Blue Screen Of Death Crash - Windows Starts Up Normally

Oct 20, 2007

windows starts up normally, i just log on and do nothing at all, everything is normal for about an hour or so ,then BOOM, screen goes black and the system crashes with a nasty blue screen it clearly indicates a registry error, i've been told not to mangle with the registry, i have made a registry backup prior to upgrading to WMA 11 though.

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Attaching 2 USB Devices Causes Windows Crash With Blue Screen Of Death

Apr 1, 2009

When I plug my USB interfaced memory card, I can easily access it through my .NET program but when I connect another memory card with USB interface my system immediately crashes with blue screen of death.What can be the reason(s) and also how to get read of these problem?

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New HP Laptop Which Had Windows 7 Pre-installed / Tried Installing XP / Blue Screen Of Death

Apr 23, 2010

Have a new HP laptop which had Windows 7 pre-installed. I couldn't get on with it so I tried installing XP but all I got was the "Blue Screen of Death" telling me that Windows had detected an error and had shut down. I tried again with the same result so I tried installing Linux (Ubuntu). This went on fine and so I tried XP again. Still the blue screen of death. XP will not install and I would be grateful for any help anyone can give to an oldie.

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Can't Even Start Up Computer / Get Blue Screen As Windows Starts Up

Apr 10, 2007

What happens for me is I can't even start up my computer because i get the blue screen as windows starts up. I don't know if my hard drive is still going to work or not. Anybody know what to do?

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Running Windows XP Home Edition Having Crash: Blue Screen

Mar 15, 2010

I am running Windows XP Home Edition, and I have recently been having frequent crash errors. Everything seems to be running fine and suddenly the screen goes blue and a long message shows that said that the computer is shutting down to prevent a crash.

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Blue Screen Crash - 0x00000050 Crash

Dec 16, 2006

I'm getting a random blue screen crash and was wondering if anyone could give it a shot. It's a 0x00000050 crash, Heres the crash dump file.

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Blue Screen Of Death, Boot Problems, Black Screen Startup

Jul 17, 2005

when I turned on my computer and got the blue screen of death, so I restarted my PC. Then a black screen came up saying "Windows could not start beacuse the following file is missing or corrupt : windowssystem32configsystem."

You can attempt to repair this file by putting the winxp cd in etc...

Now when i turn on my computer there is just a black screen showing, with nothing at all on it.

Any ideas?

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Pro Blue Screen Of Death

Mar 8, 2005

having probs with my laptop still the tech guys that I have working on it are taking's been 3 weeks now.lemme explain. they have finally gotten xp blasted onto the HD but now when they try to boot it gives them the "blue screen of death" with an err msg. but it flashes so quick that they cant tell what the err msg is.for some reason the puter wont boot from a cd either.

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W2K Pro Blue Screen Of Death

Sep 3, 2007

my husband, in trying to be helpful, decided to try to clean my Microsoft split key keyboard (the one that's sealed & is NOT supposed to be opened). When he reconnected the keyboard, he started a cascade failure in my W2K Pro (SP4). The most recent error code is "0x000000D1 (0x00000017, 0x00000002, 0x00000000, 0xEB77B691) Address EB77B691 base at EB778000, DateStamp 3e25babe-uhcd.sys" I've tried the recovery console in the W2K disk with no result. I can boot in safe mode and the event viewer lists numerous missing paths & drivers. Any suggestions short of sacrificing a goat @ midnight? (or even worse, reformatting & starting over - over 17 gigs of data & programs that I really can't afford to have disappear into cyberspace.

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Blue Screen Of Death

Jun 9, 2005

I keep getting the blue screen of death whenever I try to connect to the internet. The message is:PAGE_FAULT_IN_NON_PAGED_AREA Disable bios memory options such as caching or shawdowing.intelc52.sys - adress f6f0c0e6 base at f6ee4000 date stamp 4048d1d3.The problem started to occur after I installed an older game on Windows XP.My machine is a Dell Dimesion 4600 with 1 gb of RAM.Dell suggested I try clearing the NVRAM, but obviously that did not work.

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Blue Screen Of Death

Dec 2, 2007

I am experiencing BSOD: win32k.sys.I could not boot into windows in any mode (safe mode...)Is there any way I can fix this problem and boot into windows as I need to recover my files back.

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Blue Screen Of Death WILL NOT Go Away

Nov 15, 2009

OS: Windows XP Service Pack 2
Computer: Dell Dimension E310
Problem: Last night, my computer was being real slow so I did a hard shutdown and after I let it sit for a minute, I turned it back on to see the BSoD with this STOP code: 0x0000007B (0xF7A24524, 0xc0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000). When I restarted, it went straight to what I'm guessing is the F8 menu, where it says start in Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Networking, Safe Mode with Command Prompt, Last Known Good Config, and Start Windows Normally. I tried all 5 of those options and all of them bring me back to the BSoD, I'm out of options here and I'm broke so I can't call anyone out and really really don't want to format my hard drive. Thanks for any help.

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Blue Screen Of Death - Encountered This Before

Feb 10, 2005

I have a BSOD and I am getting a message of SESSION3_INITIALIZATION_FAILED Has anyone encountered this before I have run chkdsk and fixboot but I am still getting the same error

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Blue Screen Of Death In XP - IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL

Jun 5, 2005

I started getting this nasty lockup on anything i do, a game, surfing the net it does not matter it just happens all the time. It does it even when tryin to use the win XP disk to format the drive! If there is anyone that has a idea on what to do here please help my pc has become unuseable
Just to let you know i have not installed anything new hardware or software so im clueless to what has happen here. I run AVG for my virus scanner and add-aware with Spybot serch and destroy on a regular basis and i got nothing.
When i could get it to run correctly i got hijack this to check and it found nothing wrong.

The blue screen will say


Any ideas on this??

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Not Load - Blue Screen Of Death

Aug 17, 2009

I am working on a HP Pavilion a462x running Windows XP Home Edition. The computer will load all the way up to the Windows XP screen, flashes the "blue screen of death", and then reboots. The owner of the computer no longer has any recovery discs. I have run CHKDSK /R several times to no avail. I have a Windows XP Professional disc. Is there any way to create a recover disc for the HP? Am I completely overlooking something?

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Gets Blue Screen Of Death During Start Up

May 16, 2007

My Dad is running Windows XP Media Centre edition and intermittently gets a blue screen of death during start up (see attached photo).

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Blue Screen Of Death On Startup

Aug 30, 2006

Yesterday I tried to turn on my laptop and it jumped to a screen saying that windows was not shut down properly last time (Which is incorrect, it was shutdown properly and there hasn't been any abnormal activity or malfunctions with the computer. No programs were installed recently and only) it then gives me the choices of starting in safemode and such. Attempting to start up in any mode the computer goes through the beginnings of starting up.

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Blue Screen Of Death Upon Startup

Apr 5, 2007

Last weekend I had a problem where every time I started my computer I received a blue screen of death informing me that my computer had improper Boot Volume or some nonsense like that. Using instructions I found via Google (some from this site!) I restored my boot volume using the windows cd.Tonight yet again my computer has to decided to mess up with a blue screen after startup. this time I get further into the start process (but not to windows) than I did last weekend, but I don't have time to read what the blue screen says before it makes my computer restart. last weekend it would just hang on the blue screen til I turned it off but this time I get a brief flash of blue and then it's restarted. It also doesn't look like there's as much text on the blue screen as before.but it may be the brief period I get to see it (or lack thereof).I do feel as though the two instances are related as they seemed to start the same way. I went to restart my computer using the restart command, it would not restart, one of my open windows froze and would not turn off in task manager, so I turned it off manually. yes, I know that's not good at all, but I've turned it off before without it completely crapping out on me, it seems to only have this effect when it won't shut off when I want it to.

Despite the differences in the behavior of the startup error and the blue screens do you think it is the same problem? Should I try the boot volume restore thing again or could it be something else? I also have to note that I can't start in safe mode either.I am NOT in any way computer literate.I am completely technologically challenged so I hope you have some help and I'm sorry for taking up your time.

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At Reboot Blue Screen Of Death Comes

Apr 13, 2006

I also experienced the dread "XP reboots without warning" I understand this is by design in XP. Here's the twist. I ran my PC on XP Pro when I started getting the shutdown. In a attempt to diagnose the problem I used my brothers old PC to access my hard drive. I couldn't access my hard drive so I assumed it was because my brothers was running 98. I upgraded his PC to XP pro and wham...same thing now on his system and his hard drive. Almost immediately. His was known to have viruses. over the last two weeks I have installed XP pro and XP home in just about every conceivable pattern...upgrades from 98, full install from windows, full with reformat from boot disk, etc. There is only one thing consistent. 98 Runs fine, albeit slow and XP reboots at startup.

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Blue Screen Of Death After Re-install

Nov 10, 2009

Decided to do the semi annual reinstall of XP. Machine was lethargic but not broken.Prior to starting had reassembled the latest drivers for motherboard, video card, printers, mouse etc and put on a USB stick..All went pretty smoothly but after about 6 hours started getting BSOD The only thing thats changed is software the last thing it did was 71 updates from Microsoft! I have searched other posts but what can I DO about the 'problem'.I have done all the obvious - chkdsk, scan for virus etc etcI cant roll back as it will pretty much take a single jump back to an unformatted drive.If I reinstall why whould I expect a different result ? (unless the order of updates is significant)

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Blue Screen Of Death On Laptop

Oct 26, 2009

I understand that the system and everything is old, but it's all I've got to work with right now.I have a Compaq Evo N800C running Windows 2000 Professional.I've tried every option in the F8 & F10 setups, everything takes me back to the blue screen. I know I read that this might be a virus. I read a suggestion about taking the drive to another computer to check this - I'm very very very home user basic beginner and I don't know if or how the drive can be removed from the laptop and put into my Dell desktop to check it.

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BLUE Screen Of Death Comes On After Laptop

Oct 8, 2010

My Compaq laptop is acting very strange. Yesterday eveerything was fine with it, next thing I know when I turn it on the next day it doesn't work. A screen comes up after the laptop's logo comes on saying "We apologize for the inconvenices, but windows did not start successfully. A recent hardware or software change might have cause this.If your cmoputer stopped responding, restart unexpectedly, or was automatically shut down to protect your filles and folders, choosen Last Known Good Configuration to revert to the most recent setting that worked.If a previous startup attempt was interrupted due to a power failure or because the power or reset button was pressed, or if you aren't sure what caused the problem, choose Start Windows Normally.

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Installation Gets The Blue Screen Of Death

Oct 15, 2006

I tried reinstalling xp and it said "unable to copy partmgr.sys"then it gave me the option to retry or skip. retry didn't work so i just canceled setup. is there anything i can do to get around this problem? also, windows update isn't working for me. it keeps failing during installation.

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Blue Screen Of Death - 000000D1 And More

Feb 17, 2006

PC Info In my Sig.Im running Windows XP and Ive had this BSOD twice in 2 weeks... Ive stuggled to fix it..Please see Image for Message.."*** STOP: 0x000000D1 (0x00007DA0, 0x00000002 , 0x000000000,0xBABB2028)"

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Blue Screen Of Death Message

Oct 13, 2005

I have a few computers at home and within the last 3 weeks or so one of them has been displaying and error message with the notorious "Blue Screen of death" as it's background. The computer is running Windows XP Home Edition with all the updates and is scanned every few days using SpyBot Search & Destroy and Adaware SE Personal. I have SpywareBlaster installed and updated daily (if there are any updates) and AVG Antivirus scans daily and it is always updated daily as well.I have not installed any new hardware on this computer nor have I installed any new software either. Just so ya know, neither has anyone else. If something is put on, or done to this computer, I know about it.

This problem has occurred about 3 times while the computer has been on and running for a few hours AND it has also happened once during the bootup and loading of the operating system. (That just happened today). What happens is this. the computer SOUNDS like it is shutting down. Or to be more specific, it sounds as if one of the cooling fans has quit, just like it sounds when the computer is shutting down. I have ruled this out by removing the case cover and visually inspecting all 3 fans, all of which were operating fine. These fans include the PSU fan, CPU fan, and the fan for the tower. That's all there is in this system.

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Blue Screen Of Death On Startup

Jan 2, 2010

Was getting multiple blue screens on an old install of XP so I decided it was time to reformat and reinstall windows XP.) XP installed properly. Began updating drivers, adding necessary software, etc Everything ran smoothly until I unplugged the printer and then the BSOD appeared and would continue to appear whenever I tried to boot. It was the strangest thing.I unplugged all peripherals from the computer this time and began to install clean. XP installed properly. Began updating drivers, installing Windows updates. After windows updates installed and I restarted, the BSOD began appearing on every startup up after the Windows splash screen.

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USB Devices Cause Blue Screen Of Death

May 5, 2009

I recently had a bad virus, and had to reformat my computer, wiping the hard drive in the process.I have windows XP Media Center Edition, 2002 version, Service Pack 3.After the fact, it worked fine for about 2 months, then it began to give me the BSOD whenever i plugged in a USB device besides the Mouse+Keyboard (Haven't tried other Human interface devices, I don't have any.), This includes a thumb drive, MP3 Player and External hard drive. It happens on startup as well. And in safe mode.

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Blue Screen Of Death After Login

Aug 4, 2005

I don't get it every time i boot up just occasionally. nvarm.sys is one of my chipset/audio drivers. I had the latest drivers when i encountered the problem, so i returned to some older ones, the messages didn't appear for a while but returned soon enough. I tried trying alternate graphics drivers and re-updating my audio drivers. This also stopped them for a while, but i had the message again this morning. Searching around a bit, iv seen it called a "race condition", 'multiple processes access and manipulate the same data concurrently' I have never encountered a persistent blue screen crash such as this, i don't really know where to begin or what half of the error information means.

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Blue Screen Of Death Help - Little Bubble

Feb 2, 2008

this morning I got a little bubble saying I had a curropted .tmp file... seeing as how im an idiot, I didn't write down the file name (I just looked at the destination.was in the tmp folder) and then the computer froze when I tried anything. Restarted the computer and it automatically started the system check thing dont know how you call it but the name of it is spelt with all caps... Step 1/3 is complete, when it checks the indexed files (step 2/3) it stops at 1 percent My question at this time is: How would I skip this system check so that I can get to the desktop, get the corrupt file name so I have more information to help fix the problem.

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Display Death Blue Screen

Jul 16, 2009

I bought my new laptop ( Toshiba Satellite L300) without an operating system installed on it and I'm trying to install Windows Xp but keep getting the following error message while it's installing the Windows xp drivers.The Blue Screen of Death.I get the "A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer" message.

Message quoted 1 times

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Blue Screen Of Death At Boot?

Apr 27, 2005

My OS is XP with SP2. My problem is that most of the time when I make a change (Install a new program, or uninstall an existing one), then at the next boot, I get a "Blue Screen of Death". I can then boot again and the computer boots fine when I select "Boot Normal". Occasionally I have to boot into "Safe" mode, and then reboot. Then everything boots normally until I again make a change as described above. This does not happen every time a change is made, but happens only after such a circumstance. I assume that it cannot be an existing driver causing the problem, or I would get the blue screen every time, and rebooting would not "fix" the problem. I have checked the boot log, and have not found anything.

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