SVCHOST.EXE Throwing CPU Spikes To Nearly 100%?

Sep 14, 2009

I found that one of the svchost.exe processes is repeatedly spiking the cpu to nearly 100% at about 10-second intervals. Digging further, the culprit is the "DHCP Client" service. I can stop the service and the spikes stop, too. When I restart the "DHCP Client" service, the spikes return. I don't notice these spikes on two other systems that I have access to. Any ideas as to what that service is doing? Any system and/or network settings that would cause this behavior? (XP Pro SP3 in an NT Domain.)

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CPU Usage Spikes

Jan 19, 2005

I have no idea what's causing this

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Computer Having Lag Spikes

Sep 11, 2009

My comp just went through a deep cleaning of malware etc, and now its malware free but its having lag spikes. They started before I started cleaning the malware out and its really bothering me. I play WoW and its effecting that to, where my fps would go from 22 to 2 then back to 22. It does it while I'm doing everything now even typing this.I don't know what information you would need so let me know and I will tell you.

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Sound Skipping - Cpu Spikes

Apr 20, 2007

which started by sound crackling and then followed by cpu used up to 50 percent on a core duo2 processor which also makes disables my ,mouse temporarily but if i move the mouse on a highlighted icon it registers the mouse bieng on the icon but no pointer apears to be present it will then come back after 5secs.this hapens when i use windows media player and firefox also it hapens often,how can i fix this?

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Services.exe Cpu Spikes Approx. Every 5 Seconds?

Feb 20, 2010

I've been trying to figure out what's causing a CPU spike approx. every 5 seconds on my laptop running on windows xp sp3. The spike is generally around 25-30%. I'm using process explorer and see that services.exe is the process. Drilling down into this I see 3 TIDs that repeatedly spike every 5 seconds. All 3 are 'kernel32.dll!Create Thread+0x22'. When I drill down and display the stack for each of these threads I see various lists which don't mean anything to me. It always seems to end with 'kernel32.dll!GetModuleFileNameA+0x1ba'.

I'm assuming I installed or configured something at some point in time and my laptop is trying to reach something or do something that's no longer valid. Can someone help me with the next step of determining what's the cause of this spike? When I boot into safe mode this spike is not present. I've done extensive scans of my laptop for any malware and nothing is detected and I see no evidence of any ill side effects other than the continual spike every 5 seconds.

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Explorer.exe Spikes My CPU And Occasionally Crashes My PC?

Jan 27, 2005

I have what I believe is a fairly unusual problem. I am running WIndows XP. Whenever I access the MY MUSIC folder on my PC lately, explorer.exe spikes my CPU and causes my PC to run like crap. My CPU runs at 100% until i do one of two things: End the explorer.exe process in the task manager (but then i obviously have no way to control WIndows), or if I shut down the MY MUSIC folder, and wait 5-10 minutes, explorer.exe slows down. It is currenty running at 100% as i write this. Yes I download music legally, and yes I get some ambitious movies once in a while. But this problem started happening when I downloaded Service Pack 2. I could not even use the MY MUSIC folder

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CPU Usage Spikes / Not Similar Thread

Jun 21, 2008

I've looked at over 20 related forums on this site, all which haven't solved my problem. All I found useful was the turn off auto update trick that seemed to have brought my minimum usage down from 15 to 0-5.My computer reports free of malware, spyware, and viruses. I use Norton Antivirus, Spybot, Adaware, Panda Activescan, and AVG Anti spyware and have no processes running.When CPU spikes, only possible associated programs are services.exe and svchost.exe, but they only go to 20 at most. System idle process reports normal at 98-99. I'm using Sensors View Pro, which tells me my CPU isn't overheating because it stays at a consistent 3 degrees Celsius. I tried resetting the BIOS, that didn't work. I checked the IDE controllers in device manager to see if they had the correct transfer modes, which they did. I tried updating my MOBO drivers. I can't think of anything else I've tried at the moment.

The biggest thing that stumps me is that my computer isn't sluggish until I start gaming. I only play Battlefield 2, which doesn't require much resources to play and only sucks up about 400 mb of memory. The thing that aggravates me is when my Frames per second average between 10 and 25 and everything gets really REALLY slow. At first I just thought is was a problem with my gaming, but then I realized the bigger problem that my CPU jumps up and down like a heart monitor. I've attached my HiJack this log just in case

I really appreciate it if anyone can assist in solving my problem. I've really done a lot of research not just on this website and results are still inconclusive obviously. It's driving me crazy because I feel like I've tried everything so I feel it must be a hardware issue and then I don't know why it would be...GOSH! Thanks in advance to those brave enough to wrestle this monster!

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Svchost Wuaclt Goes Up To About 30k

Feb 6, 2007

When I start my computer svchost one of the many goes crazy pushing CPU up to 100% and it's mem usage to about 90k. At the same time, wuaclt goes up to about 30k, which is also not normal.

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SVCHOST.EXE - When I Start Up Pc

Oct 20, 2006

when i start up this pc, it becomes very slow. I go to task manager and have a look and i see SVCHOST.EXE as a system process. But is Mem Usage is like 40,000 and it is taking up 99 on the CPU and the CPU usage shoots to 100%. I can stop this process and the start bar will look like the windows classic for a bit then change back to regular xp.
i have tried to google it and i see all sorts of things, like spyhunter etc. i have tried all sorts of steps to remove this but to no avail

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Svchost.exe - Two Windows Come Up

Nov 18, 2006

the operating system that i am using right now is Windows XP. Everytime i turn on the computer these two windows come up: the first window is an Application Error for svchost.exe, and the other is a "emcountered a problem and needs to close" window for Generic Host Process for Win32 Services.

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Svchost.exe - Booted My Pc

Apr 25, 2007

i just booted my pc, went regularly until it was launched and the desktop was loaded. Everything was running slowly, i press ctrl - alt - delete and wait 5 minutes for it to eventually come up, i then went to the processes tab and find that svchost.exe is running at 99% CPU I usually end process on that svchost, but then i cant connect to certain servers, and sometimes my sound drivers disappear also(not 100% sure, but this seems to be connected

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Dec 11, 2004

Dell Security Center (McAfee) with Firewall, AntiSpam, AntiHack, AntiVirus enabled. When I booted up my computer, it automatically connect to Internet, I received an error "Generic Host Process for Win32 Service." I clicked the detail report:
AppName: svchost.exe AppVer: 5.1.2600.2180

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Svchost.exe Is Using 100% CPU Capacity?

May 3, 2007

When I start it, after a few seconds, a task is appearing in the Task Manager, called "svchost.exe", which is using 100% of my PCU. I know this task is part of Windows, but I'm wondering why it uses so much CPU... I performed a search on the web and found 2 tips: 1- Performing a registry scan (with RegCure or equivalent), then a spyware scan and a virus scan; 2- Updating my system on Windows Update. I did the first step with the free versions of RegCure and RegistryFix (registry scan), AdAware and AVG Free. But concerning the 2nd step, when I go on the Windows Update site, the automatic update tool performs an infinite search to find the suitable updates for my system

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Svchost.exe Constantly Using 50% Cpu

Jan 2, 2008

My HP Pavilian dv8000 laptop running XP home with media center is constantly using 50% of the cpu for svchost.exe as soon as you log boot up and it never stops.* How can I find out what process is running and shut it down?

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Svchost.exe Cpu 100%: Only Happens In Win 2000?

Aug 17, 2005

after running for a while svchost.exe starts using more memory and cpu usage goes up to 100%. i read about this problem in article 324139, it says it only
applies to windows 2000 though. Im running windows xp home SP2 and im not sure how to fix the problem.

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Svchost.exe Taking Up More Than 98% Of CPU?

Apr 15, 2007

svchost is taking up all my CPU power and making my system extremly slow!

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Svchost.exe Using 100% CPU At Startup?

Jan 20, 2008

I have a P4 512MB computer running Win XP SP2. Latley svchost.exe is using 100% CPU at startup. I have to open the task manager and kill the procces.Although I'vr found several posts on it, I can't find a good solution for this problem.

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Svchost.exe Using 100% Of Cpu's Resources?

Mar 8, 2008

This has been going on for awhile. When I start my PC svchost.exe kicks in and uses all the cpu's so I can hardly get any programs to run. I have resorted to opening up the Task Manager and stopping the svchost.exe that is the culprit. Then everything runs fine. I know that the svchost.exe is most likely a Microsoft program (Windows Update and Windows Defender) that you need to run.

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With Svchost.exe And A Isass.exe

Aug 2, 2007

I'm not a complete n00b and i got rid of isass.exe which was causing my system to shut down in 60 seconds. However I haven't been able to stop another problem I have which is the Generic Host Process for Win32 Services problem that usually comes with blaster. I doubt that it's blaster though. also could anyone suggest a good security combo I could use. Anti Virus Firewall and Anti Spyware I've become quite used to NOD32 and I don't like using the other memory hogs... I need suggestions for anti spyware and firewall that would go with NOD32.. or just any good solution that would prevent this from happening again and that wouldnt consume all my memory up.

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SVCHOST.EXE Using Up All Resources

May 23, 2006

There is a process called svchost.exe using up almost 100% of my resources and making the computer almost useless. What is causing this or how do I find out what is causing this problem? I am running Windows 2000 Pro.

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Svchost Is Choking Up Too Much Of CPU

Mar 30, 2007

Whenever my laptop boot up to Windows XP, just when I thought everything was loaded properly, the svchost.exe would start to show 100% CPU usage. I checked through the previous posts and realised that most of the pp seemed to have the problem only when they are running Microsoft update or when they are using AMD CPUs. However, I am in neither of the 2 categories. Also, I think it was mentioned before that I could possibly check which program that is using the svchost.exe. But when my laptop is having 100% CPU usage, basically it does not respond to any instructions, may I know how can I check the program in that case? Is there something similar to a log file that I can look through?

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Svchost.exe Slowing Pc

Jun 12, 2010

a Dell Latitude laptop with XP pro, SP3 and all updates. Recently I found the cpu running at 3-4 % with only the desktop, Avira, and Windows Defender running. Normally cpu is down to 1% with these programs running. I turned off automatic updates and avira and defender but cpu was still at 3-4 %. How can I find out the cause of this? I do not know which of several svchost processes is causing the problem, this one uses about 35Mb with firefox open, 31Mb when I close it.

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Application Of SVCHOST.EXE

Apr 7, 2010

Xp sp2. WHen my system slows, I check TaskMgr. The main thing i notice, is that there are 6 or 7 seven tasks named svchost.exe. Is this normal? What does svchost.exe do?

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Where Is SVCHOST.exe Located?

Jan 15, 2007

I deleted a file called svchost.exe because Norton said it was infected with a virus. I use WinXP sp2. Now I can't find my taskbar at the bottom and I can't go online.I made a full system back up a few days ago.If I can restore this file(s), I think there were three of them, I think I get my computer to work properly again.The problem is where are these files located? If someone could look on their computer and tell me I would appreciate it.There variations on svchost.I know one was svchost.exe. I also know one was located in Documents and Settings.

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SVChost.exe Strikes Again

Apr 12, 2007

I posted a forum topic about this months ago. I thought the problem was fixed but it came back. My computer going screwy again. I scan my computer for viruses everyday. When the error popped up, I did system restores about 6 times, but still won't fix the problem. I think I have a virus that my virus scan didn't pick up. I am running out of options my last plan is a full restore back to factory default. But SVChost.exe is stopping my backup efforts.

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Svchost.exe Question?

Jun 23, 2010

I have a question regarding the svchost.exe windows file that runs in the background. Besides having 2 of them running at once, which i have read is normal, one of the svchost.exe files constantly runs at around 140,000-170,000k of memory. Even when my computer is just turned on or has been sitting with nothing running. Is this normal? I dont have any excess programs running besides my creative sound panel, logitech g series keyboard profiler, saitek x-52 profile manager, and logitech gamepanel manager. It's beyond me why svchost.exe would take up more memory than a lot of the programs I run.

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SVCHOST Configuration With The Same Results

Sep 21, 2006

Freshly configured windows XP pro. installed SP2 that I had on a disk. installed avg free, when IE is started, an svchost program starts, and eats up 99% of the resources. I try to get the windows updates which I believe would solve this problem, but I can not. I end the svchost process and IE will browse to websites, but still cannot get the windows updates. how can I get the updates which I believe would fix, I have done this very same configuration with the same results on 3 computers, they were all fresh installs.

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Svchost.exe - Downloaded Spybot And Ran It

Jun 20, 2006

I started having a strange problem happening. Upon windows 2000 start up, a DOS window opens saying that it is an instance of svchost.exe running. Now I know this has to run but this is the first time that it ever opened a window when doing it. So I figured something in the registry got whacked. So I downloaded spybot and ran it. It found 153 things that I certainly didn't want running on my computer. I had spybot delete them all. I then restarted my PC. The DOS window still pops up on startup.
I then looked at my start menu to see if something got added there that is starting this up on start up. Nothing. I then manually checked the register against another computer that I have that doesn't have the same problem. All instances of any calls to svchost.exe on both computers appear to be the same

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Svchost.exe Running Windows XP

Sep 13, 2006

Running Windows XP Pro SP2 on a Toshiba Satellite 1800 Laptop Having problem with comp freezing up, not opening programs, extremely slow. CPU usage at 94% with svchost.exe with username "system". Anyone with any thoughts on whether this is actually part of Windows or trojan or malicious backdoor vulnerability

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Its Not Hosting Any Processes Svchost.exe

Aug 12, 2007

A couple days ago, seemingly on its own, an instance of svchost.exe started preventing me from browsing. Doesnt matter what browser, ive tried IE, IE 7, FireFox, Firefox 2.
I've tried downloading processexplorer, and ending each individual process running inside this problematic svchost.exe tree. Still doesnt let me browse. I get the good old "Cannot locate page" error in IE, and in Firefox, the progress bar down the bottom loads, and I just get a blank white page, even though it says 'done'. However, as soon as I end this particular svchost.exe process, everything works fine. Even though its not hosting any processes.

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Possible Svchost.exe Taking More Memory

Sep 10, 2006

computer has been lagging like crazy so opened up task manager to see what was taking up my memory and cpu. i didn't see anything but then i noticed i had like 6 svchost.exe processes running. i looked it up and microsoft stated that svchost can run multiple times at once. the problem is one of them is taking up like 50,000 KB more memory than any of the others and this particular is also taking up a crapload of my cpu off and on as well

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