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Drivers For Lexmark 4800 Series

Some months ago I bought a Lexmark 4800 series printer (scanner, fax) that I'm using with a Windows XP laptop, connected via wifi to my home router.

Now I'm trying to do the same with another laptop, this one with Windows 7, but I haven't been able to do it till now. I've even tried with an USB cord, with no success.

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Problem With Boot After Install The Radeon 4800 Series Drivers
I am having trouble with my Windows 7 Home Premium edition.

After having installed it and starting it up for the first time it wont go further than the "logo" screen.

The only thing i have done is to install the Radeon 4800 series drivers..

There is no error codes or anything and i am running out of possible reasons.

My system was running perfectly with the RC candidate. The first time i even removed my second 4890 and it didn't help anything.

Please someone know what to do. Could it be a corrupted disc i have recieved from amazon?

Posted: Nov 3, 2009

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Driver Update For 4800 Series
So today Windows Update popped up with an important update:

Then I went to the Ati website and there's no new driver update?

So.. update or not? Is this a bug?

Posted: Sep 30, 2009

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Graphics Card Driver Radeon Hd 4800 Series
guys i instaled the radeon hd 4800 series driver for my sapphire radeon HD 4870 xvapor 2gddr5 graphics card but for sum odd reason when it goes on my desktop it shutts down n restarts after 3 seconds... or less.. What could be wrong ?

Posted: Oct 25, 2009

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Driver For Lexmark Z600 Series Printer?
I need a driver for my Lexmark Z600 series printer.

Posted: Mar 17, 2011

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Vista Driver For Lexmark P910 Series?
i'm looking for this driver. or any other that work on this printer

Posted: Apr 17, 2011

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Lexmark Z600 Series Driver For Windows 7?
Lexmark z600 series driver for windows 7?

Posted: Apr 27, 2011

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Lexmark Z600 Series Driver For Windows 7
Lexmark z600 series driver for windows 7

Posted: May 24, 2011

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Lexmark 3100 Series Driver For Windows 7
I am unable to install my Lexmark 3100 all-in-one on Windows 7.

Posted: Sep 29, 2011

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Driver Of Lexmark 3100 Series For Windows 7?
Driver of lexmark 3100 series for windows 7

Posted: Jan 12, 2012

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Lexmark X5400 Series Printer Will Not Work
I have a Lexmark X 5410 printer, Windows 7 seems to acknowledge the printer, but the printer does not print, I have tried re-installing the drivers of the cd over and over, and can not get it to print, but it will scan. Do anyone know of any fixes?

Posted: Jan 26, 2009

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Lexmark 5600-6600 Series Driver For Ipad
Do you have an app so I can print from my I pad to my 5600/6600

Posted: Nov 13, 2012

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Get The Lexmark Z700-P700 Series To Work On Windows 7?
Can I Get the Lexmark Z700-P700 Series To Work On Windows 7?

Because i got this printer at a Thrift Store and it was brand new for a cheap price.

Posted: Jun 20, 2010

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Lexmark 5600-6600 Series All In One Printer And My Productivity Studio?
I have a lexmark 5600-6600 and my lexmark productivity studio does not work with my windows 7 64bit. I've tryed downloading fw 2.0 and 3.0 and 3.5 none of them will fix the problem. I read a post with a link to a fix from lexmark but the fix was taken down.

Posted: May 26, 2011

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Lexmark 4200 Series All-in-one Center Download Not Recognizing Printer?
I can't no installer my Printer Lexmark4200series-X4270

Posted: Jun 14, 2011

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Windows 7 - Lexmark 7600 Series Printer Connected Via USB Cable
My computer runs on Windows 7 Home Premium SP1. I downloaded the latest installation software for my Lexmark X7675 Professional inkjet printer and installed it. I chose the USB cable option and when I plug in the USB cable driver installation proceeds without problems until it says that the drivers has been installed correctly and the printer is ready for use. The printer is also available on the Printers and Drivers manager of Windows. But, to test the printer, I tried to print a page from MS-Word by clicking Ctrl + P> OK. The document is sent to the spooler where it just sits with the status "Printing". Furthermore, when I try to adjust the printer properties from Word by clicking: Ctrl + P> Properties, the window just freezes and there is no response.

Also when I click: Ctrl + P> Find Printers, in MS-Word, a fault message immediately pops up that says: "The Active Directory Domain Services is currently unavailable". I sometimes also get a Lexmark error message that says that there are communication problems.

I already spent a day installing and uninstalling the Lexmark software and drivers, as well as various other tricks offered by the Lexmark fault wizard. I found that sometimes when I reboot the computer that the document hanging in the spooler gets printed out while rebooting. However, the printer can't seem to print normally when I click print or when I try to print a test page from the printer's options box. The printer is coupled by means of Wi-Fi to the home Wi-Fi network and another computer prints faultlessly to the Lexmark with the same software and drivers but just using the Wi-Fi option. How to get this computer to print via USB cable.

Posted: Dec 21, 2011

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Lexmark 5600-6600 Series All In One Printer And Cant Find The Driver?
I have a lexmark 5600/9900 and i am trying to find the right program to install on my desktop

Posted: Feb 23, 2012

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Have A Lexmark 5600-6600 Series All In One Printer And Can't Find The Driver
have a lexmark 5600-6600 series all in one printer and can't find the driver?

Posted: May 28, 2012

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Printer Driver For Lexmark 5400 Series Printer
Windows 7 recognizes the printer but has a yellow triangle exclamation point. it will not print, but I cannot find any printer driver for Windows 7. any ideas?


Are yere any more details on what is the matter with the printer in device manager?

You should be able to download the Windows Vista drivers for that printer from here, which should be compatible with Windows 7:

Posted: Jul 20, 2009

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W7 X64 On AMD 64 X2 4800
Windows 7 x64 on AMD 64 X2 4800+ no memory display in System Control Panel.

Board has 4x1GB DIMMs - no memory amount shows. Task manager shows total memory of 3839?

Strange? Anyone else seeing this issue? System seems to be running OK. System performance shows 5.2 for memory and 5.2 overall. System type does show 64-bit OS.

Posted: May 11, 2009

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Lexmark Drivers
I recently installed Windows 7 7000/7022/7048, and also installed the 64bit drivers for my Lexmark X5150. The problem is i can't print sometimes, it comes in the printing dialog or It prints but when i send a second set it keeps saying deleting the first set. Or it does not print until I restart print spooler, and it starts printing the one that was "deleting". Its seems like Lexmark never learns.. I had this problem too in Vista.

Posted: Mar 17, 2009

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Lexmark X6170 Drivers
Has anyone used a lexmark 6170 all-in-one printer with a 64 bit operating systems? Do the existing drivers work?

Posted: Nov 26, 2009

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Lexmark X4550 Drivers
Lexmark x4550 drivers, All it says is my drivers are not up to date. I download from Lexmark site any driver I can find for this printer but it still will not load.

Posted: Dec 24, 2009

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Getting Lexmark 2350 Drivers?
I want to say my problen I want to say that happy new year to everyone and best wishes to you and your friends, I said.after a laptop have something says:A problem has benn detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.If this is the first time you've seen this stop error screen,restart your computer.If this screen appears again, follow these step:Check to be sure you have adequate disk space. If a driver is identified in the stop message. disable the driver or check with the manufacturer for driver updates. Try changing video adapters.Check with your hardware vendor for any BIOS updates. Disable BIOS memory options such as caching or shadowing. If you need to use safe mode to remove or disable components, restart your computer, press f8 to select advanced startup options,and then select safe mode.

Techinal information:

*** STOP: 0x0000007E (0xFFFFFFFFC0000005,0XFFFFF88000F09114,0XFFFFF880009A9548,0XFFFFF880009A8DA0)
*** WDFLDR.SYS- Address FFFFF88000F09114 base at FFFFF88000EFF000. DateStamp 4a5bc11a.
that is the can I fix it.

Posted: Nov 12, 2011

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Lexmark X125 Drivers
I need Lexmark x125 drivers, where can i get that?

Download Link:-

Posted: Feb 22, 2010

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Sony Vaio E Series Drivers For Windows 7 64 Bit LAN Drivers?
Sony vaio e series drivers for windows 7 64 bit LAN drivers?

Posted: Mar 1, 2012

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HP Laserject 4800 Install On Windows 7?
I was justing an hp scanjet 4800 on my old laptop which ran XP. I have moved over to Windows 7 enterprise 32 bit. Now the software won't load because there's missing registry keys. I looked on the hp site for software and drivers for win7 but dont' really know what I'm looking for or need to download.

Posted: Oct 6, 2011

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Download Drivers For Lexmark Z705 For Win 7 64 Bit
Download drivers for Lexmark Z705 for win 7 64 bit. Can I get the drivers?

Posted: Nov 16, 2009

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Download Drivers Of Lexmark Z600
I have a Lexmark Z600 Series printer currently i upgraded from Win XP to win 7 64 bit but don't have the drivers.

Posted: Dec 25, 2011

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