Cannot Start Microsoft Office Outlook - Cannot Open The Outlook Window

Oct 25, 2009

When I loaded Office '07 after Windows 7 install, all works fine except when I start Outlook, an error message as follows, pops up:

"Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window."

Anyone else get this?

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How To Remove Outlook From Microsoft Office From Windows 7

Jul 5, 2011

how to remove outlook from microsoft office from widows 7

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Will Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 Run On Windows 7

Aug 10, 2010

I have a version of Microsoft Offic 2003 using office outlook and wonder if I can load it into a new computer that has Windows 7.

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Microsoft Outlook 2007(office) Crashed - Not Responding

Jan 8, 2012

Cannot open microsoft outlook 2007 ...I was deleting emails and it frozed, now outlook says not responding and locks my windows 7 , slows pc , and other programs also says not responding and takes time to function

tried repair from control panel under uninstall..still ms outlook 2007 cannot open at all...Can I install a 2003 outlook to repair my 2007 emails? I do not have the 2007 microsoft office anymore

if i cannot open outlook can I still save my inbox and other email folders?

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Windows Live & Microsoft Office Outlook 07 Transfer?

Nov 11, 2011

Well i got microsoft office outlook now! but how do i add my windows live account and stuff to my outlook account? i have tried using Name, e-mail and password but it doesnt work!

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Outlook Error (0x80042108) During Send And Microsoft Outlook 2007 With Windows7?

Jul 12, 2012

i have just installed ms outlook 2007 on my laptop. I am using windows 7. I am not able to send/receive mails in it. Whenever i try to click on send/recieve tab, everytime it gives me an error messege with code (0x80042108). Not able to use my outlook. I have configured my yahoo mail id in it.

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Outlook 2010 PST File Copying From 32bit To 64bit Office Outlook?

Dec 25, 2011

I am trying to move one pst file from one laptop which has Outlook 2010 32 bit to another laptop which has Outlook 2010 64 bit installed, steps taken 1) Copied the pst file from the User/AppData/Microsoft/Outlook folder to usb. 2) Pasted the file from usb into User/Documents folder. 3) Tried to open the file in Outlook and I get the error that Outlook encountered errors while opening the file. Now how is that possible when the file is working perfectly in one laptop but when I copy and paste it into another it gets corrupted? Is it due to 32 bit to 64 bit outlook? I tried to repair it using scanpst and it brought back few mails?

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Unable To Load Office 2000, Neither Outlook Or Outlook Express?

May 13, 2011

I do not have the new laptop on, it is an expensive paper weight at the moment. None of my XP software works. I loaded MS XP Mode, I was able to load Office 2000, neither Outlook or outlook express work and I dispise MS Mail and all web based mail. None of my CAD programs worked in XP mode. Note: Acer does not have the hardware support. I removed MS XP Mode. Loaded VMware Player with XP Pro,loaded all my programs, copied my old HDD to new files in virtual machine. Setup Office 2000 Outlook and outlook express work perfect as does all office 2000. Cad programs work (or so I thought) I wasted 3 hours designing a generator room in one of my cad programs and all was well till I tried to create a new file on the virtual drive and was unable to. Tried to save my drawing to any file, was not allowed.

Spent the rest of the day re-drawing the generator room on old laptop. Tried all of the things on setting up networking the drives and folders, was still unable to create new file folders or save any new cad files. There is nothing wrong with this old laptop, it is just 6 years old and found a great deal on the Acer. Tried to load XP on a new HDD, that failed (somewhat) after loading and looking at the properties, many drivers were not working. It seems all MFG's are looking to MS to develop their drivers.What else can I try to get XP Mode to work like XPI can not afford to upgrade all my programs and with that, none of my old files would be usable.I use several cad programs daily at the same time as I work on several projects at the same time, plus I do all my own quotes and PO's and send to vendors, plus receive in everything. I have to be able to create new files and save everything I do where I want toThis is also the first time I have used a new OS so soon. I usually give it a few years.I went from 95 2nd Ed to XP all was smooth. Stayed away from ME and Vista like the plague

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Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook?

Apr 10, 2011

I have a brand new Dell 580 with Win 7 & Office H&B 2010.After transferring my .pst file from an old machine, I shut down for a phsical move of the new dell.Ms installed 29 updates.After restarting, I get the message above, while the balance of MSOffice works just fine.

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Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook

Jul 18, 2012

Yesterday my outlook was fine in the morning and suddenly I keep getting this message and cannot open it to get my emails! I run a business from home so am desperate to access these emails.The error message is...."Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Outlook requires Microsoft Outlook Express 4.01 or greater. You can install Outlook Express by running IE5Setup.exe from the IE5 folder located on your CD or through the Windows Update website".Now I've googled this and quite a few people have had this problem too and I've tried various answers that have worked for others but they don't work for me!The most common answer is to go to regedit and then find........ HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftActive SetupInstalled Components{44BBA840-CC51-11CF-AAFA-00AA00B6015C}In the right pane there should be a value named IsInstalled. The data value for it should be 00000001. If yours ends with a zero, double click on IsInstalled and change the zero to a 1. Then try starting Outlook.But when I got to that folder there is no IsInstalled file there to change the data value on. There is a folder below it similar ending 00AA00B6015F which has an IsInstalled file where the value is already '1' so doesn't need changing!

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Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook

Aug 16, 2012

This is the error message im getting when trying to launch Microsoft outlook 2010, using Windows 7 home x64.No error code is provided, see attached image for the error message.I tried all the solutions provided in other threads, none worked.

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Cannot Open Microsoft Outlook 2010

Apr 19, 2011

I cannot open Outlook 2010. I get the following message: UsersUserAppDataLocalMicrosoftOutlookOutlook.ost is not an outlook data file (.ost) What does this mean? How can it be corrected

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Upgraded To MS Office 2010 - Outlook Won't Open

Feb 15, 2012

I have been using Office 2007 and have just purchased Office 2010. Installed it today and all seemed to install Ok except when I went to open Outlook I received the message: "Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window. The set of folders cannot be opened. The operation failed.The messaging interfaces have returned an unknown error.If problems persist, restart Outlook. Outlook cannot open this item. The item may be damaged" There are then buttons for "Repair Tool" or "Cancel" In "Repair Tool", a box then comes up asking: "Enter the name of the file you want to scan" Where do I find this? Should I delete this new installation and start again? If I do, will I loose all my e-mail files including Address Book?

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Cannot Open Office Outlook 2003 On Windows 7

Sep 23, 2012

I Have been using Outlook 2003 (and office 2003) with Windows 7 for about 1 year and today - I cannot open Microsoft Office outlook 2003 - the message i keep getting is that - Microsoft Office outlook has stopped working . I do receive email on my cell phone but cannot access it on the computer.

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Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook - Set Of Folders Cannot Be Opened

Aug 5, 2012

Trying to log into Outlook, but receiving this error message:
"Cannot start Micgosoft Outlook. Cannot open Outlook Window> The set of folders cannot be opened. Errors have been detected in the file C:UsersJohnAppDataLocalMicrosoftOutlookOutlook.pst."

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Computer Cannot Open A Microsoft Outlook Mail Online?

Jun 20, 2012

MY computer (windows 7) doesnt open a microsoft outlook mail address online is just says that it cannot display the page or that the page is unavailable i have tried all the browsers I have IE,OPERA,MOZILLA,and GOOGLE CHROME. but its thesame response what should I do thesame site opens on other laptops.

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Archived Outlook Files Will Not Open On Outlook 2010?

Nov 28, 2011

I have a new Dell Inspiron 14Z running windows 7 pro 64bit and i'm using Microsoft office 2010. I'm trying to retrieve archived emails that i backed up on an external hard drive from a previous computer, the files are .pst which is an outlook format but i keep on getting an error message saying the file is not an Outlook data file (.pst). i dont have any other way to retrieve these emails since they were deleted from the server and its about 1.5 years of work emails. Not sure what to do? should i move the files from the external driver to a different location on the computer and open them, or are they corrupted and need to be fixed?

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Cannot Start Outlook 2007 Unable To Run Outlook For Windows 7

Aug 15, 2010

how could I open outlook 2007 for my OS Windows7. the err shown 'cannot start outlook 2007. unable to run outlook for window 7'

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Can't Open Outlook Missing Outlook Pst File

Jun 11, 2011

Outlook 2010 Windows 7 64 bit Outlook will not open; Outlook pst file missing

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Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 - Change Middle Names To Last Names

Oct 3, 2011

regarding the contacts being synchronized with Outlook. All my contacts have their first names under 'First Name', but their last names under 'Middle Name'. I want to copy the middle names of everyone to the 'Last Name' box. There are more than 700 contacts and I can't be doing this individually for each contact.

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Microsoft Outlook 64-bit

Sep 15, 2012

i want to download the best vesion of outlook software.

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Window Seven Free Downloads With Microsoft Office?

Mar 20, 2011

where can i dlown load windows seven with Microsoft office?

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How To Activate Microsoft Outlook

Oct 21, 2011

i want my microsoft outlook working online which is it affair offline

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Transfer The Outlook Data Before Install A New Window?

Jan 27, 2013

can save my outlook data , and how can import the data after complete window installation.

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Default Window Size For Outlook Attachments?

Nov 27, 2012

I'm using Outlook 2010 (MS Office Profesional Plus 2010) under Windows 7Enterprise.When openig attachments (in this case, Word documents) fom e-mail messages in Outlook, the default window size for the attahments is small. Is there some way (registry hack?) to set the default window size for an attachment to an e-mail message?I've tried opening a sample attachment, resizing the window, and closing it by holding down Crtl while clicking on the red "x" at the top right

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Office 2003 Outlook

Feb 2, 2010

Some attachments and pictures in the text of emails that I send are not getting through to the recipients. Everything was fine with my Windows XP, but now, with my new Windows 7 and 2003 Outlook, something isn't working properly. Can some one shed some light on my problem??

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How To Access Microsoft Outlook Data

Sep 10, 2012

I have windows 7 pro version installed on my desktop, 500 GB seagate 7200 rpm HDD, intel i5 4 GB RAM. This is not required, but I am posting the hardware details. My query is that previously I used to be able to access the hidden files on my C drive, now I am not able to access them. I need to access the data files of microsoft outlook ( I have microsoft outlook 2010) installed, so that I could run synch pst for outlook. I have long back put a check mark in the folder options to allow me to see the hidden system files, but yet i am not able to access the. My user account is an administrative account. However these files are accessible by goodsync software which synchronises these files to another drive on the same HDD. I wonder if goodsync have locked these folders. I don't think so because I was able to access them previously. I also created the default administrative account in windows if that works, and logging in under that account also did not help.

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Microsoft Outlook 2007 Not Working

Jan 4, 2012

outlook 2007 which is installed on my computer on operating syste windows 7. I was using outlook 2003 which never gave any problem. I have now installed outlook 2007 which is give me hell lot of problems. Since last week it stating working slow but now it does not open. The problem goes like this - last week my cousin pressed restart button when my outlook was still open. From that day it was working slow and now it does not open. I dont understand these things but would be happy if anyone of you could help me to access mails which are stored on my outlook.

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Microsoft Outlook - What Is Send/Receive?

Sep 18, 2012

I installed Microsoft Office 2010 but what is send/receive? Does that mean if I click on it. The emails in my draft will be sent? Or I just receive the latest emails into my account?

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Microsoft Outlook Multi Tagging?

May 11, 2011

I am currently using IMAP between my Gmail and Microsoft Outlook 2010. In my Gmail account, one email could be tagged under label 1 and label 2 for example. If i would like to tag say Email B to both label 3 and label 4, how do i do that? I am new to Microsoft Outlook 2010, reason for deciding on Outlook 2010 is because Gmail's sorting is horrible.

That's the only complain i have about Gmail really, but the sorting is important for me to check the bulk of my email which are a lot.

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Microsoft Outlook 7 Drivers For Windos 7?

Feb 19, 2011

I have installed office outlook 7 from a disk I have purchased and when I try to activat it says it can't. I need to download the driver for microsoft 7.

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