Cannot Create New User Account

Jul 7, 2012

My account is a full administrative account. I need to create another user account for a family member. I go to the User section of Control Panel and add the new user, give the account a name with NO password and set to standard user. However, whenever I reboot my Windows 7 Home Premium machine, I get a red x with a message that says - "The username and password are incorrect." I can OK and continue to boot to my account. If I "Switch User" I can log in to the new account successfully. However, I continue to get the error message on boot instead of seeing the screen that shows both accounts so you can choose which one you want to log in to.

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Shall Create A Limited User Account To Turn On Guest Account

Sep 6, 2012

I'm hoping to teach Mum how to use my PC in the near future and she will only be using it for typing etc and maybe the internet. Also she only use it sometimes. shall I create a Limited User Account for her or turn on the Guest Account?

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Can't Create A New User Account

Nov 10, 2012

You see, I've been trying to make a new use account my computer, but I've been unsuccessful every try. I follow the standard procedure, Control PanelAll Control Panel ItemsUser Accounts , but that doesn't make the folder in, a) the registry, b) c:users<newuser> , c) User accounts password control (advanced tab) but it does show up in a) Control PanelAll Control Panel ItemsUser Accounts , b) Command prompt (net user).

I need to make my brother his own account, and I am looking at selling the computer to a friend, but he's not very tech savvy, and it'd infuriate his mother
I have taken a screen shot of the case of the Control PanelAll Control Panel ItemsUser Accounts and the advanced tab in User accounts password control (I assume it's what it'd be called), and the command prompt, and I have added as attatchments.

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Can't Create New User Account

Apr 18, 2012

This is the tip of a horrible iceberg. Active links in the control panel don't open, as though I don't have permission to access the contents, although UAC doesn't appear. I couldn't install Paint Shop Pro and part of the advice was to create a new account (various reasons, not relevant to this post) but I couldn't. I have full admin rights. Elsewhere, device manager is empty (have posted elsewhere about this) so I can't check device conflicts. I contacted Dell support but had nothing useful back, except the advice that they don't supply W7 repair/reinstall software because it's 'preinstalled and so free' (really? thought I'd bought the whole kit and caboodle), I have to buy a new copy. I don't really want to do a fresh reinstall, although I do feel a bit unarmed without an actual copy of windows to hand

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Can't Create A New User Account?

Feb 17, 2012

I am unable to create a new user account. I've tried the cmd run as administrator, i've tried starting is safe mode. It says I'm the administrator but I don't have administrator rights, the error message i get when trying to create a new user account is"The specified account name is not valid, because account names cannot contain the following character

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Cannot Create A New Admin User Account

Mar 9, 2012

when i use my admin account to create a new admin account i get stumped.i can create the account, set the password, and then when i try to switch users, i click on the new account admin2, and i get a warning that "unknown user or bad password"

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Password - Create For A User Account

Sep 2, 2010

How to Create a Password for a Windows 7 User Account ?

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Can't Create New Account / User Profile Cannot Be Loaded

Sep 6, 2011

I can't great new accounts or activate the guest account, but was able before. When I create a new account, Windows creates the new user login icon. When I try to login to that account I get this error: "The user profile service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded." then the account is logged out. The new directory is created under C:Users but there is on padlock on that subdirectory icon. The new user SID is not created in the registry Profile List, there is noting about the new account. The only change I can think of that could have messed things up is: I was logged into the administrator account, preparing to make a back up and manually deleted some files from my own unprivileged account. I think thay may have been some kind of system index files for photoshop, which I had uninstalled. I am trying to learn the differences between Windows 7 and Windows XP, I now see that deleting user (possible user-system) files is not a good thing at all. I cringe at the thought of changing something in the registry without really knowing what I am doing and I don't want to go back to the full backup I did when I first got the computer. If there is no direct answer then perhaps someone can point me in the right direction as to how creating a new user works.

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Error Message Everytime Create A New User Account And Try To Log On

Feb 4, 2011

every time i create a new user account and try to log on i get error - windowssystem32configsystemprofiledesktop refers to a location that is unavailable.It could be on a hard drive on this computer or on a network.Check to make sure that the disk is properly inserted, or that you are connected to the internet or your network, and then try again.If still cannot be located, the information might have been moved to a different location.- My other profiles work fine .

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Forced To Create A New User Account For Program(s) To Work?

Sep 30, 2012

Adobe CS6 suite was working fine when I crashed using After Effects. I now get crashes or locking when rendering in After Effects or Premier Pro. Adobe Media Encoder won't even launch. I created a new user account they all run fine (so far). Same thing on my old machine running CS4.

1) Fixing my original user account (registry edit? some corrupt file somewhere?)

2) Transferring or recreating all my accounts, libraries, shortcuts, etc. to the new account and delete the old one. Is there an easy way to do this? Currently using Windows 7-64 (Pro)

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Can't Access User Account Windows 7 Starts A New Temp User Account

Dec 29, 2012

i start my pc up (from being off) and get logged into a temp user profile. It tells me that i cannot acess my user profile and all information will be deleted on logging out. I've looked online for a soloution but none work for me ,I really dont know how to resolve this problem,I have limited knowledge and computer skills. i really dont want to scrap this drive and start over.

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Default User Account (Administrator) Acts Like Standard Account

Oct 31, 2011

I am using Windows 7 Pro 64x and apparently the default user account (Owner) that I use is not working correctly. Unless I have UAC set to Never Notify, I cannot open Control Panel or UAC again. I have created a second user account as Administrator and it works correctly.

I would like to know if there is any way to fix this problem short of a clean install of Windows. If not, is it possible to move all of my settings to the user account that works correctly and delete the one that does not.

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Slow Log On For Single User Account On Multi Account System

Sep 29, 2011

I would appreciate any help identifying the cause of extremely slow log on times for a user account on our family laptop. The machine is running Windows 7 - 64-bit version, and currently has 3 users accounts 2 admin and 1 regular. The regular account has begun to experience log on times that last for minutes (The Welcome splash screen prior to log on screen), while the admin accounts have no problems. I have seen other posts regarding slow log on times, but I haven't seen those which address the issue for a specific user account.

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Use Default Admin Account Vs Standard User Account?

Oct 19, 2011

I have always been running admin and even until now I run as admin. But, I have been doing a little bit of research and realize that using a standard account is a safer practice. I have never even used a standard account.Is using a standard account a better practice? Also, how does doing average task such as installing programs and updating work through the standard user account?

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Account Lockout - Unlock A Locked Out User Account

May 6, 2010

How to Unlock a Locked Out User Account in Windows 7 ?

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How To Change A Power User Account To Administrator Account

Feb 23, 2012

How to change a power user account to administrator account

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How To Map Existing User Folders To New User Account

Jan 2, 2011

How do I map existing User Folders to a newly created User Account?I had existing User Folders on drive D. I added a new drive C and installed the OS on C but changed default location of User Folders to D. Now my existing User Folders are in the Users folder on D but there is no User Account associated with them. If I create a user account with the same name will it map to the existing folder within Users?I did a test of this. I created a folder called Test within Users then created a User account called Test and logged in. It created another folder within Users called Test.Computername.

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Create Another Account On PC

Aug 3, 2012

I am trying to create another account on my PC but it not letting me. I typed in the name but then it would say the account name is not valid because it contains the following characters ^[]";:|<>+=?8 but it does not contain any of those characters.

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How To Create A 2go Account

Feb 5, 2013

Quote :Code :[flash=320,240]http://[/flash]

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How To Create Account In Different Partition

Jul 30, 2011

im trying to create 3 accounts each on its on partition in windows7 how can i do that?

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Create A Non Inheriting Account?

Jun 11, 2012

Trying to find a bug in my wife's system. When I create a new account, it inherits everything in her profile. I tried this on my system and the same happened. I'd like to create a "blank canvas" account to try and either locate the problem or start afresh without re-installing Windows.One of the problems is I can't install Chrome on her account but can on my account (on her computer).

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How To Create Admin Account

Feb 16, 2012

Im tryin to create an admin account after i deleted all default account from users. Now i cant make any changes to my computer bcuz im logged on as a standard user.

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How To Create New Account With Old Files

Feb 24, 2012

I accidentally deleted my administrator account by using cmd. But my files still stored in C:User. My question is : can I create and new account with the same files as my old account. If can, how?

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[ACCOUNTS] Can't Create New Account Passwords?

Jul 25, 2012

My personal account is setup as admin by default but prefer to set it with user rights.Before I do that I would like to create an Admin account to cover admin issues when needed.When the admin user account is created it only shows one field for entering the new password and no 2nd field to confirm and verify the new password.The new account creation fails with an unable to confirm the password error message.I'm new to w7 and not sure what might be done or tried.

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No Action On Click On Create New Account?

Nov 20, 2012

i have windows seven 32 without service pack. All work and one day.. when i try to install sp1...When i click on user account, create account, nothing appears. I have the same problem when i want to change display parameter on pannel configuration.I have aloso class not register when i try to save in word 2010.

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Create A Password For The Administrator Account In Windows 7?

Dec 27, 2011

I'm trying to learn a little about how Win 7 I'm starting from scratch, so-to-speak.What I've done thus far & what info I am seeking:I've looked at all the tutorials I can find here on the BC site and even tried typing a query in the search box, but have been unable to find any instructions which explain how to create a password for the Windows 7 default Administrator account (or even a separately-created Administrator account).(The tutorials I have already reviewed indicate the Win 7 default Administrator account is by default...disabled (on a new computer, I'm guessing), and after going through the multi-step process of enabling the Admin account, it is recommended the user secure the account with a strong password).

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Create A Locked-down Account For Playing Games Only?

May 4, 2011

What would be the quickest way to create a completely locked-down account on my Windows 7 Home Premium so that my flatmates can play my Steam computer games without access to anything else? I've created an account and blocked it's access to the root of all drives via the Security tab of the Properties dialogue of each drive. I've also blocked access to all programs except steam.exe and associated programs.The problems are:some programs are set to run at start-up and yield an error for each program which cannot start - how can I disable start-up programs for a specific user account?steam.exe cannot run because I've blocked access to the drive - I want to be able to block their access in Wndows Explorer but not the authorised programs' access; you know?

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Could Not Get In User Account

May 13, 2012

I was installing a patch so i could get the Personalization Panel on my Windows 7 Home Edition and had to restart my computer. When i was logging in my user account i typed my password and the screen just went black and then just brought me back to the start up screen where you pick a user. I share a computer with my sister and she couldn't log in her account either. I'm guessing there was probably some kind of virus or something but i'm not sure. What can i do?

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Create An Undeletable Scheduled Task For A Standard Account?

Apr 18, 2012

Is is possible for an administrator to create a Scheduled Task for a standard user and prevent the standard user from deleting the task? If yes, can you explain or post a link to a tutorial?

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Way Of Modifying UAC-User Account

Apr 24, 2012

I know one can change how to allow User Account Control to change its settings (the slider) but is there a way for controlling which programs are always allowed (giving it permission hence never having to see that annoying window for that program)? I do not want to disable it. I just want Windows 7 to know which programs to allow and which to not allow.

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User Account Was Deleted

Aug 17, 2011

I just got a new computer. I had my User Account setup, had a password on it. I was making sure Windows was up to date, had to restart, then restarted on its own again(I'm assuming part of the update), and when it booted back up, it said my account has been disabled. Please contact your system administrator. I can sign in under Administrator, or Other User. The password I set up with my account doesn't work for Administrator. Is there a default password?

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