Freeze And Buzzing Sound While Gaming

Nov 23, 2009

i have been having a problem since i have upgraded to windows 7. the problem only happens during gameplay also it doesn't happen when your in the lobby or something like that either. during gameplay the screen with freeze and a buzzing noise will occur. it happens for 1-5 seconds. it seems like its someone running on a bad Internet connection and they disconnect every couple minutes. it happens on every video game not just one. ive tested this on left 4 dead 2 and alliance of valiant arms.

note- started after upgrade not on vista i have made tweaks to the system after it started happening to try to fix it such as turning off the 200 useless processes and some registry tweaks to make the system run faster..


Freezing And Buzzing From Monitor During Gaming?

Jan 12, 2013

Graphics card(SAPPHIRE 7950 3GB with Boost) does not indicate any error, it never gets above 50C, there are no artifacts, and it runs smooth as butter when it works(Hitman Absolution and Shogun total war 2).CPU doesn't overheat either, my NH-D14 keeps it(3930k) cool at below 50C at all times.

Fixes already tried:

Changing SATA cable on SSD
Reseating GPU/Power connections
reinstalling drivers/installing new drivers
updating BIOS
underclocking GPU.

There are no bluescreens, error codes, or anything of that sort, it freezes the frame and a loud buzzing comes from the monitor.Games are all installed on the SSD(Intel 520 Cherryville 180GB)Games ran through Steam new build, used less than 5 hours, max.After turning off the computer for a period of time, it'll let me play for 20-ish minutes, but then trying to reboot and play again results in near instant crash(2-5 minutes of play).

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Netflix Causes Computer To Freeze, Popping And Buzzing Noises?

Mar 2, 2012

For the last week or so, I have been unable to watch Netflix videos without constant freezing and the sound popping and buzzing (after a minute or two it continues playing). I'm not sure whether or not this started before or after I uninstalled/reinstalled my internet drivers, (midterms stopped my video viewing cold) but they shouldn't be related, should they? Sometimes after this error, I get a popup message that says my NVIDA graphics card stopped working. (I havent been able to capture the exact wording.) I was going to try un/reinstalling the graphics card, but when I went to, I found I wasn't sure what to do. Do I do it to "NVIDIA GeForce G210M" under display adapters, or "NVIDIA High Definition Audio" under Sound, video and game controllers. In addition, "NVIDIA High Definition Audio" is actually listed 4 times in my device manager. Which one do I uninstall? Each one says that the best driver is already installed.

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Random Screen Freeze While Gaming

Jul 3, 2012

I just brought a new pc with win 7 pre-installed. Systems goes very well and never have problem except when I gaming. The screen will randomly freeze and require a hard reset. I tried to reinstall the graphic driver several times but it doesn't help at all. [code]

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Freezing Accompanied By Buzzing Sound?

Aug 16, 2012

I was playing a game called Symphony, and my computer froze, accompanied by a buzzing sound coming from the speakers. Here is some useful information though, as to why this might have happened.

1. My hard drive was 15% fragmented, with only 20gb available on the hard drive... Less than ten percent of capacity.

2. My computer does not have the greatest processor in the world, and I think the game might be demanding a bit more than what my computer actually has. I believe I was playing on a high setting.

3. My computer has never had any overheating issue, so i do not think it is/was an overheating issue. I tried to recreate the issue, for about an hour, and it never froze again.

So can any of the three things I listed be the cause of the freeze? Could it just have been a blip, and my computer missed a piece of data while processing, causing it to freeze? What does a freeze, accompanied by a buzzing sound mean?

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Laptop Make Buzzing Sound Off & On?

Dec 19, 2012

I have a HP Presario CQ 60, the noise just started along with freezing up. I had the fan replaced a mt. ago, it just started today. It sounds like a deep hum almost a buzz that last 4sec. and stops then restarts, stops etc. I new to computers & I'm truly confused. Do I Ignore it?

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Random Freezing With Buzzing Sound From Speakers?

Jun 22, 2011

Mostly when I play games, or use my webcam or in screensaver mode my computer freezes and there's a strange buzzing static noise coming from my speakers and all that I can do is shut my computer down with hitting the back on/off button and reseting the whole comp. Sometimes, I can play games all day and nothing happens.[CODE]

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Weird Buzzing Sound When Playing Game

Jul 22, 2011

Well i was playing a game i think it overheated im not sure cause its like over 100+ and i was playing games. Anyway there was a screen that was a bunch of colors i think mostly purple or pink but whatever. So i shut down my computer and when i turn it on it makes a buzzing noise for like a minute. I cleaned the inside of the computer all the dust out from the fans and all that but it still makes the sound. Also after the buzzing sound it turns off then back on then a light buzzing sound for a bout 4 or 5 mins then i think its gone. Its either that or because i turn on my modem then turn on my computer a second later.(i dont usually do that).

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Random Freezing With Buzzing Sound From Speakers

May 26, 2012

I'm having this problem for 2 years now, and I still haven't found the solution, so I would like you to please please help me, because it's driving me nuts.

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Dead Freezes, Makes Buzzing Sound

Jul 16, 2009

About half hour/hour into my online game of L4D on VS mode my game freezes up and makes a constant buzzing sound? And I have to manually hold the power button on the comp to reboot and during boot it asks to start windows normally or last known good config.

Anyone have any trouble like this? running 64bit Windows 7 build 7600 with 8800GT 512. I'm thinking its a driver issue? I forgot how to check which Nvidia driver I have..

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Buzzing Sound When Playing Games On Fullscreen?

Jan 19, 2013

And not just fullscreen. Saaaay... Farm Frenzy? Or any other game. Computer makes a buzzing noise on EVERY game I play when it loads something from the game. It's not from the speakers, it's from the computer itself. What's the catch?

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Buzzing Sound And Studdering When Watching Video

Oct 20, 2012

I suppose it is some piece of hardware let me tell you a few things about my machine that I am curious could be the culprit. [code] One hard drive seems to suddenly not be working.I'm wondering if it could be all the hard drives? Or because there are 3 monitors? I did get a USB buffer over run error once trying to turn on the computer on the USB.I simply unplugged a device.

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Routine Crashing With Buzzing Sound When Playing Video Games

May 23, 2012

I apologize in advance if my post is missing any information; I attempted to follow the directions for properly posting but while I'm am computer functional, I'm not overly computer literate. [code] The system constantly crashes when playing video games and games consistently lag. We have completely re-installed the OS and replaced all parts in the PC at least twice. When the system crashes the speakers buzz loudly, although sometimes it sounds like it's coming from the computer itself.We switched from Nvidia because everything has checked out and it was hoped that the problem was the hardware not playing nice to no avail. I'm still getting the same error/crash. [code] Read our privacy statement online: Windows 7 Privacy Statement - Microsoft Windows..If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline: C:Windows system32en- USerofflps.txt.

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When Play Wow (world Of Warcraft) Plus There Is A Slight Buzzing Sound Coming From Computer?

Mar 7, 2011

I'm having trouble with what someone told me was hdd activty. Im not sure when it started but its causing serious lag issues especially when i play wow (world of warcraft). Plus there is a slight buzzing sound coming from my computer. This is a brand new computer not an old one. I ran CCleaner and italso defragged my computer as well. How can I fix this irritating problem. I attached a pic of my system info.

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Windows 7 Laptop SLOW, Occasional Buzzing Sound, Blue-screen?

Jul 11, 2012

recently I found that my computer running Windows 7 Home Premium is becoming slower. And the annoying thing is that, when my computer plays music or video, the audio occasionally becomes the BUZZ sound, with the discrete "jumping" of mouse cursor if it's moving.Once when the issue was bad, a Bluescreen occured with an infinitely repeating noise (buzzing again and again), and the screenshot of the Bluescreen is uploaded.

Some specs:
Windows 7 Home Premium on Laptop Dell V130
2G RAM, (usually 85% is used);
CPU: i3 @ 1.30GHz
Processes: 81 (as currently - too many?)
Services started: ~80

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Movie Maker Windows Essential Installed - Buzzing Sound And Lag On Computer

Feb 12, 2013

i tried to download the movie make windows essential from ms website, after the installation, i have noticed that my computer now start to lag (that's right, the whole os is lagging, not in game, or when doing particular things, just lag whenever) and there's a buzzing sound accompany with it if i am playing a Internet video. i was monitoring my task manager and i notice that every lag the cpu usage would get spike up by a bit. the reason why i suspect it is a virus is because when i restart my computer, there's an option that tells me to force restart or close the following programs, but there were no program on the list, just the two options "force restart" and "cancel" what is even more weird is that it doesn't seem to act up anymore after i stopped the avira virus scan, but my computer were being slowed after restart.

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BSOD When Playing Counter Strike Global Offensive - Constant Buzzing Sound

Aug 18, 2012

In the last hour I've experienced 3 BSODs, all of which happened after installing a new version of the audio driver (which I did after removing the old version using an official utility), and two of which happened when playing CS:GO. The first one happened outside any game, so it could be a coincidence and may not be related to CS:GO. I'm attaching the SF Tool results and the CPU Z screenshots as instructed in the sticky.I re-launched CS:GO and played for some minutes and got another BSOD. I set Windows to not restart when a BSOD appears, and noticed there's a constant buzzing sound, so this is definitely audio-driver related, but I did use the official utility to uninstall the old one and I did install the latest one instead, so what else can I do?

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Looping Last Sound When Gaming?

Aug 23, 2012

My laptop specs are:

Dell XPS L502x
Intel I7
Intel HD Graphics Family
Nividia Geforce GT 540m
Realtek High Defintion Audio

whenever I game, eventually and randomly, my game will freeze and loop the last sound. I'm not even kidding, it loops the last like half second of a sound which is extremely annoying no matter what it is because it just sounds like a loud thud going on forever. I have to reboot every single time this happens and I think it's hurting my laptop.So many said my laptop may be overheating, so I got a program called SpeedFan, and tweaked it so the temperature offset would be negative which would make my laptop cooler. According to it, it did go cooler with the setttings before/after using the program.The left side still emits heat, but not that hot with the program?

So I was watching the temperatures, before using the program, the temperature was always around 150-170 degrees farenheit, afterwards, it said it was at like -something which the air seemed be cooler or at least the offset measure.I'm not sure if my laptop is overheating, but when I took out the piece on the bottom pinned by 3 screws, there wasn't much dust inside.This all started when I had updated my Nvidia Drivers, I really regret doing this. So stupid game GTA IV can't detect system specs, so you had to use special commands for it to realize what specs you have. If I could, I'd sue them for screwing up my laptop. Everyone told me to update my drivers.Previously, I could play games like Deus Ex Human Revolution fine,I played the entire game twice with not a single freeze and looping sound/crash. Fine.after I installed any of the new nvidia drivers from their website?Occasional freezes and looping the last sound played.It seems that when I had bought this prebuilt Dell Laptop, it had epic drivers for itself and I was never suppose to update the perfect drivers.Then, everything was messed up once I updated my nvidia driver....Maybe, incompatible with the version of my realtek hd audio, that's why i installed all the old drivers from the driver disk the laptop came with. still didn't work, they had corrupted drivers too, or something.So I honestly don't know what to do. I remember a few months ago, I tried downloading a realtek hd audio driver, wow i lost sound for 3 days straight, no one on the internet knew and kept on insisting to install other drivers when I had to type 2 lines in the command prompt.

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Gaming Sound Card

Jun 23, 2009

I am looking for a good gaming sound card to replace XtremeGamer by Creative Labs. Since upgrading to this newer build of Windows 7 I can't get the driver to work and it never really worked right anyway. The beta driver or the Vista ones in compatibility mode. Daniel K people also said to try, they didn't work either. Always will freeze the computer and then I will have to go into Safe Mode and remove the driver to be able to boot again. So any ideas for a good card? What about the Razer Barracuda AC-1 Gaming Audio Card? Will it work with Windows 7?

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Sound Goes Off Suddenly While Gaming

Jul 9, 2012

I have a PC with Windows 7 64 bit as the primary and only OS. Lately a strange audio problem has come up. The sound goes off suddenly while gaming. The only solution then is to restart the PC for the audio to return. Am having a discrete audio card (Asus Xonar Essence STX). I have tried all the driver tricks (updating, uninstall-ing & reinstall-ing) to no avail.

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Sound Suddenly Stops During Gaming

Sep 24, 2011

I think that Windows might be disabling my sound device during gaming because it thinks it is idle. I don't know if this is the exact reason but after much testing have come to this conclusion.

Anyway, the problem is that while playing some games (for example Borderlands, Civ 5) the sound will be fine but after a while playing the sound will cut off completely. It seems to occur when I am playing a game for more than an hour although I can't be very specific. If I exit the game and try to play an MP3 etc in WMP then the program just behaves like it's trying to do something in the background and won't actually play the file. There are no system sounds or any other sound at all.

This doesn't happen in all games, for example, when I play Audiosurf then the sound plays as normal no matter how long I play. This is why I think it may be a Windows issue thinking my sound card is idle and then turning it off because when I play Audiosurf, the game plays my MP3 files and so presumably Windows knows my sound card is in use but when I play any other game that just uses the game's own sound files/effects, then Windows isn't recognising this and after a certain period of time is then disabling my sound card.

Does anyone know of a solution for this or has come across something similar? I have an external sound card that is connected via USB (Line 6 Toneport UX2). Let me know if you require any more system specs, oh I'm using Win 7 HP 64bit btw.

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Sound Suddenly Stops During Gaming

Sep 23, 2011

I think that Windows might be disabling my sound device during gaming because it thinks it is idle. I don't know if this is the exact reason but after much testing have come to this conclusion.

Anyway, the problem is that while playing some games (for example Borderlands, Civ 5) the sound will be fine but after a while playing the sound will cut off completely. It seems to occur when I am playing a game for more than an hour although I can't be very specific. If I exit the game and try to play an MP3 etc in WMP then the program just behaves like it's trying to do something in the background and won't actually play the file. There are no system sounds or any other sound at all.

This doesn't happen in all games, for example, when I play Audiosurf then the sound plays as normal no matter how long I play. This is why I think it may be a Windows issue thinking my sound card is idle and then turning it off because when I play Audiosurf, the game plays my MP3 files and so presumably Windows knows my sound card is in use but when I play any other game that just uses the game's own sound files/effects, then Windows isn't recognising this and after a certain period of time is then disabling my sound card.

Does anyone know of a solution for this or has come across something similar? I have an external sound card that is connected via USB (Line 6 Toneport UX2). Let me know if you require any more system specs, oh I'm using Win 7 HP 64bit btw.

Please can someone help me with this as it's driving me mad and when gaming online and chatting to my friend through Skype, the sound will suddenly just go off. While he can still hear me talking into the mic, I can't hear him or the game's sounds/music and he has to resort to typing me messages in-game.

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7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset?

Oct 7, 2011

my laptop doesn't have the sound card to provide 7.1 surround sound, it does however have Dolby Surround Sound, so I was thinking if I purchased a 7.1 surround sound headset, how can I configure each speakers on it? Since currently the only audio channel I have is Stereo.The headset is plugged in by USB, so it must act like a sound card on its own, if I plug in the USB headset, will it provide me another audio channel for 7.1?

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Sound Stutters Resulting Windows 7 Computer To Freeze

Jun 25, 2011

I've installed Win 7 Ultimate x86. The problem I'm facing is that whenever I enable my sound card driver and try playing an audio, the audio stutters and the computer freezes. I have to restart, use safe mode to disable the sound card and then use my pc. I've looked all over the net for solutions and these are what I have done so far...

- Downloaded and installed codecs for High Definition Audio Device
- Downloaded and installed Windows 7 x86 compatible driver for my sound card (Creative SB Audigy Value).
- Disabled all audio enhancements
- Changed playback sound to come through speakers (this one automatically happens if I re-enable the sound card).

The problem still persists.

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Video Freeze On Playback, Sound Skipping And Cracking

Nov 30, 2009

- graphic drivers (not in my case, U can always check if it helps in yours)

- high performance power profile (from this forum's tutorials: Power Plan - Select | Power Plan Settings - Change)

- installing different codecs/vid player

- PCI-E x1 bug <- a real pain in the ass, caused most of the problems; Ill explain how to solve it in a minute

- Comodo Firewall/Internet Security for x64 systems (for some users disabling the Image Execution and unticking Detect Shellcode injections worked) - still a not resolved bug LINK 1 LINK2
- interrupt conflict with other hardware (try to disable in BIOS setup your WiFi adapter / COM port this helped a couple of people)

Skipping and shuttering sound on all my sources (Audigy (with kx v.3550 drivers) and AD SoundMax integrated with MB) was also caused by the PCI-E bug, which was a real surprise for me, especially in the case of Audigy which is an old PCI card.

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Weird Screen Freeze / Programs Failing, Just Complete Freeze On Computer

Jul 13, 2011

Im having screen freezes every couple of days. My whole computer just freeze what its doing.Been

-on word
-on a game
-watching movies
-transfering data

So no specifi thing sets it off.Cant alt-cnt-delete.Its like a screen shot of my computer and watching a picture. Cant even move the mouse.My keyboard can change colours via buttons on it (logitech g110). I cant even change the colours coz its like the whole pc is in a time freeze..Due to this i dont get an "windows had an unexpected error" message when i restart the computer...

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PC Just Shuts Off With Buzzing

May 26, 2012

Today I was playing Football Manager 2012 and suddenly my monitor goes black, but pc is still working and every few second makes short kind of buzzing. I cant turn it off with button, only if I change the switch from back of the case.

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Crashing With Buzzing Noise?

Sep 7, 2012

I am playing some games and about 20-30 minutes in to the game my middle monitor turns black, I get a loud buzzing noise from my headphones, than all 3 of my monitors say "No Signal" and I have to turn off my PC.


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Buzzing Noise With New Headphones?

Aug 3, 2012

I got a new pair of headphones today and after awhile I noticed a quiet buzzing noise when I move my mouse around or type on the keyboard, soon I heard the noise without any user input until I restarted my PC then it was just buzzing when using my mouse and keyboard.I tested several headphones and heard no noise however these new ones are better than my old ones, I've also tested them on my brother's PC and heard no buzzing.I'm using my onboard VIA HD Audio driver(up to date). I still hear the noise even if I disable all audio devices.Motherboard is a Gigabyte M4A785TD-V EVO.

OS: Windows 7 64
Mobo: Gigabyte M4A785TD-V EVO
GPU: Radeon HD 5850
CPU: Phenom 2 x4 925
No sound card
Ram 6GB
PSU: Corsair TX 650W V2

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Buzzing Noise When Volume Max?

May 3, 2012

I'm getting a very irritating high pitch, low volume, buzzing noise when my speakers volume is at max, even if my system volume is 0. The only way to get rid of this is to of course, lower my speaker volume, but the buzzing is still there just quieter.

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Copmuter Makes Buzzing Noises

Jan 31, 2013

i have recently having theese issues:My computer makes a buzzing noise and freezes for 2-3 seconds.I realy dont have any idea of why it would happen and i am very opened to advises and if needed ill put my hardwere set up on the post but dont think there will be needed as i think is softwere related as it happened after i done a C disk cleanup.

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Freezing And Buzzing When Try To Play Video

Aug 25, 2011

My laptop has started to freeze and make a horrible buzzing sound whenever I try to play video. It performs perfectly if I am not trying to watch a video. It has only recently started doing this. It freezes so badly, I have to completely reboot the system. All the drivers are up to date. That is the very first thing I checked. i went to the manufacturer's home page as well and made sure the newest drivers were installed. I have mobile Intel (r) 4 series express chipset family.

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Computer Crashing Making A Buzzing Noise

Mar 23, 2012

my hp 6730 b laptop charger was beeping and eventually stopped working i replaced it with a loaner ..The loaner is a original hp charger but has less power volts are .5 off but the original had 90 watts the loaner has only 65 charges the bat to 100 percent..although i noticed the lightning bolt led is not staying blue like it goes to amber at 60 percent charge and then blue like itshould somewere working up to full charge then it goes used to stay blue.. i dont leave it plugged in at night..i figure i better not..NOW 3 DAYS LATER MY LAPTOP CRASHED TWICE AND BUZZED... NO SCREEN ...FAN GOING AND LEDS would not shut down from power off on i umplugged the charger and pulled the batt out...put batt back in and it said windows did nor shut down correctly..hit enter and it rebooted serious is underpowering a general i always thought under was ok within reason over was bad.?? im buying the original 90 watt hp block today...

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Computer Freezes And Makes Buzzing Noise

Aug 3, 2012

So a few weeks ago I was in Sony Vegas editing a video and suddenly my mouse and keyboard both became unresponsive and a loud buzzing noise started coming out of my speakers. I left it for a few minutes but nothing happened, there was no blue screen of death, no error message,nothing. so the only thing I could do was force a restart.

Over the next few days the problem continued in graphical/CPU intensive programs (such as photoshop, Vegas, fsx, etc), and all I could do was restart. Not once did I see an error message. I did originally think that it was due to an overclocking (4.4 GHz) however I checked my temperatures and they didn't ever peak above 60-70.Neverthelss, I underclocked back to 3.3 but still experienced the problem. I read online that I should do a clean install of windows so I did that, and up until now I thought the problem was solved. And a couple of minutes ago I was playing age of empires and the computer froze and then The buzzing started again.


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Laptop Screen Not Working, Audio Buzzing?

Aug 9, 2011

I have been using for a while a Toshiba Satellite c650 laptop. It has been used only to listen to music and to check e-mail via Internet Explorer. Recently, after a short camping trip where rain was abundant, the screen stopped functioning. The computer was working, we could hear the music playing. After shutting it down, turning it back on would make the screen work for anything from a few seconds to a few minutes. The screen then remained pitch black, whatever we did. I finally had the idea to plug in my 27-inch external monitor.The results weren't as good as I expected. The external screen works fine, but the resolution cannot be set higher than 1366x768, instead of the usual 1600x900 on the laptop. Also, when connected to my Alienware laptop, the external monitor can go up to 1980x1080.As if this wasn't enough, when playing music, the speakers would suddenly let out a very loud buzzing noise for a few seconds. We have tried to pinpoint the cause, but it happens whenever it seems to want to.

Is there anything we can do about the screen? (without sending it to be repaired, of course) I guess there's a problem in the hardware, because the external screen works. There might also be a problem with the video card, because of the weird maximal resolution..

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Bsod Buzzing Noise While Streaming Videos In Windows 7

Apr 23, 2012

Acer ASPIRE M3802 (details to follow) starts making buzzing noises while I am playing videos, especially when buffering multiple videos at a time e.g. in multiple tabs of browser. This starts happening at irregular intervals, sometimes just after 10 mnts, sometimes after about an hour or so. The system actually freezes every few seconds. This continues till the system displays BSOD or I restart it. After restart, it is fine for quite a long time but eventually the problem starts again.

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Windows 7 X64 Freezes With Loud Popping / Buzzing Sounds

Oct 18, 2011

My Dell Studio 1558 freezes since I tried to reinstall the Windows 7 64 Ultimate a few weeks ago. And within the past few days it has frozen and made a scratching noise when I watch some online videos or webinars.

It tells me that I have USB devices that are not working and says under Device Manager Other Systems that: "The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28). There is no driver selected for the device information set or element. To find a driver for this device, click Update Driver."

But when I try to update the driver it says: "Windows was unable to install your Base System Device. Windows could not find the driver software for your device. If you know the manufacturer of your device, you can visit its website and check the support section for drivers software."

Well. It's Dell. And when I run a dell pc check it tells me that everything is fine.

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Computer Freezes With Loud Buzzing Loop From Speakers

Apr 22, 2012

when i watch a Internet video, every so often, my computer completely freezes,and a wierd buzzing, repeated loop of the last miliseconds of audio play,and it's really bothering me, because no matter what i do, i can't seem to fix the problem!this problem only occurs on Internet though, and maybe everyother day once or twice when i'm on there any suggestion or anything i could possibly do to help fix this problem.? i'm not sure what else there is to do. [code] the freezing only lasts like a 1-5 minutes though.

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Windows 7 Computer - Random Freezing And Buzzing Noises

May 30, 2012

I recently came home to my computer after a 7 month break. I had to update a lot of things like drivers, programs, etc which went very well and I believe that all of my drivers are up to date. The problem that is occurring is that occasionally my computer will freeze for about a second and then a robotic buzzing noise will play through my headphones. I am not really sure what to think of this and I've looked for quite awhile on Google. The main answer that keeps appearing is that I should clean my computer out because it may be dusty. The problem with this is that I have no idea how I would safely clean the inside of my computer.

Here are the specs (I think):
Operating System
MS Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1
Intel Core i5 760 @ 2.80GHz53C
Lynnfield 45nm Technology
6.00 GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 668MHz (9-9-9-24)
Alienware 0RV30W (CPU 1)62C
ASUS VE276 (1920x1080@60Hz)
ASUS VE276 (1920x1080@60Hz)
ATI Radeon HD 5670 (Dell)56C
ATI Radeon HD 5670 (Dell)
CrossFire Disabled
Hard Drives
977GB Seagate ST31000528AS (RAID)34C
Optical Drives
Realtek High Definition Audio

I should also mention that my computer has Blue Screened once since I turned it back on a few days ago.

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Windows 7 Making Buzzing Noise When Playing Music After Updates

Nov 21, 2011

I installed 3 days ago Windows updates and now my computer makes the infamous buzz when playing music. I tried deactivating all the unnecessary start-up programs but it keeps doing it. My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 15 with native W7 and never had problems with the sound, it all just started after I installed these updates.

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