Desktop Toolbar Black Font - Way Change The Color?

Jan 26, 2008

know the desktop toolbar right, the one that is next to the clock? (if you have it turned on) Well im using windowblinds to make xp a little more visually appealing. When i use the black vista theme it kinda interferes with the black font of the desktop toolbar. Does anyone know if there is a way to change the color or where to find the registry entry so i can set the RGB myself.

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Changing Color Of Font On Desktop?

Aug 11, 2005

I would like to know if it is possible to change the colour of the font we see on our desktop. Is it possible to change it to black or some other colour?

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Desktop Color Change?

Nov 26, 2007

does anyone know how to get it to be the normal way (dont know how else to explain it)
and by normal i mean for the descriptions to not be boxed around with a seperate color

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Change Desktop Background Color

Aug 1, 2005

I know this is simple but it's driving me nuts that I cannot fix it. The Help desk just updated my computer and now there are boxes surrounding the names of the desktop icons. I do not want these boxes. When I change the desktop color, it changes the color of these boxes. How do I fix this so there is no box and it is clear with just the names. I can't stand looking at this!

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Desktop Color Change After Reboot

Sep 9, 2006

Using, in Ctrl Panel Display/Appearance/Desktop, I've set the color as Lt. Blue. When I reboot, or even while I'm working, the color has changed to a darker blue.I've downloaded and installed new display drivers and I've restored to an earlier setup, but nothing works.

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Desktop - Cant Change Desktop Pic - Only Color Option Available

Jan 4, 2008

I have a problem with my desktop. For some reason it won't let me change my desktop pic only the color option is available. It won't even let me browse for a pic to put on my desktop. Now it only has the color blue on it. But when you turn the computer off it shows the picture that i want on my desktop right before it turns off.

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Unable To Change Color Of Desktop Icons?

May 20, 2006

I have discovered that I am no longer able to change the colors of the icons on my desktop. When I get to that option in the Display Properties menu, the option is there but it is not active, it is grayed out or in this case beiged out. I am running XP Professional.

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System Wont Change Desktop Background But Only The Color?

May 28, 2010

When I right click on the desktop and select properties and click the desktop tab, I can't change the background picture (BTW, I just want a solid color background). I can click the color flydown and apply a new color, but that doesn't affect the current desktop. On reboot, the rebooting, the new background color appears until late in the boot process when the background whites out.

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Unable To Change Font Colour On Desktop?

Jul 15, 2005

I have got this request from one of our Senior Group Members: I am desperately trying to change the font colour on my desktop from white to a colour that is more easily read. I have Windows XP and am now wondering if white printing on the desktop is not "set in concrete".

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Change Color Of Task Bar After Boot Up Color

Aug 13, 2005

I have a Windows XP and when I turned on my computer this morning, my taskbar and start menu weren't the standard blue color, but grey, like an older version. I've tried fixing this in my control panel, but it just says I'm already using a blue taskbar & start menu. I really like the modern look of the blue taskbar.

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Command Prompt Color Comes Black Background And Grayish-white Text

Oct 21, 2007

When I open command prompt (DOS) it has the colors black background and grayish-white text, which is the default color. But when I type the command 'start', it opens a new window with blue text and green background.I think it does this because I download the program Replacer, which runs in DOS and makes the screen those colors. I also think the Replacer program did something to the system Path which modifies DOS to make it those colors when running a new window.

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Can't Change The Display Color To More Than 4 Bits

Jan 27, 2009

I have Windows XP on a DELL. I tried to download the display monitor driver for E772C. When I tried to follow the instructions after downloading which told me to follow the following path: Right click on the background. Go to properties which pulls up display properties. Click on the Settings tab. Click on the Advanced button. Click on the monitor tab. Then it said to click on Properties but is grayed out so I still cant change the color to more than 4 bits.

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Change Color Of Text Under Icons?

Oct 28, 2007

I'm running Windows XP on an HP Desktop. How do I change the color of the text under my icons?

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Can Change The Base Color But Not The Wallpaper Design

May 14, 2007

I got a virus. i took care of the problem but my desktop is just white. i still see the icons but the wallpaper is white. if i right click and go to properties i can change the base color but not the wallpaper design. if i go on the internet and set a picture as background it does nothing, but if i log off it will show.

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Need To Change Output To Printers Back To B/W & Color

Aug 3, 2007

I recently changed the overall output to printers from B/W + color to only B/W to help on save a little cost on inks. Now I need to print with color and I can't find out how to get it turned back on. Where I changed it was before the printers so the each printer's properties won't let me change it. I should have wrote it down and soon will if I get a resolution here. The ink bars on the printing status blocks only show black ink so I know the command is set before them. Any help someone may give would be greatly appreciated.

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Change/modify Screensaver Background Color?

Sep 25, 2008

I recently updated with the Windows XP Service Pack 3 [KB936929] = [Via Using the XP computer's "Windows Update"] All this install was without a hic cup It is odd as I feel before I had the screensaver of a background showing a Grey like colour Since updating with the SP3 my computer is now has a "Black" background behind all Windows screensavers Can one change/modify the colour of the windows screensaver background

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Change The Taskbar Color From Blue To Orange?

Aug 30, 2009

So I would like to change the taskbar color from blue to orange. I do not want the classic style interface, I would like the XP style theme.

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Unable To Change Background Color After Installing SP2?

Jan 3, 2005

i installed xp service pack 2 and now i can not change the color background settings, even though the right boxes are ticked.The box in accessibility is also ticked. Before installation of service pack 2 it worked. I like to change the background colors to make reading of web pages and surfing easier.

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Links Toolbar Issue After Change Browser

Nov 7, 2007

I like to save my links under the Links toolbar on windows xp. I normally use Fire Fox as my web browser and then tried Opera for a week. When i switched back to Fire Fox the links in my tool bar give me a diff address then normal. Before the switch to Opera then back to FF I would click a link and it would just go to that page. Now, I get a weird address of where the link file is stored.

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Change Color Boring Gray Background - I.E.7 Comes Default

Jun 1, 2008

I would like to find a program to change the look/color from the boring gray background that I.E.7 comes with as the default. I could easily just go with Firefox and customize it as I usually do but IE.7 loads and runs faster on this PC. If anyone has any good suggestions for an easy to install and run program that can do this without me having to change any registry entries,

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C Program Running - Change Graphics / Background Color

Sep 5, 2006

my problem: a c++ program that i was running has suddenly stopped running correctly - i am taking a series of 4 shots using a logitech pro 3000, used to be between the shots you could see yourself on the monitor - now you can only see yourself before the 1st shot. where, what can i look at to correct this? is there someway/where to control the background color of the monitor - or would this be written into the program? i have done a re-install of the program to no avail. any ideas, gui stuff?, gdi stuff? the system i am using is as follows: thinkpad 600X. 500mgh pentium III, hitachi 12gb hd (8gb free), 128 ram, windows XP-sp1, neo-magic magicgraph 256 video card

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Change Log On Background Color - Showing Dark Wallpaper

Aug 12, 2002

1. Click Start > click Run > type regedit > and click OK.2. Navigate to the following registry key: HKEY_USERSDEFAULTControl PanelColors 3. In the details pane (right-side), double-click the Background string value item. 4. Change the value to a 3 number RGB value, and then click OK . You have now changed the logon background color.NOTE: I went looking for this registry key after using the "Change the Logon BackGround" tweak, and that bright XP blue color kept showing before the OS had a chance to load my dark wallpaper. This way if you choose a color close to the wallpaper shown, the load of the wallpaper is less noticeable.

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How To Change To System Default Font

Nov 1, 2006

I use CorelDraw and with it comes a little app called Bitstream Font navigator. I try to use it as little as possible though as it always messes up my system fonts. Normally it comes right again after a reboot. This time though it won't change back. Seems it's stuck on Tahoma or something. how to change it back to whatever the default system font is?

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Change Font Of Outlook Express

Aug 31, 2006

I have Windows XP Home Svc with svc pk. I have tried numerous times to change the fonts in OUTLOOK and nothing. I was always able to do this before.A little background. I ran into the same problem a poster here did with being booted out when I signed on. I kept getting the blue screen indicating a stop error. I worked for hours with MS and believe it was an ordeal because in the end I diagnosed and fixed the problem which had to do with disk scanning. Since then my settings are different and I have had to work really hard but I can't seem to get the font and font size correctly in my emails PLUS they are all my messages are now BOLDED.

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Can't Change Font Size In Web Pages

Nov 8, 2006

I posted about this a few hours ago in XP forum but I can't find it now. When I click on it in my profile I'm taken to a page in the Feedback forum but it doesn't seem to be their either.?At most sites I cannot changing the font size. I have tried using Ctrl > scroll wheel and View > Text size But the text does not change. When I use Ctrl > scroll wheel the View > Text size setting does change. When I attempt to change font size the scroll bar moves moves tiny bit as though the font size was [going] to change.I am able to change the font size on very few sites. On the CNET site the font is much smaller than others. In fact it is so small I can just barely make it out with my reading glasses. But after a moment I have to stop as my eyes start hurting bad.I am able to change font size in Word and such. The font size in this Message body box is normal but the font size in the Subject title box is tiny.I am using XP Home SP2 and IE6. No viruses, ad/spy ware, etc.I would appreciate any help to fix and/or understand what may have caused this problem. If anyone responds please send it in email to me via my profile as I probably won't be able to make it out in the forum.

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Change All Programs Font Size

Nov 2, 2006

Is there a way to change the font size of the programs listing? I've tried every individual setting under the advanced appearance tab and none seem to have an effect on this. Is this one of the unchangables 'ol Bill put in Windows?

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Microsoft Applications / Internet Browser Change Background Color

Nov 15, 2008

Some of Microsoft applications(Media Player, Visual Studio, Office) and internet browser Firefox had changed their background color from white to gray. How can I fix it?

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Change Colour Of Green Font Circled In Red?

Dec 14, 2006

How do I change the colour of the green font circled in red? My OS is windows xp home sp2 and Im using the classic xp high contrast white theme. The green font is part of the theme and I cannot change it through properties>appearance>advanced because its not the 1st or 2nd font color.

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Desktop With No Toolbar, Or Icons

Jan 20, 2005

Ok, Im DESPRATE for help right now, and im going to explain my whole situation which is grim
I have a SONY VAIO 2.53 GHZ P4 Processor, 512 RAM, Windows XP pro (not so valid edition) 2 year old Comp. And I have 2 hard drives both 200GB, C: (windows and programs) D: video editing files...

I have a project to turn in TOMORROW... I could get in Big trouble and Fail a class if i dont get this done TONIGHT


Last Night I noticed when I was editing that some of my avi exports were all distorted and fragmented... So i figured "I havent EVER ran defrag (stupid me) on this hard drive maybe I should defrag it" So I looked into a defrag program called "diskeeper" I defragged C: (windows drive) and attempted to defrag D:.... I came to my comp and discovered an error that just said failure with the drive or something... After that I could not access (D I restarted, diskcheck did not work, and I dont want to do system restore... I posted on another websites forum and someone said I probably went over the 137GB limit... I think when I went over the 137GB limit, it possibly overflowed over some kind of boot files or something that lets windows read the disk i dont know (not that techincal with computers)So i looked into that, and I have an ATA card... and Windows NO service pack XP pro... Ive heard things about having a 48 bit bios or something... And after installing WINDOWS XP SP1... I try to get on my computer and i load windows

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No Desktop Icons Or Toolbar

Jul 7, 2010

System running fine now save for one thing -- my desktop page is a complete blank. It takes ages to load and then I see nothing but the desktop picture. No icons, no McAfee boot, and no toolbar. Everything has to be run from the task manager. Recently my lady, who uses the other desktop, doesn't even have a desktop picture -- it just comes up blue. She thinks she once saw a message about lack of memory.

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Outlook Express Email - Not Able To Change Font Type

Aug 14, 2005

why am i not able to change the font type after i type in the typw on the subject line

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