Internet Explorer Going Down

Apr 4, 2009

I am runnng Vista and IE is misbehaving itself, going down faster than the stocks in my portfolio. I regret that that is about all I know as nothing specific seems to cause it other than giving it a task to do. Where do I start on this. It has been doing it now for weeks.

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Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working: 'Internet' Icon

Apr 1, 2008

After fighting to get rid of a Trojan horse virus, I am missing the internet browser. E-mail works OK. Clicking 'Internet' icon gets me the message 'Internet Explorer has stopped working:". I tried 'restore' but it is not working either. I get the message 'an unspecified error occurred during system restore'. I scanned with AVG and the files it scanned are clean. I have a 'restore' DVD made by the computer vendor but when I stick it in the CD drive nothing happens. The computer is a 1 year old ACER with VISTA home premium preinstalled. How do I proceed from here? I have no idea what to do.

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Internet Explorer 8 In Vista Causes Windows Explorer

Mar 21, 2009

I wasn't quite sure if IE8 was the culprit, but it became apparent once I removed it. Internet Explorer 8 interferes with the functionality in Windows Explorer for Vista. Say for example: With IE8 installed, open up "Computer". Close it, then open it again. It should be instantaneous. But its not. A window will take over to 10 seconds to show its initial contents. Once its open though, its very fast because the instance is already running. But once it closes it will take another 10 seconds to open again. Internet Explorer 8 itself opens up very slowly even after the first opening. Can any Vista users verify this?

1. Install IE8

2. Go: Start > click Computer

3. Close that Window.

4. Repeat step 2.

Is it an instantaneous opening or does the window take more than 5 seconds to populate? Repeat those steps with opening Internet Explorer. Is it the same? If so, welcome to the club. Does Microsoft have any way to report this bug to developers?

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Internet Explorer (64 Bit)

Nov 11, 2009

A freind of mine is having a few problems with her laptop..

She has a link in the start menu that says (internet explorer 64 bit)

This is what she clicks to go on the internet, Now when she visits or clicks on links, she will sometimes get a message that she needs to install flash player.

She already has the latest flash player installed, but apparently this does not work on this "internet explorer 64 bit"

I diden't even know there was a 64 bit internet explorer.

And it goes on to say something like flash player is for 32 bit browsers, for flash player to work on 64 bit browsers search online for help, or it directs you to microsoft help and support.

I don't really like to go messing around on someone elses laptop

so i thought i would just ask to see if there is one thing i could follow to fix this problem..

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Internet Explorer (7) Won't Run

Mar 8, 2010

Internet explorer (7) won't run. I found that the IEXPLORER.exe is not in the directory. I have tried to install IE8 but it fails on configuring every time. Same happens when I try to install the cummulative IE7 updates (she's not good at installing updates). Everytime I try any kind of install or update concerned with IE it fails at the configuration phase. Other problems are that she can no longer use windows messenger. This connects but terminates in failure almost instantly.

I've ran a Norton Security scan which has found 144 tracking cookies but nothing more. The fix now button produces fail to lauch link which may well have something to do with the IE problem. Google Chrome is installed and works OK. I don't know what the last good restart point is. I've tried going into the repair feature on windows live essentials through the programs and features in the control panel but I just get a fatal error 0x8007007. Can't even look at internet options in control panel. That won't open either.

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Do You Use Internet Explorer 7

Feb 4, 2008

Interested to know how many people use IE7?
Looks like readability is very good in IE7 and my favorite font arial appears crisp and clear?
Just curious to hear a feedback on this?

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Internet Explorer 8

May 5, 2008

Ive d/led the beta for IE8, dont know whether to insatll or not. What do ppl think of the new browser? What bugs have been encountered?

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Internet Explorer Restoration

Jun 19, 2009

I am fairly new to Vista, all of a sudden today I have lost my file and edit at the top of my page, so |I am unable to copy and paste. I am in Classic mode. Any help to restore this so I can have File and edit at the top of the page would be wondeful.

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Uninstall Internet Explorer

Aug 28, 2009

how to uninstall Internet Explorer in Vista? Im using other browser and i want to get rid of this unused browser..but i cannot uninstall it the regular way like other software..

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Warning About Internet Explorer 8

Jan 23, 2010

They have done it again. Microsoft geeks take a perfectly goodproduct Internet Explorer 7 and mess it up. They just can't keeptheir dirty little paws off that source code, can they? The URL dropdown now gives you an assortment of locations on your hard drive, something like Windows Explorer.

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Internet Explorer: Never Ending Pop Ups

Mar 14, 2009

This is the third Vista laptop (out of 3) which i've experienced this problem on. Occasionally when you open a link 'In New Window' vista will start opening endless new windows and the only way to stop it is to log out or wait long enough for IE to crash and close all its windows

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MS Internet Explorer Toasted!

Mar 27, 2008

I noticed is that MS Internet Explorer, when started, returns and error pinpointing Google Toolbar then shuts down. What's the best way to repair or re-install MSIE? My understanding is that MSIE is integral to Vista so this could be at the root of some other problems, such as that the window that is supposed to open for "Default Applications" immediately shuts. Also, updates sit there waiting on the tool bar in spite of the fact that it is set to update automatically. When I click on the icon a window opens and shuts immediately.

I did a boot time scan with Avast! which generated an list of obscurely named files which it said were damaged and unreadable. They are all located folders which I guess would normally be hidden. I am wondering if these have anything to do with the registry and are therefore slowing things down as Vista struggles to rebuild. Another clue in that direction is that Ad-Aware hangs when trying to do the deep registry scan. If I skip that part of the scan it hangs during the file scan one or another obscurely named file. I have not yet correlated one these with the list generated by Avast!, maybe it will not be necessary if I can find another way to address these problems.

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Internet Explorer Disappears

Oct 11, 2009

A friend has a new Toshiba laptop with Windows Vista. When she double clicks on the Internet Explorer icon (on the desktop), IE will open up for 2 seconds then disappear. In it's place are three small identical windows, with the message "Internet Explorer cannot display the web page", and also a small google search line. I'm not familiar with Vista or the IE that comes with it. So this may be normal behavior, but in my world (Win2000 and XP) you can always open up Internet Explorer even if it doesn't connect to the web. Can someone tell me if there is a way to open up IE so that it doesn't disappear as I described.

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SP2: Internet Explorer Hangs

Jun 25, 2009

New Install, updated to SP2, once boot up, I select a folder to check properity, explorer crash, next rebooted, and got to desktop and selected, my hard drive, right click, and crash again... What going on.. Why is Explorer hanging ? I ran system file checker tool, sfc.exe Nothing wrong, all is well.

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Internet Explorer Restarting

Aug 23, 2008

I finally had my Vista working fairly well for the last few months after the update service pack, until last night, my daughter wanted to put yahoo instsant messenger on the computer, it seems after I installed that, when I am on Internet Explorer when I x out it says IE has stopped working then it says it is restarting and does, this happens everytime, and only since last night

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Internet Explorer Security Pop-up

May 15, 2010

Virtually every time I navigate within or between websites I get the IE Security pop-up telling me that "A website wants to open web content using"... Adobe Flash Player.

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Internet Explorer 7 Stuck Up

Dec 7, 2009

Whenever am trying to use my IE7 it is getting stuck up after a few minutes of use. and it takes a lot of time to load and display the web pages. and this occurs continuously so its a big trouble using it on the other hand firefox works well and fast and has got no issues.

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DEP Closes Internet Explorer 8

Oct 2, 2009

I just installed IE8 today, finally, after a clean boot and everything went great and seemed to run great. I selected a few add ons but only those shown and recommended within the IE8 tour. I do not have Google Tool Bar. Actually, everything seemed to be working fine and then later in the day I downloaded and installed History Killer Pro. I don't know if this could cause a problem or not. It's Vista compatible. It seems I can open IE8 and use it fine for the most part, but for instance, I used the snipping tool to make a screen shot snip and when I open that from my desktop where it was saved as a gif, IE closes every time.

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Internet Explorer Freezes

Apr 14, 2008

I am running a new Vista Home Premium laptop. I have selected as my home page. Normally, when I open Internet Explorer, I can use Google to highlight selected websites. But in the past two days I can open Google, but when I spell the name of another site, and click to select, Google actually freezes. Occasionally it will open a page of website links. But any one of those links, if selected, will also freeze when I try to select it. I do not think this is a problem with Google, which is operating normally on another computer, nor with server problems: the other computer has no problems.

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Internet Explorer Loading

Jun 23, 2008

This isn't a big deal but it can be quite irritating. I have a brand new machine with Windows Vista Business running on it. This is the main machine in the study and has a Belkin router connected to it via a cat5 cable. The rest of the PCS/Laptops in the house run from the routers wireless. Everything is set up and internet explorer loads automatically on each machine.

However, on this newer machine, when I click on Internet Explorer, it takes around 8-10 seconds to load the homepage, i.e google. On all of the other machines, its pretty much instant. The other machines are running XP/Vista Home and Vista Basic. They all load the webpage instantly................

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Internet Explorer Does Not Work

Apr 9, 2008

To give a link (like "http://...") as a command line does not work anymore. Actually it was a standard since Win 98 and now Windows Vista displays the message "Application not found." My question: How to open link in Windows Vista using a command line? Should one use a new command like prefix like "mailto:"? These feature from Windows was really very practice for the developers. I link could be opened without being necessary to search for the default browser, an so on. Does anybody know how it can be done now?

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Internet Explorer Not Working

May 23, 2009

I've described my problem in the attachment. I rarely use Internet Explorer so can't be sure that it died with the installation of the new motherboard drivers but it seems likely. Odd, though, that I can still use IE on Win7 (I'm 'dual boot' at the moment).

I've done a Vista System Restore but to no avail. how to revive IE to Vista and cure that strange bug on the Context Menu (when right clicking on Start Menu and Desktop icons)?

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Internet Explorer 8 Freeze Up

Sep 28, 2009

I have vista home preium, I just did a upgrade for internet explorer8 yesterday. I thought I liked it but is is frozen. I like opens more than one page and none of them work. I have to go to task manager to close and then when I try again, it freezes. I went in under my sons name and his worked for a few pages and then the same thing happened. Is this a problem with 8? are there any fixes?

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Can't Work Internet Explorer 7

Jan 20, 2009

How do I customise the Firefox 3 Browser to open each time as per Screenshot 3? At Screenshot 1: When I was using Internet Explorer 7 as my main Browser, I was able to customise the opening page so that it was 'clean' of all the 'flotsam and jetsam' rubbish that I had no interest in. My Customised Page in IE7 looked like this; screenshot 1:

At Screenshot 2: Now when I open Firefox 3, this is what I get........a page of 'stuff' that I neither need. nor want; Screenshot 2: At Screenshot 3:I have managed to customise and clean up the FF3 page as at Screen-shot 3 below,and it remains like this each time I open the Browser while I stay in session, however, if I log off or close and shut-down, it reverts to display like Screenshot 2, the next time I open up the FF3 Browser.

Screenshot 3: To keep my FF3 Browser opening page 'clean' as in the above Screenshot, what settings should I apply, to make it appear this way each time I open the Browser.

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Cannot Print From Internet Explorer 7

May 29, 2008

I don't know what has happened. I run Vista and Internet Explorer 7 and a problem has arised: I cannot print web pages from within Internet Explorer.

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Internet Explorer Won't Connect

Apr 30, 2008

Internet Explorer won't connect to any web sites. I can NSLOOKUP names but PING and TRACERT can't resolve names, even with the -4 switch. I tried the netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled trick but no luck. I have tried different DNS servers with no luck. Oddly enough Firefox seems to work just fine.

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Internet Explorer Can't Working

Jan 22, 2010

when l first started l used internet explorer,then had abit of trouble so using google chrome,but sometimes when l download something it tries to go through internet explorer, says its not responding then keeps flashing on and of.Task manager says it running many times but whatever l do to turn it of more start running.The only way is to turn computer of completely.l have a dell inspiron 1525 windows vista.

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Internet Explorer Not Working (no Add Ons)

Aug 27, 2008

my internet explorer is not working right, when i press start it says internet explorer (no add ons) and i cant get my add ons back on, im new to this i know very little about my computer

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'Internet Explorer (not Responding)'

Aug 22, 2009

Every day now at least once or twice(and not only at start-up) my pc displays the 'Internet Explorer (not responding)' message in the browser and i have to go through the tedious process of stopping my work and re-starting Internet Explorer. Is this an ISP, Vista or set-up problem?

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DEP Terminated Internet Explorer

Mar 26, 2008

Brand new VISTA Home Basic on Dell laptop of friend. Opened box, smelled the new computer, smiled, connected to wireless router in office, and subject line says the rest. IE is apparently DOA.

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Internet Explorer Crashing

Sep 18, 2009

I have Vista 64 and IE8 and I get frequent crashes in sites like Amazon or forum sites. Something freezes when that part starts to load. I have to restart ie after. Is there a way to tell what is freezing it?

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