Windows Defender File Association Ox8007002 Error

Apr 28, 2008

I upgraded my xp os to vista home premium 32bit. By mistake I uninstalled windows defender. When i tried to reinstall, I got a message that I already have it in the os. When I go into the control panel, and click on windows defender I get a no file association 0x80070002 message.

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Powerpoint Viewer: File Association Throwing Error

Dec 1, 2009

A friend installed the Powerpoint viewer. He's still having problems with the file association throwing an error when doubling clicking in Windows Mail. I seem to recall that there was a specific Vista Bug/Fix in this area. Any pointers?

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Windows Defender Not Start, Get Error 0x800106ba

Mar 23, 2008

Vista Home Premium. Windows defender won't start. Get some error message... 0x800106ba. Also... when I boot all security is turned off. I turn it all on again but when boot again its off again.

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Windows Defender: Error Application Failed To Initialize: 0 X 800106ba

Mar 23, 2008

I just downloaded a bunch of application and did a lot of work on my computer. I do however, have samantic endpoint virus protection and did a couple of scans with no problems. When i try to open windows defender i am getting an error that says. Application failed to initialize: 0 x 800106ba. A problem caused this program's service to stop. To start the service restart your computer or search Help and Support for how to start a service manually. I restarted and tried to open it but got the same error.

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No File Association

Aug 25, 2009

I'm running vista & i try to open my creative zen organizer & it tell me their is no file association -the file path is C:Program Files (x86)CreativeCreative Zen Vision M"

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Changed File Association For .lnk

Mar 13, 2010

I was unable to click on a link in an email (it was a link to an email address). I went to defaults/file associations and .lnk and set it to my mail program. Now I know that it changed every link on my desktop and in my program files, go to the mail program. There is no reset to the default association. I don't know what the default association was!

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How Remove File Association?

Jun 27, 2008

In windows vista, how can I remove a file association from a particular extension. I don't want to change it, I just want to remove.

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Cancel File Association?

Jun 15, 2008

how can i cancel file association in Vista or eliminat the association. my problem is i associte file DAT with note pad and i dont now how to eliminat that file association, i remeber that in xp u can do it but in vista i found only change file

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This File Has No Program Association

Mar 9, 2009

This file hav coe not a progam Create anassociatons controle panel. Do not know todo it.

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ISO File Type Association?

Jun 19, 2009

I have Virtual CD installed on my computer and it was handling .iso files and a very useful feature it had, it caused some options to appear in the context menu of the file (i.e. right clicking on the file) to be able to directly insert the .iso file into a virtual drive. But then I installed WinRAR and regretfully (!!!) I chose WinRAR to associate with .iso files ... and I lost those useful options in the context menu.

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LOST File Association For JPG & GIF

Apr 12, 2009

I somehow lost the association for windows to automatically launch gif, jpeg and other image fomats to go to the vista default image viewer. Where is the location of that very default vista image viewer? What's its name too??

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File Association With Email Shortcuts

Nov 3, 2008

I am experiencing difficulty concerning file association with email shortcuts as can be seen in the attachment. When I click on what I think is my email shortcut, I receive the attached message.

This has only started within the last days and wonder if anyone can instruct me how to correct this error.

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Lost File Association With Exe Files

Feb 17, 2010

The aftermath of a trojan attack (Vista Guardian) has resulted in the file association of exe files being lost and hence an inability to run exe files. I am quite convinced that the trojan is now dead, but I can't figure out how to fix the damage. If I could get into the registry I could fix it, but of course regedit is an exe file so I can't run it. I've tried tricks like running it from command line or from inside a batch file but with no joy. I have also made a copy and called it This looked romising as Vista asked for user permission to run the program, but then nothing. It gets killed off before it starts. I am not familiar with the particular machine, nor am I very familiar with Vista and I am now at a loss as to how to proceed.

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Change File Type Association

Mar 29, 2008

I am using Vista Home Premium 32 Bit. How do I change the file type so that it will open in the correct application? For some reason the little icon changed from the Photoshop (PSD) to the Quick Time Icon.

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File Association Cannot Open With Worpad

May 17, 2010

I meet on the PC of a friend, a problem ? me on persistent the file association in Vista I can not? come ?end. All its documents. doc open with Wordpad and not Winword. I tent? r? involve the control panel , through the cr? ation null.exe empty file by right-clicking " Open with "... Nothing changes , I can change the program ( now the doc. " open " with null.exe ) but IM - PO - ISS - BLE associate WINWORD ...I? also d ? sintall ? / r ? install ? MSOffice 2003 and 2007 . Always nothing ! For the info . docm. docx and others open perfectly with Winword. One of you would be a solution ? propose?

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This File Does Not Have A Program Association With It For Performing This Action

Nov 7, 2009

Computer Club member's Windows Vista Home Premium. The message above says it all. No .exe file will run. I have drilled down to winword.exe, and double clicked. I have clicked icons on the desktop. I have clicked programs on the start menu. In safe mode, I have downloaded a new version of Windows Installer, when Run is clicked the subject message appears.

When using Window Explorer, no .exe file has an icon associated with it! When I open Programs & Features in the Control Panel. Programs cannot be removed as the subject message appears.

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XML File Association, Set Associations Control Panel

Mar 29, 2008

I have been having problems running my accounts program (QuickBooks Regular 2006.) Having visited the Intuit website, I reinstalled the software again as they advised but the problem still remains so I think it is in fact an issue with Vista instead.

It brings up a dialog box that says "c:Program FilesIntuitQuickBooks RegularComponentsSales TaxSalesTax2523.xml" as the title and "This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the Set Associations control panel." I've looked in Control Panel ---> Default Programs on Vista and XML files don't seem to be associated with any program at all.

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Windows Defender Spyware: Open Internet Explorer, The Windows Defender Pops Up And Says That My IE Is Infected?

Feb 11, 2010

The computer has worked fine since then, I've used the internet at wi-fi hotspots around my city, with never a single problem...until last night. While I was on-line at home, I was checking a website that I have always checked before without issue when my Windows Defender suddenly popped open and said that my computer was under threat and blocked Internet Explorer from me and started running a diagnosic. Well apparently it said that I had like 26 infections in my computer. That I had worms, spyware, adware, that someone was watching my key logs, etc, etc, and it gave me the option to click on the remove all. So I clicked on it, but instead of doing anything, another message box appeared saying that my Windows Defender is not the full version and that I must either purchase the full version or enter my key code for it. I don't have a key code since I never bought this program, was pre-installed.

Anyways, now whenever I try to open Internet Explorer, the Windows Defender pops up and says that my IE is infected and asks if I would like to purchase the full Windows Defender. I have clicked on both options. If I say "no", the computer blocks my IE, if I say yes, it opens my IE, but instead of taking me to a Windows website, it takes me to, which my browser says does not exist and instead takes me to another page with a listing of anti-virus program sites to buy from. Well, all this seems fishy to me because I can't do anything with the Windows Defender program. I can't turn it off, I can't change its settings, or even look at other options it has. Instead whenever I try the message window of "would I like to buy the full version now?" appears and keeps appearing.

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How To Create An Association In Set Association Control Panel

Mar 24, 2009

I have read all of the questions and answers regarding how to do this but still do not know how to create. I am a beginner and need step by step instructions. I have went into my control panel and then into programs/default and that brought up a screen with names such Windows email on the left side of the screen and then at the bottom of the screen were two items listed which I have now forgotten what was listed; however, I clicked on both of them and found nothing to indicate what to do or where to go to next so please can you give me step by step instructions. All I am trying to do is open an attachment to an email and I receive the message I need to create an association in set association control panel.

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Windows Defender: "Application Failed To Initialize 0x80016ba." Error

Feb 16, 2009

This message kept coming up after I turned my computer on. What does this mean and what do I need to do to fix this?? "Application failed to initialize 0x80016ba." A problem caused this program's service to stop. To start the service, restart your computer or search Help and Support for how to start a service manually."

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Windows Defender: "Error Code 0x800106ba Application Failed To Initialize"

Mar 4, 2009

My daughter suddenly experiences: Windows Defender: "Error Code 0x800106ba Application failed to initialize" This is a fairly new machine (running Vista Home Premium) and it was delivered with McAfee virus protection installed. The initial McAfee license is about to expire so she renewed that license for a permanent licence today. There may of course be a connection here, but I fail to see what that connection could be.

She was guided to which suggests to initially remove (uninstall) Windows Defender and then reinstall it. The only problem with this is that Windows Defender is not included in the list of installed programs that can be uninstalled, and when she tries to "reinstall" it Windows Defender is reported as already present on the system. I checked on my own system where Windows Defender is running without any problem, and the same applies here: Windows Defender is not listed among installed programs.

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Windows Failed To Start: ERROR "cannot Create A File When That File Already Exists" (0x800700b7)

Mar 23, 2008

My elderly Mother's Vista PC isn't working, and as she relies on this for shopping etc I need to get it working (I am several hundred miles from her). The PC tried to install the latest Vista updates (20/2/2008) but upon restart she gets the message "Windows failed to restart - a recent hardware/software change may be the cause - File windowssystem32winload.exe "The selected file could not be loaded". She doesn't have a start in "normal mode" option. I have walked her through trying system repair/restore using the Vista installation Cd, but after trying to restore she gets the message; "system restore failed due to an unspecified error; "cannot create a file when that file already exists" (0x800700b7) We have tried 3 different restore points with the same result.

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Can't Start Defender, Error 0x800106ba

May 27, 2008

I'm running windows Vista Ultimate but have a couple of issues. First one is that I can't start defender at all, I can't update it because windows says it's already part of vista and I can't figure out how to uninstall it. The error message is 0x800106ba. Second issue is that I can't change the windows update settings, I have administrator rights but can't figure out how to change it, the options are greyed out.

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Cannot Unpdate Defender Error Code 0x80004002

Jul 29, 2009

I have tried several things, followed advice from here and microsoft and still no joy... i have reregistered .dll files, recommended through microsoft website..i have deleted restore points...i have turned off windows defender..i have allowed windows/microsoft site in security tab in internetoptions. I also cannot update defender. My computer does check for updates, but extremely slow, then when it has found the ones needed, it downloads them, but when it comes too installing it says: The following 75 updates could not be installed, error code 0x80004002, im sure its just something simple..ty for your time..

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File From Defender Won't Start Or Run

Nov 30, 2009

My granddaughter's laptop got the eco (green) antivirus extortionware, and I manually removed it. It somehow removed the core files from Defender, and now it won't start or run. Suggestions? (besides a format please)

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Create An Association .pdf, Windows Mail

Sep 13, 2009

I've created an association (.pdf) using my control panel but .pdf files that i try to open in windows mail still say "create an association"..(I have it set to use Adobe Reader to open my .pdf files).

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Cannot Open A .dat File And Cannot Set An Association To Open

Apr 3, 2008

Using Vista Home Premium with SP1. I cannot open a .dat file and cannot set an association to open it because .dat is not listed in the Set Association menu. How do I get .dat listed so that I can set an association to it?

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Windows Vista Premium Home SP1 Windows Defender Doesn't Start Automatically

Jul 29, 2009

I am running Windows Vista Premium Home SP1. When I boot my computer, Windows Defender doesn't start automatically. It works fine if I start it manually. I have never run Windows OneCare, MSCONFIG shows it set to start, the Windows Defender service is set to automatic and Tools | Options has all the checkboxes checked.

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Managed To Corrupt: Windows Defender, Windows Picture Viewer....

Nov 22, 2007

I have been using Vista Ultimate x64 for the last 5 months and have to say it's been a massive learing curve due to its fragility - 4 full rebuilds in the last 4 months - and not much fun when using SATA RAID. Anyway, got up yesterday morning, turned on the computer and it had managed to corrupt itself yet again: Windows Defender, Windows Picture Viewer and a host of desktop icons refused to find their pathways home and so decided against a full rebuild and started the repair option with a boot to the DVD. I set this off running and went to work at 12:30pm...

I came back 5 hours later and still had the dialog box " Finalising Registry" running on my screen! Well, a quick restart and i tried the upgrade option once back in Vista from the DVD. This then took and unbelievable 7 hours to complete and was finally ready - after updates - at 01:20am this morning, but a full clean install would have taken about 1-2 hours to finish, so i'll be doing that in future!.........

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Windows Sidebar Sys Tray Icon Changes To That Of Windows Defender?

Feb 7, 2009

Vista Ultimate SP1+. On a couple occasions after turning Windows Sidebar off and later back on I've noticed its sys tray icon has changed to the same icon Windows Defender uses. After a warm boot Sidebar seems to sort itself out. Any rhyme or reason for this?

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Do I Have To Keep Windows Defender?

May 29, 2008

I am not sure if i have to keep Window Defender in ON. It came with Windows Vista. I have already a antivirus AVG 8.0 with all options activate. Could you please tell me, if in some way the updates from microsoft (Windows Defender) could overload my computer's memory?. or make it slower?.

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