Disk Cleanup: Which Files Should Be Deleted?

Aug 10, 2009

Where may I get some guidance regarding what Files I may always delete and what files may be of some benefit not to always delete.

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Junk Files Disk Cleanup

Oct 28, 2008

I have got Auslogics Defrag program and after each defrag I do it tells me I have a number of junk files, at present 971 sometimes its way over 1000 and I then do a disk cleanup hoping to get rid of them, but after installing another game or program of some sort, again I am told I have several junk files. I would like to know how I can get rid as it also tells me that they can slow the PC down and lessen performance, not that my PC is a slouch, far from it, but I still don't like the idea of junk files on my PC and would like for once to sort this out, as before I have never taken any notice of it, perhaps I should have, but thats me, untidy as always!

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Disk Cleanup Files In Vista

Sep 6, 2009

I there anyway to add Clear Recent Items In the Disk Cleanup Files In Vista? As I need to do it manually.. I do not want CCleaner

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Disk Cleanup - Temp Files

Mar 16, 2010

Is there a time range that Disk Cleanup protects the temp files it should remove? After running Disk Cleanup there are still temp files left in C:/windows/temp and in the appdata/local/temp in my users folder. However the files left are recent files, so does Disk Cleanup only remove files which older than a few days old?

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Disk Cleanup Empty Temp Files Not Emptying

Aug 12, 2009

Vista Home Premium upgraded to SP2 Danish. When I do a Disk Cleanup then it should empty all temp files on the hdd, but I found out that its not emptying the following, why is that? c:BrugereThunderAppDataLocalTemp c:windowsTemp Eventhough you are logged in as administrator c:BrugereAdministratorAppDataLocalTemp Now the question is if I can delete these files without trouble? Or is there a reason why these files are not deleted and should not be deleted? As the subjet line says, I'm wondering why my windows folder takes up 16.3GB? I'm thinking that its all the old updates that takes up all this space since it seems to be mostly located in these 2 folders :windowswinsxs - 10.8GB c:windowssystem32 - 3.82GB What can be done about this?

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Disk Cleanup Show Me 257gb Delete 80gb Disk

Apr 9, 2008

Is this normal? My disk cleanup shown me a 257GB of files to delete on my 80GB disk. I haven't local network and no external disk. I am using vista home premium with sp1, but this problem was without sp1 too. I attached link (for better understanding) to picture of cleanup.

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Disk Cleanup ...

Dec 4, 2008

I have been noticed that there are not as many options in Disk Clean Up I disabled Hibernation so that would not be listed but what about memory dump does this only get listed if the computer BSODS and restarts?

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Disk Cleanup

Sep 13, 2009

I used Disk Cleanup yesterday to clean all files on Drive: "C". It cleaned out all the files on my "J" & "K" Flashdrives which were plugged in at the time. What happened? Why? How can I get these files back?

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"disk Clean-up" And Deleted Some Hibenation Related Files

Mar 27, 2008

I no longer get this option whiule shutting down. Since, i once did "disk clean-up" and deleted some hibenation related files (i dont know what they were).

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Disk Cleanup Does Not Start

Dec 22, 2008

i Have Vista Ultimate 32Bit, and i cant get Disk Cleanup to start.. i get to the options "My Files Only" and "Files From All Users on This Computer" no mather who i choose, a box is flashing for a tiny second, and nothing happens. have tried to make a new Admin Account, tried cleanmgr, turned off and on UAC, i have searched the web for two days without finding any answers.. i have ccleaner, but i want Disk Cleanup to work!

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Disk Cleanup Utility

Nov 26, 2009

How do I permanently remove the default check mark in the box next to "Thumbnails" or eliminate the category?

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Disk Cleanup Get Stuck

Aug 14, 2009

Whenever I do a disk cleanup, when it is scanning. It gets stuck on the system error memory dump files, and takes forever to finish the scan?? Is there a way to speed up this process? And make the scan a lot faster?

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Disk Doesn't Cleanup

Nov 24, 2009

Tried to use disk cleanup to clear up some space and it dosen't cleanup its telling me i can free up 2.14gb of space on my c: drive and its just not doing it, somethings have been acting kinda strange of late too, and i've been having a good cleanup and thats when i noticed this, you can see here in this shot,

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Best Maintenance Tools For Cleanup Disk

May 3, 2009

Aside from Vista's standard cleanup, disk tools. Does anyone have any recommendations of any good programs for Vista?

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Disk Cleanup & Defrag. Scheduling

May 23, 2008

Disk Cleanup and Defrag. Scheduling (Vista) When I schedule Disk Cleanup, a default schedule says cleanup will be activated when I am logged on. There is another option that says cleanup can be activated when I am logged on or off, but it is grayed out, and I am having difficulty gaining access to that option.

1. So, am I to assume that Disk Cleanup will only activate when I am logged on at the time specified? However, when I schedule Defrag., there are no options.

2. So, am I to assume Defrag. will activate if I am logged on or off at a specified time? Also, the Defrag, window tells you the last time Defrag. was runned.

3. Is there a log or another window I can check to see if Defrag. was completed?

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Disk Cleanup Will Not Clean The Recycle Bin

May 28, 2008

Does anyone know why Disk Cleanup will not clean the recycle bin? CCleaner cleans it just fine.

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Disk Cleanup But Never Gain Any Thing

Apr 5, 2010

id my disk cleanup gaving the me the right info. because i have 205 of free space. this monrning i did a disk cleanup .it say that i could gain 2.some gb. so i did do the cleanup. but i am still at 205 of free space.

the same thing happen about 3 day ago i did a disk cleanup but i never gain any thing .it say that i was going to gain about the same 2 gb and more?

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Re-enabling Hibernation After Disk Cleanup?

Jan 5, 2010

I know about powercfg -h on. It doesn't work. Disk cleanup deleted the hibernation file, now when I put that line in the command prompt it tells me: "Hibernation failed with the following error: Access is denied. The following items are preventing hibernation on this system. The system could not create the hibernation file. The specific error code is 0xc0000022."I am an admin account, running the cmd.exe as an admin. Doing this in safe mode produces a different error which I can post if you want (along the lines of a VGAsave). There are no options in the control panel remotely relating to hibernation. Is there any alternate way to enable hibernation or to get the powercfg tool to work as it is intended?

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Disk Cleanup In Windows Vists

Apr 19, 2008

In Msft that would xp I used a utility that would clean out un needed files, how do I find similar utilities in Windows Vista? In XP under programs, there was a category called ACCESSORIES. Is there one in Vista?

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Removed Old Restore Using Disk Cleanup

Apr 23, 2009

I have a HP laptop that is a C2D 1.86Ghz which is almost 2 years old, has 3gigs ram and the hard drive on it still had around 50gigs free. I normally set the virtual memory manually but because the machine is slowing down badly decided to put it all back to auto for a test. It appears to have helped a little so it remains on Windows automatically deciding what is best for now though the option to use it more for progs rather than background processes is chosen. I tried the other way and it seemed to slow down some programs so back to programs it is. Anyway, over time on its Vista SP1 (64 bit ultimate, BTW) it has slowed dramatically. I have:

1) Defragged, cleaned out garbage of all sorts using ccleaner and also removed old restore points and so on using Disk Cleanup.
2) Gone through registry using JV16 Power Tools 2009 and cleaned out any mistakes that were possible to remove.
3) Checked out what is starting up and uninstalled any program that I no longer used and adjusted ones I still use to only load what they need when I actually click on them to start.
4) Did an image backup of "C" drive and then deleted all partitions and formatted the drive as one partition and blank then used another machine to attach the drive to and check for any faults including bad sectors then put the image back.
5) Downloaded HWMonitor to check heat and it SOMETIMES gets up to 56C when I really am pushing it but for the most part hovers around 40C. So overheating isn't it.

I cannot get to the thermal exchanger so cannot be entirely sure but with the best inspection I could do, I could see there was nothing blocking the vents or exchange unit. I also stand the laptop on a cake stand (which is the metal wire stand thing you put cakes on to cool down) so that air flow under and around it is maximised. All those things did nix to help. So I decided to use SFC /SCANNOW and it
went through the entire process and reported that two files appeared to be a problem but couldn't be fixed because they were locked. OK, so I tried to use SFC /SCANBOOT as I used to on XP but that option doesn't exist for SFC under Vista so I cant reboot and have a windows OS file scan be performed when no file is locked. Not daunted I thought about "repair install" which *CAN* be done on my desktop Vista Business if needed with the DVD there but the laptop came with Vista Ultimate 64 bit already installed and with a restore partition on it, no disk, as usual and I cannot actually DO a repair install because of that.....

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Fix Hibernate After Running Disk Cleanup

Jan 17, 2007

I have found my first bug in the final code of Windows Vista. A few weeks ago after my hard drive was getting low on space I ran disk cleanup to try to delete some unneeded files. Since I needed a lot of space fast I also checked the option to clear my hibernation file. It turns out that was a big mistake.

After clearing my hibernation file my laptops ability to hibernate was destroyed. It was so badly damaged that I could not get to the control panel hibernation settings to turn it back on. Thanks Disk Cleanup!

The fix is actually very easy to do.. Since the control panel settings were gone, I simply used the the command prompt to turn it back on. If you have a similar problem, run the follow command at an administrative level command prompt to turn hibernation back on:
Powercfg /hibernate on ...

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Disk Cleanup Wizard : Error Reporting

Mar 23, 2008

I ran the disk cleanup wizard the other night on my C drive. It scanned my C drive as normal and then came up with results to clean, one of which was for error reporting logs which wasnt ticked by default, but was apparently 99gigs worth! I thought this was pretty interesting seeing as my C drive is only 32gig big, so out of curiosity I ticked the box to cleanup the 99gig of logs, and sat back and watched. Everything seemed fine after it finished, but I rebooted to be sure and then my wallpaper went missing. I went to set the wallpaper back to what it was..... and noticed the file was missing. Then I checked the start menu, all my programs have been removed! (example, powerdvd gone, alcohol 120 gone, winzip etc all gone and nothing working, not just removed from the start menu, but also uninstalled from hdd)

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Run Vista Disk Cleanup System Archived Windows Error

Aug 16, 2008

When I run Windows Vista's Disk Cleanup program, I get this list of "Files to delete" window listing showing Downloaded Program Files, Temporary Internet Files, Recycle Bin...and one that is really BIG. It reads "Per user queued Windows Error Repo..." I can't expand the window to read it all. The size is 104GB! (as in Gigabytes). There is also a couple of other files with similar names : per user archived Windows Error Repo...System archived Windows Error Repo..., System queued Windows Error Repo..., My question is can I delete these files safely so I can reclaim some disk space without messing up anything?

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Deleted User Accounts And Files But Still See Files

Feb 24, 2009

When I go to C:Users I see "mine", public, and the other I deleted named "test" ....I'm positive that deleted the account and all files but I could be mistaken. Is there a fix for this? I want it deleted.

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Checkdisk Utility And Disk Cleanup Utility

Mar 23, 2008

just a bit of advice needed really. Im in the process of doing a course. It is talking baout how to run chkdsk and cisk cleanup but is only giving instructions on how to do these processes in Windows XP. What is the procedure in Vista?

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Disk On Diferent Partitions Deleted

Dec 28, 2006

I used vista and xp on the same disk on diferent partitions. then, i deleted the Vista-partition, but i still get vista in the boot selection. how do i remove it?

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Recovery Disk BOTTMGR File Got Deleted

Jul 6, 2008

here is the deal I had to use my recovery disk that came with my computer because the BOTTMGR file got deleted and it would not even get to the main windows screen. Ok so since I did that I cannot find ANY of my other files like pictures or my poems ect... How can I get my old files back?

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Requier Disk Space Folder Not Deleted

May 19, 2009

I use Vista Home Premium 32-bit. I'm unable to delete a temporary folder on C:. This folder was used by an application to create an ISO file. If the job had succeeded the app deletes the temp file. I was forced to kill the job due to lack of disk space, so the folder was not deleted. In an account with Administrator privileges (not the hidden admin account), I ran the following commands in an elevated command prompt. Due to failure to delete higher folders, I am down at the lowest folder in a branch, "Documents", which is an empty folder. I would be grateful for any advice

Volume in drive C has no label.
Volume Serial Number is 846E-81AE
Directory of C:vuimount5165804536UsersAdministrator
02/11/2006 14:04 <DIR> .
02/11/2006 14:04 <DIR> ..
02/11/2006 14:04 <DIR> Documents
0 File(s) 0 bytes
3 Dir(s) 8,987,209,728 bytes free......
You can see from the dialog that the "del" command silently failed to delete the empty folder, "Documents".

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Free Upgrade Disk Deleted OEM Recovery Partition?

Jul 19, 2009

I have an old machine i am giving away and decided to use the free upgrade disk sent to me back in 2007. It installed fine and I got SP1 on it and cleaned it up. After everything was done I noticed the E-Machines recovery partition was wiped. Is this because I now have the Vista upgrade disk with the # on that for the COA? Not the sticker on the machine.....I had to activate it with the # on the upgrade disk. I can't figure out why it would wipe the recovery partition with the factory XP image on it. Will this disk work if the next owner needs to do an install? Have you heard of this happening with OEM upgrade disks?

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Files Keep Getting Deleted

Jul 29, 2009

something weird is going on...this has never happened to me before, but whenever i try to download files off the internet, they just get deleted right after it finishes downloading. the part0 of the file still resides tho, and i cannot find the file anywhere on the computer.

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Deleted Program Files.

Jun 13, 2008

i accidently deleted my program files, because first i had vista x86 then i got vista x64. i installed both on the same hardisk. So there were two program files folders 1)program files, 2)program files(x86). in confusion i delt no. 1. so any way of getting those programs back from vista cdo or any othere source.

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