Blaze Find Virus?

Feb 23, 2010

I think i've got the blazefind virus! I experienced this logon-logoff loop so i googled it and found out that there was a possible virus so i booted in safe mode and did a virus scan, but all the files were blocked and not able to analyze. I turned off the comp and tried the next day to get back into safe mode booting to the cd rom with the BartPE but 1. comp won't let me boot from cd rom and 2. the logon-logoff loop problem has affected the safe mode as well.

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Can't Find Missing Harddrive - Find Access To Drive

Aug 28, 2005

recently we had power failure and when I turned my computer back on, my bios came up.I tryed to exit out but some how disconnected or turned off my second hard drive and can not get it to go in the active state again, how do I check for the missing letter E that the drive is on orfind access to this drive

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Trojan Horse Virus Infaected Embedded Object - AVG Anti Virus

Jul 20, 2005

I have the trojan horse virus. I'm running AVG Anti-Virus.

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Anti Virus Site To Remove Trojan Horse Virus

Jul 31, 2010

Does any computer wiz out there know of an anti-virus site that will remove the rojan horse virus free? I know that all downloads are free,but once they find all the infected files,they won't remove them with out u paying for them

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Virus: Semantic Anti Virus Picked

Apr 4, 2010

There is little to no information on this little guy, but it looks like xcechinu.dll is a Virus, if this is legitimate or not, but I cant remove it with anything that i have at the moment

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Fairly Nasty Virus - Downloaded Norton Anti-Virus

Sep 20, 2008

My PC recently got a fairly nasty virus (W32-Sinowal-based Maximus! or something along those lines) so we had to get it wiped. A few days later, my computer was all messed up again. I can only boot up in Safe Mode, my sound doesn't work, and it is running slower than normal. I need to find out if I have another virus (although the guy who fixed it downloaded Norton Anti-Virus and it seemed fine for a few days) or if maybe my computer is just dying. It's about three years old and apparently it was outdated before we even bought it. Is there any way the virus could have affected the computer's hard drive or whatever (yeah, I don't quite know what I'm talking about) or have I maybe gotten another virus?

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Trojan Virus - Is Computer Cleaned After Virus Infection?

Aug 14, 2008

I had a trojan Virus in the computer. I think that I got rid of it, but I am not sure could anyone that can read a log please tell me if there is anything else left in the computer. The computer now doesn't stay on-line it disconnects itself. I called the company that provides me with my internet service, and they said that I need a filter for the phone line. The person told me that, that will take care of the problem of the internet disconnecting. I think that it could be the virus I had in the computer. I wasn't able to get on-line for at least a week, I had gone and checked the disk for errors and finally the anti-virus program was able to find the virus's.

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Temp Folder / Anti-virus Keeps On Detecting Virus

Apr 27, 2010

My anti-virus software keeps on detecting some virus from different folders from the C:WINDOWS emp folder, yet all folders are empty. It detects trojans from those empty folders . All folders from the temp folder are empty. Can't I just delete it all?

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Anti Virus Under Virus Attack / Automatically Disabled?

Apr 13, 2007

A few days back I noticed my Anti Virus was automatically disabled. It usually runs continously in the background but of late it was being disabled.I tried re installing but it was of no use. Now I find that a suspcious program 'Form1' is running when I use alt+tab.Could not find this on the task manager though When I try to run anti virus scans / Spybot / Ewido, my computer just freezes after starting the scan!I know somethings wrong but I dont know what

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Anti Virus Stopped Working - How To Identify The Virus

May 16, 2005

I recently was infected with a computer virus. Norton AntiVirus 2003 initially caught the virus and it supposedly deleted it, so I was not concerned with the message details. However, almost immediately after receiving the message I realized the virus was not completely removed. A DOS window popped up two or three times and then Norton shutdown. I tried opening Norton again but it would not open. I then tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it would not reinstall. I tried the Windows Update site and the page shows no conent. Any ideas on how to identify the virus so I can take steps to remove it?

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What Is A Good Anti Virus Virus Program?

Sep 2, 2005

I'm in need for a good antivirus program that don't take up much resources and works, right now i have mcafee virus scan but for some reason it sometiems disable it self so some suggestions? anything free is welcome, but if something is really good i'd buy it

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To Delete A Shutdown Virus Not Fake Virus

Nov 3, 2008

I downloaded a prog and now when i open the computer it says : "windows shuttdown
and a ''cmd'' that says the same "-s -t VIRUS DETECTED

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Has Virus And Virus Scan Cant Complete Task

Jun 26, 2005

Hi just joined this forum today to see if anyone kind enought can help me out The problem is one of my drives has a virus,i have done a complete scan with online virus scans such as panda Trend micro housecall etc, i have used my norton program too but when these programs carry out a full system scan ,it gets to a certain point my
computer makes a clicking noise for a second then my screen freezes up i cant move the mouse pointer basicaly screen freezes. i know i have some infected files but i dont know which ones are infected as the virus scan dosnt finish and show end results

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How To Find The Find The IP Address On Computer

Feb 16, 2005

How do you find the IP address on a computer and how do you keep it safe from others accessing this information on your computer?

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Virus Melt :: Virus Pop Up Box While Surfing Net?

Mar 4, 2009

A family member was surfing the net for a television program she missed and a box popped up stating she had a virus. I never heard of it I guess it's some sort of spyware..

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Got This Virus Similiar To Virus Burster

Mar 31, 2007

I got this weird little pain in the butt virus. symptoms are similiar to that of virus burster. Random annyoing popups trying to get you to install things. i checked my add/remove and i cant find any trace of it... im completely clueless. did virus scans and it deleted all infected files

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Best Anti-virus For Windows Xp If You Already Have A Virus

Apr 4, 2010

I am looking to get the right anti-virus for my computer, however it already has a virus on it and i need to know what to do. It will not let me restore or anything. It took all the icons away

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Virus Can't Deleted With Anti Virus

Apr 16, 2007

I am another victim of the trojan virus deleted (with Antivir) . I've read some post from JSntgRvr helping other guys to solve the problem. I hesitate to follow the same procedure to skip more problems...this the report from AV Antivir...

Begin scan in 'C:' <VAIO>
[DETECTION] Contains signature of the batch virus BAT/Small.K [INFO] The file was deleted!
[DETECTION] Contains signature of the VBS script virus VBS/Small.K [INFO] The file was deleted
Now I have the error opening c: or d: drives "autorun.vbs not found" or something similar.

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Manual Deletion Of Virus " Byte.Verify Virus X3"?

Sep 15, 2007

I have computer ***. antivirus 2007. It is telling me I need to manually remove a Byte.Verify virus X3 I have. Directs me to: Start. Control Panel. Java Plug in Control Panel. Chache Tab and then to Clear.I can get to this manually but no one at CA will tell me what I am clearing or deleting so I am afraid to do this. Can anyone tell me what I'm deleting or clearing? I would not lose any significant data or programming?

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Recycler Virus Not An .exe Virus

Feb 22, 2009

I have not been able to get into my C drive directly, I have got to use a shortcut,when I try to get into it directly I get a message saying "Windows cannot find '' make sure you have typed the name correctly, then try again. To search for a file, click the start button,and then Click Search." I only know that this is a virus because when I plugged a cheap usb storage stick I saw a folder called RECYCLER start to be created, I managed to stop it from finishing, but there is no RECYCLER folder in my C drive.

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Find Out 32 - 64 Bit PC

Dec 19, 2007

Is there a way to check in XP?

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Av Scan Find

Oct 13, 2007

I removed Norton and downloaded Avira Free and ran a scan. It found two files in Doc.and settings that are now in Quarantine. They are I think FP's. One was IEhome.vbs and the other is IEenablecookie.vbs. I tried Googleing them but didn't find anything. Are they OK?

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Where Do Find My Cookies?

Jul 16, 2005

In Windows Explorer, where do find my Cookies

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Cannot Find Recycle Bin

Feb 5, 2009

i cannot find my recycle bin

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Startup Iso - Where Can Find

Sep 13, 2005

where i can find one? The comp that needs it has no floopy.

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Cannot Find Shell.dll

Oct 27, 2006

I am having trouble opening certain software, keep getting the message "cannot find shell.dll" I've tried to download this file off the internet but it doesn't seem to work. The programs I have trouble with are quickbooks and corel.

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Can't Find A Info About Anywhere

Jul 29, 2005

You guys are my last hope. This forum looks very active, so hopefully someone knowledgable will know how to fix my problem.I'm running Windows XP and very recently installed SP2. Here are some sys specs:P4 1.5ghz, gf2 64mb Pro video card.Suddenly about a day ago, different colored blocks would randomly appear on my screen (usually pink). I thought nothing of it, but it kept getting worse. I turned on my computer one day, and my LCD monitor kept flickering. I rebooted, then it loaded windows, then my monitor kept going to power save mode, then showed the screen, etc. I rebooted again, and my screen was stuck at the black loading screen that says "Win XP Pro" with the animation (except everything was weird colors and I could tell by the sounds and such that my computer loaded windows). Rebooted again, and my monitor said "refresh rate out of range". I set my refresh rate to 60, but nothing. Now, random pixels on my screen are red/pink/different colors at random times. When I move my mouse or a window around, random pixels change colors.

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Setup Cannot Find CD-ROM

Nov 14, 2006

When I try to install Windows XP, it goes through the setup files (blue screen) like it's going to install and then I get a message that says "Setup Cannot Find CD-ROM Drive" blah blah blah. "Setup Cannot Continue". At this point it says to press F3 to reboot. So I remove the XP Disc and reboot. It then gives me an option of picking which system to log onto out of 3: Win Xp Media Center Edition, Win XP Media Center Edition again, or Windows XP Professional (which I've never had by the way. I have to choose the first one and it will go back to my computer. My computer has been having a lot of problems, so I just want to do a fresh install of XP and start over. I don't care if I lose anything

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Mar 21, 2008

I tried 2 drives, and both power but the pc dont find them in the boot section, would like some help, my pc is fried and i cant reinstall windows

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Cannot Find C:windowssystem32printer.exe

Oct 3, 2007

I had virus in my computer, finally I get ride of them...but now when I start my computer this message pups up "windows can not find C:windowssystem32printer.exe

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MBR Is Trying To Find The Second Drive

Dec 27, 2005

I have a hard drive which was part of a dual drive dual boot system. Windows XP and linux.

However now that I have removed the Linux drive from my computer and no longer have access to it when I try to boot my XP drive I recieve a GRUB Hard Drive Error.

I asume that my MBR is trying to find the second drive and loading properly but I am not sure how to fix it.

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