I am the administrator and everything I click should be taken as 'Run as administrator', got it?"

Just wondering. Any tweaks out there?

Posted: Feb 14, 2009

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No Access For Administrator
I am the only administrator for my computer. What happen was I loan my computer to my 10 year old cousin and now I can't open any files or programs that require administrator permission. Whenever I try to open a file/program that's only for an administrator, I get this message "Windows cannot access the specified device path of file. You may not have the appropiate permission to access the item" Also, I also cannot access to the internet even though I'm connected to the internet. Whenever I try to connect to the internet, I get a message that says unexpected error.

Posted: Jan 23, 2011

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How To Run As Administrator
I am being told by my computer that I am not the administrator and that my antivirus I have may not reach everywhere because I am not the administrator. How do I make it so all my programs run as administrator and make me the administrator?

Posted: Mar 26, 2011

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How To Get Administrator Rights
I am the only user on my machine. When I look at the user account it says I am an administrator. However, when I try to run certain programs, or access certain folders, I get a message that Administrator privileges are needed and I don't have them.

How do I correct this so I have administrator privileges?

Posted: Jul 7, 2010

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Run As Administrator
How to Run a Program as an Administrator in Windows 7 ?

Posted: Jun 2, 2009

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How To Register As Administrator
I am trying to install Skype on my computer. However, Skype program does not allow me to install Skype telling me that I do not have privilege and that I need to register as administrator. I am the only user of the computer and have register as admin. when it was set up.

How do I "register" again as admin.? I do not find that option on the computer.

I have Windows 7 Pro. 32 bit. and I am using Internet Explorer 9. I am using Paretologic Driver Cure and my drivers are up-to-date.

Posted: Jul 21, 2011

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Administrator Name Issue
We bought a new laptop and the older one which was only 2 years old I changed the administrator name (OS-windows vista) all worked okay.I then installed Windows 7 upgrade that I purchased.It installed okay but when I tried to access certain files it wouldn't let me access them.It required old adm. name which I tried to change back,it did but still no access.So I decided to reformat with my Vista disk,and now I can not get anything .Says No boot manager-restart.Tried,tried over& over. NO LUCK. ANY suggestions

Posted: Dec 5, 2009

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How Do Get Administrator Back
How do I get Administrator Back

Posted: Sep 19, 2011

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Change The Administrator Name?
dad and I got laptops at the same time. We had just set them up but then for some reason (I cant remember) we swapped. I am sick of everything saying burnie (He named the administrator account that). How do I change the administrator account name to mine. Cause now I am trying to play Magic but it has taken the admin name and I dont want a mans name lol this is driving me nuts!!!

Posted: Apr 11, 2012

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How To Get Hold Of An Administrator
How do I get hold of an administrator or a moderator for help?

Posted: Jun 18, 2012

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Unable To Run As Administrator
That is, when want to format my hard drive, I (according to previous posts) right click on computer management, and select "Run as administrator" then open up the disk management and "format" will appear as an option in bold.It doesn't.Format is shaded no matter what.I was able to get rid of a nasty virus checker that disabled my machine by forcing safe mode and garbage canning the virus checker, but I wonder if it damaged my machine.Also, F8 doesn't work on this machine, it never has.

Posted: Dec 8, 2011

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Forgot Administrator Password
I cant ever remember entering an administrator password in my Windows 7 acount names with a password. But it keeps coming up with an administrator name and asks for an administrator password.Can one be retreived or what other bypasses are there if any without rebooting.

Posted: Jul 21, 2011

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Unable To Access Administrator
My 15 year old son was trying to bypass Cyberpatrol and in the process of tring to change his account from an adminstrator to a standard user I've made things worse. I changed the administrator account in his name to a standard user account but there was no other administrator account on the PC other then something called CYBERPATROL_SERVICE which is an administrative account istalled automatically by Cyberpatrol. This was the first mistake. Then he guessed the password to Cyberpatrol and attemped to uninstall only 'half' uninstalled it, leaving a real mess of error messages and no access to let me change anything. I can now neither reinstall cyberpatrol or unistall it, nor can I see a way to log back in as an administrator to effect any changes to put things right. Three emails to cyberpatrol have elicited no response so I'm coming to the conclusion the onlu way out is to reinstall Windows 7 and find a different web filtering program- is there any way to log back in a an administrator? I didnt delete the admin account, only changed it to a standard type. Then If I can get back in as a administrator how can I get rid of the unwanted Cyberpatrol?

Posted: Oct 21, 2012

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Can't Run As Administrator?
Whenever I try to run something as administrator,I get File system error(-1073741701) and I can't even run the Error Checker,since it requires admin permission.How can I fix this?It started after I tried to replace a corrupted dll(msimg32.dll).

Posted: Nov 28, 2012

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