Login Screen NOT Recognize Keyboard Or Mouse

Jun 10, 2008

My laptop started freezing up some times lately, but yesterday I turned it on and got the Blue Screen. Now, whenever I turn it on, it boots directly into Safe Mode. Problem is, at the login screen it will NOT recognize my keyboard or mouse, making it impossible for me to login. I have confirmed that my mouse and keyboard are fine because they work when I launch the boot menu. I have run Startup Repair countless times, chkdsk a couple of times, but nothings working. I have the Vista CD that came with my laptop but I would really rather not completely reinstall Vista because I have many important documents and family photos that I have not backed-up.

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No Keyboard / Mouse Input After Bios Screen

Aug 12, 2009

I tried to search for a solution for this problem but i dont know how to word the query. So i restart my machine and every things going good video display and i can press del to get into the bios, i can move around in there and change whatever. Once vista loads the keyboard and mouse still are receiving power (lights are still on) but are non responsive. Ive tried reseting the cmos and puting everything back to defaults in the bios menu but to no avail. The weird thing is that it happened out of no where. It was working fine and my roommate (and i believe him) came home turned it on to find these problems. Its seems like all my onboard input/output connectors are not working.

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G15 Keyboard Doesn't Recognize

Dec 25, 2008

Basically, I got the G15 Keyboard for Xmas, plugged it in, installed Vista drive (I use Vista 32 bit) and i have all the mini functions working perfect (Light, Clock, Media player) but the macros... I programmed 2 simple Macros, Alt + Tab and Alt + Shift + Tab... It works to cycle from any program Except my game client (Dofus)

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Press Control/alt/delete To Get A Login Screen Up Then Login Using The Administrator Account?

Sep 30, 2009

With xp you can press control/alt/delete to get a login screen up then login using the administrator account. On vista the administrator account is showing as a icon on the login screen. I dont want this to be visible, any ideas how to hide this?. I saw a registry hack but this removes the icon but it seems in doing so there is then no way to login without the icon.

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Wireless Mouce & Keyboard Won't Recognize

Mar 23, 2008

So, I'm having a problem, been having it since I built this new computer with Vista on it. I have a wireless keyboard and mouse combo, Microsoft Wireless Desktop 4000 I think. However, when the computer goes to sleep for more than around an hour or so, it seems to cut off power to the usb wireless controller. All the lights go off, and the mouse and keyboard will not wake up the computer.

If I restart the computer, the lights come on, but it still won't recognize the mouse or keyboard. The only way to get the computer to recognize them again is to go into the bios, and move the curser around (they are are recognized there), then exit and continue booting up. I've played around with the power management setting, turning off everything I can find, but they still don't seem to work.

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Changed Keyboard Keys,messed Up Now Cant Login

Feb 21, 2010

This is not a proud thing to admit but i have changed the layout of the keys onmy keyboard but i must of left a few letters out.without checking i had done them all right the programm said for changed to make place restart your computer which i did,now the problem i know my password to log into vist but with the keys changed i dont know which is where--- stop laughing

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Mouse And Keyboard Not Working

May 11, 2010

I have a Dell 9400 series with Vista Home Premium Edition, and the mouse and keyboard are not working. I tried to change ports, wait until the system is up to plug them in, but nothing. I can not use F8, because the keyboard is not working. What can I do , please suggest, I do not know what to do.

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Keyboard/mouse Not Working

Jan 24, 2009

I'm sorry if this thread has already been sorted but I can't find an answer to my particular problem. I changed my keyboard and loaded the keyboard driver and since then the keyboard or mouse will not work. I switch on the pc it boots ok but as I said KB or mouse will not work. I shut down via power switch to force the pc to ask "start normally, safe mode etc" at this point I can use the keyboard, I then select any of the above, allow the PC to boot, and same problem.

I have tried to "Repair" with Vista disk but I have a Reminder program that is "ontop" so cannot get access to the Repair window because --- thats right KB and mouse will not work. Can you give me any help please on how to access the control panel, as I feel sure that if I remove the KB driver all will be ok. I have connected the KB for which I loaded the driver no go. Replaced KB with a no frills one, no go. I was using a wireless mouse originally and have changed that also to a basic one.

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USB Mouse And Keyboard Not Working

Jun 6, 2008

I dont know if im posting in the right area or if I should even post here with vista 32bit but im desperate to get this fixed. ok While I was trying to uninstall the drivers for my Zune I accidentally uninstalled my mouse and keyboard drivers as well. my USB mouse and keyboard work on startup but as soon as vista boots the mouse no longer recieves any power. I cant logon to any users because theres no way I can click on a user.

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Cannot Move From Mouse To Keyboard

Jun 20, 2008

I process hundreds of photographs daily, and adding 'Select All' to the right click menu would be a wonderful time saver (vice cntrl A), I wouldn't have to move from the mouse to the keyboard

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Mouse And Keyboard Failure After SP1

Mar 23, 2008

I have the Microsoft wireless mouse and keyboard. After Vista SP1, when I go to a specific HTTPS internet site, the keyboard and mouse both stop working. Have to hard reboot to get them back. Totally repeatable 100% of the time.

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Mouse & Keyboard Doesn't Work

Nov 15, 2008

i reinstalled windows yesturday and when i logged on initially it worked fine, however today after i logged on this morning it was fine but then it automatically installed drivers and now i cant use my keyboard but i can use my mouse. I tried restarting but all that did was make it impossible for me to actually log on.I've checked the bios and everythings good. Im completely bamboozled and i want to play some gamessss

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Possibly Wireless Keyboard And Mouse

Jun 30, 2008

im building another computer and it will be my main system. I am a gamer and use the computer alot. I need a good (possibly wireless) keyboard and mouse. I was thinking microsoft or logitech but theres so many!

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Mouse And Keyboard Freeze At Startup

Jul 29, 2009

I have been running a Vista Ultimate 32 SP 1 with 4G RAM for a year now. 3 moths ago after a slew of updates from Vista, at start-up the Mose and Keyboard began freezing. It would happen at the initial boot almost every time. If I hard restarted the machine then it would boot normally and they would not freeze once the system is running though. I thought it may be the latest Nvidia graphic driver ( I have the GT9600 ) so I rolled back to the initial one which was working perfectly. I also updated to SP2.

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Looking For Compatible Wireless Keyboard And Mouse

Jan 15, 2009

I was given a wireless KB & mouse and I'm trying to find out if I can use it on Vista. The name of it is Eagle Touch multimedia pro XP. Obviously the XP part jumped out at me, I would like to know if it's compatible with Vista? My computer, Dell Inspiron 531 is almost a year old.

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Blackscreen Unresponsive Mouse And Keyboard

Mar 8, 2009

I have been trouble shooting an issue since the purchase of my new pc. In a nutshell my pc locks up (defined as still on but a black screen and unresponsive to mouse or keyboard forcing a hard boot) quite often especially when doing the following: attempting to launch Windows Media Center. This action most consistently creates the lock up (virtually every time) switching users installing a program or really doing anything that would require admin permission shutting down launching some other programs It is not unusual to have to hard boot a dozen or more times a day. I have hit the boards, googled the issue etc and found numerours others that have experienced the same problem. I had a thread on this board in which I had been attributing it to my ATI 4870 begin video card drivers as the problems did not begin until the drivers were installed. That thread ended with indication that it likely was not those drivers.

I just finished reseating the memory (again), swapping the memory slots etc to no avail. I then removed one of the two OCZ Gold 2GB 1600 DDR3 sticks and booted with only one. Lo and behold - the issues disappear. Thinking it might be a bad memory stick (one that slipped past the dozen or so times I ran memtest86+) I swapped in the other to confirm. Well - turns out it ran fine with the other alone as well. Guess it is not a bad memory stick. Now thinking it is a bad slot on the mobo I tried swapping each into other slots but all continue work correctly.Bottom line, I am baffled. How is it that one 2GB memory stick will be fine in any slot but two will begin to create the issues?

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Mouse & Keyboard Dont Recognise

May 17, 2008

Vista Ultimate 32bit isn't recognising my mouse or keyboard on boot. They both work in bios, the setup cd, and ubuntu Linux, on the same PC. This all started when I had to repartiton my drive - I moved the partition vista was on to the start, and deleted a partion i had there. When I tried to boot after doing this, it said there was no bootmanager present, so I put in the vista update disk and that fixed it. Windows booted as normal, but now, when it gets to the login screen, the keyboard and mouse do not work. They are not USB, they are enabled in BIOS, I've tried a hard reset, and I have tried in safe mode.

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Sleep Turns Off Usb-usb Mouse & Keyboard

Jul 5, 2008

I can put the pc to sleep with either the sleep button on the keyboard or the on-screen sleep button but when the pc goes to sleep the keyboard and mouse USB connections go to sleep too. leaving me with no way to wake up the pc! I have tried using Vista 64's built in drivers for the mouse & keyboard and also tried downloading and installing the Microsoft software for the keyboard & mouse. Same problem. the light on the keyboard and mouse both turn off when sleep is utilized. I've tried changing the settings in the Power Options to enable the power button on the pc to turn on sleep instead of shut down. It does put the pc to sleep but when I try to wake the pc from sleep with the power button the pc acts like it was completely shutdown and tries to do a full boot which then results in the windows screen saying it didn't shut down right, "start normally"?

The pc then starts as normal but how do fix the sleep problem? I have no problem with another pc with Vista Ultimate and 2 other pcs with MCE2005 and the sleep status. The problem pc has all the latest Window updates, current bios, latest ATI 64 bit drivers for the graphics card. One possibility might be that the graphics card is designed for the new PCIe 2.0 but the board is the older PCIe standard. The graphics card is supposed to be "backwards compatible" with older PCIe slots but now I wonder if that could be the problem?

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Keyboard And Mouse Stopped Working

May 14, 2008

i downloaded a gaming addition of windows xp so i can play games like crysis while still having vista i put it onto a disk restarted my computer went into bios set it to disk restarted it loaded installed then it started installing my keyboard and mouse after that it stopped working everytime so i couldnt do anything else at all i tried this 6 times before i finally gave up so i went back into bios to set it to hardrive but it still loads XP not vista i tried putting the vista disk in then loading from disc IT STILL LOADED XP i cannot get onto my vista os, i also can't get onto xp because my keyboard and mouse stop working.

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Wireless Mouse & Keyboard Not Working

Mar 3, 2010

I need to get wife, who is bedridden with progressive MS, a laptop so she e-mail and skype with her friends. It will also keep her brain stimulated and away from watching tv all day. I was looking at one from HSN for $699 a Gateway,15.6,AMD Athlon II Dual Core,4GB ram, 320HD,Blu-ray Drive,and webcam but today I saw a Toshiba 15.6, Intel Core i3 proceesor,4GB ram, 320HD,webcam & micorphoneWiFi 802 for $699-$150 Instant savings at Fry's. I am looking for your input as to what is the better of the two or do you recommend something else. I have a wireless mouse and keyboard if she has trouble with her hand/eye coordination.

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Wireless Mouse & Keyboard Can't Work

Feb 26, 2009

My wireless mouse and keyboard no longer work. The mouse stoped working six mounths ago, and the keyboard a few days ago. I put in new batteries and read a couple of post on this forum. There are 5 listings under keyboards and thay all show to be working properly. There are 3 mouse and all show to be working properly.

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Keyboard: Vista Shortcut Keys & Mouse

Aug 18, 2008

I'm using a Logitech MX 5500 Revolution keyboard and mouse combo. As you may or may not know, the keyboard has special vista shortcut keys, such media center, 3d flip, gadgets, photo gallery etc. Anyways, I've noticed that these shortcut keys don't work, until I open up the logitech software that configures and calibrates all the buttons on the hardware. So pretty much once I've opened up the program these keys work, but on startup and before I open up the software they dont. I've installed the drivers and I've checked my msconfig to see wether or not the service is switched off on startup, and it is on.

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Keyboard & Mouse Freeze Immediately On Boot

Feb 12, 2010

I've got a major problem on my home machine ... No new software or hardware additions in the last month. I re-booted after MS latest flurry of updates and it seemed to come up OK but BOTH the mouse and keyboard were frozen. No reponse whatsoever although I can see the desktop fine and the machine seems to be running. I determined this by trying to plug in a USB keyboard & mouse. Upon doing this, Vista beeped and recognized them & installed drivers, but they too were frozen. Thinking this could be a virus or malware problem, I tried booting to the NAV disk to try and scan, but instead of booting, I got a BSOD complaining about the file: rdacdisk.sys & the error that it unloaded with pending operations. Since the machine is a Fry's OEM box, it didn't come with a repair CD,

so I grabbed a spare disk & reloaded virgin vista to it. It booted fine & that's what I'm running on now. My original system disk looks fine.I then made a repair CD from the torrent file at neosmart.com. It too found no problems on my original system disk. The disk I used to reload vista is actually too small to load NAV, so I'm going to have to dig up something bigger if I want to scan it. Or move it to another system with NAV. Does any of this sound familiar or match a known problem ? I just realized that my above description was naccurate. When I plugged in the USB keyboard & mouse, things remained frozen because the OS popped up a box prompting me to install the drivers for the new devices. Without a keyboard or mouse, I couldn't tell it to proceed........

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Laptop Keyboard And Mouse Suddenly Stopped Working

May 20, 2008

I have an Acer Aspire 3100 Laptop with the Windows Vista OS, AMD Sempron processor, 80 GB HD, 512 MB DDR2 (I can?t give any other info due to the fact that I can?t use the computer at present and don?t have any of the paperwork because I am currently out of the country); I?ve had it about 8 months and have only had minimal problems. However, the other day I turned it on to download photos from my cell phone to the computer, but when it turned on the cursor was frozen in the middle of the screen. I allowed it to sit for a few more minutes thinking maybe I didn?t let it boot up completely, but it never unfroze. I tried to use the keyboard to maneuver a restart with CTRL+ALT+DEL but the keyboard didn?t respond either. So I just turned it off using the power switch. I let it sit for a while and then tried a reboot. This time it worked. I thought I would attempt some troubleshooting so I did a disc cleanup and scheduled a scan disc to be completed on restart. Then I began the AVG virus scanner (which has been installed on the computer for over 2 months and not given me a problem) and a few minutes into the scan the whole computer locked up again (not just a program ?not responding?). I let it sit about 15 minutes hoping it would unlock, but it didn?t. The cursor was frozen in the middle of the screen and the keyboard was not responding again. I turned it off by the power switch and let it sit for about an hour. When I turned it back on the scan disc I had scheduled began running and when the system restarted everything worked again, but then I needed to leave so I put the computer to sleep and brought it with me. When I turned the computer back on a few hours later everything seemed to be working. I began working on a project and maybe 20-30 minutes into the project, the computer completely locked up again, cursor in the middle and no keyboard function. I did notice that the laptop was running a little hot at that point and from then on I have kept it in the coolest place possible and keep my house fan blowing on it as well......

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Device Settings In The Mouse Properties Via Keyboard Shortcuts?

Apr 25, 2010

Is there a way to access the Device Settings in the Mouse Properties via keyboard shortcuts? I can get to the Mouse Properties via Windows start button key > arrow navigate to control panel > arrow navigate to mouse icon > press enter. But I can't get to the Device Settings tab!

Fn + F9 doesn't work, by the way!

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Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Software, Change Buttons

Jul 22, 2008

I have a microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse, they both work in vista but I have no software for my keyboard to change functions and my mouse to change buttons. I can download intellipoint 6.2 but it will not install, I have tried all the suggestions on google searches, I just keep getting not enough disk space, well I have 425gb. I will attach image. of message.

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Mouse And Keyboard Randomly Freeze Up. ( Home Premium 32 Bit)

Sep 16, 2009

I have the problem with the system fully updated, and after a base install with no updates. The problem started 3 days ago and have had the PC for 2 years without this problem. I have not added anything to the install recently that would cause this problem. I have done automatic updates from Microsoft, but as stated above, problem persists from base install to fully updated. Problem persists in safe mode.

I have edited the registry "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Services i8042prt Enum" and set the value of INITSTARTFAIED from 1 (enabled) to 4 (restricted). Sadly this did not fix the problem. I tried this in response to Event ID 7026..........

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Hook Up Microsoft Wireless Keyboard With Logitec Mouse?

Jan 27, 2009

i recently got a new wireless Microsoft keyboard/Mouse combo. The mouse is too large for my hand. I do a lot of Photoshop and my hand is killing me, so I tried to install my old Logitec (comfortable) mouse. No go..I downloaded the newest Vista 64 bit drivers for both. The Microsoft keyboard has a stick-type USB. The Logitec mouse has a little USB thingie that sits on the desk. Only one of them will work at a time.I've tried every configuration I can think of and can't get them both to work at the same time. The thing is, when I got this new computer (with Vista) they both worked together fine..until I installed a new video card. Now they won't play nice together at all. The mouse hangs once in a while and akthough I have set it to be as precise as it can be..it

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Post Your Chipset Driver Versions And Sleep Mode Settings, Bluetooth Mouse And Keyboard Crash

Apr 24, 2008

For all you 680i users running Vista 32bit AND successfully using sleep mode, please post your settings here... "Successfully" means that:

1. Your system actually wakes up and none of your devices, such as mouse, keyboard, usb drives, bluetooth, and other devices, etc. are disconnected and/or malfunctioning...

2. In particular, are you still connected to the internet without resetting
your network adapter (presuming you were connected before bedtime and
presuming you're using the on-board NIC)

post your chipset driver versions and sleep mode settings... My settings are listed below and my system WON'T SLEEP "successfully"... bluetooth mouse and keyboard crash, and my internet connection is trashed:.....

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Updates Do Not Let Me Get To The Login Screen

Jun 13, 2008

I am having a nightmare with my laptop which has windows vista ultimate on it. I chose to shut down the laptop by choosing the option "Shut down after installing updates", and so it started to shut down. However, after a couple of hours I checked and saw the laptop was still on, and it was stuck on Update 3 / 3. The status screen displays the following: Installing Update 3 / 3 - 0%

A couple of moments later, the laptop displays "Shutting down" and just like that it does. Not matter which mode I run the laptop in or how much times I let it "loop-around", it returns to the same screen. The problem is I cannot even get to the login screen, let alone try something to fix the damn system! I am really against a wall here, as I have no idea what to do. Is there a way I can backup information from my hard drive while the laptop is on, but not logged on? - Is there a way I can restore the latop to an earlier state using the restore option without logging on to the system?

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Black Screen After Login

Mar 27, 2009

When I login all I get is a black screen and "my documents" is open. Basically, the OS has GONE! I can still use the computer, ctrl alt delete etc.. run tasks, just that there is no desktop or toolbars etc.

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