Error Message After 'Send/Receive' In Outlook 2007

Sep 13, 2012

when I click Send/Receive in Outlook 2007 it fails and I get an Error message - 0x80040600. I've tried running the Repair Tool in SCANPST.EXE but this doesn't help, it states that all errors have been fixed, but then I still get the error message. I'm not running Exchange.

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Outlook Error (0x80042108) During Send And Microsoft Outlook 2007 With Windows7?

Jul 12, 2012

i have just installed ms outlook 2007 on my laptop. I am using windows 7. I am not able to send/receive mails in it. Whenever i try to click on send/recieve tab, everytime it gives me an error messege with code (0x80042108). Not able to use my outlook. I have configured my yahoo mail id in it.

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Outlook Error 0x80042108b Can Receive Mail From Server But Not Send Any Mail

Dec 8, 2011

outlook error 0x80042108b I can recieve mail from this server but not send any mail I have just set up this new work account, the rest of the poeople in the office can send and recieve ok I have uninstalled Macfee software but still no joy

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Cant Send Or Receive Email Office 2007

Mar 3, 2011

cant send or receive email office 2007

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Microsoft Outlook - What Is Send/Receive?

Sep 18, 2012

I installed Microsoft Office 2010 but what is send/receive? Does that mean if I click on it. The emails in my draft will be sent? Or I just receive the latest emails into my account?

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Outlook Crashes During Send / Receive

Apr 16, 2012

I have problem with my outlook ; newly when i start my outlook it start to send /receive so it crash during receiving & my outlook will close & this circle will continue so please attend to the error

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Outlook 2010 Email Accounts Disappear Or Don't Send Receive

Oct 23, 2012

I use Outlook 2010 to process several email accounts. I noticed a few days ago that a couple of the email accounts had vanished from the list. I also noticed that one still present was not sending or receiving. I tried re-entering the password and when that didn't work I deleted and re-entered the account. It tests fine but the test message never shows up in my Outlook inbox. It does show up immediately on my phone when I check my mail there.

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Enter Network Password Pop Up Before Outlook Will Send / Receive Email

Nov 4, 2011

Why does Enter network password pop up. It pops up quite often before Outlook will send/receive email.

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Outlook 2010 Stops Responding After Pressing Send / Receive Running Windows 7

Oct 22, 2011

After pressing "send/receive" pretty often my Outlook 2010 stops responding, blue ring is spinning and if I click anyplace I'm getting "fog" over screen. When I want to close program, Outlook offers to find fix or restart or shut off, if I choose fix it is searching and after while is restarting program. I have talked to Microsoft techs, they checked, everything was fine, and suggested to restart Outlook if it will happen again. I do not think this is the way how Outlook 2010 should work.

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Outlook 2007 Wont Send Emails?

Apr 30, 2011

My outlook 2007 is trying to send more messages than what is in the outbox, it then says Preparing to send/receive....for quite a while, then fails with an error message.I have had the ISP log in remotely and check email settings. ( I have three pop3 email accounts) and he said it must be antivirus problem.I then had the antivirus people uninstall then install a updated version of Norton. The problem remained. We then deactivated the firewall...still no change.I have googled threads with this problem and cannot find a solution.Oh and I even tried the Just Answer website (which unfortunately wasted a good half hour of my time to not even give me somewhere to start)

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Receiving Error 0x800ccc0e When Trying To Send / Receive Email In WLM

Nov 28, 2011

This problem just started today and I am a bit confused when I try to get my email on WLM I get the above error. I am going through my ISP and using POP3 the POP setting is and all of the setting are correct so not sure why I am getting the error. I should mention that I am connecting using a laptop with a Dlink router and do not have any issues connecting to the internet. I am unable to ping the so figured something was set wrong on the router but cannot find any thing that would be blocking it there.

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Outlook 2007 - Cannot Send This Item / Out Of Memory Or System Resources

Jul 10, 2011

When I Send Message from outlook 2007, it show following error "Cannot send this item. Out of memory or system resources, close some window or program". PC Configuration- Windows 7 Sp1, Ram 4 gb, Hard Disk 320.

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Outlook 2007 Hangs When Message Selected

Oct 25, 2012

every time i select a message, outlook will hang for about 5 minutes or more before it starts working again. of course, clicking another message just causes it to hang again for another 5 minutes. the only thing that i know of is that it only happens to emails from Internet. be it "a new user has subscribed to you" email, or a "user has uploaded a new video" email... all Internet emails hang outlook. this happens on both outlook 2007 and 2010, as i have tried both.

i have also tried the following:
1) running scanpst.exe
2) running scanost.exe
3) running safe mode
4) removing the reading pane
5) repairing office
6) reinstalling office
7) removing all psts/accounts and re-adding them.
8) disabled any anti-virus add-ons

possibly other things as well, but i can't remember. i have also installed windows live mail, and that works perfectly fine with all Internet emails, so for some reason, it's related to just outlook. this problem just popped up over night. i know it was working perfectly fine one day, then just decided to spaz out the next. nothing within office/outlook/windows was changed.

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Receive Error Message When Attempting To Download

Feb 18, 2012

Receive error message when attempting to download

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Cannot Send Text Message Between Local Computers - Error 1722

Jan 26, 2010

I just want to send simple txt message between local computers. We are all in the same group "workgroup" but every time I type: msg * "test message"

I only get the message and none else gets it. And when I try:-
msg /:server:workgroup friend_username "test message"

I get an error message saying:-
Error 1722 getting session names

I and my friend's PC both have Windows 7 and we are on same group. Why can't I send a simple txt message between my local computers?

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Outlook 2007 Pst Password Error?

Nov 3, 2010

My computer crashed then re-booted to the login. After logging in, it all seemed to load as usual. Then I clicked on the icon for Outlook 2007 and it came up with the request for the password to the Personal Folders(1).pstThe problem is that I can't recall ever setting the password for that particular personal folder and after several attempts it refuses to let me in to Outlook. I can see the Menu bar and the titles in the menu bar but cannot click on them or ANYTHING.Have tried using Scanpst.exe without success. When I look in C:Users Pete App Data Local Microsoft Outlook I can see the archive .pst file there. The one that is causing the problem(Personal Folders(1).pst) is in a separate folder.My computer is Windows 7 x 64 Professional with Office 2007 sp2. Memory is 4Gb, I have My Documents in a separate HDD. Have attached a .docx of the issue.

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Outlook 2007 Permission Error

Aug 30, 2009

Had an issue with user permissions and have seemed to fix most issues, except these :

I use Outlook 2007 with a preview pane - when previeving it complains that it cannot "create the work file. please check temp variable."

and then will not open any attachment as: "you do not have the appropriate permission to perform this operation"

I also cannot copy the attachment to the desktop

Further: there seems to be a permission issue in the "search" function also as this seems to be disabled.

Please note that I am still running the RC version of the product.

Any ideas as to where I can look to reslve these issues?

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Can Send Fax But Not Receive?

Sep 9, 2011

I can send fax but not receive

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Can Send Fax But Not Receive

Dec 6, 2012

I can send but not receive a fax, but on occasion an ad or solicitation will come thru.

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Outlook 2007 Windows 7 64 Bit Error Out Of Memory?

Jul 18, 2011

I'm using Outlook 2007 on a Windows 2007 OS with a gmail account (pop3). When I send and receive I get the error message "reported error (0x8007000E) : 'Out of memory or system resources. Close some windows or programs and try again.'" I don't have any other windows or programs open... Don't know what to do,

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Cannot Send Email But Can Receive It Ok

Nov 18, 2011

I have windows 7, windows live email, cannot send email but can receive it ok.

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Can Receive Mail But Not Send

Dec 30, 2011

I can receive mail but not send. I have gone to my email client to get the settings. They even took control of my computer and did the setup and it still won't send mail.

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MS Outlook Administrator Error Message

Aug 4, 2012

I have a new pc running win7. I recently installed MS Office 2007, and use Outlook for my emails. However, as a musician, i get emails from music shops with loads of pictures. On my old pc, clicking on an image would take me to their website and view the item in detail. But now i get the message "The operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer.Please contact your system administrator" (that's me).

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Cannot Send Or Receive Email With Any Client

Oct 3, 2009

Suddenly I cannot send or receive mail with Outlook or Live Mail.

Account seetings are ok.My laptop has the same settings

and no problems.

With outlook I get error 0X800421008 and...9

With Live mail: 0x800CCC0E

Have Zonealarm and NOD32. Disabling does not help.

I installed Win 7 yesterday and at first I could send and receive.

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Can't Use Send & Receive - Office 2010

Jun 23, 2011

My glitch is I am also trying to install Office 2007 on my NEW win 7 machine. It installs fine and everythiung looks right except that I can't use the "Send/Receive" function. I set up the mail box and even tested it within the set up wizzard. I worked fine, but I can't send or receive in the Ofice application. I get an error mesage: "An error occured. An object could not be found. I reinstalled Office a few times and nothing is missing. Does this maybe have something to do with having the Office 2010 starter app that came with the machine on the machine but its not installed/activated. What module does "Send/Receive "use so I can search for it and install it if missing.?

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Send And Receive Emails With Windows 7?

May 26, 2011

I want send and receive emails with windows 7

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Error Message Microsoft Outlook Emails

Apr 25, 2011

I am getting this error when trying to sendand rec emails: Sending' reported error (0x8004010F) : Outlook data file cannot be accessed. I had changed the name of the folder where my pst files are but i then went and redirected them (i have 6 different pst files) to the new location and i can open up microsoft outlook OK and look at the data files fine and see all the emails etc so there is nothing wrong with the actual data files. I also went in and tested each email account and they appearto be all OK also, ie: they will send a test message and come up with NO errors.

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Installing Microsoft Office 2007 (any Version) On Windows 7 Getting Error Message?

May 20, 2011

Installing Microsoft Office 2007 (any version) on Windows 7 getting error message as error 1713 setup cannot install one of the required products.

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How To Show Send/Receive Dialog Automatically

Feb 25, 2012

Just upgraded to 7 x64. Previously when checking mail in Outlook Express, the send/receive dialog box would automatically pop up to show you the progress of your email downloads. Live Mail doesn't do this unless you specifically hit the Send/Receive button.

I know there's the small message in the status bar at right, but I've always liked the way OE just popped the box for you. Is there a way to make this happen in Live Mail?

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Links In Outlook 2003 Won't Open Error Message

Mar 4, 2012

I have Win7 64bit OS & Office 2003 which I have been using perfectly ok but a couple of days ago it stopped editing emails in word I reloaded Office & then Avast was not found so I reloaded that but I now can't open a link from email.When i do click on a link I get the following message "this operation has been canceled due to the restrictions in effect on this computer. contact your system administator" I am the system administator?Also I have not been able to update Office 2003 & some other updates.

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Email Refuses To Receive,send Through, Answer Messages?

Jan 6, 2012

windows live mail cannot send ,receive, send through, answer messages,neither works viewing providers web mail, java indicates only 63%, cannot debug Line 2670 of Live Mail id eroor Ox8ccc0002, Windows 7 Home Premium, 64 b, IE 8,,AMB Athlon X4 Quad Core,2,8 GHZ,4GB memory,1 TB HD

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