VPN Disconnects Internet Connection

Apr 3, 2009

I am having a problem that when I connect to a VPN for work it disconnects my internet connection and I need to reboot the machine to the internet back again. I have tired to create a new VPN but the same thing happens.

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Internet Disconnects On Video

Mar 31, 2010

i have an advent 9515 laptop running windows vista home premium 32-bit sp2. i connect wirelessly to my router downstairs and all is fine for standard web surfing. the problem arises when i use services such as Internet and spotify, or perform a large download. the pc will just stop being connected to the router and the little yellow exclamation mark appears over my networking icon stating limited connectivity. the standard windows network diagnostics tools are useless, telling me to move to another location and turn the router off and on again. using device manager i attempt to disable the wireless card in order to enable it again, hopefully refreshing it, but this just causes the computer to go unresponsive and requires a reboot. also, if i do not do anything to try and solve the problem, when i shut down, windows says "shutting down" forever and i have to force it. is there any way to solve this problem i have to put up with?

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Internet Disconnects On Certain Webpages

Aug 10, 2008

I searched and couldn't find a problem to this one. While browsing my broadband connection is reliably disconnected if I type in an invalid webpage (i.e., if I type in abim.org as opposed to www.abim.org) or sometimes when trying to download a file such as the AVS file converter. If I open a different page I am prompted to connect to the internet which is quickly done but what is causing this- or more importantly, how do I fix it?

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Internet Connection: Secure The Connection Permanently

May 20, 2009

my computer is not holding it's internet connection, even when i refresh it just wont reconnect and i end up having to restart and then the connection is fine. I'm running Vista Home Premium, Defender, ZoneAlarm (free) and Avast (free). Broadband connection. is there anyway to secure the connection permanently (which it should be) Have i, a setting wrong? At all times my internet icon says i am fully connected?

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Windows RDP Disconnects

Mar 23, 2008

I am having an issue with the RDP client disconnecting my sessions to terminal servers after an idle period. The issue is not on the servers, because I do not get disconnected when I use a windows xp machine to connect to the servers. I have tried modifying the idle timeouts in the registry, and local policy, but those only seem to change the server settings, not the client settings.

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Usb Mouse Disconnects

Jun 2, 2008

i have an acer aspire 9410 intel core 2 duo t2500 windows vista home premium 32bit (i think >.>) SP1 nvidia geforce GO 7300 128mb(yaya it sucks) and i have no discs for vista what so ever the only thing i got was the laptop and a box for it and im not sure if this will help me but ever sence a recent download (think it was one for media player or that) vista takes me 30 minutes before i can run an application and now my usb mouse will some times disconnect for no reason at all. i really need help im losing my mind im starting to consider a mac

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DNS: Connection To The Internet

May 7, 2008

I have had a problem keeping my connection to the Internet. when I connect everything is OK until I want to use my browser and then I lose the connection from my server to the web (dialup connection)I am still connected to my ISP but cannot access anything from the Internet zone,It is shown only that I have a local connection only. I can ping my ISP and Ping the ISP's website. so it seems that I have a DNS misconfiguration, question is what do I start looking for?

Netcomm internal modem IN5920 and have tried a swansmart internal modem and a webexcel external modem with the same results. I can start to download virus defs Etc but will drop the Internet connection as soon as I touch the browser and be just left with a local connection. I have had this problem for over a month and have greatly increased Telstra's Australian coffers

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Need To Hog The Internet Connection

Apr 21, 2009

We have a bt homehub router, two pc's connect wirelessly, the wifes laptop and my gaming rig, we live practically nextdoor to the exchange and sync up at 8192kb/s my ip profile is 7000kb/s so i know my connection is sound. she is a facebook fiend and when she is browsing pictures i lag out ingame regulaly, its getting to the point where i cant game if she is on the laptop its like being on a piece of elastic ingame is there any way i can make my pc hog the lions share of the banwidth? Or is it just a case of it being split equally? even if it means me connecting to the router with an ethernet cable.

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Cannot Browse, Have Internet Connection

May 5, 2010

I cannot browse the net, but am definitely online. I have an HP desktop with Vista OS. I have wireless and I know everything is fine with the connection, because I am typing this post off an XP laptop which is using the same modem.

Yesterday the problem began when I uninstalled a DivX player that I dont use. I have read up on this and other sites and can't find a solution. Everytime I try to browse from the desktop I get the HTTP 403 error message. I have tried rebooting, "winsockfix", several command prompts, pinging, the IP address is fine, I am all out of ideas.

Can somebody please point me in the right direction, I have spoken to HP, AT&T and the store I purchased the computer and no dice, anywhere.

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Reinstalling Without An Internet Connection

Mar 23, 2008

My son purchased a laptop for college in August. Recently he installed Unix on it and now he cannot connect to the Internet. How can he reinstall Vista on his machine without having to purchase Vista? His computer came with Vista, so it seems like he should be able to get it somehow. Of course, the quicker he can do this the better.

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Losing Internet Connection

May 15, 2010

This has been an ongoing problem for around 6 mths now and is really getting to me now. Namely the dropping of the internet. I can be merrily surfing the net one minute and then the next if I go to a site I get the message "looking up XXXXX". At this time my taskbar internet icon can be showing the internet connect to be either "local" or "local and internet". Now obviously if local I will lose it but if it's saying "local and internet" why doesn't it work? It will eventually drop back to local everytime. Even though at all times the ADSL line light on my modem/router is showing solid.

The problem is intermittent. I can have best part of a day without trouble, then it may happen lots of times in a short period. To get it back requires reboots of the modem/router and/or reboots of the PC. I have tried 3 different modem/routers all do the same. Now losing patience

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SP1 Causes Problems With Internet Connection

Apr 15, 2008

After installing Windows Vista Service Pack 1 I lost my internet connection. I kept trying to open various websites in Internet Explorer and eventually I was able to download partial, sometimes even complete web pages, although IE wasn't displaying them, presumably because various resources on the page weren't downloaded yet (I used View Source in the empty browser window to see what it had downloaded up until that point and in most cases it was only half of a web page). Some sites began to work all of the time, such as Google.com, while other sites didn't work at all, like Microsoft.com.

I persisted to keep trying to connect to various web sites, assuming that it was just a major coincidence that my network connection was failing at the same exact time that I installed SP1, but after several hours now I'm still having the same exact problem and some research has turned up that I'm certainly not the only person to experience internet connection issues due to having installed SP1.

I've tried the following:.........

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Internet Connection Speeds

May 24, 2008

i want to get my connection to go faster is their anything i can do at my system end to increase performace i've already noticed an increased perfomace when using a desktop from a laptop on the same connection so it stands to reason that their might be something else i can do to get it to run faster still.

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Connection To Router But Not The Internet

Mar 23, 2008

I am having problems getting a wireless internet connection for a friend who has just bought a new laptop with Windows Vista. He connects through a Netgear, wireless router however the network connection on the laptop shows as local connection ok however there is limited access due to no internet connection. The adapter has a router assigned IP address of The gateway, DNS server and DHCP server address all show the I have connected to the admin console on the router and the router has been assigned a public address and DNS address from the ISP (AOL ADSL).

I disabled encryption and mac authentication incase for some reason this would be causing it but its still the same. He has a desktop PC hard wired to the router and this connects without any problems. The IPConfig of the adapter is much the same as the wireless adapter on the laptop with exception of the IP address which is I can get a connection to the internet if I hard wire the laptop however when connecting wireless it once again gets a local intranet connection but no internet. I can ping the local network and the gateway but nothing beyond the gateway.

I have done the usual things in the way of power cycling the router/modem and disabling/repairing network connections etc. I recall having the same problem around 2 months ago for another friend. They were using a cable modem with an Actiontec router. I did as I did above and even tried 2 different routers with no change. My XP laptop connects fine.

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No Internet Connection Through A Switch

Jan 17, 2009

i just installed Windows Vista x64 and immediately ran into network problems. My Network and Sharing center said my connection was connecting/disconnecting every few seconds and I was unable to reach the internet. My network is something like this (ignore the periods, they're there because the field won't format blank spaces :P ) :

Cable modem ---> Linksys SD2005 Switch ---> Wireless router ---> Game systems ........|........ (Netgear WGT624)......|.......+--->Vista 32 Bit PC........+--->Windows XP SP2 PC.....+--->Vista x64 (mine)

I have 4 separate IPs from my ISP so I can RDP into anything not behind the router from work. The wireless is just nice for random evices. All 3 PCs have independent IPs assigned from the ISPs DNS. All systems work fine except the x64.I thought it was my on-board NIC so I went and bought a PCI NIC. It did the same thing. At this point I think I might have 2 bad NICs so i went and got a third - same thing. I read around on some forums and tweaked my duplex settings which stopped the connect/disconnect, but then I got something like this in my Network and Sharing Center:x64 ===>green===>Unidentified Network===> X ===> Internet,Changing the duplex settings around did not resolve this.Next, I followed a Microsoft fix and changed a setting in my registry that did something about disabling a packet broadcast Vista does that some devices cannot respond to. Still no go.After pulling what's left of my hair out I slept on it and plugged my x64 system into the router.

Disco! It worked. However, because of the physical locations of each system this is messy and cannot remain in place. (Aside from that I want to resolve this issue because I think it is dumb :/ )So my question is - why can't my Vista x64 system get an IP via DHCP from the ISPs DNS? Is there something I need to turn off/kill that I haven't hit yet? When it is getting it from the router it seems happy as a clam but through the switch is no-go. (gives that nasty 169.... (preferred) address). I used mostly XP before and it looks like Vista is trying to connect to some local network and self-assign its IP. How can I make it stop (without asking my ISP for a static IP, cause they prolly won't give it to me w/o mucho $$)?

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Internet Connection Failure

Aug 16, 2007

In January I bought a Dell Dimension E551(2.60 GHz AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 320 gig hard drive). This came with XP installed and a free Vista Home Premium upgrade when it became available. It was after installing this that my troubles began.

1. I discovered that my M-audio delta sound card is not yet compatible with Vista. Obviously I should have checked this out before install, but as a non-techie I naively assumed Microsoft would have issues like this covered before releasing their OS. Also, Dell supplied an additional disc with Vista which supposedly checks for conflicts before upgrade, but nothing came up about the sound card, hence I presumed it would work. I since moved the card to my other computer but I am now left with an m-audio control panel which I am unable to install (does not appear on add/remove program list).

2. My broadband Internet connection has failed. It worked for a few weeks, then became unreliable and now can't get online at all. My ISP (tiscali) claim it should work with their service, but none of their staff have been trained in Vista and can’t advise. I did eventually manage to get online by installing Virtual PC and running XP on that, so obviously it’s a Vista conflict somewhere and not the connection or hardware.

3. Windows Explorer seems to dislike certain files and will often crash and restart when attempting to access these files. Example: I created a folder and moved a zipped file into it (which was working fine from the desktop). Clicking on this file now instantly causes windows explorer to crash. I cannot now move or delete this file.

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Slow Internet Connection

Feb 20, 2009

Been running Vista x64 for a while with no problems at all ( yes...honestly!!! ) with a Quad Core and 4Gb ram and an internet connection that was as good as I was expecting. A few months back, though, things went downhill very suddenly! Now, it takes 20 minutes plus just to open some websites, and download speeds have dropped to virtually nothing. I am talking dialup speeds on a 2Mb line. Model is a Belkin wireless router, but I am connected to it by cable since the PC is right by the phone line. I have 2 other PC's in the house ( both running XP wirelessly ) One is temporarily offline due to other issues... but the other is connecting normally with no speed problems. I have done the 'google' thing, and disabled the auto-tuning facility, with no noticable improvements............................

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Internet Connection Difficulties

Oct 3, 2009

i have started this thread on behalf of a friend. He claims that when he updated chrome, and internet explorer a week ago he found that none of his browsers worked(firefox, opera etc that i gave him on a cd were no differnet). Only some the programs still managed to update themselves(advanced system care) windows update finds available updates but wont download or install them. The taskbbar icon show he is connected, Also he has a wierd boradband connection with avanti comunications if that is any use.

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The Internet Often Lose Its Connection

Dec 3, 2008

I recently bought a new desktop. Os is the vista home premium edition. The internet often lose its connection. My msn keeps on re-connecting again and again. when i checked the status of the connection, everything is perfectly fine, the signal strength is excellent. I have no problems with my previous xp desktop. Everything is excellent, well, until it crash.

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Internet Connection Hacked

Jul 6, 2008

I am being hacked by someone very malicious. At one time there were 3 other PCs on my Norton map view and I have done enough research to find out that someone is using my internet connection with wireless devices. I myself don't have any wireless devices and have only 1 PC so I know they are not mine. Now they have blocked me out of that page so I can't check if they are there or not. The phone company refuse to help me track them so. I need to know how to find their IP so I can give it to the authorities and get it stopped. I'm so tired of reformatting every week or two because they mess with my system files etc.

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PC Slow When Connection With Internet.

May 10, 2008

is it plausible to see a list with all applications that use the network/internet? this because my pc is very quick when the internet is off, but when I start my pc and the internet is on, than it is very slow (for example: I had to wait 30 minutes before I could log in on this site!!!). it's not because of any firewall/antivirus/antispam/antispyware program, because I turned them off.

(it started on the 7th this month, when I found out there were some updates from vista. I even couldn't download them, because everything crashed: desktop, windows update, taskbar, microsoft word, MSN. Since than it happens all the time there is an internetconnection)

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Log Off, Internet Connection Page Up

Mar 23, 2008

Everytime I close my mail box I get the internet connection page up with a message do you want to disconnet from the internet

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No Internet Connection & No Shut Down

Feb 17, 2010

I'm posting this message for my girlfriend. Back in September, both she and I bought brand new Lenovo laptop computers. They have worked great with little, to no problems, until recently. About a week or so ago I bought high speed internet for my house and I added my girlfriend's computer to the service. For the first few days her computer worked fine at my house, but yesterday something strange happened. Now the computer won't connect at all to the internet. Here is what has happened so far:

Yesterday when my girlfriend tried to log onto the wireless connection, whenever she would open IE the window would take forever to load and then after awhile, the window would say that the Internet Connection Could Not Connect. After clicking on the "diagnose this problem" button, the computer would then tell her that Windows could not fix the problem. The strange thing is that whenever she looks at the Access Connections, the computer says that it is indeed picking up the signal from my router, and she has the correct password, but for whatever reason the computer simple will not connect to the internet. I even tried plugging the ethernet cord directly into her computer and still, nothing from the net will load.

Another odd thing is that her laptop will not shut down automatically. Whenever she clicks on the shut down button, the computer takes a good 7-8 minutes, just logging off her desktop, until finally a blue screen comes on, says something about a bug, then restarts to protect the computer from crashing (so it says). So the only way to shut off her computer now is to hold down the power button until the laptop does shut off, but whenever she turns the computer on again, it says that the computer was shut down improperly.

Anyways, she is at a loss at what to do and so am I. She has McAfee on her computer and I ran the program today, it didn't find anything in the way of viruses on her system and she hasn't dropped it or anything. Her computer was working fine on the internet at my house the other day, but now it won't connect at all, and after we do try to log onto the net and fail, everything else in her computer becomes super slow. Opening programs and closing windows takes forever to do!

She has had something similar to this happen before when she used to go to a local internet cafe and sign on using their wireless. The IE window would open and take forever loading only to never load at all.

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Can Share Same Internet Connection On 2 Pcs?

Mar 23, 2008

I've just bought myself a new pc n have it hooked up to the internet ready to go.... my old pc I have given to my sister and the pc is in her room seperate to mine. Is there any way we can share the same internet connection if so what do i need n is it easy to do?

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After Restart No Internet Connection

Jan 25, 2010

What the title says I had restarted my computer after adding another adminstrator account and have no Internet connection and have this ugly xp looking theme. If u want to know why I added another account is for deleting this file when it ask you need permission to continue that's why

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Connection To The Internet Fails

May 13, 2009

It's a small office, we have maybe 7 or 8 computers. 1 or 2 connect wirelessly, the rest are wired. I guess the situation before I got here was that they were going to try going wireless but it didn't work for whatever reason. (My boss used a Dummie's book to set up the server and network). So the current environment is that there are multiple gateways. When I first started I had some Compaq computer and it was fine. Then I started getting very intermittent (almost non-existant) connection to the internet. When it did connect, it would go slow.........................

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Don't Detect As Internet Connection

Jan 7, 2010

i had just installed crysis and played a while. ( i know it's offtopic but just for the record cos it could help to solve it) and when i tried to open IE 7 x32 it didn't detect an internet connection, after thaty tried FF, opera, anything.

No internet connection
I checked 100 times and diagnosed my network connection and i found nothing, it was fine.
Then i tried to open gtalk..... nothing
Tried google earth............... nothing
Tried windows live messenger.......guess what......NOTHING!!
(all x32 applications)
So i opened IE x64 and YAY!! it worked and here i am XD.
BTW, All of em close with error message. Didn't happen before.

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Wireless Switch Disconnects After Sleep

Mar 23, 2008

I'm really frustrated at this and feel I've tried everything. I've been searching all over the internet for help but to no avail - nobody seems to have this specific problem. I have just bought a new Sony Vaio VGN-NR11Z/S (2 GHz Processor - Intel Core 2 Duo T2750; 2 GB RAM; Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit Version). It has an integrated wireless switch on it and is running windows Vista. These two things don't seem to agree with each other. I boot up the laptop and the wireless connection works fine, I connect to the internet straight away. I then put it to sleep in the way I used to using standby on XP (closing the lid basically). When Vista comes out of sleep mode I find that I can't connect to the internet, and the little light on the wireles switch is off.

I diagnose the problem and it tells me to turn on my wireless switch, which is odd as it is already on. The only way to get the internet working again is to restart the computer. "ipconfig/renew" in command prompt says the media is disconnected. Device manager says the device is working properly and disabling then enabling it doesn't help. I've just installed the latest driver ( and that hasn't helped either. Changing power settings to maximum performance does nothing as well, neither does turning the switch off then back on again. My wireless device is "Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection". It's basically when I come out of sleep the computer can't recognise the wireless switch, or it turns itself off even when it's in the on position.

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Disconnects & Reboot Is Needed To Resume!

May 2, 2008

I have Vista x64 Ultimate & Netgear DM111 modem which connects throuh PPPOE, but just recently iv noticed it suddenly & frequently disconnects & when it redials, all i cud get is an error ''TCP/IP CP reported Error 31'' along with TCP/IPv6 reported error 733'' but when i boot its all OK, it happens only when i disconnect like for eg: when the power cuts or if im not sure even when i use utorrent & when it consumes 100% of network etc. ive even unchecked ''Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power'' Not sure why this is happening, i have no problem in rebooting & everythings back to normal, but its an hindrance everytime rebooting!!

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Internet Connection Drops Constantly

Mar 25, 2008

I'm experiencing frequent problems with my Internet Connection. My computer is connected to the Internet through a Motorola Surfboard modem from Charter Communications. My computer will randomly disconnect from the Internet around every hour. The modem still says that it is connected as will my computer if I go to the Network and Sharing Center. Even though the computer says that it is connected, no program can access the Internet. Anytime I open a Firefox it will usually say "Cannot Find Server" and Internet Explorer will just say that it cannot display the webpage. Sometimes I will get popups from Windows (I believe, though it could be FireFox) trying to connect to a broadband connection. It never works, though, and it asks for a password and username. I do not have one, though. I have not set up any sort of password for accessing any Internet connection on my computer. When I first upgraded computers all I had to do was plug in the cable modem and Vista automatically connected. It was perfect and I had no issues for quite a while. The connection dropped on day and Charter walked me through a process which reset my cable modem and got me back online. Ever since then I have been having this issue where my computer randomly loses it's connection. I was not able to get online for about an hour today. I did a System Restore to see if anyone had possibly done something, but the problem presisted. I came back later and now everything is running relatively fine!? It's like the computer has a mind of it's own.

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Wireless Connection But No Internet Access...

Sep 26, 2009

I have been on the phone collectively for 6 hours with AT&T as well as had a technician out here to look at this problem. I have a new wireless router box. The whole At&T system went down briefly (tvs and all). When it booted back up my computer wouldn't recognize the wireless network. After getting a new box, it will now recognize the wireless network in my home. It says I am connected to the network with excellent strength but I still cannot get online. My desktop works fine and I plugged the ethernet cable into my computer and it still won't get online being hardwired to the router. My firewalls are turned off. I have run an ipconfig with the following message:...................

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