Graphic Card To Edit Video Using Windows Movie Maker?

May 21, 2011

What graphics card do need to edit a video using windows movie maker?

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FREE Video Maker For Windows 7 (apart From Movie Maker)

Nov 25, 2012

FREE video maker for Windows 7 with features that are way better than Movie Maker (MM).i've had the following problems with the many applications I've downloaded:

1. hijacked my browsers

2. output vid - has watermarks OR only 30 seconds is free OR pay to download file

3. features are way simpler than MM

4. free for only a specified amount of time

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[VIDEO] Windows Live Movie Maker?

Feb 14, 2012

I was looking for a Windows Live Movie maker forum. Somehow I ended up registering here. Hope I did it right.Win 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1?I added a few pictures into WLMM. Under Video Tools, Edit tab, all options are grayed out ( inactive ) except the Duration option.Why is that and how can I " activate " the grayed out options ?

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Video Editing Using Windows Movie Maker

May 21, 2011

I use Windows 7 O/S and the spec of mypc is 1.61 GHZ with AMD 3000 processor. I want to edit a video using Windows Movie Maker what do I need.

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Loading Video On Windows Live Movie Maker

Feb 23, 2012

so i uploaded a video from my camera onto wlmm, then saved it onto my usb. then i plugged it into my laptop and now its a .wlmp file and i do know how to convert it to .wlp but it says that there is no file! like it has a little yellow triangle with an exclamation mark and i dont know what to do becasue ive already tried emailing it to myself and opening it on my laptop but it just wont work!

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Windows Movie Maker Exports Audio But No Video

Oct 3, 2012

I have created and edited a video with Movie maker but when I export it, only the audo comes over.

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Alternative Video Editing Software To Windows Live Movie Maker?

May 16, 2012

any alternative software that is related to Windows Live Movie Maker? Because my PC is unable to run Live Movie Maker (i.e. it's GPU is not optimized to work with it).

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Windows Live Movie Maker - Clips Out Of Sync For Audio / Video

Oct 30, 2010

basically i am downloading Internet videos which come as mp4 files, i then convert them with no compression with the program "super" to avi. now when i add the videos to wlmm they play fine and i can edit them perfect, but when i turn the project to a wmv file and play the video, some of the clips seem to be out of sync for audio/video. i have spent hours editing these clips as i didn't think the conversion wlmm makes would effect it as when i play the clips in the wlmm portable player the problem doesn't occur.

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Alternative Video Editing Software To Windows Live Movie Maker?

Jul 12, 2011

I would like to know that is there any alternative software that is related to Windows Live Movie Maker? Because my PC is unable to run Live Movie Maker (i.e. it's GPU is not optimized to work with it)

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Movie Made With Windows Movie Maker Won't Play On DVD Player

Jun 22, 2012

I have made my first movie on the windows movie maker. I burned the DVD and it will play on a computer but will not play on my blue ray player.(blue ray player will play regular and blue ray dvd's)

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Existing External Graphic Card Or Video Card For Integrated Laptops?

May 11, 2012

Is there existing external graphic card or video card for integrated laptops?

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Graphic Card Hd Video Editing

Dec 21, 2011

Intel (r) Core(TM) I7 CPU 960 @ 3.20Ghz 3.19GHz Sported Graphic Card

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Windows 7 Movie Maker?

Oct 12, 2012

I have edited out the adverts from a program I recorded on tv using windows live movie maker (came with win 7). However when I replay the program it plays on a reduced size on my laptop and on my tv screen (not on the full screen size as it did before editing). The recorded format is MPEG-2 TS Video. How can I make sure that it plays at full size?

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Need Movie Maker For WIndows 7

Dec 14, 2009

i understand that the "windows movie maker" is not included (why? why?!) in windows can i download it or get a microsoft (free!) program to edit my clips ?

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Need Movie Maker For Windows 7?

Sep 14, 2010

no internet connection so can't install 'Live' - so need 'installable' copy or similar program.

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Windows 7 Live Movie Maker

Dec 27, 2011

I am unable to find or use the automovie function. I can not or do not have the tab in the edit section. Do I have a bad download?

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How To Use Windows Live Movie Maker

Dec 27, 2011

I want to edit my mp4 video but it the windows llive movie maker doesn't support. it got something like this on the screen.

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Windows Live Movie Maker Freezes?

Dec 3, 2011

my problem is with Movie Maker Live downloaded from Windows Live Essentials 2011. I can create a profile, add pictures and music start playing the movie and the timeline stops and the program freezes and then Movie Maker is "Not Responding".I have uninstalled and re-installed Windows Live Essentials 2011; download all Windows Updates and checked my Intel(R) 5 Series 4 Port SATA AHCI Controller for proper driver version (9.6.31001). Windows indicated it was up to date, however, I did find a web site that stated a newer version was available (

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Windows 7 Crashes When Using Any Type Of Movie Maker

Mar 13, 2012

I have MP4 videos that I am trying to make into a movie. I have tried numerous software movie makers including Windows live movie maker, but every program that I have tried gives the BSOD and reboots my computer. I am presently using Movie Plus 5, but it too gives the BSOD within 10 minutes of use. The system will boot back up and run with everything else as normal but as soon as I start the movie software the system goes down again. I have ran software for checking all drivers, for sure the NVIDIA Video drivers and they show that they are all up to date. I have ran malware and spyware, cleaned the registers, checked the heat on the CPUs and ran error checking on the drives. I have been hunting this squirrel for 2 weeks now and I think its time to bring the big dogs in.

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Windows Movie Maker 2011 Error

Jul 1, 2011

i am having problems with windows movie maker saying it cannot save movie because i do not have enough memory asking me to save at a lower resolution.i have increased my cache (page) memory and still the same i even lowered my bitrate still the same. i have 90gb of hard drive space and 8 gb ddr3 memory my gfx has 2 gb of ddr5.

what do i do i know i dont have any viruses because its a brand new formatted pc.

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Windows Live Movie Maker Freezes

Aug 8, 2012

For the past two or three months i have continously had problems downloading and editing movies in (WLMM). On some occasions the movis downloads fine but more often than not when i am preparing a video it freezes...Sometimes it freezes immediately or other times it can reach up to 50% progress before it it freezes. What do you think is the cause of this? I have a lot of videos saved in my folder so i wonder if it could be related to memory storage? I have uninstalled and reinstalled WLMM but to no avail.

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Windows Live Movie Maker Won't Install?

Sep 1, 2012

I just purchased a new laptop with Windows 7. I used Windows live movie maker on my old laptop which was Windows Vista. I've tried several times to install and each time it seems to be installing, though it takes a very long time but then when I look I find the installation has failed. One thing I did do when I got this laptop was use Windows Easy Transfer software to move my files over onto this machine. I don't know if something there could be affecting it since my old machine was running Vista? I have the same antivirus program (AVAST) that I did before. The machine does have some of Windows Live installed on it could this be this issue?

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No Sound In Windows Live Movie Maker?

Apr 8, 2012

Somehow the sound got turned off in Windows Live Movie Maker. The computer has sound in other applications, but in Live Movie Maker there is no sound, even though the volume is turned full up, when I click the "Video Volume" it shows a red circle with a red line thru it indicating the sound is turned off. It worked in the past, I used it to make movies. How do I turn the sound back on"

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Take The Dvd Of Media Player And Put On Windows Movie Maker?

May 18, 2011

taking a Fw-disc from the sonmyhandy cam to put the video on windows movie maker i put the disc in and can watch the videos on media player but it wont let me copy onto moviemaker. hwod o i make it work?

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Windows Live Movie Maker Wont Start?

Jan 4, 2013

trying to use windows live movie maker on windows 7 ultimate x64 sp1 (with all latest windows updates) and it keeps telling me it cant start (note: it does not give me an error code)

i figured it was the graphics driver not being up to date as i have heard of this problem many times before in win7 and vista x64 based systems so i updated my driver even tho my version was above the bug list. also my card is fully compatible with dx9 up to 11 and have never had problems with compatibility in dx9/10/11 on anything before.

after rebooting movie maker worked just fine and perfectly smooth and i made a full 1 hour length video and rendered it and uploaded to Internet without any problems what so ever.

as soon as i closed movie maker and tried to re-open it it again would not work (yet worked after rebooting again but once closed would not re-open) so i'm having to reboot every time i want to use wlmm if i close it after i first open it.

all possible relevant specifications are in the screenshots attached to this post

also its the latest version of wlmm as i tried to re-install it hoping that would fix the problem but still the same unfortunately

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Windows Live Movie Maker Does Not Load Any Image

Oct 28, 2011

I have a laptop with Intel core i5 processor(x64). I use Windows 7 Home Premium. Lately, I am having a difficulty in loading image or any file in the Windows Live Movie Maker. I wanted to create a video file by compiling all of my images and some music but each time I open the program and try to load the files the program doesn't respond at all and ultimately I have to close the program.

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Windows Live Movie Maker Is Blurry And Crashes

Jan 4, 2012

So I bought a new graphics card, XFX 6870 2gb, and now WLMM is blurry and doesnt display correctly and crashes when saving movies. Photobucket link [URL]

I read that certain amd/ati cards don't mesh well with wlmm? Is there a workaround on this? Just bought fraps and want to make videos but with the problems im having i may just have to buy a movie maker

im listing my specs here because when i preview my post i dont see my pc specs that i filled in when i registered.

Windows 7 home x64 sp1 and all current updates
phenom II x4 940
dfi lanparty dk 790fx
ocz 8gb 1066 ddr2
radeonHD 6870 2gb
asus ve276 1920x1080 27in lcd
creative x-fi
320gb wd caviar hdd
antec 650 watt tri-power
antec df-85 case

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Windows Movie Maker Cannot Start WLDPhotoBase.dll Is Missing

Jan 6, 2012

"Program can't start because WLDPhotoBase.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling..."Also for Windows Live Photo Gallery.I was having trouble with bad conversions and the program (Movie Maker) using so much of my resources (should it really be using 100%?) and so I tried to uninstall and reinstall.I used Revo Uninstaller and maybe I shouldn't have used an advanced scan to remove remaining files and registry entries.I tried to reinstall, uninstall what remained and have myself boxed into a corner as I can't go back to the original restore point. And I can't even find Windows Live Essentials anymore in Revo...!Every time I've tried to reinstall it just says my program is up to date. You'd think that if the dll file is missing the program would go find it on the web?

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Windows Live Movie-Maker 2011 / How To Reinstall

Feb 13, 2012

I needed reinstall MovieMaker 2011 so I uninstalled by using Add/Remove in the Control Panel. When I attempted to reinstall it the wizard indicated that the Movie Maker is still installed and the process stalled there.WL MovieMaker(and PhotoGallery) is no longer listed in the Add/Remove Programs.I tried the third party uninstaller utility but the situation was the same as above.I deleted all Movie-Maker(& Photo-Gallery) related files.I deleted all registry keys and values which are hit by key words of "MovieMaker" and "Photo-Gallery but the installer, wlsetup-web.exe still did not let MovieMaker(& PhotoGallery) install. Another word, the installer still says the Movie-Maker is installed!

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Windows 7 Live Movie Maker Won't Accept MP3 Audio?

Oct 17, 2011

I've just downloaded the "Windows Live Movie Maker" for Windows 7.

My MP4 video had no issues. However, Movie Maker won't accept my pre-recorded MP3 audio - what's up with that? It was recorded on XP then put on a USB stick and brought to my Win 7 PC. Would that effect it? How can I fix it?

If not, how can I get my MP3 working? I never thought MP3 would be an issue.

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Unable To Run Windows Movie Maker - ATI AtomBIOS Drivers?

Oct 26, 2012

What do I need to do to be able to run windows movie maker - driver update? I have ATI ATOMBIOS

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