Network Activity Taskbar Icon

Sep 15, 2007

It's the network activity icon near the clock... I much prefer to know the exact activity of my PC and the internet/network PC.... in WinXP this icon would flash in tune with which computer was doing the "talking". This helped me many times figure out if it was an issue on my end or on the internet end depending on how the lights would flash. Not exact, but I used it as a quick guide. but in Vista, the icon seems to just have a simple animation that repeats over and over (I've turned on "enable activity animation). The icon has gone from something usefull (telling me which computer was sending data... to just being a simple animation that only animates when there's overall network activity. So anyway if getting the older more acurate activity animation back?... or would this require a third party download now?

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Network Icon Missing In The Notification Area Of The Taskbar

Dec 19, 2009

I got a blue screen the other day while surfing on my Powere Utility Service sites. Upon reboot my desktop came up minus the little Network icon in the Notification area of the taskbar. Also missing was my Realtek HD Audio Manager icon for my PC speakers. I tried re-establishing these but wasn't successful. Then I tried another reboot and the Realtek icon came back, but the Network icon is still missing. I had to do another restart after a power failure and this time the same Network icon was missing.

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Mous Icon Taskbar Doe Not Seem

Feb 1, 2009

i have a Fujistu Siemens Amilo laptop. I had a hi-grade and on that it had the mousepad icon in the taskbar but on this fujistu it doesnt seem to have it i thought all laptops had the mouse icon in the taskbar

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Red Cross On The Sound Icon In The Taskbar

Dec 31, 2008

I opened my PC and i saw there is a red cross on the sound icon in the taskbar
(taskbar.jpg) Then i opened Sound Control Panel and there was: No audio devices installed ...

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Wifi Icon Missing From Taskbar

Aug 1, 2009

how to restore the wifi icon in the taskbar? I have vista home premium on an HP laptop. It was there this morning, and now, when i turned it on, its gone. I right clicked on the taskbar, then left clicked on properties, found the notification area, and the network square is grayed out so I can't put a check in it. I think that is what would put the icon back next to the battery icon.

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Unknown Icon Notification Area Of Taskbar

Nov 8, 2009

There is an untitled icon always present in the notification area of my taskbar. This Icon appears to be a locked padlock with the number 9 on it. When I pass my cursor over it no title or description appears and nothing appears to happen when I right click, left click or double click on it. I have searched the help files and browsed Windows Explorer looking for a file with such an icon and have not found any. My hunch is that icon must be related to some security feature. I am using McAfee antivirus.

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Sound Icon In Taskbar Doesn't Working

May 15, 2009

When I go to "Taskbar and Start Menu Properties" and click on the "Notification Area" Tab I see that under "System Icons" that the only one I can check is the Clock; all the others are grayed out and I can't check them, however, I had a Sound Icon in my Taskbar previously that has for some odd reason simply disappeared, and since I can't check on it here, I can't seem to get it back in my Taskbar no matter where I look on the computer. How can I restore this option so that I have a Sound Icon in my Taskbar again, and are the other two features--Network and Power, a problem being that they too are grayed out?

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Network Icon In System Tray Inaccurately Says It's Not Connected To Network

Mar 30, 2008

I'm using Vista Home Premium and Windows Update tells me I'm up to date.

Every so often the Network icon in the System Tray tells me that it is not connected to a Network (by displaying a red X) though I can clearly see that I am.

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Red X On Network Icon

Jun 10, 2009

Here's a problem that started around a week ago.
I have Windows Vista Home Premium
At startup, everything loads fine. The desktop and all my icons are there.
However, there is a red X over my network icon on the task bar.
I have to wait at least three minutes for the x to disappear before I can access the Internet.
I talked to my ISP provider and they reset my router. The problem still exists. The provider said the problem is on my end, not theirs.
I tried everything I could think of including cleaning and editing the registry and the problem persists.
Don't know where else to turn

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Network Icon Disappered

Apr 24, 2009

The network icon in the system tray disappeared. In Taskbar-and-Start-Menu-Properties/Notification-Area/System-Icon the Network is grayed and unchecked. What could be a remedy to recover the icon?

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Network Icon Says Not Connected But I Am

Jun 16, 2008

I have a fairly new dell laptop inspiron 1720 with wireless internet connection. A couple of days ago I noticed the little network icon on the bottom right of the task bar had a strange little blue blob on it. If I hold the mouse over it, it says 'you are currently not connected to any networks'. If I right click and then click 'connect to a network', that box shows that I am indeed connected and to the proper network. When I first start my laptop the small network icon says that I am connected to the proper network but 'local access only', and after a few seconds that goes away and I get the above message.

I tried going into the 'connect to a network' box and disconnecting the proper network, then reconnecting but that did nothing. I am able to access the internet, my email and everything else. I did nothing new to my laptop, no programs or anything. This is just anannoying little bug that I would like to fix if anyone knows how.

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No Network Status Icon

Apr 26, 2008

I used to have a Network Icon in the RH Tray, with a blue mark to show the Internet connection was up and running. All of a sudden it showed a red cross, yet the internet connection was still OK. Yesterday the icon disappeared altogether and I can't see how to get it back! It is not one of the hidden icons.

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Network Icon Is Not Working

Apr 14, 2009

my nerwork icon on the desktop is not working, even im online it still showing a red X. when i click it is says "the service to detect this status is turn off." then it asks me "do you want to turn on network list service.", when i click turn on, nothing happend the problem still here

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Can't Network Icon In Vista

Apr 6, 2008

I have 2 computers networked to a router: A vista home-premium hardlined and an xp SP2 wireless connection. Same Workgroup and they can access eachother via explorer (\Name of Computer). BUT, I cannot go to network and see the icon for my xp computer in vista, and I cannot click on "View Workgroup Computers" and have the vista computer appear under XP. Read what I've done so far

On Vista Computer in Network and Sharing Center:
Network Discovery ON
File Sharing ON
Public folder sharing ON
Printer Sharing ON......
I can access XP computer from explorer by typing \xp_computer_name On the XP computer (which is a wireless connected laptop) I ran home networking wizard. Workgroup: Workgroup Sharing ON Firewalls: OFF LLTD Responder Update Installed *but not necessaryI can access the vista computer by typing \vista_computer_name

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Network Icon Not Appear In Tray

Feb 14, 2010

My newtwork icon does not appear in tray and is in gray when going to properties.

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Network Icon Missing

Sep 17, 2009

My problem is quite similar to Power Options is Missing i ran sfc /scannow and it reported that "pnidui.dll" was corrupt so i downloaded it and replaced the current one with the downloaded one (removed the unblocking thing etc) (just like the other guy did) I ran sfc /scannow again and i STILL get errors.

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Animate Your Network Icon

Dec 13, 2006

In your system tray you will find the Network and Sharing Center icon that allows you to easily connect and disconnect network connections and view your connection status. With the help of a simple tweak, you can animate the icon so that it shows when your connections are actively transferring data....

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Network Icon: Animate Few Seconds

May 19, 2008

I have the network icon in the system tray set to be animated whenever there's network activity. It will animate for a few seconds after I dial in, but afterward, it stops, even though the connection continues to be active. Is this normal behavior?

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Network Login Icon No Longer Displayed

Oct 5, 2009

I'm running Vista Home Premium SP2 on an Acer desktop with 2 gig of RAM. The computer is working fine and my internet connection seems quite normal. However, I just noticed that the little computer monitor icon that's supposed to be in the lower right hand corner of my display is not there. Normally when I hover over this icon a small indicator shows up saying I'm connected locally and to the internet. I tried looking in `Services.msc' for something that's been inadvertently disabled, but can't find anything relevant. I also tried re-establishing my IP address but this did not produce the icon either. Last thing I tried was `repairing' my internet connection to no avail. how to get this icon back on without rebooting.

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System Tray: Network Access Icon

Jun 5, 2009

I have noticed that the little blue ball/circle disappears for a few seconds on the Network Access icon in the systems tray sometimes (Vista). That is the one in front of the two monitor icons that can display in an animated way. I have not noticed this phenomenon before much. I know it displays a red cross when there is no connection & an exclamation mark when there is some problem.

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Network Icon Shows Access Local Only

Nov 14, 2009

The network icon shows access Local Only. The network and sharing center shows a red X to the internet. However, I have internet access. It's just reporting that I don't. This is intermittent. Sometimes rebooting solves the issue but the Local Only icon can come back shortly afterwards.

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Network Icon System Tray Show Up With A "red X Disappears

Dec 17, 2008

My home PC, running Vista and wired to the network, drops momentarily from my home network and looses the connection to the network printer. Usually happens when I click a link to a new page. An error comes up saying something like "page unavailable". I hit "refresh" and the page loads. I can sit at the PC and watch the network Icon in the system tray show up with a "red X" and then the red x disappears. The interesting thing is that my two laptops run wirelessly and wired to the network with out an issue. I am guessing it has to be something with the settings off myPC ethernet card? I tried updating drivers, but no new driver was available.

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AVG No Update Activity?

Apr 25, 2008

Are other AVG users finding changes when using it on VISTA.

I no longer see any update activity. I no longer see scans or email examinations.

When I look at the AVG Control page, everything is up-to-date and shows that these tools are all working correctly.

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HD Activity: I Don't Use The PC And It Should Be Idle

Apr 28, 2010

why my harddisc drive is very active and has allways been that.? It is mainly when I don't use the PC and it should be idle - I guess that the search indexer doesn't use so much capacity.

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Get Rid Of Hudge Disk Activity?

Sep 15, 2007

I use Vista x64 on my core2duo with 4 GB of RAM and more than 300 GB of free space on hard disks. When the computer is idle for a while, tremendeous HDD activity starts. I tried to turn off services that might cause HDD activity (file fetching, security scans etc), but the problem is still there. Does anybody know whats going on under Vista, when computer is idle? The processes that have big IO activity when this happenes are lsass and system. The sound of HDD is like defragmentation is going on, but when checking the defrag, it shows, that previous gefrag was some days ago, and next is sceduled to be run after 4 days.

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Monitor Router Activity

Mar 23, 2008

We are using Netgear Router in most offices in Northern California offices. Most are Net gear router modele MR814 & WGR614, 4 wired ports and 1 wireless port; and WG311 wireless adapters. Is there anyway to monitor the router activity? Anyway to see which port (wired and wireless) is active and network traffic. Also, want to make sure nobody outside our approved users is using the wireless ports? We know about the router log in the router set up page (from all ports, all mixed), howing what URL is contacted and time stamped.

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Why So Much Hard Disk Activity

Jun 6, 2008

We have 2 identical Dell XPS desktop PCs, both with duo 2.66 processors, 240 GB hard drives, and running Vista Home Premium SP1.For a few years now we've been using a Linksys cable modem which has 4 Ethernet outlets (numbered 1-4) and paired antennas for Wireless-G. My PC was on Ethernet output 1 and my wife's PC was on a Wireless-G adapter. Recently my ISP doubled its speed to 16,000 kbps, but this seemed to have very little effect on my wife's Wireless speed. Rather than hassle with the wireless system, I uninstalled the Wireless-G adapter and ran a new Ethernet cable from output 2 to my wife's PC.The weird thing is that when both PCs are turned on and connected to
the Internet, my PC (Ethernet 1 output) seems to be continuallyaccessing the hard drive. While this is happening, the output 1 and output 2 LED's on the modem are madly flickering, as is the disk access light on the PC. No unusual hard disk activity is going on with the wife's PC. If I shut down either PC, this excessive hard disk activity doesn't take place and the output light (1 or 2) is steady. I've even tried leaving both systems totally inactive for many hours, other than an automatic check for mail every 5 minutes.

Every 1/2 hour or so I'd look in and see that the hard drive activity is still going on and the output lights are flickering. Whatever is going on is happening whether the PCs are active or idle. This has been going on for 3 days now, 16 hours a day, ever since I added the new Ethernet line!

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Excessive Disk Activity

May 23, 2008

For the past few weeks I have been attempting to create a Vista Home Premium configuration on a new Core 2 Duo PC. I though that I had finally created a stable config with all the proper hardware drivers and many of my apps. I then noticed that the disk activity light was on solid - and I couldn't figure out why.I ran a number of process tools, the only one that seemed to provide useful information being Perfmon. Perfmon showed two distinct types of disk activity.......

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No Activity And System Hang

Dec 10, 2008

I have been having this error for the last couple days. Every 10 to 20 seconds the system just seems to "hang". It sits there for 2 or 3 seconds, then resumes normally. Ive checked memory. IT is good. I then ran performance monitoring and it shows up to 45 hard faults per SECOND. I then watched the hard drive activity lamp. When the system hangs there is no activity. as soon as it unhangs there is a flurry of activity lasting a couple seconds. Its like it has to go to the hard drive cache for everything.

Upon checking the virtual memory it is set on automatically manage paging file size. it says minimum 16 mb, recommended 3067, and currently allocated 2345 mb. This all seemed to start after loading GTA 4 which recommended 2.5 g memory and i only have 2 g memory. could it have screwed up my paging file?

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PC Shutdown Time, No Sign Of HDD Activity

Nov 5, 2008

I am having my pc seems to take ages to shut down. when the sutdown logo comes up on the screen I can hear the hard drive clicking away shutting down everything but then my HDD light just sits there permantly on with no sign of HDD activity for about 1 minute then suddenly flashes a few times then shuts down straight away

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Remote Administration And Monitor Activity

Apr 12, 2008

I would like to know how to remotely administer and monitor activity on a Vista Ultimate system. My daughter and I have Vista Ultimate boxes. She lives with her mother in the midwest while I am on the east coast. She does go to myspace web site to chat with her classmates in school. However, I am getting more and more concerned (especially after the Florida teens attack their classmate). I would like to monitor her online activities.

I know Windows has Remote Desktop on XP version. Is there something like that for Vista? How do I configure Remote Desktop to limit connections only to each others box? How do log her online activity? Is there anyway I can download (via Remote Desktop) those logs to my
system to analyze?

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