Time And Date Freeze

Sep 11, 2007

When I start my Averatec c3500 notebook (XP), the time/date setting is the same as when it was last shut down. I rarely connect this computer to the internet so I must manually reset the time/date when I first run this computer. If this requires a new CMOS battery, where is it located & how do I access it on a notebook PC?

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Computer Date / Time And Year Change Each Time Boot Up

Oct 11, 2007

Each time I turn on my computer and as it is boots up it will delay for a time with a line that reads something like Automatic IDE Configuration and then a message that my date and time are incorrect. The date goes back to Nov. 2003. Once I correct the date, time and year things seem to perform ok.

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Time / Date Clock Looses Time After Shut Down

Sep 3, 2007

I have a 4 year old computer that runs perfectly, except when I turn it off at night and then back on the next day, I loose a few hours on the time date at bottom of screen. I ajust each time I use it but the same thing happens each time I turn it off. Could it be the clock battery or? My operating system is Windows XP Home

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Pc Keep Time Or Date

Mar 12, 2006

Have a Sony multimedia pc with WinXP Pro. It does keep time or date. I suspected the battery to be the culprit, so I replaced it. It still does not keep time. ? The pc is in warranty, but I will have to ship it out at my expense to have it repaired. Could the pc have more than one battery.The one I replaced is one I was familiar with as being the memory battery. It is about the size of a quarter.

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Help With Date And Time

Apr 16, 2007

I'm new to the forum and have a small problem that is driving me crazy. Searching all over different forums and the rest of the internet has left me without an answer.I understand that the taskbar clock will go out of sync once in a while. The problem is I can't sync with the internet time autoupdate option. It gives me an error but doesn't say what's wrong.I'd like it to update without a third party program if at all possible.

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System Time And Date

Feb 9, 2005

How do you lock down the System Date and Time in XP so users cannot change it?

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Time And Date Settings

Apr 4, 2005

Where is all the locations that the time and date can be set in the computer. In control panel it is correct but some where in this box it is confused. I know I deleted something and it indicated that it was done months ago. Today my wife ordered something over the internet and it gave the date as Jan.

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Have To Reset Time And Date

Oct 31, 2007

i turn pc on it takes me to energy screen i have to put in the time and date doesn`t do it automatically it used too don`t know what i have done.

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Time And Date Loss

Aug 2, 2009

I have a Dell PC running Windows XP that will not retain the date and time settings. Usually within a 24 hour period I have to go in and manually change the date from January 2003 to the current date and also put in the correct time. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

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Date And Time Problem In Os

Feb 16, 2008

My Fujitsu Siemens computer running under Windows XP resets the date to January 1st 2002 00:00:00 everytime i switch on and load windows?This started happening after i had problems with panda antvirus or should i say virus! any thoughts on how to sort this out would be greatly received

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Cant Change System Date / Time

Apr 1, 2010

i can't change my date/time in win xp

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Update Computer Date And Time

Oct 17, 2008

I'm having this weird problem in my computer's date and time. Its adding 100 years randomly, because of that I have to set it to the right date because other applications won't work with that time and date.And when I say randomly, meaning you don't know when it will change the date and time.

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My Computer Forgets Date And Time

Sep 28, 2009

I have a 9 year old desktop computer whose motherboard was replaced about 4 years ago with an AMD NF4XK8MC or NF4K8MC motherboard. It has a 64 bit 3000 processor.It is running at 1.81GHz and has 1.25 GB of RAM.The system is running on Windows XP including service pack 2. It is fitted with a 80 GB hard drive formatted to NTFS. Everything is running OK except that every time I switch on the computer and it boots up, it seems to forget the date and time. I go onto the control panel and reset the date and time and it managers to remember the date and time until I switch off the computer and reboot it. It is only a minor problem but is annoying tthat I have to keep resetting it.

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Change In Time And Date Properties

Apr 26, 2008

i need to know if windows xp pro, keeps a log file for any changes made in the date and time properties.

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Time / Date Turned Into Symbols

Nov 4, 2007

basically the date on my computer has turned into weird symbols and I don't know how to fix it. The time is actually okay, i think it's just the date or something. I tried looking in the regional/language settings and what not but i couldn't figure it out. Maybe you can. Here's a pic of the problem. Notice the date on the right side of the pic.

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No Date & Time Stamp In Outlook Express

Dec 15, 2008

I'm using XP outlook express and I noticed the other day my incoming emails don't have a date or time under the receive column.

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Time And Date Keep Changing - Use Internet To Maintain

Dec 9, 2007

Why does the time and date keep changing. I have done (I think) everything right manually and thro internet time to correct this. changes to proper time then next time I log on my computer everything is wrong again.

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Computer System Date And Time Are Incorrect

Jan 1, 2008

Well its January 2008 and today when i turned on my computer i saw that my date and time were wrong..plus when i was starting up my computer a message said something like i need to set date and time. I tried to double click the clock at the bottom right side of the computer screen but it does not respond. The time and date window will not pop up so i can reset it. I tried the control panel clicked on dates, times, language, and regional options then i clicked change the date and time but when i click that option nothing appeared.I even click the change the format ... but i can't change the time. So that's my question.I am using AVG free edition but it is in error state and it will not allowed me to update because my computer date is not correct.

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Date / Time Stops When Computer Is Turned Off

Sep 7, 2005

The Date/Time stops when computer is turned off. I have to reset each time I use computer. How would I correct this?

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Change Displayed Date/time Format

Mar 23, 2007

I would like to know how to change the format of how the date and time are displayed on the Windows XP desktop (generally in bottom right of the screen next to icon tray).I have two laptops, both running XP Pro and fully patched. One of them shows the date and time as follows:

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Logged In As Admin On PC / No Right To Change Wallpaper Or Date And Time

Oct 18, 2008

Even though I'm logged in as adminon my PC (Windows 2000), I can't change anything andhave no access to the controll panel. I need to change the date and time on my PC, it's stuck on December 2002. I also can't change or delete any wallpaper, no access. I've had this problem for a while, postet it here and didn't get help, haven't been able to solve it, yesterday my PC finally blue screened with a STOP error. I booted from CD and re-installed Windows 2000, so I could at least gain access, but I need help with these issues,

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Finding Way To Look Up Activity Time And Date Running On Computer?

Sep 14, 2005

Is there a way that I can look up the time and date of the activity on my computer? I am curious about both Internet activity, such as "at 3:43am on sept. 9, 2005 the page stumbleupon.com was being visited" and/or any computer activity such as "at 8:00pm the windows media player was being utilized" or "added files at 8:05pm". I guess what I am hoping for is a time-stamp log.I have Windows XP v.2002 SP2. I am connected to the Internet using Qwest DSL 7meg bandwidth max. I have MSN Premium as part of this package. And I am using Norton anti-virus 2004.

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Handy Method Inserting Quick Date Time?

Aug 12, 2002

This is a very handy method of inserting the date and time (according to the Windows calendar) into a text document. As far as I know, this only works in Notepad, not in MS Word or Wordpad.Steps to insert date and time into a Notepad .txt file:1) Click Start > Run2) Type "notepad" without the quotes3) Push F5 on your keyboardThis simple shortcut can be very useful, especially when making logs or recording any kind of time-sensetive observations.

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Date And Time Incorrect Error Message Is Displayed On Bios?

Sep 15, 2008

date and time incorrect error message is displayed on bios I have not installed any program, but a pop up is displayed on "ALL PROGRAMS BUTTON", eachtime i click on start button and some programs are highlighted, no program is installing correctly.

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Allowing Limited User Account To Access Date & Time?

Jul 27, 2005

How do I allow a Limmited User Account to be able to access the date and time on the computer.

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Computer Freeze Every Time

Jun 8, 2005

My computer has run totaly perfect until 1 day ago, i left it on overnight to download some stuff, in the morning i turned the screen on and it was frozen, i thought that was weird, so i restarted it, about 2 minutes after it was booted i started connecting to the internet, right when i was typing in the webpage, BAM, frozen again, i was starting to get pissed. To make a long story short, it now freezes EVERY time i turn it on, sometimes its within 30 seconds and i cant even open a program, other times its 10 minutes and it freezes. I dont think its the memory because i just got the new ram about 3 months ago from Mushkin, after i returned a already friend RAM stick and they sent me a fresh one back, and like i said it worked flawlessly and i didnt touch anything, just woke up and turned it on and its all of a sudden got a mind of its own, can anyone help? thanks. I also looked in the BIOS and nothing has changed since like 6 months ago when i built it, im clueless to why it all of a sudden locks up.

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Start Up Time Out - Computer Freeze

Aug 6, 2007

I have is during start up, one time out of three or so I get to the log in screen where I click my name but a second before its completly there the computer freezes up. The Icon and Name are about 10% faded in and I'm left hanging. Even if i restart my computer 50 times I get the same problem untill I hit F8 during startup and go to "Last Settings that Worked".

This is bareable untill this time, It didnt work, as usual and I went through F8 etc. When I got into windows it started to load about half my icons and locked up :S. So here I am in safe mode, just want this problem to stop. Im a Uni student in my final semester of my degree, don't have time for this.

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Operating System Freeze For Some Time

Oct 6, 2006

I am having frequent freezes where a window will become non-operative for as much as two-three minutes. No reason I can think of for this to happen. It occurs in Word, Wordperfect, and in my webmail text writing. This is not a normal timed backup which, on this fast machine, only takes a heartbeat.I also get funny occassional screen flashes as if a capture is taking place.I have Spybot S&D; Spyware Blaster; webroot; AVG antivirus; Process Guard; Wormguard; and a private firewall in addition to the windows firewall. All scans show nothing of concern.

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Why Does Freeze From Time To Time?

Oct 6, 2006

I just wondered, why does Windows XP freeze here and there? I would think, from what I understand of preemptive multitaking, that worse case, Windows should just slow down, but now freeze like I see it do. It is like it gets taken over by one program or stuck on one task? I am not jsut referring to this computer, I have seen this on about every Windows XP machine I have used in the past few years.

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Computer Freeze Every Time Open Java Applet

Aug 18, 2005

Using Win 2000.The problem is every time a java aplet open a moment later my computer freeze. Nothing can be done but reset the computer.What can I do?

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Switch User Freeze - Favorites Freeze

Jun 12, 2005

This place is quite active, and I am glad to see that. I own a Dell 4600
Demension computer, it was purchased about a year and a half ago. I recently
reinstalled Windows on it, and reinstalled the drivers/utilities that were
needed, with the help of a Dell expert. I have Windows XP Home Edition right now. I have the Lavasoft Ad-Aware SE for my spyware protection, and I have the AVG from
Grifsoft for my virus protection. I scan my computer every night, and I keep
all my databases up-to-date. Recently, my computer was infected with the
Trojan Backdoor.SdBot virus, and I looked on the Norton Antiviruses website
to get rid of it and fix the computer. So now, at this time, I believe my
computer is clean.

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