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Qwest 11n Wireless Adapter Driver?

I just upgraded a friend's HP desktop from Vista to Win 7. The Qwest 11n wireless adapter (actually an Actiontec 802ain) which worked fine in Vista, now has a problem. Everytime the computer is turned off and turned back on, the wireless adaptor disappears from Control Panel>Network Adapters, we need to reload the driver. The driver installation file is loaded on the adapter, we re-install it by unplugging/re-plugging the adapter into the usb port.It is kind of an odd install.t first the adapter shows up as a flash drive and autoplay prompts you to run Setup.exe., then it no longer shows up as a flashdrive._Windows_7.pdfso I do not have to reinstall the driver every time I turn on the computer?It was not like that on Vista.I am wondering if there is a service or something that needs to be started.Both Qwest and Actiontec have no ideas, they say the device is compatible with Windows 7.

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Dell 802.11n Wireless Mini SLOW Wireless
I have a Dell Inspiron 1520 Laptop and stuck windows 7 RTM 32 bit on it. All was well but now connecting wirelessly is slow. Like slower then 56k modem slow. I have a Dell 802.11n wireless mini card installed that works PERFECTLY under windows XP. I was getting 80 % signal strength under Win 7 and getting 1 mbps where as in XP I was getting 78 to 100 mbps with the same signal strength. Oh and ethernet works perfectly fine.

For a time I was able to download the corresponding vista driver from dell and then replace the driver that win 7 automatically installs for it, then flipped the card switch off and on and it would work like it should for a while, but then reverted to the same slow network speeds once the laptop was reset or turned off and on. Now flipping the switch or re-installing doesn't work either. I've tried resetting the router, no go and none of my other computers or products have a problem with it. I've tried doing a few things suggested in other posts, like assigning a static ip, disabling ipv6, etc... Nothing has worked.

I'd love someone who knows what it may be or has heard of this precise problem, although I think I may be stuck waiting until Win 7 makes it debut in Oct and until Dell releases a proper 7 driver for it.

Laptop: Dell Inspiron 1520

Wireless Card: Dell brand mini draft 802.11n card

Router: DLink DGL-4500 draft 802.11n

Windows 7 32bit RTM

Posted: Aug 27, 2009

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Broadcom 802.11n Network Adapter
I upgraded my windows 7 beta last night to the RC1 release. The only issue i am having is that now my wireless driver is not working correctly.

under the device manager the error is "Windows cannot initialize the device driver for this hardware. (Code 37)"

I am using a macbook pro with bootcamp on it, the initial beta public release of Windows 7 picked up the drivers fine. For some reason after upgrading i can get no wireless though. I have tried downloading vista drivers, and just about everything i can think of. I also downloaded the Bootcamp Vista 32 Update from mac, but it did not resolve the problem either.

Posted: May 1, 2009

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Getting Info On 802.11N Wireless Routers?
802.11n wireless router: is this hardware supported by all windows operating systems?I am planning to buy one for my brother, he is using windows XP. I am using Windows 7, and my brother in-law is using windows Vista. We all play WoW or Heroes of Newerth together in my bro's house. So I am wondering if this would work for all the three computers. Also my brother who has XP is using a Desktop.Does it need any Wireless adapters for it to recognize the signal from the router?

Posted: Aug 6, 2011

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Dell Wireless 1500 Draft 802.11n WLAN Mini-Card
Has anyone found er version than

Posted: Jul 8, 2012

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Broadcom 802.11n Network Adapter - Update Lost The Network
Installed Windows 7 on two home-network computers. Everything appeared to be good, including networking, but I could not access printers (linked through each computer) with the opposite computer. Windows update offered an update for the Broadcom 802.11n network adapter, but when I installed the update I completely lost the network.

I had to revert to the old driver in order to reastablish the network. But the printers still are not recognized. The network adapter on the secondary computer is a Linksys WMP300N. I did try turning the router off for ten seconds with the updated driver but that had no effect.

Anyone had this problem?

Posted: Nov 1, 2009

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Updated Dell Wireless 1505 Draft 802.11n WLAN Mini-Card Worse Connect
I currently use drivers from 2008:Driver Version - 10/1/2008 for my Dell Wireless 1505 Draft 802.11n WLAN Mini-Card.Whenever I run Microsoft Update it tells me to upgrade to the latest drivers, however, with the newest drivers I experience a SIGNIFICANT drop in throughput- something like from 108 mbps with my current setup to 1-15 mbps with the "updated" drivers.I'd like to have the most up to date driver, but do not want to limit my Wifi bandwidth either.

Posted: Dec 15, 2012

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Wireless Network Adapter Driver?
I cant see available network on my network list. Troubleshooting says "There might be problem with your driver". In device manager, it say"Your driver is working properly"..

Posted: Sep 28, 2011

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Driver For Linksys Wireless Adapter
i need driver for linksys wireless -G 2.4GHz (802.11g) with model no WMP54G, version 4.1

Posted: Oct 25, 2011

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Wireless Adapter Driver Not Working?
I use Toshiba Satellite L645-S4056. I lost my recovery partition so i installed windows 7 from another DVD. Previously my laptop had home premium but i installed ultimate with a DVD. After installing computer doesnot detect any Network adapter. It doesnot even show wireless adpater in device manager so i cannot install specific driver. I went to toshiba website downloaded an exe file that install wireless driver specific to my model but still it does not recognize. While troubleshooting it says cannot detect any properly installed network adapter. Is it because of home premium and ultimate conflict ?? How do get proper driver and install it?

Posted: May 20, 2012

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Driver For Linksys And Belkin Wireless Adapter
I believed the hype, waited to buy a new computer until 7 came out. Been doing this since before there even WAS Windows, and it does it to me every time. Everything was supposed to work that worked with Vista, which was supposed to run everything that ran on XP, etc. - I got the computer, a Compaq desktop, got a Linksys wireless adapter to go with it. Wouldn't install. Wouldn't even recognize the dang thing was plugged in.

Called Linksys, talked to some woman in Indonesia who told me there was no driver for Windows 7 yet. Went back to BestBuy where I got the adapter, thinking they could help. Seems their geeks aren't any geekier than I am. Got a refund, bought a Belkin G family. At least the computer recognized that the Belkin is plugged in, and it knows there is a signal, but it refuses to connect.

That's weird. Good signal, knows it is a Motorola adapter, but will NOT connect! Re-installed it in compatibility mode. It just laughs at me. Seriously, can I go back to DOS? Barring that, is there anything else I can do besides wait for an adapter to ship with a driver that works on 7?

Posted: Oct 26, 2009

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Linksys Wireless Adapter Driver Gone After Reboot
I have Windows 7 Pro installed on my PC, which uses a linksys wireless USB adapter for internet. I have the latest driver installed, but what happens is the driver won't be retained in the settings after I reboot it. The only way to keep this from happening is to hibernate the PC. Never had this problem before and it seems very odd to me since I don't see a reason for Windows to delete the driver.

Posted: Dec 12, 2009

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Wireless G USB Adapter Driver Problem
Today i bought a wireless G USB adapter, plugged into my laptop (windows 7 x86) and it worked fine installed correctly with the windows 7 drivers i downloaded from the advantek website.

however when i plugged it into my desktop which is runnign windows 7 x64, it doesnt work. the software installs fine and the drivers too, but when i try to look for a signal , network diagnosis is tellin me that there may be a problem with the drivers. 64bit is supported, and still nothing. any ideas of what is going on?

Posted: Dec 22, 2009

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Driver For Wireless Network Connection Adapter
"Problem with the driver for Wireless Adapter".I have an HP-Pavilion 2009f with Windows 7 home premium 64-bit. All has been fine with my internet connection, except for a few drops here and there, but all in all it has been tolerable. When I went to bed last night it worked, when I woke up, it didn't. When I troubleshoot I get the message, "There might be a problem with the driver for the Wireless Network Connection Adapter", to which Windows cannot fix. I get this same error message, respectively, for both wired and wireless connections. After troubleshooting without success, I decided to try and do system update.I am only connected with "Limited Access".What's even weirder is when I open a cmd window and enter ipconfig /all.

Posted: Nov 16, 2011

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Driver For The Wireless Network Connection Adapter?
As you can see today when I got on my laptop I wasn't able to connect to the Internet and after attempting to troubleshoot I got this error message along with one saying a network cable is not properly plugged in or is broken. We recently switched Internet service providers and the Internet has been running fine. The only proble I had was sometimes it would randomly drop in speed but I don't think that has anything to do with the issue. Last night it was working perfectly, but then it went slow so I unplugged our router and then disabled the wireless network then reeanbled it. Anyways I've been using this network for a few months now without issues but I think the issue lies within my computer. I checked for windows updates and installed them but no luck. Then I checked for driver updates for my adapters but they were up to date. I don't have any screenshots and I'm on a tablet. Also please use the simplest terms possible because while I have a basic understanding of these things, I'm no expert and I don't want to miss anything

Posted: Aug 14, 2012

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Driver For D-link Wireless G Usb Adapter?
I Want Driver for D-link wireless g usb Adapter

Posted: Feb 2, 2013

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Linksys WMP54GV4 Wireless Adapter Driver
I have 7 x64 installed on my computer and after doing a little research found that my old Linksys WMP54GV4 wireless adapter should be compatible when paired with the Ralink RT2500 driver.

Well I updated the driver and everything went smoothly. The card is recognized and connects to my router with full signal strength. However, I have no internet connectivity.

Does anyone have experience with this particular issue? I'd rather not have to spend $50 on a new adapter.

Posted: Dec 1, 2009

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Installing Atheros Driver For Dlink Wireless Adapter
I've been having intermittent disconnection issues with my wireless card, DWA-552. After having thoroughly researched on the subject, the conclusion drawn by many people is that dlink's drivers are inappropriate for the card. It was suggested to install the Atheros driver instead, which i proceeded to do. Much to my confusion, when i downloaded the AR5008 driver, i found no .exe file to easily setup the driver.

Posted: Jan 4, 2013

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Silicon Wave Bluetooth Wireless Adapter Driver
I have an HP presario v6000 with hp bluetooth latest driver installed ,but the silicon wave adapter when pluged it says the driver failed to be installed .

Posted: Nov 13, 2009

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NetGear WN121T Wireless Adapter Driver Problem
I have just built an Intel Core i7 860 windows 7 x64 system,

I am having trouble getting my " Netgear WN121T RangeMax Next Wireless-N Network Adapter " to work.

I have installed driver version which by all acounts should work,, but doesn't.

I went into device manager and went to the properties info for the device and then the hardware tab where it says " Device Status: This device cannot start (Code 10)"

Please can anbody help me find a way to get this wireless adapter to work?

Posted: Dec 10, 2009

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D-Link DWL-AB520 Wireless Adapter Driver
I hate to admit it, but one of my recent purchases of hardware I can only get a driver for XP! It's a D-Link DWL-AB520 Wireless Adapter.

I don't suppose anyone knows of a way round this, or where I can get a driver? I've tried the D-Link Site and others, but no joy. I think I'm out of luck!

Posted: May 2, 2009

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Wireless Adapter Driver For Vaio VGN-CR35?
I am having a Sony Vaio VGN-CR35 model computer. It came installed with Vista and recently I purchased Windows 7 and installed in my system. I was able to find drivers and fix everything, but my WiFi is not working

Posted: Sep 27, 2011

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Emachines E528 Driver Network Wireless Adapter?
my Bluetooth is not working what can i do?

Posted: May 13, 2012

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Driver For Wireless Network Connection Adapter Does Not Work?
When I problem solve it the message is to update and it is the driver for wirless nedwork connector adapter. I have both windows 2007 and 2010 sharing. I can get on the internet by pluging into it and my adress shows as well. Windows 2007 is continually configuring which is getting very old. I tried recovery 3-4 times and it will not recover to a passed date.

Posted: May 22, 2012

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Linksys Compact Usb Wireless-g Adapter Driver
I need a good link to a driver that will work on windows 7x64 for a Linksys Compact Wireless-G USB adapter. Model # wusb54gsc ver.2...

Posted: Nov 1, 2012

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Wireless-g Usb Network Adapter Driver X64?
im about to pull my hair out i have win7 x 64 and i can't find the driver that will work for a wusb54g ver.4 if i could get a link that would be awsome and not cisco because theirs does not work

Posted: Dec 8, 2012

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Alfa Wireless Adapter Driver Free Download?
Alfa wireless adapter driver free download?

Posted: Dec 23, 2012

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Driver For INPROCOMM IPN 2200 Wireless LAN Adapter
I have just installed Windows 7 RC on a Toshiba Satellite Pro L10 Laptop.

Broadly speaking it works except that the Wireless LAN Adapter doesn't work.

The device is reported (by Linux) as an [Air Conn] INPROCOMMIPN 2200 Wireless LAN Adapter (rev 01) (Probably from Linksys/Cisco?).

Does anyone have any idea where / how I could get a suitable driver? I have downloaded the XP & Vista32 drivers and they don't appear to work. Incidentally, I have had Windows XP Home working on this laptop.

Posted: Aug 11, 2009

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Linksys Wireless Adapter W/ Speed Booster 64-bit Driver
I need the drivers for the Linksys Wireless-G USB Network Adapter with Speed Booster. The model number is WUSB54GS, ver. 1. I am currently running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit version.

Posted: Dec 19, 2009

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Linksys Wireless G PCI Adapter Driver Issues WMP54Gv4.1
I really think the wmp54gv41x86 is giving me trouble, I have the latest driver for it from the site, but it's giving me lag spikes when playing games, ect. And BSODs randomly. I heard about the Ralink option, but the only drivers I could find were for 64 bit, but I'm running 32 bit, and the ralink site, had this installed, but I ran it, and nothing happened, and I tried manually installing w/e was in the ralink thing, but nothing was there, and nothing new was in system 32, so.anyone know how to get the 32-bit ralink drivers that work with wmp54g v4.1? On windows 7 ultimate 32 bit?

Posted: Sep 25, 2009

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