Poor Video Playback And Slow Boot?

Jun 25, 2012

My Toshiba Satellite L750 laptop has been having trouble playing Flash video, and Windows takes an extremely long time to boot. Flash videos appear to drop every other frame at best, and the sound in every Flash element is extremely loud and distorted. When Windows boots, it appears to finish booting in a reasonable amount of time, but the antivirus software and some minor background processes do not load along with Windows. They do not load until two minutes after Windows appeared to finish booting. During this two-minute period, there is no CPU or hard drive activity. These two problems have occurred since Toshiba reinstalled Windows during their many attempts to repair this computer. This is the same computer that I started this topic about. What did they do to this computer?

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Choppy Video Playback, And Slow PC?

Oct 15, 2011

Withing the past few days my PC seems like it has gotten considerably slower, freezing a bit once and a while for a few seconds, downloaded video on all players is choppy and about every 15-30 secs freezes which it never did. Cpu and ram usage are both very low I am running and Phenom II X4 965 @ 3.4, 8 gb ram, gtx 460 xlr8. I checked the disk and its running DMA mode so its not that, Deleted and uninstalled all unused games, file etc. Ran malwarebytes full scan which turned up nothing, no large usage in processes

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Laggy And Choppy Video Playback; Windows 7 Runs Very Slow?

Jan 15, 2013

All was well with my computer and one fine day video playback became very laggy and choppy. Also the computer in general slowed down considerably. My first thought was that there had been a virus attack and hence I ran a thorough scan. Nothing showed up. So formatted the whole system and installed Windows 8. Nothing changed. Videos continue to be laggy and overall system performance is slow. I read somewhere this could be because of high DCP latency caused by faulty drivers. I used the original Windows 7 backup DVD given to me by my laptop manufacturer to restore to factory default. No change - laggy video with slow system performance. I used the DCP latency checker to figure out what was causing the high values I was getting and pinned it down to the WiFi driver. The latency is down but choppy video playback and super slow OS continue to bother me. I've run out of options and my patience it's wearing thin.

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Poor Video Quality In Windows 7

Jan 2, 2010

I have been having this very annoying problem for over 2 months now. I'm running windows 7 ultimate 64-bit and Most video on my pc looks very pixelated. I was able to get vlc to work correctly again with an update to the latest version and wmp seems to work fine too. I'm still having very low quailty video in my slingplayer, skype video and certain flash videos on the internet. I have been searching google for any possible solution like using an older video card driver, a vista driver, and adding codec's but nothing seems to work. I'm not really sure if it's an Nvidia,windows, or a flash problem.

my specs
intel core 2 quad q6600
4gb ddr2 ram
soundblaster xi-fi extreme gamer
2 nvidia 8800gts cards in sli

my pc has 2 monitors plugged into it and i'm using ultramon I also have my cpu oc'd to 3ghz, so i put it back to stock speeds and still have the poor video qaulity so that wasn't it.

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No Video On Dvd Playback

Jan 25, 2009

I get no video either in Media Center or Media Player. I do get the audio however. Right now I'm using VLC for my dvd playback. I like the zoom in Media Center though.

Anyone ever had this problem. I'm using 64-bit windows 7.

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Video Playback Performance?

Oct 9, 2011

when i try and do a windows performance index in windows 7 ultimate it says it cannot rate my computer because it cant do a video playback performance test. I have a toshiba sattelite laptop.

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No Video Playback Only Audio

Sep 10, 2012

I recently desc covered that besides VLC on my laptop all the other video player are not able to work properly (meaning,, Windows Media Player 12, Cyberlink PowerDVD12 and WMPC are able to play only the audio, but not the video, just black screen),, BUT with VLC is no problem playing any video format!! The thing is that I didn't have this problem previously,, all my video players were able to play all the same video files, which they can't now! I have the latest AMD Radeon HD video drivers installed

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Video Freeze During Playback

Nov 19, 2009

I have had problems with continued freezing and crashing during Avi., xvid, divx, and now problems with playback of recorded media. It occurs in Media Center, VLC, WMP, DIVX. I had this same problem with vista home 32 bit and couldn't elicit support since Windows 7 32 bit was coming out soon.

Solutions I have tried:

Reinstalling OS fresh

Latest Drivers from Nvidia Last upgrade

Upgrade Video card from Nvidia 8800 Onboard Video to 9400 GT card

I have turning off indexing on HD

Turning off certain services and since have reinstalled

Installed very little other than media, (Pics, music)

Please help, I shelled out over a hundred for Vista and I don't want to make the same mistake if Windows 7 is going to have the same problems.

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Stuttering Mpg Video Playback On WMP?

Nov 27, 2009

Some of my .mpg videos periodically stutter during playback on 64-bit Windows 7 if played through WMP 12.0.7600.16415. If played back through VLC 1.0.3 the problem doesn't happen. Problem happens whether in full-screen or windowed mode. The stutter points are consistent and reproducible -- happens at the same place in the video each time. Doesn't happen with all mpg videos, only some.There's nothing else running on the machine. Perfmon shows almost no CPU activity on all cores, and no significant disk or network I/O.Video: EVGA GTX-275, latest nVidia drivers. CPU: i7-860 @ 3.78Ghz. Disk: WD Velociraptor 300GB SATA. The same mpg videos play fine on a lesser-powered XP machine (2.4Ghz Core 2 Quad Q6600) through WMP 11.0.5721.5268.

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No Online Video Playback?

Jul 1, 2011

I just finished building my first computer and everything seems to work fine. However, when I perform a WEI test I receive the error "Could not measure video playback". I made sure drivers were up to date etc. but still couldn't complete the test. The log file had a line saying "Unable to create D3D device" but games and movies on my hard drive worked fine so I decided it wasn't a big deal.Now, however I have just realized that I am unable to watch streaming flash videos online and think the two may be related. Video loads but upon playing video screen turns green and only audio plays.

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Computer Freezes During Video Playback

Jan 20, 2013

So my computer started freezing randomly during video playback and just gets stuck with the sound also looping at a millisecond interval... Anyway I can repeat this error if I play any video full screen for a long enough time period. I did some research on this problem and found that it could be the RAM OR PSU... I used memTEST see if it could possibly be my RAM, But unfortunately do not know how to interpret the errors it gives out correctly, the results are attached. Someone please tell me what I should do if my results read as errors or not.


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BSOD On Video Playback And Gaming?

Aug 15, 2012

I recently bought a new computer and I have been experiencing some video issues while playing videos and playing games, on videos the file plays normally until it becomes jittery with green and pink lines sometimes resulting to a crash or BSOD, after the crash theres a note on the right side of the screen that says "Display driver has stopped working and recovered etc etc, I'm not sure... This also happens on You Tube and other video sites. On games it's pretty much the same but it goes BSOD and restarts.well it does not go BSOD all the time but it does happen almost every time I play videos and play video games.

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Could Not Measure Video Playback Performance

Jul 30, 2011

is there any driver(s) needed to solve this problem?

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Red Line Appearing On Dvd And Video Playback

Nov 20, 2009

I have recently updated my system to run Windows 7 home premium. Last night i went to play a dvd to find that although it will play i get a red line down the middle of the screen.

The software i am running is Cyberlink dvd suite. I also get the same problem when i play video clips attached to e-mails.

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Video Playback Lag (720 / 1080p MKV Movies)

Aug 10, 2012

It's been some time that I've been experiencing micro-lags during the playback of 720/1080p mkv movies (not all of them). It can be best noticed in the parts of the movie when there's a lot of movement. If I stop the movie and play this part again, the lag is still there. It's not the file's fault because there are movies that I used to watch without any problems some time ago (the same file).

CPU: i7 920 2.6 @stock speed
GPU: HD6950 @ stock speed
RAM: 4GB DDR3 1333 (It used to be 6GB but one module broke)
K-Lite Mega Codec Pack + MPC

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HD Movies Have Slow Playback In ITunes Freezes On Import

Jan 10, 2011

let me get you caught up to speed. I have a reasonably-sized digital movie, music, and tv show collection I corral with iTunes. To date I have 145 TV shows covering almost 90GB (mixed SD and HD), 1000 songs covering 8.2GB (From 256kbps AAC to 320kbps MP3 to Apple Loss-less), and 29 movies covering about 50GB (all SD), totaling around 150GB, give or take, I didn't have a machine capable of managing my HD content effectively. I was limited on HDD space as well as processing power. I am the type of person that wants to have ALL of my audio-visual media (minus pictures) in one place. In my case, iTunes. I've decided it's time to re-encode the containers for all of my HD movies to an MPEG4-type container to allow iTunes to even acknowledge it's presence. Since the release of Handbrake 0.9.5, I've been able to encode right of the disk to a file, even mix down audio tracks to AC3, etc. etc. My point here is I have one movie, Hancock, 1080P, around 4GB with audio, encoded H.264/MPEG4 @ ~4500kbps, imports into iTunes just fine. BUT, when playing, it either plays slow (say, 80% of real time) or freezes altogether around 10 seconds in. iTunes freezes when I try to give it a file over 4GB... sort of... It acts as though it's frozen... It even freezes the window I dragged the file out of (drag and dropping into iTunes) so I can't even see my desktop. Windows isn't frozen. I can still move on with life and do other things just fine. iTunes is supposedly chugging away using one of my cores according to my task manager.

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Video Playback Is Blurry And Crappy But Through Browser Is Okay?

Feb 8, 2011

I can watch a video online, as in through a browser and it looks great. But when I play back a video locally from my hard drive it is all blurry and not sharp.I have VLC media player installed. Maybe this has messed with codecs or something?It plays crappy in both VLC and media player in windows 7.How can I get my videos look right again?

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Video Playback Problem (screen Brightnes)

Jun 28, 2009

I have dual boot xp and windows 7 and when i play movies on xp the screen is fine black is black and i have my monitor calibrated. But the same movie in windows 7 is more grey ...like brigthness is not correct and that only happend when i play movie (on any player it is the same gray effect)... I took screenshot and when i look in windows photo viewer the screenshot is normal ..black is black etc... anybody know what is the problem? I did calibrate my monitor correctly and windows colors are ok ... just appearing that gray problem when playing video.

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No Video Playback Only Audio (only Black Screen)

Sep 12, 2012

I recently desc covered that besides VLC on my laptop all the other video player are not able to work properly (meaning,, Windows Media Player 12, Cyberlink PowerDVD12 and WMPC are able to play only the audio, but not the video, just black screen),, BUT with VLC is no problem playing any video format!! The thing is that I didn't have this problem previously,, all my video players were able to play all the same video files, which they can't now! I have the latest AMD Radeon HD video drivers installed (just after I discovered the problem).

I have previously made this trade in a "Graphic Cards" section,, I guess it was wrong so I am re-posting it here "Music, Pictures & Video"

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NVidia 8400GS Drivers Keeps Crashing On Video Playback

Dec 14, 2012

I've got Nvidia 8400GS graphic card and its latest driver, version 306.1. after installing windows 7 on my system, the driver keeps on crashing again and again after some time, when a video is played. after a few seconds a message on the task bar occurs saying that the system has recovered.

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Choppy Video Playback [mainly In Browser Flash Player]

Aug 20, 2009

the video playback in browser, every browser, using flash plugin [e.g. Internet, dailymotion, etc.] plays smoothly but freezes for a second or two every once in a while. this happens during full screen playback as well as windowed one.i also have a problem getting smooth playback using windowed mode of subedit player [i translate stuff so need this player feature, can't replace it for media player classic], even though full screen playback is just fine. same clips playback perfectly in mpc, vlc and other players. i guess the problem is somehow connected with the player, although my colleagues didn't experience this problem, neither did they experience choppy flash playback.i'm using 190.38_desktop_win7_winvista_64bit_english_whql as drivers.

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Video Freeze On Playback, Sound Skipping And Cracking

Nov 30, 2009

- graphic drivers (not in my case, U can always check if it helps in yours)

- high performance power profile (from this forum's tutorials: Power Plan - Select | Power Plan Settings - Change)

- installing different codecs/vid player

- PCI-E x1 bug <- a real pain in the ass, caused most of the problems; Ill explain how to solve it in a minute

- Comodo Firewall/Internet Security for x64 systems (for some users disabling the Image Execution and unticking Detect Shellcode injections worked) - still a not resolved bug LINK 1 LINK2
- interrupt conflict with other hardware (try to disable in BIOS setup your WiFi adapter / COM port this helped a couple of people)

Skipping and shuttering sound on all my sources (Audigy (with kx v.3550 drivers) and AD SoundMax integrated with MB) was also caused by the PCI-E bug, which was a real surprise for me, especially in the case of Audigy which is an old PCI card.

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Windows Experience Index Video Playback Error

Sep 7, 2011

When I run the WEI I receive an error that says video playback cannot be completed. I have updated all video drivers. I have a NVIDIA GEForce GTS 250. Below is a copy of the error log.

44448694 (3972) - winsatlogging.cpp:0815: --- START 201197 6:59:23 AM ---
44448694 (3972) - winsatmain.cpp:4301: Command Line = "C:Windowssystem32winsat.exe" formal -restart clean -cancelevent b2a9721e-8fd3-49a9-88fa-27a0fb55bc39
44448694 (3972) - winsatprocesswinsaterror.cpp:0095: ERROR: tried to read resource strings, unknown exception occured
44448725 (3972) - winsatmain.cpp:4474: > IsFormal=TRUE IsMoobe=FALSE.
44448772 (3972) - winsatmain.cpp:4585: Watch dog system enabled


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Upgraded To Windows 7 - Video Playback Crashes In XP Mode

Apr 21, 2012

I would like to run a program that uses video. It's an old program that won't run in Windows 7, but ran well in XP. I just upgraded to Windows 7, but still really need this software, so I was hoping it would run in XP Mode. The installation went well. However, it works only up until the point when I load the video. Once I run it and then stop it, the program freezes completely.

This is the computer I have. The only thing different is that Windows Home version was upgraded to Business:
Gamer Supreme 957i Desktop PC
Intel Core i7 2600K(3.40GHz)
16GB DDR3 1TB HDD Capacity
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 2GB
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit

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Black Screen While Video Playback On Any Player But VLC (audio Works)

Jan 15, 2013

I discovered that besides VLC player on my laptop all the other video player are not able to work properly (meaning,, Windows Media Player 12, Cyberlink PowerDVD12 and WMPC are able to play only the audio, but not the video, it's just just black screen),, BUT with VLC is no problem playing any video format!! The thing is that I didn't have this problem previously,, all my video players were able to play all the same video files, which they can't now! I have the latest AMD Radeon HD video drivers installed. As I mentioned I didn't have this problem before,, with a previous versions of the AMD graphics card driver. This happened to my laptop a while ago already,, since I have this problem I updated my video drivers 5 or 6 times at least, and no change so far!Why am I assuming that the cause of my problem is the graphics card driver is, for ex. when I had just re- installed my windows (fresh! from Windows 7 to Windows 8),, the video playback was working, while the graphic card was running on the drivers provided by Microsoft! as soon as I am installing the driver for my model of AMD Radeon graphic card I am staring to have the problem.As I mentioned I have the problem for some time already, during this time I re-installed my Windows couple of time, plus I even changed the version of the windows (7to8), for the moment I have the last version of video driver installed, I haven't installed ANY codecs?

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How To Achieve Most Complete Playback Features For Ripped Video Content

Nov 26, 2011

My family and I have accumulated a rather large library of DVD/BD movies that we like to watch repeatedly from time to time. In order to avoid searching for and handling the original disks each time, I have been ripping the content, preserving menus,chapters, and the audio and subtitle streams for our preferred language, along with the main video title.i chose to transcode the video using h.264 format, and AC3 audio, storing those and the subtitle stream in an MKV wrapper, because that format is reasonably well supported by the WDTV Live Plus player I have been using. However, I have found many shortcomings of that player to be frustrating to me. My frustration is caused mostly by these factors:

- Browsing screen by screen, with only textual titles when deciding what movie to watch next is not pleasing.

- If I want to jump into a particular movie chapter, again there is only text (minutes/seconds) to help me find the chapter I want, as opposed to artwork such as one would have when viewing the original disk using a DVD/BD player.

- Inability to pause, and advance frame by frame, as I would be able to if playing the original media.

- The WDTV Live Plus sometimes alters the appearance of the subtitles compared with the original media, and sometimes to the extent that they are unreadable.

Thinking that I might be able to improve on shortcomings like these, I embarked on a project to build my first HTPC, which I have now done. I am happy with the system from a hardware perspective. I installed Windows 7 Professional x64, and am poised to begin using Media Center for the first time. It is my hope that I can use the MKV files I have spent many hours creating, but if some other format proves more appropriate, I will start over, but using my new system, it will not take nearly so many hours the next time.I would eventually like to retire my two Tivo boxes, so I expect I will install a tuner card such as the Ceton InfiniTV4 that accommodates a multi-stream cable card, but one Tivo function we use occasionally (and would like to retain) is the ability to download Amazon video on demand for later viewing. Is this possible with Media Center, and could I stop viewing from the family room in the middle of a movie, and continue watching on the bedroom extender?

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All Video Files Give Error On Playback - Class Not Registered

Jul 13, 2012

The title explains it all just restored my computer and now any kind of videos files i try to play give me the error "Class not registered" what do I do? I did update all my video drivers.

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Automatically Switch Playback Device On Boot-up?

Jul 29, 2012

I'm trying to use my computer as a wake-up alarm. I typically have my USB headset as my default audio device, but I also have speakers plugged in and turned on. When my computer boots up in the morning, I would like to have a script that changes the default audio device to the speakers for a certain amount of time, then changes the audio device back.

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Slow Boot Time Slow Startup And Hangs?

Nov 18, 2011

I bought this Fujitsu laptop for less than a year. Its only for my school work. It takes forever to bootup, startup and it sometime hangs when I open up a program or typing.For the bootup, it takes very long time on the window logo, after that the black screen, followed by the welcome page with the loading cursor. Each of this process take a long time. For startup, its not so long but its still quite lag. For the opening up of program and typing, everytime I open up my visual studio, it will take a long time to show up and even if it showed up, it will be "not responding".So I will have to open it a second time before I can start using itWhen I am typing my codes, it will randomly hang and show that the program is not responding. I am still able to move my cursor though.

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Slow Video And Bad Sound

Mar 18, 2011

I just upgraded my main computer to windows 7 ultimate and the sound it really bad, its always laggy and the videos on my computer are choppy as well. I have downloaded all the video and audio drivers for my motherboard and nothing seem to do it.

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Slow Video Streaming?

Aug 17, 2011

i have a toshiba l510 notebook for about a year now.. about two weeks ago i was watching a video from animecrazy.net using google chrome as my browser. i just notice that the video took a lot of time to buffer which is unusual because before it was buffering fast. then i browse Internet and watch some videos and it was fine and the video is loading fast. then i tried other video streaming sites like megavideo and same situation with animecrazy.net. the video is loading slow... i was just bothered because all video streaming sites i browse except Internet are buffering slow...i also tried other browser like firefox and ie but the same happens..i am using windows 7 starter.

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