Trouble Opening Desktop Shortcuts

Jan 27, 2006

I run W98SE and this is all new to me. My daughter runs XP.I created some desktop shortcuts from my daughter's favorites(bookmarks). When you click on one the "Open With" window pops up asking which program to use to open it. IE is highlighted by default and all you have to do is click "Ok" and the shortcut opens the assigned task.

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Trouble Opening .PPS Attachment In Outlook Express

May 2, 2006

I am currently unable to open a .PPS email attachment directly from the email.I get the usual 'This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the Folder Options control panel.I can save the slide show onto the computer and open it from there without any trouble. I am running Windows XP Home, MS Outlook Express 6 and have MS Power Point Viewer 2003 installed.'' The preceding message was posted on 02/08/05 by BigBad64.I am repeating it here because it applies to me as well. However, unlike BigBad64, the solution suggested by Cetin Denislam didn't work for me.

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Shortcuts To And Opening Window Size

May 14, 2008

Shortcuts on the desktop (to websites) open a window at screen centre and perhaps one quarter screen size. They each must be maximised if each is opened with no other window open and maximised. If it is possible with tabbed browsing I would like these individual windows to open (the next time I use these shortcuts) to a size I create for them by dragging them to fill the screen, but I cannot achieve this.

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Desktop Shortcuts On My Desktop Will Not Open Any Programs

Oct 9, 2007

When my computer was turned on this morning the desktop shortcuts on my desktop will not open any programs. Non shortcuts such as my computer or outlook express open normally. I have recreated all shortcuts and the new shortcuts still won't open. I have tried the obvious of restarting the computer and I have run my antivirus programs (symantec,spy bot and adaware) w/o anything being found. Can any one give me any ideas of what may fix this issue?

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Shortcuts On Desktop

Oct 29, 2007

when i click on a short cut on my desk top a box apears with the message choose a program to open this file this didnt use to happen it use to go straight to the web page have i deleted somthing that i shouldnt have.

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Desktop Keeps Coping Shortcuts

Mar 23, 2010

I want to delete a bunch of pics off of my desktop and it just keeps coping them as I delete them. How do I turn this off?

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Desktop Shortcuts Won't Work.

Sep 7, 2005

I got moved and settled in but this computer won't allow new shortcuts that I create on the desktop to function. I just get an empty IE window with nothing there and source code is empty too so it's not getting out though the IE shortcut to yahoo does function properly but that is also the home page for this puter.Got DSl hooked up too so I haven't figured if that may have some influence on this issue. I called them, they know nothing about it so in the mean time I'm saving addies in notepad.

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Shortcuts On Desktop Do Not Work

Jan 18, 2008

I have placed shortcuts to several web sites on my desktop, such as but none of them work. I have tried both double clicking and right clicking and selecting open. Nothing happens.I have checked via properties and the Internet addresses are all correct.I'm running XP Pro on a Dell laptop using a WiFi connection.

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Web Shortcuts On Desktop Do Not Work

Aug 19, 2005

I am an older "newbie" and find some issues considerably frustrating. I am running Windows XP Pro on a Compaq laptop. I have installed all Windows XP and IE service pack updates and try to keep my McAfee virus checker and firewall up to date.I have a number of desktop shortcuts pointing to web pages that up until a few days ago worked fine with IE. When I booted up the other day, none of the shortcuts worked. In researching my problem on the Microsoft site I tumbled to this resource. So as not to waste your time, I have been through most if not all of the threads dealing with shortcuts and tried every recommended action before I posted my problem. I have also reinstalled IE from the XP disk, but the shortcuts still do not work. I have not reinstalled XP Pro.

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Web Shortcuts Will Not Open From Desktop?

Sep 6, 2008

As soon as I put an internet shortcut on my desktop, sometimes I can open the website from the icon & sometimes it starts to open & then just hangs.Sometimes when I put a shortcut on the desktop I can open it a few times with no problem & then it will never work again. I can open all other shortcuts on my desktop, its just internet shortcuts that I have a problem with. I am running windows XP & useing IE on a Dell laptop. I have no other problems at all with anything & this has been going on for years. It almost seems like it is just a setting, but I just can not find a solution.

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Shortcuts Will Not Display On Desktop

Feb 8, 2006

For about a week I have been unable to put shortcut icons on my Desktop. Also, downloaded program icons (with the "exe") do not appear on the desktop, although if I use Ws Explorer they appear in Desktop. What has gone wrong? How do I fix the problem?

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Grouping Desktop Shortcuts

Apr 10, 2005

Perhaps this already exists in some powertoy (if so let me know so I can get it), but I want to group similar/related desktop shortcuts into catagories (example) all dvd related apps into one group on the desktop that would STAY IN PROXIMITY TO EACH OTHER IN A GROUP. I do not want to simply create a new folder for the desktop as you can not see the individual programs without double clicking on the folder first. What I want is essentially program groups like in windows 3.1 but where you could see the actual icons for the individual apps.If anyone knows, please let me know, if anywone wants to write it, let me know.

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Desktop Error? Task Bar And Shortcuts

Apr 5, 2008

i recently had a virus and i managed to get rid of it using Windows Defender and SpyBot, When i had the virus It kept loading up Limewire. So i uninstalled Limewire to stop it from doing that. then it carried on trying to load Limewire with Java so i got an Error. So i uninstalled Java. and it's stopped.

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Uninstall - All Info Gone - Desktop Shortcuts

Jan 24, 2007

About a week ago I lost several desktop shortcuts. Then today while cleaning the hard drive I tried to uninstall some programs from the Control Panel and the screen frozen on compiling list of programs. I have rebooted and tried several times and have let it sit for awhile....there seems to be NO Programs in the ADD/REMOVE window. What happened. I can do everything else fine.... PC works no problem.

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Desktop Disappeared / No Icons There Except Shortcuts

May 29, 2007

I went to log in the other day, using normal login and password.upon completing log-in process, I noticed my desktop looked completely different than normal (we normally stash dozens of icons right on desktop for quick access) - there were no icons there except for a couple standard shortcuts..Fearing all was lost, I quickly checked hard drive and saw that all our files were still there and functional (even in the desktop folder), but for some reason the desktop was not loading.Tried to open Outlook Express to check mail and could not access mail files or the internet It seems even though I used my normal login info, I was logged in as a different user and I suspect that's why desktop wasn't loading and I couldn't access email....I checked Documents and Settings - there is a new user folder (appeared out of nowhere as far as I can tell) with syntax of mynormalusername.L600-myfirstname.

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Desktop Shortcuts / File Does Not Have Program Associated

Apr 9, 2008

2 year old Acer Aspire 5670 LTop running xp. After running a program to clean up my LT caled RegCure all my Dtop short cuts have stoped working.All I get is the caption " This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the folder options control panel"

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Create Shortcuts On Desktop On Login

Apr 20, 2009

My company just migrated from Novell to Active Directory. I am new to Windows. I am the local LAN Administrator. I am told to create 2 short cuts as follows: and a mapped shared drive: \some thing my folder and put these two shortcuts on the Human HResource Users' desktop when they login. I am thinking about creating a Human Resource Desktop group so that when someone who is assigned to this group would get the two shortcuts. Since I am new to Windows, I don't know how to do this. Please advice. Much appreciated.

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Updated With IE 7 And Desktop Shortcuts Will Not Work

Jan 7, 2007

Using Windows XP and just updated to Internet Explorer 7. All of my desktop shortcuts get hung up since the IE update. I have access to the internet and am able to go to any website though.

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Easy Way To Create Desktop Shortcuts

Aug 12, 2002

Instead of going into the register, it is simpler to open Windows Explorer, find the .exe file that you want, right-click on it and choose send to desktop.

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Desktop Settings And Removing Shortcuts

Aug 1, 2005

I'm using WinXP Home SP2. A lot of my desktop shortcuts aren't represented
in C:Documents and Settingsusernamedesktop. Also, I set up a new user for
my grandson expecting to see a clean desktop with only a recycle bin. I got
five shortcut icons with nothing in C:D & Susernamedesktop, and I couldnot
move the icons to the recycle bin. Can somebody tell me what's going on?

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Clicking Shortcuts On Desktop Only Brings Up Properties Box?

Jul 10, 2006

Sometimes when I double click my shortcuts on my desktop the program doesn't open up. Instead the properties window pops up. This is not happening with just one of my shortcuts this is happening with all of them.I usually do a restart to fix this problem and it doesn't happen any more but that is only a temporary fix because it often happens again when I startup my computer. What is the reason for this? Is anybody else having this problem?

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Minimizing Remote Desktop By Keyboard Shortcuts?

Aug 17, 2005

I have to frequently switch between remote desktop and my physical desktop. I want to know if there is any keyboard shortcut to do it.

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Hide The File Extension For Shortcuts On Desktop

Aug 4, 2008

Is there a way to hide the file extension for shortcuts on Windows XP desktop?

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Missing Icons / Cannot Get My Desktop To Accept Any Shortcuts

Jan 24, 2006

Was using computer all day yesterday and all was well, but when I stepped away for only a moment I returned to find that ALL my icons are gone and my display picture was reset to blue. I have cleaned the computer to see if I had picked up a virus/worm but all is well or is now. But the problem is.....I cannot get my desktop to accept any shortcuts and it won't allow me to pick a desktop picture. I can access all of my programs/files etc. through my start menu but when I try to create a shortcut it won't. Don't know what to do from here, it seems like it must be just an easy fix but darn if I can figure out what that fix would be.

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Desktop Shortcuts / Outlook Links Don't Work

Jun 27, 2005

My system runs XP Prof (with SP1, but NOT, SP2 updates) and I have IE 6.0.2800.1106.xpsp1.020828 installed. when I click on any desktop shortcut, or even Outlook email underlined links, instead of opening an internet web page, XP gives me an error message saying "It can't find such-and-such url. Then a blank IE page opens up with no address in the address box.I have tried to repair XP by running the command: sfc/scannow, which in turn asks for the XP Prof install CD to locate any missing files, etc. Then I also tried re-installing IESP1 in hopes of fixing the problem that way. Neither of these efforts has remedied the problem.

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Desktop Shortcuts To Websites Dont Open Automatically

Oct 14, 2010

I have Win XP Home with SP#3.My wife and i each use individual accts, user ids etc.For no reason I can understand suddenly when i click on one of my desktop shortcuts to open a website...e.g. Facebook, Yahoo etc..instead of automatically opening the specific site I get the box which asks which program i want to use to open the site.It is usally always Int.Ex. and at the bottom of the box there is a checkbox to indicate that when you open that same site in the future it should always be opened using IE, but when i go to open the site again i have to again each time indicate i want to use IE to open it. I also went to my wife's side of the pc and tried hers and her website shortcuts open properly like mine used to

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Internet Shortcuts On Desktop Bring Up Print Window?

Aug 3, 2005

When we click on a shortcut to a page it brings up the print window instead

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Creating Network Shortcuts / Safely Removing Unused Shortcuts?

Aug 7, 2006

How do I create network shortcuts in My Network Places? There are several computers on my network and on them, specific specific drives and specific folders that I use frequently. I'd like them to show up on all the computers, but I don't know how to create them? A second, related question, can I safely delete shortcuts that appear there that I don't use?

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Create Icons/shortcuts For Keyboard Shortcuts?

Sep 8, 2007

I'm looking for a way to create click-able Icons/shortcuts for various keyboard shortcuts (ctrl+..., etc.).
[My mouse is very acessable, but my keyboard is not. I know about various on-screen keyboards; but I would prefer clickable Icons that I could put in my quick launch toolbar, for example.]

Is this possible to do within XP, or with some program I can install

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Desktop Items Are Not Opening

Aug 8, 2005

When I turn on my system this evening all of my desktop item would not work. This window is opening saying that Windows can not open this file, all files have .ink on them. I just found out that I can not get to my e-mail. The only two thing that I can open is My Computer, and the Internet.

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Remote Desktop Connection Gives Error While Opening It?

Aug 23, 2009

I have just installed XP pro SP3 and all is fine except that remote desktop connection gives me an error when I open it.'the pre release version has expired, download full version or contact administrator' I have downloaded the full version but get told when installing it that XP already has RDC pre installed, is there a problem with SP3? and can I fix this without having to reinstall OS?

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