Disable/re-enable Or Hide/unhide Start Menu In Windows Via Registry, Using VB6

Oct 3, 2008

Is it possible to disable/re-enable or hide/unhide Start Menu in Windows Vista via registry, using VB6 or at least disable/re-enable all items in (shortcuts and everyrthing else in Start Menu) in order to exclude starting of ANY program via contents of Start menu in Vista while my own application is active? Could it be possible to disable/re-enable "Windows" key or any combinations of keys such as "Windows" + "Esc" via registry, using VB6?


How To Remove/hide The Windows Live Messenger Download From The Start Menu

Sep 21, 2008

how to to remove/hide the Windows Live Messenger Download from the Vista start menu? I understand that the Window Live Messenger can be disabled using the GPOs settings, just wondering whether the Windows Live Messenger Download can be remove/hide from the start menu using GPOs setting.

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Windows Defender Will Show Me The Details Of Start-up Programs But Not Allow Me To Remove/enable/disable Anything (the Buttons Are Greyed-out/disabled)

Mar 23, 2008

I am the only user on my laptop. I accepted the Toshiba settings when I bought the machine, but I realise that there are a number of features that are disabled that (as an administrator) I should be able to use. for example:

1. Windows Defender will show me the details of start-up programs but not allow me to remove/enable/disable anything (the buttons are greyed-out/disabled).

2. There are some folders (e.g. in my internet favourites) which are read-only and when I switch read-only off, it ignores what I've done - they remain read-only.

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How To Enable Power/sleep Button In Start Menu

Apr 16, 2008

I've disabled the power/sleep button in the start menu a while ago to prevent my children from shutting down the computer. Now they are older and I want to get them to put the computer to sleep when they are not using it. Unfortunately, I can not remember how I disabled the power button. There are no group policies set and I couldn't find any settings on the registry (as suggested in your tutorials Power Button and Shutdown Options - Start Menu).

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How Can Hide "Help And Support" On The Classic Start Menu

Sep 23, 2008

I am trying to hide "Help and Support" on the Start Menu. I use the "Classic" menu and I am running Vista Home Premium. The “gpedit.msc” feature is not included with Vista Home Premium. It is only available when using Vista Ultimate. I suspect it will require registry tweak but I don’t know how to do it.

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Windows 7 - How Disable/enable Network Adapters

Dec 16, 2009

I am running Win7 Starter Edition on a Dell netbook. I need to enable and disable the wireless and wired network adaptors as I can from Control Panel | Network Connections in XP. How do I do this in Win7?

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Activiation Patch: Enable The "Run" Button In The Start Menu In The "Taskbar Properties"

Mar 11, 2006

first enable the "Run" button in the start menu in the "Taskbar Properties". here's a work around to Activate Vista Build 5219, 5231, 5270, 5308, (or earlier) and later maybe... Start > Run > msconfig > Permit Folder "Services"

uncheck the "Software Licensing Service"
uncheck the "SL UI Notification Service"

Apply Close Restart Your machine will then tell you, this machine is unlicensed! If this does not work for you there is also a CD Key circulating around which allows you to activate. PM a member to find out. I Havnt tried this personally since I already activated my copy legally, if anyone could try it and report back. But from the peopel who have they say it works.

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Tabs Disappeared, And Unable To Hide Menu Bar

Mar 29, 2008

Tools/Internet Options/General tab, click on Tab settings and re-enable this feature. If it is enabled already, uncheck the box, click apply/ok and then close all open browsers. Repeat to re-enable this feature.

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Windows Defender Startup Programs:"Remove, Disable And Enable" Grayed Out

May 18, 2008

My OS is Windows Vista Business and I am attempting to disable the auto startup of a program. I located the program in Windows Defender, Category: Startup Programs but all options to "Remove, Disable and Enable" are grayed out. I also noticed the majority though not all auto startup programs in the Startup Category are grayed out. Why is this? What other course of action may I take to disable the unneeded auto startup of unnecessary programs? Also, my inquiry pertains specifically to an HP Digital Camera software.

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Enable / Disable IPV6

Mar 25, 2009

Are there any advantages or disadvanteges in disabling iPV6? It comes enabled by default in Vista 64.

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Enable Sequence While Disable Everything In UAC

Jan 15, 2010

I have Vista Ultimate x64 machines in a domain environment. I use UltraVNC to remote desktop. It requires UAC enabled to send the ctrl+alt+del sequence at the login screen where you type in user name and password. Are there anyways that i can disable the UAC but allowing the sequence to go thru? or enable only the sequence while disable everything else in UAC so I dont get annoying popups?

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CLI Utility That Can Disable And Enable Devices?

Apr 4, 2008

I need to script the disabling of some devices in Vista but neither the 32bit nor 64bit version of devcon.exe downloadable from the site will work with vista. Anyone know of one that does work in vista, or any other CLI utility that can disable and enable devices?

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Windows Failed To Start, Registry File Missing Or Corrupted

Mar 24, 2008

My computer was working properly,then I had a power problem, my computer turned off and turned on again.Now my windows doesn't open. When I try to open I receive this message: Windows failed to start. File:windowssystem32configsystem Status:0xc000014c Info: Windows failed to load because the system registry file is missing or corrupted.

Need to fix it without losing my files.I have a restore cd, but I dont want to use it, because I can't lose my files.The cd doesnt has the choice to repair windows.Just restore it. I am using Windows vista premium and my computer is Aspire E380 (Acer) It has C: and D: partition, but I dont know if it is 32 or 64 I already use all steps in F8 screen, safe mode....last configuration...anything didn't work.

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Windows 7 Start Menu

Nov 5, 2009

I can't seem to find Newsgroups for Windows 7, so I'm hoping to find an answer for my question here! I've installed Win7 on my laptop and want to customize the Start Menu's All Programs windows. I normally consolidate like programs/folders into one common folder to minimize the number of items on the All Program window (i.e. all Microsoft related items in one folder called something like Microsoft Programs). I can't seem to figure out how to do that in Windows 7.

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Control Of Windows 7 Start Menu

Feb 23, 2010

In XP I could use Classic menus and put the programs I wanted into my start
menu and launch them by pressing the Start Key and then the first letter of
the program. If I do that now, it seems to do a search of my HD for items
with that letter in it. Can someone tell me how to get this function in Win

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Windows Fax And Scan Does Not Appear In The Start Menu

May 28, 2008

I'm using Vista Home Premium and want to (a) send faxes via a local fax modem, and (b) scan docs from a local scanner. I hear there should be a Windows fax and Scan program shown in the Start menu. I clicked All Programs in the Start menu and it still does not show.

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Edit Windows Start Menu Items?

Jun 7, 2008

I want to reorganize some of the items on the Windows Start Menu to make it more streamlined and functional. I am right clicking the Windows Start button and choosing "Explore All Users" as directed. It works fine for 85% of the items on the Start Menu but there are still several items on the menu that don't show up in the Start Menu/Programs directory that comes up to edit the menu. How do I access these other items? They must be listed somewhere.

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Turn Off The Windows Key From Activating The Start Menu?

Jan 12, 2009

In XP, I used my Windows Key to map to Ventrilo speak (I used Litestep, not Explorer). In Vista (and Windows 7) this little bug is proving to be quite annoying. I've love to be able to just disable to Start Menu pop-up, or at least disable it when in game, but still maintain it as a normal key.

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Edit The Registry Or Use A Command Prompt Phrase To Manually Enable The Sound Drives

May 14, 2009

im useing Windows vista home premium 32bit. i was wandering if their was a way to edit the registry or use a Command Prompt Phrase to manually enable the sound drives? the reason that im in safe mode is just because O.o well, i got more access too things, and yes Normal mode works PERFECTLY so dont ask

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How May Windows Mail Be Re-installed In The Start Menu List?

Jan 31, 2010

I'd like to get "Windows Mail" back into the top of the menu that comes up with clicking on the Start globe in the taskbar. I deleted it thinking it would confuse the 92 year old client whose machine this is, as she was going to use AOL webmail. However, most webmail applications are so frought with garbage on the screen, that the appearance of Windows Mail (uncluttered) seems a good alternative for one with macular degeneration (she can't see at all well).

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Program Data Microsoft Windows Do Not Contain Start Menu

Aug 21, 2008

all of the sudden (i havent noticed when it happend as i mainly use desktop icons) the programs have disapeared totally from the "All Programs". Most of the oem ones are there and i saw the thread to restore those, no biggy there, but the programs that i installed are gone now too, like Office, flight sim x, wow, quickbooks, etc. is there a way i can restore or retrieve those without reinstalling? i dont really want to go and copy shortcuts manually. the Programdatamicro softwindows does not contain Start Menu?

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Transparent Start Menu Windows Blinds From Stradock

Aug 15, 2009

Is the Start Menu in Vista Premium 64-bit supposed to be transparent? If so, mine is not, and I would prefer that it was. Is there some tweak that I am missing? I am running the Aero Glass desktop, but my Start Menu is still opaque. I have tried a dozen 3rd party programs, to no avail. WindowBlinds from Stardock wreaks havoc on my desktop settings. Does anyone have a clue as to how to make and desktop (and perhaps the right-click context menu) transparent?

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Start Computer Get Nothing No Icons Start Menu

May 11, 2008

when i start my computer i get nothing no icons start menu or anything but i do get a my documents window and from there i have to ctrl alt delete then go to file run and run explorer does anyone know how to make it to where i dont have to do all that stuff to run explorer basically does anyone know how to make it where when i start my computer it is normal with explorer running?

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How To Add "Hibernation" To The Start Menu In My Windows Vista Ultimate X64?

Mar 23, 2008

How to add "Hibernation" to the Start menu in my Windows Vista Ultimate x64?
The computer goes to the Hibernation after pushing the power button on the
system case but the power light stays lit for 3 minutes.

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"Search" Entry In Windows Vista Start Menu

Nov 7, 2008

As you can see in this image my "Search" selection (I don't know what can I call it) is GONE. It's not in my "Start Menu". Can anybody please tell me how can I get it back, and where did it go in first place?

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Could Not Start Up Due To A Missing Or Corrupt Registry

Sep 23, 2009

I just recieved my new desktop from CyberPowerPC last Thursday. On Monday morning, Windows could not start up due to a missing or corrupt registry. However, Sunday night when I shut off the PC, it was still working perfectly fine. When I turn on the PC, this is the screen I get: The only options given to me afterwards are 3 safe modes, attempt to reboot with the last known good setting, or start Windows normally. Choosing any of those options just gives me the missing/corrupt registry screen again and sends me back to those 5 choices, OR screen just goes black and nothing happens.

I've tried to use the CyberPowerPC Windows recovery disk that came with the PC, setting boot priority in the BIOS to CD/DVD drive to the top. Screen tells me to press any key to boot from CD, then this screen appears: Once it finishes loading, this appears: But afterwards, the screen becomes blank, and I see the monitor actually darkening. The numlock light on my keyboard darkens, meaning that turned off or something too. Here is what CyberPower has told me to do: "The error message you are seeing is a corrupted Windows system file that would require the operating system to be reinstalled. This can be done by booting directly from the Cyberpower Recovery disc. Make sure theoptical drive is set as the first boot device in the BIOS and tap the ENTER key as the computer starts to boot the computer off the disc rather than the hard drive." But of course, that isn't working...The PC is still new, so I have no problem with losing any data if it comes to that.

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Disable The Bluetooth At Start Up

Dec 18, 2008

Gateway P6860 FX laptop with Vista Home Premium 64 installed. Trying to find a way to disable the Bluetooth at start up. There is no option within the Bluetooth settings and it doesn't show up under MSCONFIG. how to keep it from loading at startup? I don't use it and don't plan on using it, however I do not want to delete it from the system.

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Start Up Cannot Figure Disable

Jan 19, 2008

I've got a few start up items which I cannot figure out how to disable. Using Windows Defender I can see all those items; and there is a button on the bottom right corner to remove them; however, the button is grayed out. I know this is an easy one, but I can't seem to find how to disable those guys.

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Failed To Start: Registry Missing Or Corrupt

Sep 11, 2009

I have been having serious difficulty getting my laptop to start in the last few months but have usually been able to solve the problems for a while until they come back but now I am faced with a new boot issue that I cannot fix.

When I turn on the laptop, after about 5 minutes I get the message "windows failed to start because the system registry file is missing or corrupt" and gives this location windowssystem32configsystem and also status: oxc000000f. I am instructed to boot from the vista dvd and repair windows, startup problems or whatever but when I try this I get the exact same message described above.

I have had a lot of startup problems recently but they have always been solved either by booting from the dvd and reparing startup problems, or more commonly, by running the chkdisk which would generally have my laptop running well for a week or so before new problems occurred. I've searched the web but people keep suggesting booting from the vista dvd which as I said isnt working. No matter what I try I get the same message, safe mode etc will also not work.

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Installing SP1 Start AHCI Disable

Apr 27, 2008

After installing vista service pack 1 on my pc, it started hanging occasionally. This doesn't happen when I disable AHCI in the bios. Anyone any ideas as how I could fix this? (I'm running Vista Ultimate)

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Disable Check Disk At Start Up

Mar 8, 2010

I had a bad "driver install" and windows tried to do a fix/repair and in doing so it has "check disk" running at start up.I would like the "registry fix" to disable this.Upon checking the registry hkey local machinesystem it lists "controlset001" and "controlset003" which appear to list the exact same keys.Is this normal? My OS Vista Home Premium

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Update Software Disable Bitlocker Start

Mar 23, 2008

read the following negative about bitlocker. Can anyone confirm these and even point me towards an official MS document confirming these

1. non-Microsoft software updates will require you to completely disable BitLocker before you start

2. System upgrades will require you to decrypt the volume

3. Only volume containing OS and system files will be encrypted. Other volumes are nto encrypted by bitlocker but can be encrypted using EFS. Will there be any support for bitlocker using certificates issued by Active Directory enabled PKI services? (microsoft certificate services)

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Vitas Mail System Disable Start

Mar 23, 2008

I am trying to transfer my hotmail account contacts and messages to Vistas live mail. Before I go any further...Is this possible? know that live mail supports outlook- but cannot find any info on transferring hotmail to vistas mail system Hope I don't have to disable and start over

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Start: Run And Cmd.exe Not Available On Menu?

May 3, 2008

There is no Start > Run in Vista? Also, cmd.exe is not available on any menu? Why did Microsoft make this change?

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How Hide & Display Windows Sidebar On Desktop?

Feb 27, 2009

How hide & display windows sidebar on desktop?

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WORM That Hide In Windows System Folders

Mar 23, 2008

He was infected by ISASS malware, a WORM that hide in windows system folders and share my conection with anothers users without my autorization. In firewall i can see a lot of ports opened without my UAC identify. Anti v??rus like norton or kaspersky don't solve my problem. I tried windows defender, and tried RegistryBooster 2, both without sucess.

I studied a internet forum about the problems and i believed that i will solve the problem with a tool of microsoft: but after dowloaded and scanner computer, the tool dont find any problem..........

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Freezing Over Start Menu

Nov 2, 2009

This is driving me nuts and was wondering if anyone else has encountered this. When passing over any other item the item information is displayed right away with no problems. But, when I pass the mouse pointer over a particular item, in the start menu the system hangs and the 'highlight' stops over particular item without displaying item information. (in MS Access it's referred top as the Control Tip Text). After about 20 seconds the item info gets displayed and things go back to normal..........

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Help And Support In The Start Menu

Apr 26, 2009

When I click on Help and Support in the start menu, Help is started, but I get a message like this: The topic you are looking for is not available in this version of Windows.

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No User Name On Start Menu?

May 1, 2009

i installed vista a few weeks ago...being the economical person i am, i decided to go thru all my extraneous directories that windows installs and delete a few things i know i'd never use...mostly public junk, etc etc...i also understand that vista is smart, actually modifying what it shows you depending on the things you use most, bla bla bla.. i'm the only one using my puter and i've set the account up with admin priviledges..

just recently, i've noticed that my name is no longer displayed in the start menu just above the "documents" button & underneath my display picture, and i'm concerned about it...i'm thinking maybe it had something to do with those directories i've deleted in the public area...OR maybe vista just realised that by now i'm the only one who ever touches my puter and has chosen to assume it's always me and not show my name anymore.. i don't know but i'd like to know why this is happening, and if i choose to, how i can restore it? i've tried in the policy manager but none of those settings seem to make a difference...

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Start Menu, Task Bar Gone After SP 1

Jun 1, 2009

I just installed SP 1 and now the Start Menu and Task Bar are gone. It was a lot of work to install. I'd hate to have to take it back out again. Task Bar wasn't locked but wasn't set to hide either.

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