Error In Syssetup.dll, Missing Entry

Mar 27, 2011

In doing this, the disk will not execute the set up and gives me this error message [error in syssetup.dll missing entry: UpdatePnpDeviceDrivers


I have the same problem on two seperate computers one was a fresh installation using a new hard drive and the other was a upgrade from vista. both 32 bit and both installed from the same installation cd.what is required is syssetup.dll patch for win7?


Microsoft Excel Application Entry Missing In DCOMCNFG

Jan 20, 2010

I'm using windows 7 home premium. I have an application in ASP.Net which uses Excel Application Object. It used to work fine in XP but in Windows 7 I'm getting an error as mentioned below: Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {00024500-0000-0000-C000-000000000046} failed due to the following error: 80070005.

I need to give permissions to Microsoft Excel Application in DCOM config but I can't seem to find this in windows 7. It used to be there in earlier versions but now its not there. I tried to reinstall Office 2007 but still I couldn't find it in DCOM config. where I can give permissions to MS Excel Application so that my application runs without errors.

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Ubuntu Installed Inside Windows 7 Missing Boot Entry After 7 Repair?

Feb 15, 2012

Previously I have installed Windows XP then Windows 7 in different drives of my computer. Later installed Ubuntu 10.10 inside Windows 7 and upgraded it to 11.04.After that Accidentally I have formatted Windows XP drive from Ubuntu. I installed XP again to the same drive. I tried to repair Windows 7 and it worked fine, but the problem is I can boot only Windows 7. I have used BCDEdit tool to add entry to boot menu. This also worked fine that I am able to boot both Windows 7 & Windows XP.Now I want to boot Ubuntu 11.04 also using already installed partition.I don't want install it again(as I have to update it to 11.04 again).I have Windows XP in C drive, Windows 7 in D drive and Ubuntu 11.04 in E drive.

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An Error Occurred Starting Vegas Pro Error 0x80070002 (message Missing)?

Mar 12, 2011

I have already reported to Sony to but i heard their take their time but thats the one thing what i dont have at the moment so i know many people here know about that stuff to. So anyway. Some time ago SP1 launched for Windows 7. I installed but it but something went it wrong and it didn't install correcly and then i was forced to use System restore. Everything worked and i haven't used SP1 because i don't want to risk screwing up my computer before some important things, i got plenty of time later for that . The problem is after the system restore every time Vegas launches i get a error : Sony Vegas pro 10 an error occurred starting Vegas Pro Error 0x80070002 (message missing).

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Can't Find An Entry For Printer

Jan 12, 2012

the 'new thread message has opened up'. win7 HP:What Printer-driver-version am I running?I am able to find Device-Manager ok,But can't find an entry for the Printer.

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Favorite Entry Keeps Appearing?

Jun 10, 2012

A folder named "Favorite Bar" keeps appearing in my Favorite list even though I keep deleting it. Is there some way to remove it from the registry for good?

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Creating Registry Entry

Jan 28, 2011

I got admin rights to edit the registry (and I've edited it before), but I've never 'created' registry items.I need to create this item:Quote: [HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionPoliciesExplor er]"NoSaveSettings"=dword:00000001

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Removing Entry From Add/remove?

Dec 30, 2011

I have removed a program from my Win 7 HP SP1 64-bit system but its entry still appears in both Win Add/Remove and Revo Uninstaller. I have tried the technique suggested by just about every Google search return for the problem (regedit: HKLM...current version >> uninstall) but the program does not appear in that list.I have gone through the registry and removed every reference to the program I could find by expanding literally every branch in Current User, Local Machine and Users. The entry still remains.The problem it creates is that is is being used as a default program selection for opening more than a few file types and I would like to be rid of it.

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MSCONFIG Entry In Registry?

Feb 20, 2012

clean up my disabled entries in MSCONFIG BUT there is no entry for it in the registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftShared ToolsMSConfig on my desktop.there is on my laptop.When is MSCONFIG hiding these things?How do i get it back?

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Can'T See Vista Entry In Bootloader After Win 7

Dec 15, 2009

Ive been using a hard disk with XP Pro installed first partition and Vista Ult installed second partition. Yesterday I installed Win 7 Home premium on first partition where XP was installed. During installation I deleted the first partition and created new one for the win 7 installation. Obviously XP is gone, dont care.

Win 7 is booting fine. Problem is I cant boot from Vista which is in second partition D. No vista entry on bootloader. PC boots from Win 7 straight away. I used easyBCD to add vista entry but no luck.

QUESTION: How to get my Vista back?

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Error Pops Up "GUI - System Error & Normal.dll Missing"

Jul 20, 2011

when I try to open GIGABYTE Easy Tune6, error pops up "GUI - System error & normal.dll missing

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Error Of Missing Hal.dll

Dec 27, 2009

is anyone strongly familiar with the wintoflash software. i have tried installing windows on my acer aspire one doesnt have cd drive so it has to be done by usb and i keep getting the error of missing hal.dll after an installation.

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Removing Entry From Boot Record?

Jul 27, 2011

I have 2 HDs in my tower, 1 has windows 7, and 1 has server 2008 R2. I installed the server OS to play around with Hyper-V but enver did and I want to remove it to throw a linux distro on it. What's the easiest way to fix the boot record to reflect that server 2008 isn't there anymore?

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FAEnrollWiz.exe - Entry Point Not Found

Jan 23, 2012

Whenever I boot up my computer from a shutdown or a restart, the following error message comes up:"FAEnrollWiz.exe - Entry Point Not Found (Title of the window)The procedure entry point fgetRTLREADING could not be located in the dynamic link library FAConsIfDLL.dll."Only option shown is an OK button.Ran CHKDSK and a few other basic diagnostics, but I'm thinking it's a problem in the registry.

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Edit An Auto-complete Entry?

Jun 15, 2012

I'm using Firefox browser.I like the "autocomplete" which routinely fills in user name and password, but recently ran into a problem - on a rarely-used but important site (Doctor's surgery) I forgot my user name and password.Retrieved user name from surgery (which hasn't changed), BUT they gave me a temporary password
Logged in - autocomplete filled it in after first character entered, as was a password BUT it isn't the "right" password - I now have to over-ride it every log-in.So - how does one edit the stored password for this site, alternatively, delete the whole existing entry and let it offer to remember it from new?

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Registry Entry For Windows 7 Bootscreen?

Apr 21, 2012

I have a packard Bell netbook and while it was starting up the other day I began to get a littl fed up of the anoyying vista bootscreen because of the 1024x600 display.
Does anybody know if there is a registry entry and were it is so that I may be able to force it to display the windows 7 bootscreen?

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Entry Point Not Found, Can't Run Programs

Sep 20, 2012

My dad's computer is failing for some reason. Originally, I had it running on 32 bit but after a couple of updates it failed to boot continuously even after a chkdsk and startup repair. So I formatted it two more times with both times eventually failing to boot again.I reformatted again, but this time using 64 bit. Now there is a entry point not found on startup at the desktop. If I try to run an application like Firefox, a form of entry point not found message shows up, and it won't run I have tried sfc /scannow in command prompt, and it said that some files were unable to be repaired. chkdsk didn't find anything wrong. Do you think it's a bad hard drive?

Mobo/CPU: MSI E350IS-E45 M1 E350 R
SSD: Patriot RF32GS25SSDR
RAM: Kingston 4GB (unsure of exact model)
OS: Windows 7 32/64 bit

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How To Fix The BOOTMGR Is Missing Error

Sep 30, 2012

I'm very sure, especially if you've ever installed a second HDD on your computer yourself you have seen this message. BOOTMGR is missing Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart.Basically when it says to restart it is assuring you no treatment will work, WRONG! this is one of the easiest problems ever to fix, if you have your Windows 7/Vista installation disc.First step - Boot from installation mediaSecond step - Go through everything until you find a button that says "Repair your computer"Third step - Let it run though, on the first time, it will not find a WORKING operating system, restart when it prompts and boot the disc again.Forth step - Repeat Second step, and now your OS should be listed, click on it and run Startup Repair.Fifth step - Do NOT boot from disc, because it should now be fixed.this i have only tested on 7, idk if this completely complies to Vista)

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Error NGSCM.DLL Is Missing

Apr 17, 2011

i am getting the error when i open google chrome , ccleaner etc software :

NGSCM.DLL is missing

i have downloaded some registry repair tool.. all scans but none of them repairing as they asking to buy it before repair..o is there any solution of this error?

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Missing DLL Error - How To Solve

Jul 15, 2010

How to solve the error of missing .DLL?

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Cd/dvd Drivers Missing Error

Jul 26, 2010

When I try to install windows 7 64 bit on my newly-built computer, it gives me the cd/dvd drivers are missing error.I've tried everything that other people have suggested but to no avail.

-Downloaded the .iso file from the engineering department at my school. (Yay for free, legit software!)

-Tried burning two separate disks using imgburn so I thought it was just a bad burn but when I made a bootable usb, the same error occurred.

-Inserting DVD's drivers disk did not work.

-Tried booting without my usb keyboard plugged in.

-The boot device priority is in the correct order.

-DVD drive is in AHCI and USB is set to forced FDD

I am guessing one of two things:

1)Bad download of the .iso file (although Windows 7 32 bit worked perfectly on my laptop)

2)Bios needs to be updated


Amd Phenom II 965 BE
Asus M4A88TD-V
G-Skill Ripjaw series 4 Gb DDR3 1600
Corsair 750W psu
WD Caviar Black 640 Gb
Lite-On iHas324-98
Cooler Master Centurion 534 case

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Gdiplus.dll Missing Error - Tried Everything And Won't Go Away

Nov 22, 2012

"gdiplus.dll is missing" error. Many programs use it and fail to start because it is missing. I tried everything that this article suggests (which was helpful) with the exception of repair of Windows (i don't have a CD as it arrived preinstalled on my laptop) or reinstall of Windows (for same reason). Here is my sfc /scannow log. Clearly, this file is being identified as missing or corrupt and sfc cannot repair it.

Code: 2012-11-22 18:37:54, Info CSI 000002fb Hashes for file member SystemRootWinSxSamd64_microsoft-windows-reliability-postboot_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7600.16385_none_a9b5c1d91f03e0b4RelPost.exe do not match actual file [l:22{11}]"RelPost.exe" :
Found: {l:32 b:KgGLUdw15uhUoMjGWESUzwvSc1OmLiL5zjuA8Vag9y0=} Expected: {l:32 b:VuJlMwzRMaqTJmGd88qMcKzQhvqjn5Knov21QI6lyF0=}
2012-11-22 18:37:54, Info CSI 000002fc [SR] Cannot repair member file [l:22{11}]"RelPost.exe" of Microsoft-


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Missing OS Error Message?

Sep 15, 2011

In my haste to try out the Windows 8 preview, I made a new partition. However, When it warned me about making it a simple partition, I ignored it thinking that I could still use that for a data drive and use a third partition I had as my windows 8 partitionAfter rebooting, I received a missing OS error message no doubt being that all my partitions were turned simple instead of just the one I made. I then used the MSI Recovery which did nothing, but likely removed any and all files I had(no big deal though).Next, I tried my Google-fu to find an answer. It suggested to restore the Master Boot Record, but that did nothing once again. I used this [url=][/url] tutorial, but in step 3, I didn't even see Windows mentioned. However, I did see my main OS partition and both other partitions on the disk, so I know it's not dead.

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Getting An Error That The Driver Is Missing

Nov 2, 2011

I am getting an error that the driver is missing when I am trying to Install Windows 7 on a new VM. My VM environment is version esx 3.5. What disk driver do I need, and where can I get it?

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Cut-and-Paste Not Pasting Most Recent Clipboard Entry?

Jun 1, 2011

When I use cut-and-paste, it does not post the most recent cut or copy, instead it posts the one before that so I have to go back to the highlighted selection, click {cntrl][x] or [cntrl][c] again and then click [cntrl][v] again and it pastes the correct info.

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Entry Info Boxes Stop Typing?

Jul 22, 2012

Although it works fine on Foxfire, from time to time on IE, when I enter information in search/entry boxes, it all of a sudden prevents from continuing to type & make it very hard(like very slow to recover) after that to finish what I want to type in these boxes or shuts down the window completely(not responding).

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Failed To Create A Phone Book Entry

Aug 23, 2011

I have a huawei modem. When I try to connect to modem by using it then I got a message "Failed to create a phone book entry". Then I search to internet about this problem. I found a solution by the deleting file named "rasphone.pbk" where located is c:program dataMicrosoftNetwork ConnectionPBkasphone.pbk. It's say's delete the following file and try again. I perform that and success. But problem here, I perform that task by the "Administrator" user login. When I login by the other username such as my name, then I get the same message again. But when I login by the "Administrator" then I can connect to modem without any problem. Then I think, it seem for permission. Then I added my user name in the "Administrator" group. But problem still now. I try by the taking ownership of that file, but it showing "access is denied". So I cannot replace ownership.

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Outlook 2007 Password Entry Loop?

Jan 14, 2013

Every time I open it I have to enter the email PW, even though it is permantlyentered in the account info.I cannot have Outlook minimized in desktop without being interrupted with login popup window.

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Taskbar Toolbar Blank Title Entry

Sep 14, 2011

I discovered the following entry in my taskbar toolbars: url...As you can see the blank entry does not appear when i right click on taskbar and select toolbars (taskbar1.png). However when i right click on taskbar and then click on properties, the last tab (toolbars) displays an unknown entry (not seen before) with blank title (taskbar2blank.png).I noticed that the same happens even when the system boots in safe mode.A google search didn't help much. I am very familiar with registry editing, but am unable to find the key where these toolbars are added. I also tried running hijackthis but it is very difficult to find something with no name.

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Windows 7 Install, Entry Point Not Found?

Jan 14, 2013

I'm trying to install windows 7 for my boss. Had no problem on the last computer. Now this one is giving me an error message that reads:

The procedure entry point W could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL.32.dll.

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Error ApvxdWin.exe Missing Rtl120.bpl

Mar 28, 2012

rtl120.bpl is missing ,try to reinstall the programe to fix. On the bar of the message in say C:/ ApvxdWin.exe?

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Fear 2 Error - D3dx9_40.dll Missing

Aug 3, 2009

every time i run fear 2 it comes up with a error saying --

blah blah... d3dx9_40.dll missing from computer..

ive tried all compatibility modes ond have the 9.7 Windows 7 drives for the 4850

anyone got any ideas?

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Bootmgr Is Missing Error After Installing New Hdd, But Only Sometimes

Dec 18, 2012

I recently decided to move a hard drive I've had in an external enclosure to inside my case. After I did this I got a bootmgr is missing error on startup.

Things that may be useful to know:

I have 3 hard drives (this new one being the third), one 60gb for my operating system, one 160gb for other junk, and now this 1tb one I've just put in.

My 60gb operating system drive is connected using an IDE cable, the other two using SATA cables.

I've checked all plugs and connectors in the case.

I've checked the boot order in the BIOS, sometimes the 60gb drive doesn't even show up, sometimes it does. My boot order is CDROM, then HDD(60gb one obviously). So startup will go like this: Bootmgr is missing, go into BIOS, check boot order, HDD not showing up, restart, Bootmgr is missing, go into BIOS, HDD is there, exit and startup ok. except sometimes I have to restart it a few times before it'll show up.

If I have posted this in the wrong thread, then let me know which would be the best thread to post in and Ill move it there.

Update: Just crashed with a blue screen, it restarted itself but now I'm getting "a disk read error occurred" message. I restarted it and I got "Bootmgr is missing" again.

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CD / DVD Device Driver Missing Error

May 17, 2009

I was trying to install Widows 7RC on Sony VAIO CS-14G laptop. I inserted the disc, clicked on Install and got the following error:


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'Bootmgr Is Missing' Startup Error

Nov 29, 2012

I got this horrid message a few days ago, and I cannot find a solution! I've tried all of the "solutions" here: with no luck..Before I use a last resort (like reinstalling the OS),

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When Run A Certain Application / Get Error That Flash.OCX Is Missing

Nov 12, 2009

When I run a certain application, I get the error that Flash.OCX is missing.. Where do I get flash.ocx, or how do I fix this?

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Error 1723 Dll Missing Java

Sep 6, 2010

i want to install Java but i get the message error 1723 dll missing

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Recurring BOOTMGR Is Missing Error

Jun 13, 2011

Managed to break my PC again in my usual form. So I recently bought a new SSD and did a fresh installation of Windows 7 on it. Everything boots fine - until I get nitpicky about the boot times and start changing some settings in the BIOS. To give some background, I was initially trying to resolve a problem with slow boot times on my GIGABYTE P55A-UDL3. There is a 10sec delay after the "Loading Operating System" message. Windows splash screen onwards only takes 5 secs. I read somewhere that this had to do with having the CD-Rom as the first boot device. (Don't even want to get started on the AHCI BIOS itself already adding another 2-3secs) Anyway, if I recall correctly I did some (supposedly harmless stuff like) moving my SSD to the #1 priority in the BIOS list and also set Hard Disk as the first (and only) Boot Device. Boom. BOOTMGR is Missing.

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Error 1723 - Missing: Msi.dll File

Jun 17, 2011

how to fix this Error 1723 - Missing: msi.dll file I'm actually trying to uninstall Java version 6: 64 bit and 32 bit on my laptop. I can't uninstall and I can't reinstall due to this error. I've tried to fix with JAVARA patch, but that didn't work. It seems to me that I may need to fix the MS Installer file.

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Error 1723 Dll Missing Java?

Jul 10, 2011

Error 1723 dll missing java?

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Operating System Missing Error?

Jan 2, 2012

I get the "operating system missing_" error on power up of my lenovo ideacenter that is 4 weeks old. I have recently installed the net from Time-Warner on cable.. I called lenovo and the tech gave me the "press F2 while turning the power on to it". This works but why do I need to do this? What gives with it working and then it doesn't .... I have not moved, touched, jostled it or anything to it that I didn't do when it was first installed. It works fine but will this indicate a future of trouble? I have virus protection from McAfee is this not enough?

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Missing File Error On Windows 7

Feb 3, 2012

Missing file error on 7

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Windows 7 Startup Error Missing HDD

Feb 28, 2012

Yesterday my system had a BSOD when i wasn't home and my wife just restarted the my PC. When i got home about 4 hours later i had another BSOD but did not have time to see what it was. Now my system wont boot into windows. Trying to use start-up repair does nothing since it tells me that the error is that the registry is corrupt but it can't fix it. something like rollback registry failed corrupt registry. So i goggled the issue and tried everything that i could find from the windows 7 forums. used command prompt to search for my drive but i can't find it (windows is in C: drive but it doesn't show up only my external HDD and CD drive shows up. Tried using windows 7 installation CD to repair but it can't save the changes because there is no hard drive with windows operating system installed. Checked my bios yesterday and my internal hdd was still showing up in bios but it was like the 3rd in line to be used for booting. tried restoring from a system image and it wont let me because windows can't find a windows operating system to restore. i unplugged all my cables except for my HDD and tried booting it only to go back into repair start-up screen but i can't do anything there also. Tried doing sfc/scan now but it says a repair is in process and that i need to repair and reset to use that command, same goes for all other commands like bootmgr and so on. My brother in-law says that it may be because i have bad drivers so i updated them with a usb using windows installation load drivers but nothing happens then he said that back in the past there were issues with 6gb sata cables and certain HDD so i pulled out an old 3gbs sata cable and still can't boot. changed ports nothing happens can't even boot to safe mode to scan the drive. umm... can't do a fresh install because windows doesn't see the drive so now.when i turn on my pc my internal HDD is not being shown in the bios could it be that my HDD was dying and now is dead? [code]

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Error 1723 Dll Missing Java

Apr 26, 2012

Error 1723 dll missing java

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Cdboot Bootmgr Missing Error?

Jun 19, 2012

While coverting my HP pavilon desktop with dualboot ( Fedora + XP) to windows 7 , I accidentallydeleted (probably ) the boot partition. I could notinstall win 7 from the CD. However I was able toinstall Ubuntu 11.10 from installable USB.Pl guide me to correc the bootmagr error & installwindows 7 from the CD.

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