Bootsqm.dat File

Nov 6, 2009

What is this file is it safe to delete this file?

I think it's because of the disk check.

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Delete Bootsqm.dat File

Jul 26, 2009

Can I put bootsqm in a folder somewhere? And 2, if anyone doesn't mind explaining, what exactly IS bootsqm?

Hey, I'm wondering if someone could tell me what bootsqm.dat is? I mean considering it has boot in the name I'm assuming it boots something, and it's coming up as clean so I really don't care, but I'm a little curious about if this is something normal. The reaon I'm wondering is because I figure if it was an adobe file or a system file, it would be in a folder wouldnt it?

It's just sitting there on my local drive (c:) without even being in a folder... Kinda bugs me. I think it may be on my xp as well... not sure.

Oh, and sorry if this is a waste of a thread, but I just want to be safe considering I'm using a beta AV right now (it's nice but idk how reliable it is, it passed my tests though), and I want to be sure I don't get an infection for another month or so when I get Eset smart security 4 (building this computer robbed me =(

EDIT: does nobody know about this? Should I just delete it to be safe?

To make this more... on topic, is it recomended to get ESET smart security 4, or wait until they come out with a Windows 7 specific AV? Because buying eset in august and then having a Windows 7 AV come out 2 months later would suck...

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Hidden File Of Docx File Created With ~$name Of File.docx File

Sep 27, 2012

whenever I open docx file there is hidden file ~$name of file.docx created. which type of file is that? Is it in virus, maleware. for example If I open house.docx file then ~$house.docx file created which is hidden form. I had saw this file when i select show all hidden file option. when i try to open ~$house.docx file it show message the file is corrupted and cannot be open.

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Explorer EXE File Error - Windows Cannot Access Specified Device / Path Or File

Jan 17, 2009

I installed Win 7 and if i try to open my computer of click on desktop and open up screen resolution etc. I get "Explorer.exe -Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item." I did a search but could not find anything related to this error in Win 7. I have found some others attached to Win XP but have to do with the installation of some software which prevents access to explorer.exe. When I boot in safe mode this issue does not appear...

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Random Pasting Of Data From Previous Copying One File Appearing In Another File

Feb 20, 2012

After doing a copy and paste, we have, on 3 occasions so far, found the copied data in an entirely different file. Twice data from a copy appeared in an excel spreadsheet and once a picture copied in facebook appeared in an email. The excel problem is very worrysome as it is our family budget. how this could happen? In the case of the excel events no paste operation was intentionally done.

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Create A Batch File That Will Move Files Based On The File Type?

Oct 30, 2010

How to create a batch file that will move files based on the file type?My Requirement : I need a batch file to copy all .doc files in all my HardDisk to aremovable disk say (Z: drive) . Can anyone make it possible using a batch file

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Can Sort Recycle Bin On File Extensions So Can Easily Find File

Apr 24, 2011

Can I sort the recycle bin on file extensions so I can easily find a file?

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Display All Audio File Folders In Detailed File View?

Feb 20, 2011

How to force Windows 7 File Explorer to display ALL audio folder content as normal files in detailed view with file name/size/date and without title/artist/album.

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Cannot Open Resource File Cd:Program File (x86)Calendar CreatorCC Sku.DLL

Aug 3, 2011

Was using old veersion of Calendar Creator. I deleted it before installing new version. Now I get this message and it won't open

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Put File On Desktop -> Open File -> Access Denied?

Feb 25, 2011

Whenever i take a file and put it onto the my desktop, all the permissions to the file is completely stripped. Leaving none able to open the file.I am able to go into access control and add myself again, but it makes no sense at all..

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Perl File (.pl) File With Arguments As Windows 7 Service?

Jan 1, 2013

I am running Windows 7 32-bit. I have a perl script which i want to start everytime computer starts. Setting it as service will be a good option as i can start and restart the service from command line.In windows XP I was using srvany.exe but that is not a good solution. Is there any way I can make this Perl Script which takes in some command line arguments as windows service. Tried using sc.exe, with that service is created but it fails to start.To run that perl script i run on command line:Quote: perl --arg1 Hello --arg2 Buddy --arg3 Good

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Cannot Turn On File Discovery And File And Print Sharing?

May 22, 2012

The problem I believe is that on the �change sharing options for different networkprofile page (Control Panel>Network sharing) I cannot turn on the Network discovery and File saring options. click on the two enabling buttons forTurn on File DiscoveryndTurn on File & printer sharing I then find the save changes tab greyed out

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Reducing Wav File Size (audio File) For Powerpoint?

Nov 5, 2011

I had completed a beautiful 82-slide PowerPoint presentation, but the wav file I embedded was HUGE (about 200 MB) and not to my choosing. I just had to have the music a certain length to span across 82 slides. Is there ANY WAY to reduce the size of this music wav file (so that it conforms to the 50 MB max file size for PowerPoint). I would rather embed this music file than to have a link.

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File Too Large For Destination File System?

Feb 27, 2012

So I found a post on this forum with a similar problem. I'm trying to move a file that is larger than 4GB in size from my main hard drive to an external, and getting the error message in the title. The consensus on the other post was that the hard drive must have been a FAT format, and that too fix the problem either split up the file or reformat the hard drive as NTFS.Well, by all accounts, my computer is telling me that my external hard drive is ALREADY formatted as NTFS, but I'm still getting this error. I would prefer not to split up the file, but other than that, what are my options?

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Deleted File Mapped Onto Existing File?

Sep 4, 2011

I'll give an example: two files, names 1st_file.avi, 2nd_file.avi, nearly same size, at different locations. Now I deleted 1st_file.avi and 2-3 weeks after deletion, I open 2nd_file.avi (which wasn't deleted) and find that instead of the original 2nd_file.avi, the contents of 1st_file.avi are being played.How can the contents of 1st_file.avi mapped onto the the contents of 2nd_file.avi?

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Cannot Rename File Because File (Doesn't) Exists

Oct 7, 2010

I tried to save a file and got an error on saving it, so I quit the program. The file appears as if it was never saved and doesn't show up in directory listing (GUI or cmd.exe).

However, if I try to rename any other file to that filename, it says "Cannot rename file, because file exists" and appends a number to the end. I cannot remove the number. This happens both in the GUI and cmd.exe as well.

So, basically cmd.exe del says the file does not exist, but ren says a duplicate file name exists....

I have no idea how to delete that "ghost" of a file so I can actually use the filename. I checked folder options and it's not a hidden file or anything like that - it just (doesn't) exist, but it does?

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While Trying To Open A File From Explorer / Could Not Scroll Down To File

Jan 28, 2011

I had an unusual happening on my PC. First noticed some instability while trying to open a file from Explorer, could not scroll down to file and it was jittery. Then, every time I tried to enter on an input line, an endless string of zeros were input and I could not overide or erase. Even on Email addressees. I tried a reboot and the zeros appeared on the start up password line and I could not logon. Same thing after complete power cycle. I suspected a stuck key on the keyboard and tried a different keyboard but no help. So I tried a complete restore. At first, it seemed to have the same problem, but somehow, eventually, I got logged on and now everything seems OK. But I don't really know what caused this and fear it could happen again.

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Using File Permissions With An Online File Manager?

Apr 30, 2012

I am using Ajaxplorer which is great but I am having some issues with file permissions. Let's say I create a file which is read only in Ajaxplorer it says it's changed file permissions but when I right click on the file to check it it's the same permissions as it was so didn't actually change.

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Replace Default Pst File With Existing Pst File

Jan 9, 2013

I upgraded from Vista Business to Seven Home Premium. Used Office 2007 in Vista and using it in Seven. In Vista, my .pst file was C:OutlookMyOutlookFolder.pst. Added it to Outlook using Data File Management, but none of my calendar entries appeared (my inbox and all my other folders are OK). When I upgraded from XP to Vista, this worked fine.Where are my Calendar entries?

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.asx Video File Type 'WMP Cannot Play File'

Jun 4, 2012

[code] I get the following error message when trying to view a video file *.asx."Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The Player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file."Plus, I also get a similar error msg with WMC.However if I select VLC to play the video, it plays just fine. Plus I get the following information. [code] Why can't WMP or WMC play this native MSFT video format?

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Explorer.exe File And Svchost File Corrupted?

May 8, 2011

Explorer.exe file and svchost file corrupted??how do i find them? i am running Windows 732 bit?

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File Content And File Permission?

Feb 18, 2012

The contents of several file and folders has gone missing. This includes the "My Pictures" library (my biggest concern) and a few others. Like a couple random Games, Steam, just odd seemingly random folders. This may have been caused by some recent changes, which I will get into- but I am pretty close to just saying several thousand pictures are just...gone.Secondary Problem: I recently had a pretty scary ordeal with the user profiles on my machine. When attempting to login, it would state that the User settings had been altered and would not let me log in. That has been taken care of now, but I feel the two problems are connected, and this is why:Several days ago I was attempting to install a Logitech Web Camera onto my Windows 7 X86 OS. Logitech does not provide drivers for this OS or support the installation, but I have in fact been able to install it in the past with some clever workarounds. While attempting to re-create the troublesome install I had used in the past I caused the Profile problem.The Logitech cam Drivers (Model V-uu22 Drivers for Vista if that is important) touch many parts of the machine they are installed on. There is a sub-folder that is installed in the "My Pictures" folder for storing your webcam snapshots, then a folder in the "Movies" library for a similar function. There is also a sub folder that is placed in the user profile area that stores your user information (I assume) So, while installing these drivers and trying to get them to work again my machine froze up mid-install and demanded a reboot. Upon reboot the user profile would not let me login, then when I rebooted once more to attempt to fix it, the boot file was destroyed. So, in goes the recovery disc, boot from CD and fixed the boot.ini file. Finally gain access to the windows logon and still the problem remains. It took hours to figure this whole thing out. booted into safe mode, deleted the improper SID (SP?) for the users that had somehow been created and ended up just having to use a restore point to undo all the changes. Long story short, I got it working and now the file contents are all wonky.

Now, seeing as I used a restore point to fix the issues, I don't see how the logitech install could have been the culprit, but all of my pictures are gone. I have searched the machine, used a file recovery service, looked all over and now I am coming here.Steps taken to find pictures: File recovery, Showing hidden files, searching all files, Ensuring that the user profiles had not been damaged, lots of google searches, you name it.I did notice, however, that there were hidden files and folders on both my drives that are labeled "pictures", "movies" etc. But I cannot access them. I am on an administrator account, I attempted to change the file permissions using the properties interface of the folders and do not have access, even tried the takedown command on them, but I am not using FAT. I simply have no idea what to do now.

Another thing of note: I use my XBOX 360 to wireless stream content from my machine to the Televisions in my home. I notice that the pictures all made it to the Console, and are viewable- but it seems as if the XBOX has created another User profile that I have no access to and moved the items in question there.All in all this has been very perplexing, and I know the pictures are there, somewhere, and have not been deleted- I just have trouble wrapping my head around what user profile they may be in and how to gain access to that folder.

Specs: MS Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1, AMD Athlon II X2 245 Regor 45nm Technology, Mobo: ASRock M3A770DE, AMD Radeon HD 6800.
I also have Hijackthis reports and have run full anti-virus and anti spyware on the machine several times.

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Windows File OFV.msi Is Corroupt, How To Get That File?

Jun 14, 2012

I am having trouble doing windows update as it's asking for a missing file called OFV.msi. I have tried to download this but to no avail.

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Change File Associations For LNK File?

Jul 27, 2010

A co-worker must have changed the file associations for ".LNK" shortcut files. All the shortcuts on her desktop are now the wrong icons and all try to start Windows Media Player, when clicked on. I'd like to change the file association for .LNK files. It seems straightforward to change this. I go to Control Panel, then click "Associate a file type," then find the extension, which is listed; "LNK"The problem is: What do I change it to? It's a shortcut, so it's for different applications. On other computers, says "Unknown Application" and that works fine. However, now that it's set to something, I can't find any option that lets me set it back to "unknown" or delete the wrong association. How do I set the right association for "LNK" file types, or otherwise fix this problem, for Windows 7 Professional?

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Getting A .bat File To Run When A File Is Added To A Folder?

Dec 23, 2012

getting a .bat file to run when a file is added to a folder.. E.G When a file is downloaded to the downloads folder the .bat file runs and is moved to a separate location.

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File Is Not A Director Player File

Sep 9, 2011

I wanted to install CDRom but I couldn't - computer says that this file is not a Director Player file. I checked my programms - didn't find it. I installed Adobe Shockwave Player - was told that's the same but still the same message.

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Cannot Print A Pdf File It Converts To A Prn File Instead?

Feb 18, 2013

Whenever I try to print a .pdf file, it instead wants to save it as a .prn file. Every pdf file, every time. I cannot print. This may have happened because a couple weeks ago, I tried to save a particular .pdf file as a .prn file, did not know what I was doing, and now .prn seems to be the default setting. I cannot figure out how to get it corrected.

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Why The "ftype" Command Doesn't Display All File Types Associated With File Extensions

Jun 19, 2011

I was wondering why the "ftype" command doesn't display all file types associated with file extensions.For example if I execute "assoc", some of the output is

When I execute the "ftype" I find an entry for "txtfile" as per below but not for "RDP".file
txtfile=%SystemRoot%system32NOTEPAD.EXE %1

Note: .RDP files are remote desktop files and are opened with %windir%system32mstsc.exe

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"The Action Can't Be Completed Because The File Is Open In Windows Explorer. Close File And Try Again"

Oct 20, 2011

I'm on a network where I keep my files but I'm very aware of whether or not these might be open elsewhere. From time to time at any old time of the day (randomly it seems in other words) I'll go in and try to arrange, rename, or get rid of files and I'll get "The action can't be completed because the file is open in Windows Explorer. Close file and try again". Except that the file ISN'T open anywhere.

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Magic ISO "ERROR: Added File Is Too Large." When Adding 4.29 GB File?

Jun 25, 2011

When I try to add a 4.29 GB file to a disk image I'm creating it says "ERROR: Added file is too large." Registered Magic ISO is supposed to support up to 10 GBs. What's the deal?

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"File Is Too Large For Destination File System"

Dec 6, 2011

I have a program I wrote in Visual Basic that copies a file from one directory into another directory at a prescribed interval. The Visual Basic programs uses the ShellFileCopy API function ShellFileCopy Visual Basic 6 API Function FreeVBCode code snippet: Copy Files Using the Shell API 99% of the time, the program works fine.However occasionally, I get a Windows error that pop's up that says "File is too large for the destination file system" This is extremely baffling as the size of the file that is being copied is under 1MB.

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