Open An Attachment, It Comes Out All Scrambled With Random Letters And Symbols

Aug 21, 2009

Whenever I try to open an attachment, it comes out all scrambled with random letters and symbols.

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Attachment Scrambled

Jul 7, 2008

Friend of mine sent me an attachment which is in Chinese language. He uses, and I use We sent e-mails in Chinese many times without problem. Attachment in Chinese is the first time From him.

** the file is in DAT file type **

Here is my problems : -

1.) I attempted to open the attachment and I got the following error message : " This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action.Create an association in the Set Associations control pane."

2.) So, I saved the attachment to Pictures folder, and opened it to Notepad. It worked, BUT content was all scrambled. Couldn't read. Now in WM, I can decode it, but in notepad there is no such option.

3.) Then I tried Microsoft Power Point. It couldn't find the darn attachment.

4.) Then I tried both the Microsoft Office Excel and Adobe Reader, non worked.

Note : I did include Notepad, MS Excel and Adobe as the programs it will open onto, in case someone wondered.

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Cannot Open Attachment

Apr 8, 2009

Windows Mail has turned into junk. I cannot open attachments reliably with Windows Mail.
I can open an attaachment then go back 2 minutes later and I get "command failed to execute".

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Open PPS File Attachment?

Mar 22, 2009

I received an e-mail with attached PPS file. When I clck to open the file, a window pops up with the following. This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the Set Associations control panel. How do I do this?

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Cannot Open Word Attachment

Mar 23, 2008

When I receive a Word document as an attachment in an email Windows Mail will not let me open it. The file is in the email and has the proper icon and file extension. When I try to open it it asks if I want to Save or Open the document; I choose Open. The I get an error message: "This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the Set Associations control panel." I can save the attachment to my desktop and then open it no problem but I don't think that I should have to do that. I should be able to double click on any attachment and it should open with the proper program, right?

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Attachment Not Open Up Email

Dec 31, 2009

I am using Windows Vista Mail in the Vista Premium Home Version, 2007, Service Pack 2. Recently, I attached some reduced size photos (about 60kb each) to an email. When I sent the email, they remained attached but also, they opened up for viewing in the body of the email, making the email HUGE in size. I have searched for ways to turn this feature off, so that the attached photos do not open and show up in the body of the email, but without any luck. Therefore, currently I cannot turn this feature off. I only want photos to be attached, NOT OPEN UP to be viewed in the body of the email. Does anybody know how to change the setting in my Windows Mail so that the attachments will NOT open up?

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Cannot Open Jpg Attachment In Windows Mail

Apr 9, 2009

Incoming jpg photo attachments cannot be opened. When I click on an attached file, the message "Windows can't find jpg file" appears. Get the same error if I want to open an outgoing jpg file. Have not made any changes to the computer other than adding IE8, but this problem occured before installing that. Reboots don't help and haven't found anything in troubleshooting that addresses this issue.

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Windows Mail Attachment Does Not Open

Jul 29, 2009

Recently my Vista Home Premium's Windows Mail developed a(nother) new problem. When I click on an attachment, it does not open. My left click is ignored. I keep current with upgrades. This laptop has always had a screwy copy of windows. I'm looking forward to Windows 7. I hope it has drivers for my 2+ year old Acer Aspire 5610. But I'll lose about 20% of my apps, because I either don't have the CD's
anymore, or I downloaded the app.

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Windows Mail Cannot Open Attachment

Jul 29, 2009

Whenever I click on an email attachment for instance when replying to a craigslist item, 2 windows pop up and say that my computer is low on memory or is unstable and the other window says that MSDOE could not be started or something like that because it is busy due to spyware scanning it or something. Any clue how to get it to work?

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Can Not Open Pps File From E-mail Attachment

Mar 26, 2008

I cannot open pps files that I get as an attachment in an e-mail. I get the message "This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the Set Associations control panel."by editing the registry renaming Show to Open. I still get the same message when trying to open the attachment. If I save the attachment to the desktop or a folder, I am able to open it. I use PowerPoint Viewer 2003 and my OS is Vista Home Premium with SP1. Before I installed SP1, I had to re-image my hard drive. Previous to the re-image I was able to open a pps attachment from an e-mail because before the re-image I had edited the registry as indicated in the above link. My question is - why doesn't this fix work now?

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Saving Open File Attachment

Feb 19, 2010

I have opened an xls file from my inbox in windows mail. I worked on it and modified it. Then I pressed the X button to close it and excel asked me if I wanted to save the file. I said YES, and it saved the file. Now I can't find it in anywhere. I reworked on the file like 2 hours. I must find it. Already searched everywhere documents, temp files etc.

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Open A .doc File Sent As An E-mail Attachment

Feb 17, 2010

When I try to open a .doc file sent as an e-mail attachment I get an error message that says "this file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the Set Associations control panel." I've gone in and checked and all my associations are set correctly, but the only way I can open the file is if I save it to my hard drive and then open it from there.

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Open Or Save Any Attachment Using Windows Mail

Feb 21, 2010

I cannot open or save any attachment using windows Mail running Vista. I get an error message that says 'There was an error opening one or more of the attachment. Please check your free disk space and try again.' I have plenty of disk space. I have tried installing Windoes Live Mail, but I get the same message. I am using Microsoft anti-virus software. I was using AVG. I have read all the other remarks about this problem and have followed some of the suggestions but nothing helps. I have checked and unchecked so many times, I don't even know what I have checked any more. One day it worked and the next day it didn't.

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Vcard Email Attachment Icon Won't Open

Feb 5, 2009

I'm new to this, so hope I'm not being repetitive. I recently started working from a home office. Got most things working fine. However, when I receive a vCard as an email attachment, it comes with a generic icon and won't open. I tried associating it with MS Outlook, so now it opens a new email, with the vcf file in the attachment spot. If I double-click that, it does it again. Of course, now I can't remove the association - and in any event I don't know what program to put in its place. I've tried clicking the "find appropriate programme on the web". It tells me that the file is a .vcf (I knew that) but doesn't provide me with the program I need. In the past Outlook has just automatically handled this stuff.

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Setting Default To Open Email Powerpoint Attachment

Aug 23, 2009

My system restore fails every time I attempt it. This has happened the last 3 times I had a need to attempt restore. (Three attempts separated by months in time, about different issues.) This time, I am thinking something may be wrong with my system restore function.

In this case, it is simply a matter of trying to roll back a browser update.

I saw a whole list of available restore points, and I went to the second one back - from only a few days ago. The restore failed.

I am using Windows Vista Home Premium, OEM from Gateway Laptop about 1.5 yrs old. I allow most updates.

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Right/left-expanding & Dropdown Menus Suddenly Open In Random Directions.

Dec 12, 2009

A typical Windows multiple-choice menu, e..g. right/left-expanding or dropdown; for example try right-click on empty desktop area and select View or SortBy, which in turn also leads to other menus. Or in Internet Explorer click View-->Textsize, zoom, etc. Or any other expanding type of menu. Well, upto today it was predictable - next menu subwindow would popup on the right side if there's space between it and display's rightmost edge (or on left if there's more space on the left). But now they all open at random sides, one menu opens on left from the mouse pointer, next opens on right - unpredictable, no logic. There's enough space on the right but menu pops up on the left, and it's like alternating. One menu from the tip opens next menu on right, next menu from top (2nd) opens its submenu on left, despite rhaving enough space on
the right. This you might say is cosmetic. But there're many things we get accustomed in using our tools, including computers, that when behave erratically are not making me happy...

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Can Not Read My Messages Comes Out As Symbols

Mar 24, 2008

I use vista some people can not read my messages comes out as symbols

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Keyboard Keys Produce The Wrong Symbols

Apr 28, 2008

i don't know whether this is a hardware or software problem,either way
1. some of my keyboard keys produce the wrong symbols! if i press:
*shift+numeric key 2, i get quotation mark (") -- i should get this "@"symbol, right?
*shift+single quotation mark('),i get the commercial at(@)instead of the(")quotation mark.
*shift+numeric key 3, i get the pound sign(?)instead of the number sign ()
*shift+(`) i don't know the name of the symbol but the key is located above the(tab)key, i get this symbol"?"--instead of the tilde sign"~"(well, i think that's what it's said in microsoft word's insert symbol)
note: the keyboard confusion only effects the "number 2", "number 3", '(single quotation) key, and the tilde (~) key; BUT only when they are combine with SHIFT key.

2. keyboard shortcuts are not functioning, but this second problem happens ONLY on windows explorer. (it does not effect microsoft word,notepad, or internet explorer):
*ctrl+a -- so i can't select all files in the folder/window explorer.
*ctrl+t -- so i can't cut files to put them somewhere else.
*ctrl -- so i can't pick multiple files, randomly.
this second problem is very troublesome cause i cant move or copy multiple file!

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The "command Failed To Execute" Message When I Tried To Open An Attachment On An E-mail

Jul 29, 2009

I received the "command failed to execute" message when I tried to open an attachment on an e-mail. Why is this? What do I have to do to open the attachments no matther which extension has?

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Email With An Attachment "jpeg" And WM Won't Open

Jul 29, 2009

I rec'd an email with an attachment "jpeg" and WM won't open it. I tried this: Clicked on File, Save Attachments, Left it in documents. I found it in documents and it opened there but how do I get it to go to WM??????

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Open Attachment : "cannot Execute Command"

Jul 29, 2009

I'll write this question in english to reach a larger public, although this is a problem I have with windows mail on a x64 dutch vista. Whenever I try to open an attachment in Windows Mail when I specifically open it by clicking on it from the list with email items, I'm getting this error: "Cannot execute command". When I try to do the same by clicking on the message so it displays a preview in the preview window, and then clicking on the paper clip icon, it doesn't show a message, but nothing happens. It doesn't matter how small/large the attachments are nor what their file type is. I can save any attachment, neither approaches give me problems with that. But opening them won't work...This is really inconvenient, because I have to save the attachments to a temp folder all the time, before being able to open them by using Windows Explorer.

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Icons Scrambled

Aug 28, 2008

All my folders and shortcut images icons look like this: ImageShack - Hosting :: capturezp3.jpg instead of this: ImageShack - Hosting :: capture1ot6.jpg or this ImageShack - Hosting :: capture2vy4.jpg

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VISTA SP1 Scrambled My System

Mar 23, 2008

It is in an unbootable state right now. I am posting from another computer. After apparently downloading and beginning the upgrade, it just stops, with a message sort of like: !! 0xc09000 HelpPane.exe !! on the screen. I am actually not sure of the numbers; only the HelpPane.exe part and the double exlaimation points.

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Scrambled Email In Winmail

Jan 28, 2010

I have a large number of folders, several thousand, that I use to keep student tests and forms for our free online Bible College. A new problem has developed, starting October of 2009, which is now increasing in the number of folders affected. The email tests and forms will come in with one Subject line but something totally unrelated in the body of the email. Example: The Subject line will say "The Bible One Quiz Results" but the body will contain the test results for Salvation 5. And the file that is in the body is many times very repetative over several email submissions from my students............

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Scrambled Display NVidia

Mar 23, 2008

I am having a problem with a scrambled display in Vista. Here's what's happening: If the computer has been idle long enough for the display to go into standby mode, once it is reawakened, everything seems normal. That is, until you do something that requires UAC, or a 3D game. When the UAC screen dimms, the screen becomes totally scrambled. The same if you start a 3D game like Doom. There is no clearing the display - the computer has to be rebooted.

Interestingly, if after the computer wakes from standby I log off, then log back on, the system performs properly, with no screen scrambling. The system is an Athlon X2 6000, nVidia 7900GT, Vista Ultimate (32-bit) with all the updates and patches. I have installed the nVidia 169.25 drivers, though this problem has existed with all the previous drivers.

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VISTA SP1 Scrambled My System, Error !!0xc09000 HelpPane.exe !! On The Screen

Mar 26, 2008

It is in an unbootable state right now. I am posting from another computer. After apparently downloading and beginning the upgrade, it just stops, with a message sort of like: !!0xc09000 HelpPane.exe !! on the screen. I am actually not sure of the numbers; only the HelpPane.exe part and the double exlaimation points. I can't believe MS managed to completely blow this AGAIN after all the problems with Vista initially. My 1 year old computer is a worthless brick right now. I can't be the only one with this problem. I am fuming right now. How can MS fix this ?!?!

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Certain Letters

May 31, 2008

My cordless keyboard model is S 510. I am having trouble typing letters r, t, f, g, v, and b. They don't appear no matter how many times I press the keys. The only way I have been able to type them is by repositioning my keyboard at odd angles. Each time I restart my computer, it's a different position. The letters never work when I just lay my keyboard flat on my desk.

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Installing 7 And Drive Letters

Nov 6, 2009

I want to install Windows 7.I have 2 Hard Drives, both are portioned in 2 .

If I install windows 7 by booting into Vista, inserting the Windows 7 DVD and run setup.

This way I can assign drive letters that I will want to use consistently in both Operating Systems

I am a little bit confused after reading about installing Win 7. If I boot from Win 7 DVD it will assign the letter C: to its Boot Volume, no matter what drive I choose.

Then it says to assign D: to the start volume. The other letters will be in sequence.

Does that mean I need to put Win & Boot Volume on the same drive as Vista's Boot Volume?

As of now I have First Drive Portioned in to C: and D:

Second Drive Portioned into E: and F:.

I want to install Win 7 on the second drive in part ion 1 which is E:

When I install from Vista I just have to check E: Drive and the Boot Volume
will be on E: too. Hopefully I will have the choice to boot into Vista or
Win 7?

I would also like to give the Drives Names:
Drive 1 Portion 1 Big Vista - Which is C:
Drive 1 Partition 2 Little Vista - Which is D:

Drive 2 Partition 1 Big Win 7 - Which is E:
Drive 2 Partition 2 Little Win 7 -Which is F:

This way I will know exactly which is which, even if Vista calls Big Vista
C and Little Vista D: Also if Win 7 calls it Big Win 7 H:

I hope I explained myself?

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Reduction In Size Of Letters In Excel

Apr 3, 2008

How do I reduce the size of letters in Excel, Word and Mail on my new computer?

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Changing Drive Letters, Disk Management Does Not Appear To Help

Apr 2, 2009

I have the following setup now: C: Vista, D: CD, E: CD RW,F: DVD RW, G: = Backup Vista, H: Backup 2, I: Old Stuff. This is what shows up when I look in Computer. The surprising is that I = don't have a CD, although I do have everything else. I want to remove = the erroneous D: and rename I: to D: -- and Disk Management does not = appear to help.

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Update: Blue Screen With White Letters

Jan 16, 2009

When I update and require restart. When the laptop turns on and I just saw blue screen with white letters. I had to reformatted and everything is fine. This morning, I had problem again. I can't type anything. When I press "F" and the program is open. When I press "M" and the internet is minimize, ETC.

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