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Dell Inspiron 1501 Onboard Wifi Adapter Driver

I was searchn on the net for Dell Inspiron 1501 help.

Subject of help needed: Dell Inspiron 1501 onboard wifi card not working with Windows 7 Ultimate and NEED help getting a working driver.

I have a Dell Inspiron 1501 currently using XP w/SP3 as I'm typing now.

I have made a Acronis backup image of my Dell 1501 laptop so I can quickly within 30 min.s pop back my Windows 7 Ultimate back on when I can either find and get a Dell Inspiron 1501 onboard wifi driver that works OR buy a 100% sure Windows 7 USB wireless adapter with driver.

I have freshly formatted hd and fresh full install of Windows 7 Ultimate and seems to load and work great BUT.....

I went to Dell support / Driver download website page and I entered in our Dell Service Tag number and in the drag box, they are NO Windows 7. So, I'm guessing they do not support and offer a Windows 7 driver for my onboard wifi card?

I currently have stinky dialup internet and live in a rurual country area but sometimes go up in town to visit a spot that has cable wifi connection. My onboard wifi card with XP works great.. I have installed Vista and the drive for my onboard wifi card works fine.

I went in to town to connection to cable with wireless router high speed connection to get Windows 7 updates but this onboard wifi card seems to recieve and reports wifi signals fine but trying to get it to connect and go is another. I have tried many many different wifi signals and areas and this onboard wifi card with Windows 7 does not want to work. I'm guessing it needs a Windows 7 driver. Do you think its not working cause of the driver too?

I need help finding out if they are anyone else with a Dell Inspiron 1501 have Windows 7 and have they found a Windows 7 driver work?

If I wanted to buy a 100% sure best range hottest USB wireless adapter coming with Windows 7 driver, what Name and Model would you recommend?

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I downgraded my from Windows 8 Enterprise to Windows 7 Ultimate, i have a big screen so the max resolution is 1920x1080, but when i downgraded it the max resolution was 1400x1050, and i lost the internet adapter too. I ran the troubleshooter it said "could not find internet adapter" even in Device Manager i couldn't find internet adapter, i might try to install but i think it's not good and i don't know anything about that. btw my warranty has expired.There are some softwares on the internet that can fix missing files on your PC, but they require internet.

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Just wondering if anyone can give me any advice on how to get my wireless 1397 WLAN mini-card to enable on my network connections screen? About a month ago I pressed the f2 and fn key together to turn off my wireless and it seems to have done something as when u try to turn it on the same way it doesn't do anything? Also when I highlight the wireless network connection mini card in the network connections screen it says it disabled, I click enable this network device and the screen pops up to say its enabled yet when that screen disappears the connection is still greyed out and says disabled.When I ask Ask my computer to diagnose the problem It says there may be a problem with the drivers. I've uninstalled the drivers and downloaded them from the dell website and installed them Again , still not working !! I'm confused as everyone keeps saying on this forum to just press f2 and fn but it's not working

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I'm visiting my parents for the summer and I brought my laptop with me and the wireless was working fine for the first month or so. One random day it stopped working and will not connect. I called dell support and for some reason it just started working when I was on the phone with him, but for the next couple of days it would connect for awhile then not connect 15 minutes later. It's not the router because it won't connect to other networks, the dell support guy says its not the hardware (everything in the device manager says its fine also), It works when the ethernet cable is plugged in, I installed all the latest drivers for the network adapter (Intel Wifi link 1000 BGN), I installed a registry fix program and for a little bit it was working with some networks, but only limited access.

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we have a laptop (Dell Inspiron 6400) that I cannot get hooked to internet.I am told that we need wifi USB and card.Okay - I have here a Linksys wireless G USB network adapter 2.4 GHZ and now what kind of card do I need?Or do I need both in order to hook to internet?

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Crash On Standby When Wifi Is Connected - Dell Inspiron 1764
My Dell Inspiron 1764 just started crashing every time I put it into standby. Screen will go blank, as expected. But, the HD will continue to spin for about 5 min, then the machine shuts down. It does this most times if I hibernate as well.Here's the catch. If I reboot and don't connect to a wifi network, it will standby and hibernate just fine. Once it's been connected, even if I disconnect after, it will crash in standby. Full disk check Uninstalled and reinstalled all network drivers Replaced the offending files from a good working win 7 machine (see below) Full virus scan in safe mode

Here's the basic info from the minidump:

050212-46831-01.dmp 5/2/2012 7:30:24 PM DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE 0x0000009f 00000000`00000003 fffffa80`04940060 fffff800`0496d518 fffffa80`06d71c60 ntoskrnl.exe ntoskrnl.exe+7cd40 NT Kernel & System Microsoft� Windows� Operating System Microsoft Corporation 6.1.7601.17790 (win7sp1_gdr.120305-1505) x64


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needs this drivers foe my wifi drivers found missing from my laptop

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