Importing Outlook Express Contacts To Live Mail

Nov 8, 2009

I've read the other threads regarding my problem, but still can't figure out what to do. I backed up my files before installing Windows 7, and have an "Outlook Express" folder. However, I can't figure out how to import the contacts I had saved in my address book in Outlook. The Outlook files are in .dbx format, so I am unable to open them.

Does anyone know how I can even access the files so I can see my contacts and copy them down? Importing them would be ideal, but I'll take whatever I can get.


Importing Contacts From Outlook To Live Mail?

Dec 29, 2011

Is there a simple way to import email contacts from Outlook to Windows Live Mail?

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Importing Outlook Express Messages Into Windows Live Mail?

May 30, 2012

I have been trying without success to export Outlook express mail from an XP computer into Windows live Mail on a brand-new Windows 7 HP computer. I have followed the directions on the Internet to copy the Outlook express mail folder onto a flash drive. The directions I followed were to go to Outlook express, click on tools, options, maintenance, store folder. Then copy store location, go to start menu, click run. Then when the Outlook express folder opens with the DBX files, I copied the entire folder to a flash drive. I have followed the directions on the Internet to copy the Outlook express mail folder onto a flash drive. I go into Windows live Mail import and follow the prompts. It acts like it is copying the DBX folders, however when it is finished there are no e-mails in the imported folder. I have tried over and over and have no luck. I have no idea where the e-mails are or if they are actually available.

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Importing Email Addresses From Outlook Express To Windows 7 Live Mail

Jan 21, 2012

I have bought a new computer with Windows 7 preinstalled. Before setting it up I backed up all my outstanding emails (204 .dbx files) and email addresses (one .wab file size 176kb) from my old computer on to a memory stick. I now want to import them into Windows Live Mail. I have gone through the recommended procedure for the emails, but only some of them have come across. I have been totally unable to import the addresses. The only procedures I have found seem to relate to a different version of Live Mail because they tell me to click on things that don't appear on my screen!It occurs to me that maybe not all the messages are being imported because I haven't imported the relevant contact details. Could this be the case? By the way I can't go back to the old computer as it has completely died, which is why I replaced it.

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Importing Csv File Into Live Mail Misses Over Half Of Contacts?

May 4, 2012

I am trying to replicate my Comcast email service that I use on a desktop to a laptop. It runs in Windows Live Mail. I do not have a Windows Essential account nor do I want one.I have downloaded WLM and installed in the laptop. Comcast runs fine but of course I am missing my contacts. I have exported the contacts from the desktop to a csv file and moved the file to the laptop. When I import that file, it only records in WLM 79 of the 649 records that are in the csv file (I looked). During the inport, I checked the mapping and all fields matched perfectly. Both machines are running Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit on desktop, 32 bit on laptop) and IE9 browser.

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Importing Mail Accounts From Live Mail To Outlook 2007

Nov 11, 2009

After a clean install of Windows 7, I installed Office 2007. I also installed Windows Live Mail not to use it as an e-mail client, but only as an intermediate to import mail accounts. Therefore, I imported all my many e-mail accounts to Windows Live Mail from previously saved IAF files. Until here all worked as expected. The problem is that now, when I try to "Import internet mail account settings" from Windows Live Mail to Outlook it just answers "No internet accounts were found to import". How come?

Can someone please instruct me on how to overcome this problem, please?

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Importing Mail From Outlook To Windows Live Mail

May 19, 2009

This is quite a complex operation and MS doesn't actually explain how to do it so here goes.

The trick is to get your email messages into Outlook Express (OE on XP) or Windows Mail (on Vista) before you can import into Windows Live mail. Then the import can be done directly.

There isn't any way currently to import mail directly from Outlook to Windows Live Mail so you have to do it indirectly BEFORE installing Windows 7.

1) even if you don't use Outlook Express (XP) or Windows Mail (VISTA) you need to have them running on the same machine as your copy of OUTLOOK.

2) create (if you haven't already) email accounts in OE or Windows mail identical to those you have in Outlook.

3) Now import your messages from Outlook into OE or Windows Mail.

4) Change the Store Identity in OE or Windows mail to a disk that your Windows 7 can read (do this under Maintenance - data storage locations in OE or Windows Mail).

Doing this saves you having to install Live Mail on Vista or XP

5) Logon to your Windows 7 system and install Windows Live mail.

6) Set up your email accounts

7) File ==> import==>messages

8) Chose Outlook express or Windows mail depending on step 3)

9) Browse to the directory where you stored the messages in step 4)

10) Job done.

A bit fiddly but obviously MS don't want to make it easy for people to switch from Outlook

Note also the "Send and Receive" function is calles "SYNC" in Windows Live mail -- confusing but there it is.

If you also installed Windows Messenger you can prevent it from starting automatically at startup by going to the Orb ==>acessories==>run. type msconfig and unclick windows messenger in the start up box.

There doesn't appear to be ANY method of importing mail directly from Outlook 2003/2007.

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Outlook Express Files In Live Mail Unable To See In Live Mail

Sep 1, 2010

I have imported my Outlook Express files into Live Mail (from an XP machine to a laptop running windows 7) using the import function in Live Mail. When I look in the Storage Folders there are no files to view. In the Quick Views I am able to read and see unread emails from Outlook Express but not emails that I have read on my XP machine.To do the import I copied the files from the XP machine to a USB stick and then on the laptop browsed to find the files on the stick. The folder containing the OE files in not read only.

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Importing Windows Mail Contacts To Windows Live Mail

Oct 23, 2009

I've now got to the stage where I'm ready for importing Windows Mail Contacts to Windows Live Mail client. Do I really have to export them as a CSV first?

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Outlook Express To Live Mail Import

Jul 27, 2010

I am having problems importing a customer's address book from Outlook Express (XP) to Windows Live Mail (7). The addresses are being (mostly) split into each individual entry: some are just physical addresses, some email addresses, some phone numbers. I searched on your forum here and did not find the answer to the problem (indeed, I didn't see anyone else having it!) so I thought I'd ask to see if you've heard of anything like this.

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Live Mail Import From Outlook Express?

Jan 31, 2013

I am migrating from an XP SP3 desktop to a Windows 7 64 bit machine. I use Outlook Express extensively on the XP machine, but have loaded Live Mail on the Windows 7 one as the recommended solution. I have experimented with the Import function in Live Mail using the .dbx files produced by OE held under 'Identities' but find that the Account field for each email (visible in Live Mail when the Account column is enabled) is not being populated in Live Mail. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug? I note that any new emails I receive do populate the Account field, and I am confident that the Account information is present in the .dbx files.

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Can't Import Outlook Express Into Windows Live Mail

Apr 7, 2010

I set up this brand new pc with Windows 7 last night and so far, I'm not a big fan. I really knew my way around windows xp....this is total culture shock. Where is everything? But I digress. I tried to set up Windows Live Mail as a replacement for Outlook Express. I followed the instructions exactly. The messages appeared to transfer, but in the end all I have is a bunch of empty folders. I tried several times.

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Substitute For Outlook Express - Windows Live Mail Or Thunderbird

Dec 3, 2011

Which is better....Windows Live Mail or Thunderbird?

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Change Outlook Express As Default Mail For Windows Live?

Jan 26, 2012

I hve always use outlook express to receive n send mails bt I did something wrong whn a photovideo came on and asked if I want to window live as the default n I accidentally hit the yes button n now some of my mails appeared or rather came to Windows Live and others to outlook express?? pls help do I revert the settings back to only outlook express as my default???

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Change Outlook Express As The Default Mail For Window Live?

Mar 10, 2012

change outlook express as the default mail forr window live?

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Outlook Express Email Transfer From Slave To Windows 7 Live Mail

Jan 14, 2012

I'm not sure if this is the right thread, but I was forced to by a new cpu and have taken my old C: drive and hooked it up as a slave. Now I need to get the old emails to windows live messenger.

I also ordered another motherboard for the old computer and will at some point attempt to put the slave back in and hope it boots up normal so I may be able to work this that way.

I can't even find the outlook express emails, and Im not even sure if I could read them if I could find them. also, as most of you know, there is no outlook express for windows 7, so I don't know how common this problem is, but I can't find much that helps.

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Importing Address Book From Outlook Express Under XP To MS Outlook 2003 In Windows 7

Nov 20, 2012

Having successfully moved my address book (.WAB format) to w7 and converted it to .CSV format I can get as far as "Select the Contacts folder that you want to import to" as in the website [URL] but when I click "next" the box is blank where a Contacts folder should be. In outlook 2003 I have some contacts which I added manually to address book so there should be an address book of some sort.

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Importing Contacts From Outlook Into Ms Fax Windows 7?

Dec 6, 2011

The import wizard only imports outlook express contact in wab file format. All my contact are in outlook in pst file.

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Importing Outlook Express Address Book To Windows 7?

Jan 26, 2011

I am tring to import my outlook Express Address book to windows 7. It indicated I did indeed imported the files, but They do not show up in my contacts list. I also added my Comcast mail account to the windows mail list and they do not show up there either.

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Importing Outlook Express Into Outlook 03

Nov 12, 2009

I just received my new laptop running windows 7 and I installed Outlook Mail 2003. I'm trying to import old outlook express mail (version 6) from my old laptop. Can someone tell me how to do this?

On a related topic. Should I install Outlook 2007 on my computer instead of 2003? I chose the 2003 version as I have read reviews that Office 2007 is no good. I'm asking because I can see Microsoft releasing a new version of Office which would be more compatible 2007 than 2003.

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Import Contacts From Windows Mail To Win Live Mail?

Jun 23, 2011

I have installed Win 7 and Win Live Mail.I have my old OS (Vista) on a secondary Hard Drive and have managed to import all the messages from the old drive.Now I want to obtain my list of contacts but cannot see how. I have trawled through this question via the search box search and the nearest answer is to export them first. Unfortunately I did not do that.

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Mail Contacts From Thunderbird To Windows Live Mail?

Nov 24, 2011

Recently i switched from Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail.I managed to import/export my TB mails to Windows Live Mail, but i can't seem to get my contacts into the Windows Live Mail.I'm Thunderbird i exported my adresbook into a .csv file.When i import that file into my WLM contacts i only see 2 contacts.When i open de csv file, i see alot more contacts.

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How To Sort E-mail Contacts In Windows Live Mail

Dec 28, 2012

In Win XP, the contacts selection called up the contact name and e-mail in separate columns, so that you could sort the list by name or by e-mail address.Is there any way of doing that in Win 7?Occasionally I get an e-mail with just the e-mail address, but not a contact name, and I'd like to be able to find out who it is.

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Importing Messages Into Windows Live Mail

Oct 10, 2011

When I import messages from Windows Live Mail into Windows Live Mail, I proceed as follows:

- In Windows Live Mail I select Import messages, then Windows Live Mail and then finally I browse and select the location. Eventually I get a screen saying: Importing message ... of ... messages.

- When I check later in the Storage folder. I cannot find all the messages. During import it says that it is importing for example 21 files but when I check the Storage folder only 3 files are displayed.

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Importing Emails Into Windows 7 Live Mail From A Hard Drive?

Jun 29, 2012

I can't imagine I can be the only one with this problem !! I have just purchased a new PC running Windows 7 and wanted to inport my backed up emails from Outlook Express which are on a hard drive in .dbx files.When I go to the drop down list in Windows Live Mail and click Import Messages a box appears and says select the format you want to import emails from and it lists Microsoft OE 6, Windows Live Mail and Windows Mail. I click the OE option and then next then a box about the location of messages appears. I click browse, find where the messages are and click next.A window opens and asks me to select folders and I select All folders (although I have tried a single folder without success) and then click nextA small box opens and I can see the folders being imported. When finished a window opens and says import complete and the messages are in Microsoft OE formatWhen I go back into Windows Live Mail in the Storage folders there appears a file called Imported Folder but when I open it there is nothing in there.

Mhy question is am I looking in the right place for the imported emails or have I missed something.I know the emails are on the hard drive and it says it is importing them but I don't know where.........I have looked on the desktop and in a couple of other locations but no joy.Apparently you can but a prog that opens .dbx files and displays them in an OE style. It is FreeFile Viewer but free it isn't.

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Live Mail Contacts Missing?

Dec 20, 2011

I opened up my Live Mail today and my contacts are all missing.It says you have 0 contacts.When I redid my computer lately I was pleasantly surprised that even with my computer completely restored to it's original state, when I reinstalled Windows Live Mail all of my contacts appeared on their own.Anyone know how I can get them back, Windows Live Mail has been acting strange lately asking my to sign in to my Windows Live Account etc, which it doesn't normally do.

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Windows 7 Live Mail Contacts?

Jan 14, 2013

Windows Live Mail seems to force a Contacts Check Names when trying to create an email. So, if my new email address is not in the contacts list it will not send?Is this correct? Solution?

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Live Mail, Calendar And Contacts

Nov 25, 2009

I'm currently using WLM as my email client with my ISP's email account and not signing in to my MSN account.

I can import contacts and the like but their birthdays don't appear in the Calendar unless I sign into MSN and then only the contacts' birthdays' that I have in MSN appear in the Calendar.

So if I don't want to use my MSN account with WLM then I have to create the Birthday calendar manually...

This is my gripe with WLM, it "encourages" the end user to use a Live mail account or all the features in WLM don't work.

If I'm wrong about this could someone explain how to get non MSN contacts birthdays to appear in WLM calendar.

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How To Import Contacts To Windows 7 Live Mail

Apr 21, 2011

I created a folder called contacts ad exported all 1100 contacts into that folder. I copied that folder to another computer but for the life of me I can't figure out how to import these contacts into Live Mail, Windows 7. I guess it isn't saved as a wab file, just a bunch of contacts in a folder.

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Windows 7 Live Mail: Lost Contacts?

Jun 12, 2011

I'm currently sharing this laptop with my son and he's not to picky on his downloads.Anyway, he must've downloaded something wrong, because i had to reset my computer to the factory settings. Hence, I lost all of my WLM-contacts. Is there any way to retrieve them?

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Transfer Windows 7 Live Mail Contacts?

Apr 18, 2012

Is there a way to transfer contacts with groups from one machine with WLM 2011 to another with WLM 2011 ? When I do an export to .cvs all I get are just the contacts.

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Windows 7 Live Mail Contacts Failure?

Apr 27, 2012

All my other Live Mail features work, but suddenly today my contacts folder will not open or allow new contacts to be added.

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No Pasting Into Windows Live Mail Contacts

Dec 25, 2009

I can not find a way to paste information into my Windows Live Mail.

I copied a cell number from a Facebook conversation and tried to paste it to a record in my WLM contacts. No Dice. It seems to accept pastes into most of the other fields but phone #s, email addresses and websites are not allowed.

Does anyone know if this is some kind of security setting? I poked around in the WLM options and couldn't find anything.

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Exporting Contacts In Windows 7 Live Mail?

May 18, 2011

It looks like it should be easy.I start off by clicking on " contacts" at the bottom left (below "calendar" and above "feeds")Then , being sure to highlight a contact , I click on the tab underneath where it says "export" (at the top near the middle -just to the right of where it says import and to the left of where it says "directories") and am invited to choose between .csv or .vcf formats.I choose one of these and nothing happens...I imagine I have failed to spot the next step... unless the program is at faultI need to do this as I want to backup the program prior to uninstalling and replacing it since there is a small problem that recurrs each time I open it...

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Windows Live Mail Won't Download Contacts?

Jun 20, 2012

I just reinstalled Windows Live Essentials (Windows Live mail) for the second time, but the contact page again is totally empty. There are no contacts on the contact page. Contact page headers do not even appear, giving me no option to import contacts. The header from the preceding choice remains. If you right click on an email address and choose 'Add sender to contacts', the box comes up to fill in the information, but it does not appear on the contact page.

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Windows 7 Live Mail - No Contacts In User Folder?

Dec 15, 2011

It seems so slow and the mail is driving me crazyI am using my pop account in Windows Live Mail (the same as I did in Windows Mail)However now I am unable to email a web page as the link is greyed out Any ideas (Have set IE9 as default as suggested on internet no change)Also I added all my Contacts to WLM and they all work fine when I click the Contacts icon at the bottom left in WLM I see all my Contacts in the folder that opensHowever if I go to my user folders and click on Contacts only me shows as a Contact

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Windows Live Mail 2011 - Sort Contacts By Last Name?

Oct 30, 2010

I would like to temporarily see my Contacts list sorted by last name, since I am comparing it with a printed directory that is sorted that way. However, the Contacts list is currently sorted by first name. I haven't found an option to change the sort order. Is there one? This would only be temporary, since I normally like to use the Contacts sorted by first name.

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Windows Live Mail - Sync Contacts And Calendar?

May 28, 2012

I'm using the "live" mail service from Microsoft. I want to ask if there is a possibility to synchronize contacts and calendar. My client is a Microsoft Outlook 2010 (maybe in the future a Windows Phone or android).
Is there a way?

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Backup And Restore - Missing Contacts In Windows Live Mail

Oct 13, 2012

I recently replaced my Hard drive. I had been backing up using Win 7 Back-up. After replacing my hard drive due to failure I have had issue restoring. I first tried to restore with the image after a while it gave me a failure error. So I the reinstalled windows with the original disks that I created when computer was purchased. I reinstalled most of my programs and was able to restore data with the backup. Most of my data was restored but I am missing some information. One is my contacts in Windows live mail. Where in the back up data might my contacts be and where they go. I am also sometimes having issues with windows recognizing the data on my usb hard drive. The backup data and windows backup image are there but when I run restore, advanced recovery methods, it does not find the data on the drive. It states that no back up data could be found The drive is showing.

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Windows Live Mail - How To Get Contacts And Storage Folders From Backup

Aug 15, 2010

Before uninstalling the operating system all data files were backed up into a separate directory on C. After the o.s. was reloaded I downloaded Windows Live Mail and started to use it. I want to recover the backed up storage folders and the contacts folder and instal them into the new Live Mail. Since I am using the most recent installation, is this creating a problem that will not allow the backed up folders etc. to write into the new folders.

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Outlook Express Mail 32-bit Won't Show On Windows 7 64-bit?

Mar 17, 2012

I exported my 32 bit outlook express folder (with .dbx files) from my old desktop (xp pro) to my flash drive and copied the folder to the desktop of my laptop (windows 7 64bit). I then imported the contents of the outlook express folder from my win7 desktop to my windows live mail, the folders/files copied across into win livemail.My problem is that I cannot see these mail files on windows live mail, even though they copy accross they are not viewable.I have been at this for a week now, done a zillion searches to alleviate this problem to no avail.very frustrating.I have noticed that heaps of others are having the same prob. Its a shame Microsoft doesn't get off there butts and do a fix.

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Outlook Express To Windows Live (ACCESS DENTED)

Mar 25, 2011

My old pc finally died. i had everything backed up on line. I bought a new computer with windows 7(which i hate already!) and now i have Windows live mail. I'm trying to import Outllook express in and i keep getting this access denyed message! I don't know what to do. Is there anything i can do that wouldn't be greek to understand. I'm ready to chuck this thing out the window!

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Where Is Windows Live Mail Address Book (contacts) Folder Located

Jun 5, 2010

I want to backup my Windows Live Mail address book or contacts but I could not find its folder.I thought it would be at C:UsersUser nameAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindows Live Contacts{36 characters folder name} but this folder is empty. Next I tried C:UsersUser nameContacts. This folder is also empty. I did a file search for *.wab but could not find any.Where is the address book or contacts folder located in Windows 7?

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Windows 7 - Cannot Access A Link In A Mail Of Outlook Express

Nov 4, 2012

Maybe is may mistake, without intention I click in some bad point, but sudenly I can't enter in links in mails of outlook express. Apear "" THIS OPERATION HAS BEEN CANCELLED DUE TO RESTRICTIONS IN EFFECT IN THIS COMPUTER. PLEASE CONTACT YOUR SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR""

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Transferring Windows Live Mail 2011 Contacts To Newly Created Account

Dec 1, 2012

I had no problem transferring all of the other data from my old hard drive, but I cannot bring the Windows Live Mail Contacts into my new created account. I am not using a Microsoft email, but the one from my internet provider. I found the contact list on user/my name/app data/local/Microsoft/Windows Live Contacts/Guid/DBStore. I used a program called LiveContactsView, but it only shows the demographic information and no email addresses. Is there a program or another way to retrieve all of my contact list.

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