Can't Delete File Off Desktop

Jul 28, 2009

ok, so i think i made a big mistake and i have not clue hot to fix it.

so in the past on my older computers (ones that ran XP) i would make a new folder on my desktop and name it "alt+0160" and it would just have no name then, then i would change the icon to nothing and i would have an invisible icon and i would throw all my program icons into that folder and get rid of recycle bin icon so there was nothing on the desktop. well i just bought a laptop and it has vista on it and i did the same thing but i just deleted all the icons and hid the recycle bin icon in the properties somewhere i dont remember where but im sure you know what im talking about.

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Rename File: Desktop/Linux_Mag_Bugs.eml To /Desktop/Bugs.txt

Apr 24, 2008

I want to rename /Desktop/Linux_Mag_Bugs.eml to /Desktop/Bugs.txt A right click on the icon does not give me the opportunity to change the suffix. Question: How can you change a file suffix?

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Note Delete File - File Not Found!

Feb 14, 2010

I've been around here a couple of time in the last couple of years with my Vista machine and you all always seem to have the answers for me. So here I go again. Now I'm sure there is a simple fix for this, but I can't seem to find it. I happen to have two files now that I can NOT delete. I keep getting the message; Could not find this item. This is no longer lacated in C:UsersRoyBoyFavorites. Verify the item's location and try again................

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Can't Delete The Desktop

Mar 23, 2008

I set up a wireless network that looked like this: Internet --> Wireles Router --> XP Desktop --> Printer| Vista Laptop This was all working fine until I started tweaking vista on my laptop and downloading vista updates. Then suddenly, my vista laptop can't detect the desktop, although my desktop can detect the laptop (although it can't access it). I've installed all updates for vista between installing the network and this problem. I've changed services in services.msc. Although I've changed it all back to what it was before. I removed some 'Windows Functions' from 'Control Panel/Programs/Programs and Features.

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Can't Get An Icon To Delete Off Of Desktop

Jan 30, 2010

I didn't really want to start a new thread, but I'm too busy to look through to find a matching problem. I can't get an Icon to delete off of my desktop. The account is a standard account, so when I try to delete the icon, it asks for permission. So I type in the password and it says it deletes it, but it's still there. So I try to delete it from the Administrator account(which is the built in account), but it says I don't have permission to delete it. It's not a big problem, but it's just somewhat annoying.

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Can't Delete Folder On Desktop

Jun 14, 2009

I create an Administrator account which I did and then delete it but it still says it's in use by another program and won't delete. Also tried booting in safe mode as administraor but still can't delete the folder (1.3Gb)

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NOT Allow To Delete The Folder From The Desktop

Apr 7, 2008

Using vista 64 and I have a folder that contains another folder with a small file inside. Vista will NOT allow me to delete the folder from the desktop. I have tried everything that I know to do:

1. I tried to delete from the command prompt.
2. I tried renaming to folder.
3. Downloaded a "unlocker" program as suggested in other posts, doesn't work on 64 bit.

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Cannot Delete Files On Desktop

Feb 2, 2010

I have files on desktop but I cannot delete it. Can anyone tell me how I can delete these from my desktop?

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Cannot Delete Desktop Folder

Mar 23, 2008

I have Vista on my laptop. I copied a folder on my (Windows XP) desktop onto a CD and from there onto my laptop desktop. I cannot now delete that folder, as I am told I need permission. How do I give myself permission,

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Icons On Desktop Cannot Delete

Sep 29, 2009

I have a few icons on my desktop about 5, I created a new toolbar in the system tray, called desktop, but when I open it I have 2 of each icons?, i tried deleting everything, but they come back again, after i add them to my desktop each time? why is this happening?,does anyone know?.. I cannot delete them all in the system tray,?

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Desktop Icon Does Not Delete

Oct 2, 2008

I have an icon on my desktop which refuses to get deleted. I have gone looked at various other posts and have tried to follow the steps..unfortunately none of them have helped me get rid of the sticky icon. the file name is RATATO~1.rm and i dont know how it was created.

* deleting in safe mode doesnt help.
* tried shedding the file wid mcafee...doesnt work.
* deleting from cmd prompt doesnt delete.
* have tried to remove the registry entry, there are various entries and am not able to figure out the exact entry.

When i try to delete, the delete program goes into an infinite loop. says " recycling 1 item..calculating time remaining" and gets stuck.

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Desktop Icon Will Not Delete

Apr 22, 2008

I have tried to delete an icon from the desktop but it keeps saying: "This is no longer located in C:usersamedesktop Verify the item's location and try again" I deleted it in Exporer from the desktop folder. The icon stayed on the desktop.

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How Can Delete Desktop Icons

Jul 7, 2009

I have 2 desktop items that I no longer want on the desktop. So I tried to delete them but I get the message: Could not find this item. Is no longer in C:UsersPublicPublic Desktop Verify the location? Does anyone know why this is?

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Desktop Folder Not Able To Delete

Apr 13, 2009

ive tried deleting it but vista doesnt say anything and the folder just stays there. ive tried restarting my computer and it still doesnt work. I can't rename it or anything. when i made the folder i did alt+2+5+5 on the numpad.

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Delete Blutetooth Desktop Icon

Apr 29, 2009

I have a bluetooth desktop icon on my PC that i cant delete. When i right click on the icon this is what is shown;

Does anyone have any ideas on how i can delete this icon.

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Unable To Delete Desktop Icon

Mar 27, 2009

sent laptop to service center for warrenty repair to cover. repair center updated the bios (bios launcher downloaded to desktop). when i got machine home i noticed an adminstrative tools icon now on my desktop. i am unable to do anything with this icon. when right clicked i get no option to delete or to open properities. i have tried dragging and dropping,moving, and deleting. i cannot move it off the desktop. control pannel still has the administrative icon in it and it works. the icon on the desktop works also. hovvever desktop is no place for admin. tools. i have also tried to delete
from safe mode without any success.

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How Delete Folder Permanently Off Desktop?

Mar 2, 2010

I am running vista home premium 64 bit, with all updates complete. I have a placed a folder (contacts) on my desktop that I placed there for temporary use, I am now finished updating and backing it up, so I want to delete it. I can delete it, but then when I restart the computor it is there again. I have deleted all the files in the folder, but how do I delete the folder permanently off my desktop.

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Folder Appears On Desktop - Cant Delete

Jan 8, 2009

been a while since ive posted but i have a problem i just recently installed nero 9 and had a problem installing so reinstalled and it worked but since then i have a programs folder appear on my desktop at startup, i can delete it but it only stays gone until i start up again and bang its back also on a side note, my objectdock wont load on startup, works fine but not on start up anyone have any ideas on how to delete folder from desktop PERMANENTLY??

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Delete Files Located On Desktop When Doing Updates

Sep 9, 2009

I have a new laptop with installed vista. I noticed twice that vista deliberately deleted files on the desktop. I tried to do system restore. It took its time to start and then failed.

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Un-installing Game Cannot Delete Shortcut On Desktop

Sep 15, 2009

I uninstalled a game, but the game never uninstalled the shortcuts on the desktop. Upon attempting the deletion of these icons a window pops up and says it cannot locate file and will not delete...

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File Will Not Delete!

May 15, 2008

I downloaded a demo called Overclocked using ReGet Deluxe. When downloaded it comes as a Zip file which also had a file accompanying it. This is the file that I cannot delete. The extension says it’s a zip file but in properties it just says File as a file type & a size of 0 bytes. It’s located in my storage drive “D” When trying to delete the message I get is: This is no longer located in D:. Verify the item’s location and try again. Cannot move, rename or send to? It just comes up with the same message as above. UAC is disabled. Tried Unlocker but doesn’t work on Vista x64. (worked superb in XP) Used Regseeker and removed any traces that came up with. (Works ok in Vista but not 100% stable?) Tried Regedit and removed all traces of Overclocked in there. here is got to be a way of removing files like this without everyone’s solution of formatting. Surly it’s not as drastic as that?

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Cannot Delete A File ..

Apr 29, 2009

I have a Vista Ultimate x64, which I reinstalled a few days ago. I also have a large drive(D:), where I keep some of my software, which i don't use regularly or which does not require a performance of my main RAID 0 (C:) setup.

Before reinstallation I didn't remove old software from drive D:. Didn't think I had to, afterall it's not the first reinstall that i'm doing and it would be kind of stupid. Anyways, to the point...

I have a folder "D:Program Files (x86)" with a bunch of software. I was able to delete all of it manually, but a few folders, created by adobe acrobat.

I am logged in as Administrator (actual administrator, not user with admin. perm.)

UAC is disabled

Drive is owned by this acct.

I was able to delete everything manually inside "AdobeAcrobat", but "D:Program Files (x86)AdobeAcrobat 9.0ResourceCMap" just would not delete, getting a "You need permission to perform this action" message.

Folders and Files are set as "Read Only" and when i'm trying to uncheck, i'm getting "You will need to provide Administrator permission to change these attributes" message, after clicking "Continue" i'm getting "An error occured applying attributes to the file" "...filename..." "Access is denied".

I have an Acrobat 8.0 folder from like a year and a half ago, which does the same thing......

All Files have "RA" in the attributes section of the details tab and Owner is "SYSTEM"

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Cannot Delete A File

Jan 21, 2009

im having a similar problem but nothings working so far
a) cant delete it - says "could not find this item. this is no longer located in _____. Verify the items location and try again.
b) downloaded the take ownership reg and i right click, take ownership, try to delete, gives me same error saying cant find file
c) i right click, properties, go to security, and it says "the requested security information is either unavailable or cant be displayed"

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Still Can't Delete A File

Oct 19, 2009

Windows Vista Ultimate 64.I right click and hit delete on a file and I get Item not found
This is no longer located in C:UsersJustinDownloads verify the items location and try again.

The file is a MS Word docx, downloaded from my college's Blackboard system.I booted into safe mode (under the admin account) and ended up with the same message.I was told this could possible be an issue with Temporary Internet files and IE - I use Firefox. I cleared out the TIF on both browsers and the file is still there.

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Can't Delete A File!

Nov 2, 2009

Running Vista Ultimate 64 bit.
I downloaded a torrent file and now I can't delete it.

When I right click and hit properties this is what I see:

I get the delete confirmation as usual:

and then I get this:

Here is the security tab of the right click + properties:

How should I go about getting rid of this troublesome file?

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Trying To Delete A File

Apr 9, 2009

i am trying to delete a file for a program in order to copy a patched version of the file. Everytime i try vista says i need permission and i can't delete. My account is an Admin. I also tried to do it logged in as the default admin and it still didn't let me.

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Can´t Delete A File

Jul 16, 2008

I have one day created a new directory of my own C: est. In it somme program creates now each day a file named "ciscoIHV.log" which I don´t know what it is and I would like to delete, but I'm not aloud to do it (another process is using it).

The date stamp of the file is updated each time I boot de Laptop. Somme one knows what is crating this file each time I switch my PC on? The attached file was renamed to ciscoIHV.txt because I couldn't upload it as log file

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Cannot Delete .flv File?

Feb 22, 2010

i have a file on my desktop called "Internet - arabbab8_s channel_5" it was a video "flv". it's 21.9 mb and i can't get it to delete. right-clicking it and doing properties doesn't open the properties window. if i move it to the recycle bin (with the keyboard delete button or the mouse, or shift and delete) the "calculation time remaining" delete dialogue comes up and the progress bar keeps on flashing, but it never deletes the file.

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How Delete File

May 2, 2008

I downloaded something from and now it wont let me delete it had no setup as soon as i clicked on the program it had an error message. so how do i delete this message? Or can you tell me how to reset my computer to earlyer today or yesterday?

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When Ever I Execute An Exe File, I Can't Delete It Afterwards

Jul 28, 2009

I have a very unusual problem with my vista ultimate 64 bit, when ever I execute an exe file, I can't delete it afterwards. I can delete it after restart. There is no security problem, if I do not execute the file then I can delete, move and do what I want. The moment it is run, and certainly close it, I can't delete it any longer. I checked that the process is not running any more. I tried to see if something is locking the file, no handle was found on the file. It happens for different programs, no matter what as long as it is an .exe file. I tried unlocker program that said the file is not locked. It happens even on a usb key with FAT. The moment I run the exe from the key I can't delete it, and I can't remove the key the right way.

When I pull out the key, and return it, I can delete the file, it is free. But I can't do that to my hard drive. Tried scanning for virus, and malware - nothing was found. Tried security related, but since it happen on a usb FAT disk, and there is no security for that, I am starting to give up. At this time formatting the computer in not an option.

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Wont Delete File.

Apr 23, 2007

I was downloading some of my music off limewire with my new vista HP laptop, and you know, limewire automatically shows up pornography files when i search, i accidently clicked one and iits an image file with a very long name (not really) when i try to delete it , it wont go away, and when i right click, theres not delete or rename option. the images below show everythingg, and im looking everywhere for software that can delete this thing before someone sees... theres no image in it too! look below: No Delete or Rename option. When Its Opened

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