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Combining Bandwidth On Two Different Internet Connections?

What I'm trying to do is combine the bandwidth from 2 different internet connections for extra speed. I'm hoping to do this without a dual WAN router as the modems are in 2 different rooms.

I have a connection from Comcast which runs through my Belkin Wireless N router, to which I am connecting wirelessly. I also have a DSL line through Centurylink and I am hardlined directly into the modem.

I have tried bridging the WLAN/LAN but haven't seen any difference. I am running Windows 7 Ultimate X64

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Combining Two Network Connections?
can you combine two network connections and use a single IP in Windows 7 ? I'm using my main rig as a file server... and oftenly lack the network bandwidth for the other users... i'm not ready to migrate to a gigabit lan

Posted: Jul 17, 2011

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[WTA] MAC Taking Internet Bandwidth?
There is 3 PCs and 2 macbook in my house First, when i moved to the new house there is only my friend laptop n my PC It got 1MBps speed and everything is good Then, we got another housemate using Mac and PC, obviously the internet is slowing The speed is down greatly even i have to wait a lil bit to access certain site now, recently i've got a parasite who also uses mac n now i cannot access everything, even i can't even Access GOOGLE (COME ON!!)The time that I can access smoothly is when the mac user is asleep N the one who troubled is not only me, but my friend who uses Win Laptop Even now i have to wait 15 minutes (by continuously hitting refresh) to create this thread so, is Mac got strong antenna or some special feature to hog internet?And is there anyway to see who uses internet in the shared network?

Posted: Nov 18, 2011

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Request: Internet Bandwidth Monitor
Basically.. I have a orange LED light that blinks like crazy when I'm downloading something.. but what's wierd is.. Once I've finished the download, Sometimes.. It just keeps blinking forever!

That tells me that it's downloading from somewhere and I can't tell from where exactly.. Luckily.. Uninstalling the wireless driver & reinstalling it solves the problem but it tends to come back eventually..

So what I am requesting from you fine people here @ SevenForums is for some type of Internet Bandwidth Monitor which I can use to see where my laptop is downloading from & hopefully stop it completely so that I may use my broadband speed for something more.. For me & less for what I don't want.

Posted: Nov 16, 2009

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Monitor Internet Bandwidth Usage
I am running Connectify on a Windows 7 laptop. I am currently having issues with something eating up all the bandwidth and I want to see if there is any software that I can use that will monitor each computer's amount of internet usage (WireShark won't do, if it can please tell me how).

Posted: Jun 3, 2011

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W7 64-bit Internet Bandwidth Loss. SMC Driver Issue
I have a desktop with wireless access thourgh a USB wireless card (SMCWUSB-G)

I don't know what else to do. I have tried everything. I have searched around in forums, asked people. I need an internet expert.

I have a 20Mb internet plan but after swtiching from Windows 7 32-bit to Windows 7 64-bit i dont get more than 2Mb, normally only 1Mb. Plus now my signal is weaker, i'm only getting 2 bars out of five when i used to get 3 or 4.

My download speeds don't get passed 30kb/s and i lose connection all the time now. I can say its not the distance from the router. Here is what i have tried to solve it:

- DOS command: "netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled"

- TCPOptizmier: gotten only worse and i think it was when my signal started to get weaker.

- Disaled IPv6 in internet options

- Disabled QoS

Posted: Nov 5, 2009

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Download's Consume Bandwidth, Preventing Internet Browsing?
When ever I start a download it eats up my internet bandwidth, making browsing a normal web page take forever to load. When I'm not downloading a file i get about 12Mbps down, and 1Mbps up. When i start a download the numbers drop close to 0. The program performing the download seems negligible; whether its chrome, or IE, or a DL manager the download results are the same.This only happens on this computer, running windows 7 ultimate, my laptop running windows 7 is exempt from this problem. no other programs, excluding the download,

Posted: Nov 27, 2011

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Internet Not Connected - No Connections Available
I've had a problem for the past few months trying to get my Internet to work. The wireless works fine with my phone, other computers, installed Ubuntu on my comp, etc. The only place it seems to not be working is in my windows. I'be checked out a few videos and can't seem to find the exact solution. I'm thinking it may be a virus, but the avast antivirus "quick check" didn't find anything of that sort. In the device manager under Network Adapters, there are two links that each have a yellow 'i' symbol. When I troubleshoot with windows it says there are no issues. When I go to 'Change adapter settings' there are no adapters available such as the LAN, etc.

Posted: May 26, 2012

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How To Use Two Internet Connections Simultaneously
i have a USB Internet Connection and a WI-FI connection. i want to use both of them simultaneously. i know i can't stack their download and upload speed, but atleast i can download 2 files at the same time without having one internet connection doing all the burden. i think it's called load balancing or whatsoever. and it's built into windows 7? but whenever i try to connect the USB internet connection, my WI-FI suddenly goes "No internet connection". but it is still connected.

Posted: Feb 28, 2011

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Connections Not Available - But Internet Still Working
I have been messing around trying to see what the minimal of services are that I can run on Windows 7. The machine is only used for connecting to the internet and office apps. I disabled network connections and network location awareness, the icon for network connectivity in the notifications area displays as not working but Bittorrent AND Firefox still work!

Posted: Jul 31, 2012

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Disable Internet Connections Without Privilege?
I currently am forced to have to use public computers where all the security is on the lowest security options ergo meaning there is a warning stating: "to not expect any privacy, and therefore any information used or stored on library computers may be accessed by others."All of these are unadvisable, as I used to run corporations where we were adament in regards to protecting the privacy and rights of others. How with their being a warning "I do not have access to administrative details," can I disable all network connections, as well as disabling the internet to guard my privacy? The system I am speaking of is known as "CASSIE," and previous to the city over seeing all aspects of IT, I had no problems. Now essays have been changed, I have had pertinent details, i.e. how to pass the bar, mastering the essay portion of the bar.... and all of these have been erased from my USB's along with many other pertinent files.

Posted: Feb 12, 2013

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Multiple Internet Network Connections
I have just got a new laptop with Windows 7 (finally!) My question is this:

Is there a way to configure multiple internet connections with either a preferred primary connection or a way that I can manually route applications to a specific internet connection.

For example I am connect to a corporate lan for corporate email, unix access etc, can I plug in my 3g card and then use that connection when i use msn or a specific browser? I want both connections active at the same time, but the banned stuff on the corporate network to use my 3g connection.

Posted: Dec 3, 2009

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Internet Connections: Connected To Two Computers, One "No Internet Access"
I am running a modem and wireless router which is working fine. I have my home computer up and running (Windows 7)- no problems at all. However, my work laptop (windows 7 professional) will connect to my wireless network but will not 'access' the internet. I have set up a connection from scratch; changed the network settings; restarted (everything) plugged in wth Ethernet cord; run a router check... and honestly I am way out of my league in figuring this one out.I tried several of the solutions for forum threads around the problem of 'connected to internet but no internet access', but part of my confusion is that one computer works fine, but the other simply won't allow access. When I use a when I use an open network it won't allow me on at all. But when I set up my private network it will connect and show internet access for 10 SECONDS at a time and then No access... like a constant flicker...

Posted: Jun 29, 2012

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Turning Off Admin Password For New Internet Connections?
We are a small business with a number of field workers who are out and about all the time. The will need to pick up new connections at hotels and the like, but every time they want to add a new wifi connection they are required to put in the Administrator Password.My question is, is it possible to turn this off, so that they can add whatever network connection they want but still keep the admin password for adding new programmes and the like.

Posted: Jan 11, 2012

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Windows 7 -unable To Get Wireless Internet Connections Icon?
I just reformatted my son's dell inspiron 9300 laptop xp machine and want to get him connected back into the internet.I have done this about a year ago and don't remember how I did it.I have researched for about 3-4 hours now and can't find info on this antiquated windows xp system.

I have windows 7 installed on the host desktop which is connected to my linksys router.I have my laptop windows 7 working fine with internet.I have another son's windows 7 laptop working fine with the internet.My other boy with the windows xp doesn't even see the internet wireless available connections icon in the tray.

Posted: May 14, 2012

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Intermittent Internet Connectivity Do Not Lose Network Connections
We have 2 wireless laptops & 1 hard wired tower (all onWindows 7) in a home network. (All hardware are new this year) The laptops have intermittent internet connectivity yet do not lose the network connections. I have upgraded both the Motorola modem and Linksys router to Windows 7 but it did not resolve the issue.

Posted: Jun 2, 2011

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Getting More Bandwidth On Limited Bandwidth Lan
Get more bandwidth on a limited bandwidth lan

Posted: Jan 4, 2012

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Windows 7 Did Not Show Any Network Connections In The Network Connections Window
Windows did not show any network connections in the network connections window. I tried everything that I could find online but nothing worked. As a last resort I decided to reinstall the driver for my Intel 82566DC-2 Gigabit network connection. I uninstalled the old driver and then installed the latest drivers but now I get code 31 (cannot find the driver software) in device manager and the connection doesn't work.

Posted: Apr 19, 2011

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Svchost Using Too Much Bandwidth
svchost is using too much bandwidth. I am monitoring with NetLimiter 3 Pro. For example, from 5 to 6 AM it downloaded 268 MB and uploaded 6 MB. This is a problem since my internet provider sets a 400 MB/day download limit, so in less than 2 hours the limit is used up. I am running Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-bit with SP 1 installed.

This problem started a few months ago. I've had this computer since December. I'm having the same problem with my wife's computer (Windows 7, 32-bit).

I have checked for malware with Norton 360, Webroot, Windows Defender, and a few other freebee programs. Other than a few cookies with low threat levels and "Power Reg Scheduler" there was nothing there. I have removed these few items. I have also run Wisefixer, that fixed over 200 supposed registry errors. None of this has had an effect.

Posted: Jul 15, 2011

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PC Slows When Using Anything That Uses A Lot Of Bandwidth?
the screen will get very dim at the windows icon where it pulses against a black background..could this indicate I need a bigger power supply? (I read that somewhere recently, hehe)When I use my iphone, xbox, or any torrent program, my computer slows down and my mouse stutters for lack of a better term. It waits a few seconds before jumping to where ever it was that I moved my mouse. This is stopping me from using the computer when I watch netflix or anything else where data is being transfered. I'm not sure what Hijack This found, but here's the log it provides and if there's anything else I need to post, just let me know where to go and I'll post it here ASAP.

Posted: Nov 29, 2011

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How To Increase Bandwidth About 100

Posted: Apr 28, 2012

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Why Is Svchost Using All Broadband Bandwidth
After installing a new Virgin Superhub and finding I had internet access I thought that everything was working fine but later on this morning I found out that my Home Network ie wifes pc and the broadband connection to my main television set was offline. After googling a while and finding an article at the Virgin Media site I found out that the Default setting when installing the virgin superhub was as a router which meant that it had blocked off my Buffalo Airstation router and hence the no internet on secondary PC and TV. I had to enter the admin pages of the Virgin superhub and re-install it as a cable modem and when I eventually rebooted my system, and after a couple of tweaks I finally had my home network up and running again. I use Comodo Dragon as my default browser and a couple of hours ago I noticed a slow up of my main Win7 OS PC broadband connection which shouldn't really be as I have upgraded from a 10Mb connection to a 30Mb connection and my internet has seldom hung like this. It seems to be an entry of svchost.exe that is causing the problem. I did a scan with Process Explorer screen shots below. The svchost entry with PID 1892 is linked to "Local System Network Restricted" and to the service Superfetch. On the Comodo CIS Summary screen at the same time I saw that even though Comodo Dragon is running it is not shown and again svchost is using 90+% of my bandwidth. And when checking the Firewall Events screen I saw that some of Comodo Dragons functions had been blocked.

Posted: Apr 17, 2012

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File Transfers Hog All Bandwidth?
is there anyway to limit file transfer speed on the local area network (not the wan port)? I have a tv tuner farm on my server wich I use to stream live tv to other computers on network. Problem is when I start a file transfer it maxs my connection leaving tv unwatchable. I am running windows 7 hp and have a wired gigabit network

Posted: Feb 8, 2011

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A Lot Of Bandwidth Eaten With Little Browsing?
From the past few weeks or so, I am on a limited data plan (10 GB per month).When I browse the internet for an hour or two (usually Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and some forums), my data exchange for that session goes to around 700-800 MB. I'm pretty sure something is wrong with it. Simple browsing can't consume so much of data. I have Windows Auto Update turned on, but I don't think that the updates would be so large. Earlier I was on an unlimited plan and so I never checked the amount of bandwidth brother has recently opted for an EDGE plan and gets very low speeds. How can I help him increase his browsing speed? Even he doesn't downloads much but is a heavy internet browser and is extremely irritated with the slow speeds he gets.

Posted: Jun 20, 2011

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What's The Best Program To Watch Bandwidth
I was wondering if there are any programs out to that I can have on my computer running in the background that watch how much comes in and out of my computer. I'm not looking for speeds of my upload and download (I have Raindrop for that), I want to know exactly how much I've gone through in a certain amount of time.

Posted: Jan 9, 2013

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Limited Bandwidth With Windows 7
I have recently installed Windows 7 on our two wfi networked pcs. The older of the two consists of a Asus A8N-VM CMS mobo with 3Gb Ram and Athlon 64 3000+ CPU. The second pc has an Asus M5A78L-M LX mobo ithe 4GB Ram and Athlon II X2 Dual core 250 3.00GHz cpu. Both were previously running XP and had no bandwidth or streaming issues. Since loading W7, the older pc is having problems with low bandwidth when playing live tv fromthe BBC for instance, but if XP is started there is no problem at all.

The newer pc streams perfectly and I could watch tv on it all day without it freezing.I have also found that IE9 makes it worse and have gone back toIE8.

Posted: Nov 20, 2011

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Apache On Windows 7 Bandwidth Limit?
I'm running wampserver on a windows 7 machine. My problem is that when I try to download from the site my max download speed i 300kb/s. I used to run the server on windows xp and there was never any problems with bandwidth limit. So I moved back to the xp machine and the problem was gone. So is there a way to remove the bandwidth limit in windows 7?

Posted: Jun 29, 2011

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Find The Program Thats Taking Up All The Bandwidth?
Seems like whenver I boot this computer up from sleep mode, it starts doing something that takes up a chunk of bandwidth. identify what is slowing down my Internet so much?

Posted: Dec 1, 2011

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Windows 7 Hosts Files Using Bandwidth?
A friend told me that I can delete the host files and get some of my bandwidth. Is this true? Would windows eat some of my bandwidth? (regardless if its the Host Files or not,) ofcourse winupdate is excluded in this question... If so, what steps should I take to maximize my connection?

Posted: May 19, 2012

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Test SD Card Speed/bandwidth?
I'm wondering if there are any way to test the speed/bandwidth of an SD card with built-in Windows 7 utilities/diagnostic software?

And in the absence of that, what are the best (and safest) freeware utilities to do this test?

I'm not having a problem with my machine, simply want to figure out which of my SD cards are the slowest and fastest so I can decide which to use and when.

Posted: Apr 2, 2011

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