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Customize Option Greyed Out has taken over as my homepage/ search engine. I went to tools, options, and found that it is greyed out. What can I do?

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Format Option Is Greyed Out
I'm trying to install winnows 7 but when it comes to formatting Partion 1 to do a custom install, the format option it greyed out and I can only delete it. Is there anything I can do to format it?My current OS on the computer im stalling to: Linux - Ubuntu 11.10

Posted: Nov 27, 2011

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IE 9 - Cannot Customize (Disk Space To Use) Option
I'm using IE 9 and I am trying to set my "disk space to use" to 50. I hit "ok", close the browser and re-open it and it keeps reverting back to 250.

Posted: Jul 21, 2011

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Icons On Tray Missing, Option To Activate Greyed Out
I've had this issue for a long time and it is that the volume icon wont show up at the bottom right of my screen for my pc, i go to activate it from control panel and its greyed out. I have tried other methods like restarting explorer or going into regedit and doing a bunch of stuff.

Posted: Feb 16, 2013

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Windows 7 Control Panel Display Greyed Out Resolution Change Option
My monitor uses the resolution 1024 x 768, but this morning it's on 640 x 480?i try to change the resolution back, but the Resolution option is greyed out?A warning underneath says: If your resolution is below 1024 x 768, some items may not fit on the screen.

Posted: Mar 29, 2012

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Formatting Option While Selecting Custom Option?
In my laptop existing OS is Windows 7 Home Premium x64.

Hardware config is
HP i7 Quad processor 1.7 GHz.
4 GB DDR3 Ram,
500 GB HDD.

My system perf is slow. I installed few softwares. I have deselected most of the startup services and programs from msconfig. Eventhough my system bootup time is slow, and whenever i open mycomputer it taking time to load.

I have decided to install Windows 7 Enterprise Edition x64 by formatting my C drive. But there is no option while i do clean install.

Posted: Feb 7, 2011

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Windows 7 Dialog Box, Greyed Out?
In the Link, is a picture of the dialog box that shows greyed out. I have been helping a friend with her computer. The system is a windows 7, 64 bit, home version, everything stock. I have cleaned out the system free from viruses and other malicious codes that could have been lurking around there. Installed avast and mbam with spybot on reserve. Everything works, until this happens. The only way that we can make the dialog box fix is to change the display settings and then apply the settings. Later on after answering the question or downloading a file, change the settings back.

Posted: Aug 31, 2011

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Sleep / Hibernate Greyed Out
I have two new laptops (an HP and a Gateway) with Win 7 Pro on each, and set up exactly the same. On the Gateway, the sleep and hibernate work fine.On the HP, the sleep and hibernate are greyed out.Using cmd: powercfg -a The Gateway shows " the following sleep states are available ... Standby (S3),Hibernate Hybrid Sleep"..The HP shows "sleep states not available..system firmware does not support standby state" "legacy driver vgasave .. prevents this standby state"..How can I get my HP to support sleep/hibernate?

Posted: Apr 20, 2011

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Extend Volume Is Greyed Out
i do not care about losing data, third party whatever it do I move the unallocated space from disk 1 to disk 0?

Posted: Jun 14, 2011

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Network ID Checkbox Greyed Out
My Windows 7 pro (32 bit) workstation suddenly cann't access domain share folder also other workstation.

I discover that Network ID in System properties is disabled. Netlogon and computer browser service is stopped.

I cann't start the service. I am domain and local admin

Posted: Aug 19, 2011

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Network ID Checkbox Greyed Out
I am trying to connect Windows 7 64bit to my SBS 2003 server and I cannot set the domain name in the network ID Box. It is greyed out. I am using the Beta release build 7000.

While debugging, I noticed that the netlogon service is not started, and it will not start when I click on it. Trying to start it generates the following error message in the System Log:

This computer is configured as a member of a workgroup, not as a member of a domain. The Netlogon service does not need to run in this configuration.

I didn't intentionally set it up as a member of a workgroup, how can I disable the workgroup membership so that I can get it to join my office domain?

I also tried to do the http:....Connect computer process after creating the client on the server, but I get a message that Client SBS setup does not accept computers with this Microsoft Operating System.

Is there anything that I can do to get this to connect, or is this a problem with my Beta version.

Posted: Aug 27, 2009

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Fax Settings In Windows 7-greyed
Tools: Fax settings most of the options are grayed

Posted: May 26, 2012

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Internet Settings Greyed Out?
I recently went into my security settings in Google Chrome (The same is in IE8) and had seen that the slider that adjusts the settings for restricted sites is greyed out and i cannot change it. I've seen on many forums that this can be fixed with a simple registry edit. The closest i've come is by going into regedit and accessing;mHKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionInternet Settingsones From there i'm confused. There are four sub-folders labeled 1 - 4 excluding a fifth folder called 0.Which folder do i access and edit or am i in a completely wrong spot? I am the Administrator. I have run multiple security scans. And also, my laptop is up to date with updates. Running Windows 7 Enterprise.32-bit i3 CPU

Posted: Sep 27, 2012

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Windows 7 IE 8 Internet Options Greyed Out?
Operating system: Windows 7 Home Premium
User account type: admin
Recent Updates: none

Experiencing: back button does not work anymore and internet explorer options are greyed out (never missed with the admin settings and am the only the person who use this comp)

Posted: Feb 24, 2011

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Windows Explorer JPG Icons Are Greyed?
When I look at the thumbnails of my jpgs, theyare grayed and harder to work with. I would liketo make them just a normal small image of the original.They are not corrupted when I double-click on them,they launch the image viewer and look fine.

Posted: Sep 19, 2012

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Send Link By Email Is Greyed Out?
I'm using IE8 and Windows live mail both set as default apps. I'm running ultimate 64 bit. Here's the thing: I press "alt" key to bring up file menu. Under file I choose "Send". The "send link by email" and "send page by email" are greyed out. IE8 is set to my default browser and Windows live mail is set as default for my mail client. This occurs on both the 32 and 64 bit browser..

Posted: Oct 29, 2009

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Network ID Is Greyed Out But Change Button Is OK
My customer has a small business with 2 x HP Proliant ML110 G6 servers installed ith VMware ESX 4.1.He has 7 Windows 7 64-bit workstations in a domain. He has a Windows 2003, 32-bit Domain Controller and 5 of the machines are in the domain. The other two are in a Workgroup and have DNS and DHCP on Windows 2003 Servers also 32-bit. All of these run as VMware Virtual Servers on the Proliants.The workstations in the Domain are all Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. Everything has been working well for almost 3 years. A few weeks ago, they setup an extra server but decided that the VMware Server that the DC was on, was running low on memory, so they Cloned the Windows 2003 DC to the other VMware server. They say that everything was fine until they discovered that the shared printers no longer worked and various other problems.That was when I got involved. When I checked Control Panel --> System --> Advanced System Settings --> Computer Name, it shows the Full Computer name (plus domain), the Domain BUT...

The Network ID is greyed out but the Change Button is OK. If I click the Change Button, Member of Domain shows the domain name, but it's greyed out.I shut down the cloned Domain Controller and started up the original one, but this didn't make any difference.I tried taking one of the workstations out of the domain, but when I tried to put it back, the Domain stayed greyed out, so no way to put it back in. Netdom is also missing from all the workstations.They had a backup of this workstation, so I restored the backup and Voila! the computer was back in the Domain. Unfortunately all the backups of the other Windows 7 Workstations are WAY out of date.

Posted: Apr 15, 2012

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Raid 5 Setup Button Is Greyed
I was wondering how i can enable Raid-5 in my windows X64 professional ? _The button for raid 5 is greyed out right now and i wonder why ?the motherboard i use is a GIGABYTE GA-890FXA-UD5 AM3 ATX

Posted: Jun 23, 2012

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Domain Button Greyed Out In Windows 7
Domain button greyed out in windows 7

Posted: Nov 17, 2011

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Internet Options Greyed Out Windows 7
i have got a new laptop but cannot use internet explorer. tried to find out why but noticed my internet explorer is greyed out.

Posted: Oct 17, 2012

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Send Link By Email Greyed Out
my browser "Page" menu "send page / Link by email" (+ a few under it) are Greyed-out / inactive. i have to copy/paste Links into mail. anyone know why ?

Posted: Oct 23, 2009

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Where Is The Customize In IE 9
where is the customize in IE example am talking about like in firefox you go to view toolbars and get customize where is the customize in IE ?

Posted: Dec 3, 2012

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Change Drive Permissions If Options Are Greyed Out?
Today I dual booted Windows 7 and Windows 8. Everything was fine, until I decided I wanted to point my music collection in Win8 to my Win7 music folder (turns out you can't do this right now anyway in the music app). I wanted to make sure that win8 didn't screw with any files so I changed the whole drive permissions in Win8 to have read access, but not write access of my Win7 drive. I did the vice versa for Win7.When I restarted my system I got a "windows created a temporary paging file..." error message and figured out its because I screwed with my file permissions. To fix it I just need to change the permissions back, however now they are all greyed out (even in the (hidden) Administrator account) and I can't figure out how to change the permissions back.

Posted: Mar 2, 2012

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Action Center Icon Missing And Greyed Out
I had a malware that I got rid of, but it deleted many parts of the registry.I was able to find the missing parts and recover them. Only thing still not working is the action center icon in the taskbar. In the system icon activation screen, the action center activate/deactivate option is greyed out. I checked with gpedit.msc, but nothing is set there. I also tried sfc/scannow but it does not recreate missing registry parts.

Posted: Apr 15, 2012

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Aero Peek Is Checked On But It Is Not Working And Is Greyed Out?
I have used all my resources to fix this and am at a loss. My aero peek is checked on but it is not working and is greyed out.

Posted: Feb 23, 2010

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Custom Upgrade - Advanced Options Greyed Out
I have 2 hard drives in a Raid 0 configuration. On this configuration, I have 2 partitions, C and D. C currently has Vista on it.

booted from win 7 64bit disk. Select Custom. Select advanced options and highlight the C partition. All of the advanced options are greyed out (format, delete, etc).

If I select the D partition, all the advance options are available, but obviously I don't want to install to the D drive.

Does anyone have any thoughts as to why the options are greyed out on my C partition? could it have to do with the Raid 0? It came from Dell like this.

Posted: Dec 19, 2009

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How To Customize Windows 7
Is there a way to change the Win 7 start menu orb without using third party software? I already have a graphic and was using and app do it, but it seemed to cause other issues.

Posted: Aug 17, 2011

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Customize Statusbar To Look Like Xp
I'm running the 7100 build of windows 7 and I've noticed a big change to how i browse around directories..

Now when it says what type of file each file is while in detailed mode, when i have several files all of which are videos, it no longer says which type of video file (mpg, avi, etc) it just says they are all video files.. how can i change it so it says the file type or even the whole file name like name.ext so i have some clue. I tried filename but it only shows the same info as name

Posted: Jul 21, 2009

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Customize Windows 7 DVD
How to remove integrated language pack from windows 7 dvd. All i want is English and I want to remove other language packs that are integrated in dvd. I`ve tried vlite but there is only option to integrate not to remove already integrated language pack.

Posted: Sep 15, 2009

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Gadgets - Customize
How to Customize Existing Windows 7 Gadgets ?

Posted: Feb 15, 2010

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