Dual Boot - Vista 64 / Win7 64 - Winload.exe Error

Aug 19, 2009

I have 3 hdd's.

1 x 160GB (SATA)
- Partition: ~149GB - Win Vista64

1 x 300GB (SATA)
- Partition: ~220GB - MISC
- Partition: ~58.5GB - Windows 7 64

1x 1TB (SATA)
- Partition: ~931GB - Games

I ended up taking my 300GB drive, created a logical partition, then booted into the Windows 7 dvd I have. (win 7 - 7100?, straight off ms)

Firstly, it takes about a couple minutes just to load the files. Then once it finally gets to the splash* screen and the cursor appears.....it takes about 5-10minutes for the "install" window to appear which seems VERY odd since my machine is VERY fast. It takes quite a bit of time to accomplish installing from loading to finished (40minutes maybe)...

After everything installs when I go to choose the Windows 7 option on the boot menu, I get this black SOD
Windowssystem32winloader.exe error 0xc000000D
Something about the file being missing or corrupt.

I took my Windows 7 disk, and entered command prompt through recovery tools (which takes at least 5 minutes due to loading time to get to each time).
I ran DISKPART, then did LIST VOL, so it would tell me the partitions and letters.
Then I took another window, and entered bcdedit. The letters matched up with the partition letters and the file DOES exist.

I've tried 3 different sources on 3 different DVD's to see if perhaps I had a bad image (1 x microsoft/2 x torrent), but that's not the case.
I've tried setting the path's again through bcdedit to make sure there was no data corruption in the settings, and that was not successful either...

So when I need to figure is out why it tells me the file "winloader.exe" is missing or corrupt, when in fact it is pointing to the right harddrive, on the right partition, on the right location.

Yes, they all show up on the BIOS post, yes it recognizes the 300GB drive in the setup without extra drivers. The only hdd it needs extra drivers for to see is my 1TB, but I'm not using that for the Windows 7 installation.


Dual Boot Windows 7 And Vista Boot Error Winload.exe

Oct 14, 2009

I installed Windows 7 on a partitioned harddrive with vista on the other half. After the installation i have my boot menu with:Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows vista still works but when i try and load windows 7 i get a boot error message

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Dual Boot Vista 64 / Win7 64

Aug 17, 2009

I've been going at this all day searching, trial and error, and it's all very frustrating at this point.

I use a custom bootloader for my vista 64 to trick it to be activated (not sure your policy on discussing this). But now I wanted to try Windows 7 since it has been released in the RC status (because I had aquaintances try 7000 beta, and no one liked it). So I want to have it on my machine to tinker with and test it out.

I ended up taking my 300GB drive, and removing about 60GB from it, creating a logical partition, formatting it, then booted into the Windows 7 dvd I have. (win 7 - 7600)

Firstly, it takes about a couple minutes just to load the files. Then once it finally gets to the splash* screen and the cursor appears.....it takes about 5-10minutes for the "install" window to appear which seems VERY odd since my machine is VERY fast.

It takes quite a bit of time to accomplish installing from loading to finished (30minutes maybe), and by then it overwrites my bootloader for my VISTA installation (so its not activated anymore), and it shows WIN 7, and below that Vista 64. Read more at the forum...

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Vista Win7 Dual Boot

Jul 29, 2009

I started out with Vista 32 Ultimate installed on my machine. I created a second partition on that system drive , and left my data drive alone and installed Win 7 64 Ultimate RC on the new partition. The system boots to win7 with no boot menu to pick vista from, any ideas?

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Lost Dual Boot With Vista After Win7 Install

Jun 3, 2009

I just installed windows 7 ultimate on my pc.

i already had xp32 and vista 64 business on a dual boot on the same HDD before installing windows 7.

during windows 7 install, I selected the xp32 partition, formatted it and installed windows 7 over the top as I no longer wanted xp32.

When the windows 7 install was complete I expected to see a dual boot screen with

option 1. windows 7

and option 2. vista64

unfortunatelty i have no dual boot options, the pc now just goes straight into windows 7. It doesnt sem to know that vista is there.

i would appreciate assistance in getting a dual boot set up with vista64 and windows 7

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Updating Vista/Win7 Dual Boot With Clean

Aug 7, 2009

I have my current system with Vista x64 on the C drive dual-booting with Windows 7 RC installed on the F drive.

Is there a way to install the Windows 7 RTM to my C drive without destroying my Win 7 RC version? I want to leave it there until I have everything installed and working. Then I can format the F drive and start clean.

Or would it be better to just add the new Dual-boot to C drive and then remove the old Vista?

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Custom Install Win7 On XP Pro/Vista XP Dual Boot

Nov 3, 2009

I have just discovered that I cannot do an Upgrade from Vista HP to Win 7 Pro and that I will have to do a Custom or clean install. That will be OK and doesn't cause any problems.

I have XP on one HDD and Vista on another with dual boot. However I want to replace Vista HP with Win 7 Pro 32 bit, ( I intend to go 64 bit later on).

What I would like to know is, will Win 7 replace Vista on the boot sequence (MBR?), so that on booting the PC I have the option of selecting either XP or Win 7, or will I be presented with a boot menu of XP, Vista and Windows 7, albeit that Vista is no longer installed? If the latter, will this cause any problems in selecting the OS that I want to launch i.e the MBR looking for a now non existing Vista and would there be a way to remove reference to Vista?

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WIN7 / Vista Home Premium Dual Boot - TRASHING ONE

Oct 20, 2009

I have C Drive 250gb - Vista HP SP2 and, PARTIONED, also a W Drive 250gb - Windows 7 RC7100

Boot Manager list Windows 7 first, which is what I wanted and set via msconfig.

I think I am going to trash my Vista and install a clean Windows 7 on C drive.

I am thinking to do this:

1. From within Windows 7, go to msconfig and reset boot sequence to C Drive

2. Reboot. From within Vista, go to Disk Management and delete the W partition (and therefore Windows 7) and then to resize my C drive to full amount of C/W size (500GB)

3. From within Vista, load in Windows 7 DVD, go to My computer and set off setup.exe & do a clean install...or do I have to change boot sequence thru bios first and reboot to the DVD drive to do this?

I have all discs/drivers for my other applications and they are all working fine on my present Windows 7 drive

Or would I simply do an in-place upgrade?

I know I have to either purchase a new copy or an upgrade copy of Windows 7.

Is my thought process above correct?

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Problem Dualboot Vista And 7 Winload.exe Error

Oct 22, 2009

I have installed on a second partition of my first hard disk seven (in a first partition I have vista). The first start of 7 goes well and I can see the desktop without any problem. Then I restart my pc to change the boot priority and set the hard disk as default. Then I restart again and I see the vista boot manager that ask me to select the os to start. When I select 7 I get an error that say:

FILE windowssystem32winload.exe

Status: 0xc0000428

info: windows cannot verify the digital signature for this file.

(I think that is the english version of my error, the code match)

I try to repair the windows starup with the wizard on 7's dvd but it doesn't work. I unistall, reburn, reinstall 7 but the result was the same.

If I open (when I running vista) the property of winload in 7's directory I see that the digital signature of the item doesn't match.

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Dual Boot Win7 & XP - User Error

Nov 10, 2009

I installed Windows 7 64bit onto RAID 0+1 and XP on separate SATA drive. However, I now realise I re-formatted XP drive "out of sequence" in so much as I didn't follow the correct procedure to alter the boot sequence prior to re-format.

I can no longer boot into Windows 7, see following

The bios recognises the RAID setup - apologies for the poor quality.

I have tried running the startup & repair via install DVD, several times, but I keep getting the messsage that setup & repair did not detect any problems.

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Dual Booting WIN7 And Vista Home Premium

May 24, 2009

I posted here earlier (a couple weeks ago) about a painless installation of Windows 7 on a resized C Drive, which I partitioned into into a C Drive (Vista) and W Drive (Win 7).

All was fine until yesterday - I had been able to login into and out of both operating systems without drama - when out of the blue, for no apparent reason, whenever I try and log onto the Vista operating system, it allows me to logon as Rod with my correct password, but after the logon screen I get the "Preparing your Desktop" and and am presented with a Desktop and icons - but not for me! I get a bubble pop up out of the System Tray that says "Windows had trouble loading your Profile and has loaded up a temporary profile. Contact your administrator".

That would be me! I for the life of me don't know what happened. I have created no new users, nor amended any existing ones. Though, when using Windows 7 earlier in the day, I had to give access rights and permissions to All authenticated Users in order to access and use files on a separate (D) Drive.

Will this have screwed up my User Profile and login to Vista? How?

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Windows 7, Winload.exe Error:0x00000e9, Boot Failure

Nov 10, 2011

Everytime I turn on my computer and it asks me to select what windows to load (vista, 7 (I Don't have dual boot set up though??) and I do Windows 7, it does not Boot and gives me the winload.exe error message in my title. I have a M3A32-MDP, AMD Phenom II quad840, two maxstore 300gb hard disk set up for RAID1

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How Do I Keep Win7, Dump XP From Dual Drive, Dual Boot ?

Nov 12, 2009

As currently configured, XP is on drive C:, Win 7 was added to drive E:, and the system is currently run as a dual boot. Attempting to boot without the XP drive present will yield a "NTLDR is missing" error very early in the boot process.

I have already tried the following:

(1) I moved the hidden Windows Boot Manager files (bootmgr as well as the associated Boot folder) from the XP drive root to the Win 7 drive root.

(2) After physically removing the XP drive, I rebooted to the Win 7 installation DVD, and used the "Repair Your Computer" option to pull up the "Recovery Tools". Then, using the command prompt utility, ...

(3) I attempted to write a new boot sector to the Windows 7 disk using the command: Bootrec /fixboot, - that yields an error though. The Bootrec /fixmbr claimed success, but ultimately did not make Win 7 drive bootable.

I had to reconnect drive C: just to boot into Win 7 again to write this. I do have files backed up, but to format and reinstall files would take many hours beyond just the time to transfer 400 GB of data, since I have dozens of purchased applications that need to be freshly reinstalled and validated as well. Basically I want my E: drive now to be my boot drive while the C: drive is reformatted and used for general storage.

Any idea how to make my Win 7 drive bootable? Do I need a partition program that is more adept at creating a viable boot sector, or is that even the problem?

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System Should Dual Boot To Windows 7 Or Vista Ultimate, But Does Not Recognize Vista

Aug 15, 2012

My system dual boots to either Windows 7 or Vista Ultimate, or, at least it is supposed to. Something happened and now the system just boots to Winodows 7 without giving me the choice to boot to either. When I use F6 I find that only Windows 7 is listed in the Operating Systems box.

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Windows 7 & Vista Dual Boot Installation - Vista Won't Load?

Sep 13, 2010

New laptop has Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit. I have two business programs that won't run on a 64bit system. Partitioned the hard drive to install Vista Home Premium 32bit to create a dual boot system solely to run these two programs.Can't get Vista to load. Followed tutorial meticulously. All goes fine until the "Vista will boot for the first time" step. After this first boot, the screen returns to the "completing installation" page. However, the process dies here and the progress bar across the bottom of the screen never moves, even after an hour. Reformatted the partition and started over with same results. Multiple attempts always die after the first boot.

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Remove Vista From Vista / Windows 7 Dual Boot?

Sep 13, 2012

I have two drives (C and D) with Vista on one and Win 7 on the other (not sure if they're actual drives or partitions of a single drive, how do I tell?). I am dual booting and never use Vista. Starting to need the disk space and want to delete Vista. Is this difficult in this scenario?

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Removing Vista From Dual Boot Of Windows 7 And Vista?

Apr 5, 2011

I had recently installed windows 7 on my laptop running windows vista. I did not remove the existing windows vista installation, and thus win 7 was installed in a dual boot combination. Now, i want to remove vista from my laptop and use windows 7 only.The problem is that during installation, win 7 was installed on logical drive and windows vista was on the primary drive. Thus, i cannot delete/format the windows vista partition. Also I cannot transfer the boot drive to the partition containing win 7 because the vista partition is the active one.

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Dual Boot - Keep Vista With Win 7 Without Reinstalling Vista

Oct 11, 2009

I have dualboot XP SP3 and Vista Ultimate on my system,,and now i want to install Windows 7 over the XP OS. I wish to keep Vista with Windows 7 without reinstalling Vista.

Can I just install Windows 7 over XP , or should i be careful for MBR,or boot....

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Boot Menu Doesn't Show Up - XP And Win7 Dual Boot

Oct 30, 2009

I have XP (x86) installed on one partition.

Last night I installed Windows 7 (x64) on a separate partition.

Anytime I had tried this in the past, using Vista, it always detected the Windows XP partition, and gave me a boot menu with "Earlier Version of Windows" option to boot to.

This is not so with Windows 7.

How can I get the boot menu to show both options, to boot to XP or to Windows 7?

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Triple Boot XP, Vista, And Win7

May 10, 2009

I have four SATA II drives, four gig memory, etc, in my machine that have Windows XP and Vista dual-booting. Both OS's are installed on the same physical drives; about 150 gig each partition.

I've freed up one of the drives, changed the BIOS to boot from the DVD, and installed Windows 7, 64-bit. The installation completed without a hitch and the setup detected everything, sans the Viewsonic monitor. Windows did have a driver for the monitor, but I used the one for Vista 64-bit from Viewsonic and we are good.

After rebooting Windows 7, I expected to have couple of boot option but there's none. No XP and/or Vista, just Windows 7. I've tried to locate the bootmanager in Windows 7, but I couldn't find it and that worried me. There was no backup made since it should've picked up the other OS's.

I didn't touch any of the bootsectors, nor did Windows 7; the latter one did make the drive a primary disk and installed the boot record there. After modifying the BIOS, making the the XP/Vista drive the first drive to be booted, XP and Vista came back, but Windows 7 disappeared. I can boot either OS's by changing the order the drives are booted by the BIOS, but I rather have the choice for XP/Vista/7 in the boot menu.

I am not sure why Windows 7 didn't pick up on the other OS's; the reason could be the SATA drives, if I'd have to guess. Since "disk 1" was set as the first drive to boot by the BIOS, Windows 7 did not check other drives and declared itself the only OS.

The question is, how do I add Windows 7 to the Vista's boot menu, or alternatively, how do I add XP/Vista to 7's boot menu?

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Boot Up Problem In Dual Boot (win7 And OSx86)

Sep 24, 2009

I was having win 7 RTM and i tried to installl OSx86 in second hard disk

after few failure i successfully installed OSx86 in my secondary had disk now the problem is that i cant boot win 7

i changed boot order i tried windows 7 disk repair

but both failed

im getting some Boot mldr missing...

Actually even OSx86 is not booting i get OSx86 boot screen with two hard disk to select if i select windows disk it still says the same Boot mldr missing.

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OSX And Win7 Dual Boot

Jan 23, 2009

Anybody want to share their experience installing and booting OSX and Windows 7 in a dual boot, single drive, setup? I'm experienced in partitioning, etc. My first try was not sucessful, but I didn't really give it a chance. I had OSX running, but I couldn't get the dual boot sorted out and I ruined my Windows installation a couple times...gave up.

Just looking to see if threre are any people out there that can steer me a little.

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Win7-XP Dual Boot

Nov 4, 2009

First of all I had Windows 7 ultimate and 1 partition. Then I made a second partition, and installed Win XP to it. Win XP wiped out the Windows 7 boot option. I used my Windows 7 disc to repair startup and my hope was to have dual-boot on my hdd. BUT... Windows 7 couldnt repair my startup, cause I just bought a new graphic card and when Im tryin to boot from dvd it says NO!! >< because of the hardware changes >< so I have 2 partitions now and only #2 is working --> the XP

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Dual Boot Win7 And XP

Nov 10, 2009

I have a new PC with Windows 7 pre-installed. My old PC died, but I have the hard drive that has WinXP loaded on it.

The old drive has two partitions, one for data and one for the WinXP OS. The OLD drive WinXP OS partition is identified as G-drive under Windows 7. NTLDR is located in the OLD drive now identified as the F-drive partition under Windows 7.

I've used EasyBCD to add the old drive and have the drive set as F for the WinXP boot loader. When I start the PC, I have the choice of Windows 7 or WinXP, but when I select WinXP, the system hangs and won't let me proceed. I can only boot under Windows 7.

I've obviously made an error somewhere....thoughts/suggestions?

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Dual Boot Win7 And Win 7

Dec 3, 2009

I want to set up a dual boot system with 2 times Win 7. One system with Office software and related, the other with multimedia software like Photoshop etc. My experience with Xp systems is that that postpones the unavoidable clutter that Windows creates on a system disk. Also, I found it convenient to be able to access the system disk of the respective one system from the other one that is booted at the moment (backup, repair,...).

Now I want to do that for my new PC, too. I have a new PC with one 250GB HDD for the two OSs, and two 250GB HDDs (RAID0) for data. How do I go about installing the two OSs on two partitions? My first tries showed that I need one 100MB partition for the boot manager; two partitions of 80GB each are for the two Windows 7 systems, and the remaining partition for the application software (paging file will be on the RAID HDD).

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Dual Boot From Within Win7 - XP

Mar 10, 2009

I am currently the Operations Lead for a BF2 Modification called Project Reality, which is quite a popular game, but am having a few problems at the moment.

I installed Windows 7 - build 7000 when it first came out, as a dual boot, I liked it so much I carried out a full install and removed XP.

Everything worked fine up until a week ago, where I can now longer launch the game I develop ....lol, as it runs of the BF2 exe that means it is reliant when in multiplayer mode on Punkbuster, from evenbalance.com (an anti cheat programme).

This occurred I think when I carried out a Windows 7 Update. Looking into it I now know that Windows 7 and Punbuster are not compatible, and the statement from evenbalance.com, is that they will not support a Beta OS, which is fine I understand.

Therefore I decided to create a partition in Windows 7, assign it a drive letter, and then reboot it to install XP on that new drive.

All goes fine until XP does it initial reboot to continue its install, and it comes up with

"Disk error press ctl / alt / del to restart" ............. and thats it - nothing from then on in.

I had to use the Windows 7 DVD to "repair" the OS and then get it back on.

So for some reason I can not create a dual boot from within this OS.

Can anyone advise if I am doing something wrong here, or if mentioned before pass me a link on ?

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Dual Boot Win7 With Itself

Oct 22, 2009

Has anybody successfully dual-booted windows 7 with windows 7?

I'd like 2 totally different set ups but it seems to not work

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Win7 And XP Dual Boot

Feb 21, 2010

Current config: AMD PHenom X4 processor; 8gb ram; Nvidia graphics card; 2-1tb hard drives; 1 250gb hard drive; 1 160gb hard drive; 2 dvd-RW drives. Now booting into Win 7 32 bit. Want to set up a second boot with XP Pro. I tried installing XP on the 160gb drive (H, reconnected C; D: E: drives, used Easy BCD to setup dual boot. Won't boot to XP. Also would like to set up the 250gb drive for Ubuntu.

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Vista/Win7wont Boot Win7 Without DVD In Drive

Jun 20, 2009

I have a HP desktop that came with Vista, I partitioned my C drive (which already had a small partition from HP for the recovery stuff labeled D and made a "S" drive for the Windows 7 install.

I installed the copy of Windows 7 i made from the official ISO from MS and it works ok as long as the DVD is still in the drive...it asks to press any key to boot from cd or DVD, I leave it alone then my option screen comes up and I can pick from either vista or Windows 7 just fine. If the DVD is NOT in the drive then the options I have are either vista or "Windows Setup" and in that case I get

File: $WINDOWS..~BTWindowsSystem32winload.exe

Status: 0xc000000f

selected entry couuld not be loaded cuz missing or corrupt

I tried to do the automatic reapair in the Windows 7 installer and sometimes it would come up as finding an error and says it fixed but most of the time it says there is nothing wrong.

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Boot Screen Changer For Xp / Vista / Win7

Oct 3, 2009

I had to return to xp mce till I get my W7 ultimate signature edition in a few days and am wondering what is that program for changing your boot screen ?

I knwo it was a freeware and it was compatible with vista xp and w7 so I am gonna use it on my xp systems and once i return to w7 on my main system ..

Sorry havent made any posts in a while I got burried in school and starting my own lan center / custyom build computer shop so I havent had time to do my normal posting and catching up..

IU am however back I got my collage scedual and work scedual to allow me 2 horus of messing around in between plus time for pro gamming WOOT MLGPRO FTW!!!!!

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Win7 + Vista X64 Dualboot Inst.error

Apr 9, 2009

I´am using Windows 7 X64 b7057 primary on C: (second partition D: for data). I tried to intall Vista 64bit for dualboot, but after GUI of installing Vista finished and FIRST restarted an error black screen appeared after dual b.

selection, when I select Vista:

failed to start


status: 0xc000000d

And nothing helped /tried to repair from Vista DVD/.

I installed Vista to a partition created on the same HDD as Windows 7 as a "logical"

(it shows Windows 7) with 33GB free space /I think it should be enough/.

So the intaller of Vista didn´t finished installing Vista. Any idea how to fix it?

I read some articles about EasyBCD,etc but I´am not shure if my problem can be fixed with there utils. Can I install WinVista to a "logical" partiotion? /win 7 is on "primary"/

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Dual Boot XP And Win7 - Remove XP

Nov 28, 2009

I have 2 hard drives with XP installed on 1 and then i installed windows 7 on the other. On bootup i get the option to select the operating systems.

Now i want to only have windows 7 and remove XP completely so that i can format the hard drive with xp on and use as backup.

The problem is that when i switch boot sequence to boot off the win 7 hdd first, i get BOOTMGR is missing. I have tried the startup repair from the win 7 cd but it also fails with an error saying Missing boot manager.

If i switch back to use XP hdd as 1st boot device, i get the OS options screen again and can boot into both without issue.

Does anyone have any idea of how i can get rid of XP and boot with only windows 7 as first boot device?

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XP And Win7 Dual Boot Issue

Jan 4, 2010

I originally had win XP installed in my computer... I upgraded to Windows 7 through the internet download process.

A while after I found this tutorial and decided that I wanted to dual boot XP (I have the original XP disc) in my machine. When I tried installing XP and it got to the point where it need to restart to continue the installation, it never proceeds. It just stays black with a cursor display.

When I try to restart the computer without the XP disc so I can try and get into 7 it also doesnt boot up and just gives me the cursor blinking.

Any idea what happened?

Ive tried reinstalling XP many times without any success.

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Problem With Dual Boot Win7 + XP (XP First)

Jan 6, 2010

Complaint: When starting computer, boot manager does not show Win 7

Symptoms: Previously, my system was running XP 32 bit and Vista 32 without any problems. After installing Vista, I found it quite easy to use EASYBCD to properly configure the boot manager to have XP as the default system, and Vista as the optional system further down the line. The two OSs are set on separate partitions of the same disk. Note however that the disk is actually a RAID 1 array.

A few days ago I installed Windows 7 Professional 64 bit, as a clean install after wiping out the Vista partition. Installation proceeded without difficulty, but when I tried to make the necessary changes to the boot file via EASYBCD, the XP partition was not listed. So I mounted the partition and labeled it as X:, and went back to EASYBCD to add XP to the X: partition.

But after restarting, the boot manager menu listed:

(1)Older version of Windows

(2)Vista boot loader

When I choose (1), a new table comes up that lists only XP. If chosen, XP starts without difficulty.

When I choose (2), I get an error screen. I will post the exact error message momentarily.

I thought maybe the boot needed to be repaired, so I booted off the Win 7 DVD and instructed it to fix my computer. But after running a scan, a window popped up telling me that there was no problem to fix. I then restarted the system, leaving the DVD in the drive, but when prompted, I allowed the system to continue loading instead of striking a key to boot from the Win 7 DVD.

Instead of the boot menu above, the new menu was:

(1) Windows 7

(2) Windows XP

This is exactly what I told EASYBCD to do! But I can only get to this menu if I have the Win 7 DVD in the drive when I start up the computer! Note that I am NOT booting off the disk; the disk is simply sitting in the drive! When the bios checks the drive for a disk and sees one is present, it asks me if I want to boot from it (press any key) or not (do nothing). Whenever I do nothing, I get the right boot menu!

I have spent many, many hours and scoured the forums, but I have yet to see this problem described.

I will post a screen image of my disk management shortly. I will also post a copy of the EASYBCD screen image.

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Win7 And XP Dual Boot Problem

May 4, 2009

So until installing the RC, I upgraded to all of the previous builds. That kept my boot settings and whatnot. But seince doing a clean install (and doing an Easy Transfer) I lost my version of BCD. To fix that, I got the newest version. I was able to get it to add an entry for XP to the bootloader, but still cannot boot into XP. I don't know what the heck the problem is. Now, I have it all screwed up so that I boot by default into "Windows Vista" which is actually Windows 7. Any thoughts?

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How Do I Dual Boot XP And WIN7 Without A Dvd Drive ?

Feb 15, 2009

I have a simple xp 32 computer and would like to dual boot (from a partition) with windows 7. my problem seems to lie in whether i have enable my usb to be bootable as a dvd install of windows 7. it seems very complicated, and i am interested in figuring out whether it was possible to simply create the partition (with gpart) than in windows mount windows 7 and when it asks where it wants to be installed, I would than chose my new partition.

I don't know... (don't want to screw up)
I hope this makes sense...

I really would like to try widows 7, and any help would be very much appreciated .

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Win7 And Winxp Dual Boot

Jan 31, 2010

I am running Windows 7 64bit. My printer only has 32 bit drivers. Is there any way I can get a windows 64 bit 32bit printer emulator? If not then I have to install 32bit Windows XP on my computer as well. Now after I partition my hard drive, will I be able to get that space back? For ex. I make a partition 50GB for windows XP, Will I be able to put that 50GB back into my windows 7 partition if I delete Windows XP?

Will the 2 partitions be able to communicate with each other? Like will I be able to take files from the partition that Windows XP is on if i'm logged on my Windows 7 and vice versa. Will I also need to install antivirus and things for Windows XP? One last question... I have 9MB unallocated(lol) How do i get that back into my hard drive?

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Failing To Dual Boot Win7 And Ubuntu

Jun 28, 2009

I have Windows 7 RC1 installed for some time, dual-booting with Windows XP. And that worked like a charm. But a couple of days ago I installed Ubuntu on the Windows XP partition (after formatting it with ext3, of course). But the thing is, I have been trying to boot into my dear Windows 7 ever since, with no success.

It didn't show in the boot manager, so I changed the menu.lst in Ubuntu. Thus it can be seen, but to no avail, as it does not work. I have tryed fixing it with the Windows 7 installation DVD, but it did not work. And I really ran out of ideas; also I would like to keep both my OS-es as they are (all data), if that's possible somehow.

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Problem While Installing XP To Dual Boot With Win7

Jun 2, 2009

I did a partition, i ran the XP setup, chose the partition, started install, then it copied the files, then it had to restart, it restarted.. but its not moving for the next setup screen, it just jams on the load, "Press any key to boot from CD ... "

It is been there like over 30 minutes now, maybe someone can help me with this problem, thank you in advance.

PS. I restarted it also and then booted it again, and it seems it did not copy those files.. the partition was still empty.

PPS. And as it seems.. it does not run not at all now, i took out the XP cd and it does not load Windows 7 Also.

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Removing Windows XP SP3 On Dual Boot With Win7

Nov 3, 2009

I Cleaned installed Windows 7 (64bit) to dual boot with my already existing Windows XP SP3 (32bit). Everything is great and life is fantastic!

I'm ready to remove XP now.

Any suggestions on the steps to follow, and remove XP, without screwing up my fast, great and fully working Windows 7.

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