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6gb Ram Only 3gb Usable

So i've had issues with my RAM usage on windows 7 rc x32-bit for a little while now. I've even reinstalled the OS and at idle i'm running at 32%. A friend of mine has a computer i built a while ago and has 4gb of RAM and has 3.5 usable RAM. For some odd reason I have 6gb of found RAM with only 3.0 usable RAM.

RAM - CORSAIR DOMINATOR 6GB (3 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Triple Channel Kit Desktop Memory

any suggestions please?

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6GB RAM Installed But Only 3GB Usable
I have 6gb ram installed but only 3gb ram is usable why is this and how can I get it back to 6gb again.

Posted: Feb 7, 2012

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3gb Ram But Only 1gb Usable?
I have an older desktop, Acer Aspire running Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit, it had 4gb ram installed (I did know that only 3gb could be used)yesterday I took one of the ram sticks out ( had 4 x 1gb) and put in a different computer. Since then it has started crawling along, I have noticed that it says 3gb ram 1 gb usable. is this something that I need to go into the bios for? I ran the memory diagnostic tool this morning but did not get to see a report.

Posted: Feb 8, 2013

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6GB DDR3 Ram Installed BUT Only 2.75 USABLE
Okay so i have a Quad core x6850 Intel CPU, EVGA 280GTX GPU CARD.

Now i installed window 7 x86 bit version ULTIMATE. And i have 6GB DDR3 RAM INSTALLED INTO MY geforce Nforce 790i motherboard. Now the problem is that in Windows 7 it shows "Installed Memory: 6.00GB (2.75 GB Useable)". But in Bios it shows me that 6gigs in installed.

Now does that mean it is WIN 7 that is just reading my DDR3 RAM WRONG? But i am still getting the full performance for all of my 6GB DDR 3 RAM? Since my bios is reading all of the 6GB RAM?

Also i tried doing what other forums indiated i should be doing like type config and check mark or uncheck mark MAX MEMORY. Tried doing that, but noting happened.

Now the only thats left and i am having confusion with is, some people are saying i should Enable Memory remapping in bios? I have a nforce 790i motherboard, and i can't find that exactly in my bios mode. Is there any other way to fix this problem?

Posted: Dec 9, 2009

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Laptop Have 6gb And Only Uses 3gb On Windows 7?
i have laptop that have 6gb and only uses 3gb on window 7

how can i sort this out so i use the 6gb

Posted: May 3, 2012

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Installed Memory 6GB But 2GB Usable?
My computer's memory was 2GB and i added 4GB more, but only 2GB is usable. I have tried many time take the Ram out and put it back but i still have the same problem.

Posted: Oct 20, 2012

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Windows 7 64bit - 6GB Memory But Only 4GB Usable
I have Win7 64bit with 6GB memory. The Windows System control panel agrees with that showing 6GB ram and nothing about a limitation. But today I was opening a lot of files and the program wouldn't let me open more files after Windows memory use reached 4GB. Task Manager showed 4GB used out of 6GB. I tried opening another file with a different program and my screen flickered and the program shut itself off, so it looks like the problem is with Windows and not the other programs. How do I get Windows to use all available memory not just 4GB out of 6GB?

Posted: Mar 19, 2012

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32 Bit 4 GB Ram 3.44gb Usable Including Video Ram?
I have 32 bit Windows 7 installed and it says only 3.44 GB of RAM is usable which I'm fine with... if it doesn't count video ram as well. I have 2GB of video RAM -- is that included in this total? If so, how can I tell which percentage is being set aside for video ram and which percentage is being set aside for general ram?

Posted: Mar 27, 2011

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64 Bit With 3gb Ram Only
Just wondering, if I only have 3gb of ram, is there ANY benefit in using 64 bit over 32 bit? (aside from the maximum amount of ram addressed by windows)

Posted: Oct 21, 2009

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Freezing When Using 3gb Of RAM
When i strat withmy 3gb my pc eventualy freezes. I ran memtest86 and it found 1 error.

test: 8
Pass: 0

Failing Address : 8885f20b610 - 1522.6

good - fffffffb
bad - fffdfffb
err-bits - 88820000
count - 1
cpu -1

Posted: Sep 23, 2012

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Ram Problem / 4gb Of Ram As 1.99gb Usable
Windows is only showing my 4gb of ram as 1.99gb usable. It used to be high although I cannot remember the value. I know that for sure because my ram score used to be 7. something and my hdd was lowest score of 5.9, now ram is the lowest with 5.5. Any ideas?

Posted: Dec 13, 2009

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Using 6GB Ram
I am just wondering if I can utilize 6GB ram, but probably in an unconventional way...

Recently I installed Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and had no problems on install and everything is fine. I have 2 x 1GB of memory lying around doing nothing, (800mhz - same as the ocz Reaper X). Will I be able to install the additional ram alongside 2 x 2GB of Reaper X? (Total 6GB).

Posted: Oct 31, 2009

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64 Bit Win 7 On A HP G70 With 3GB Ram
I have one of these laptops and not sure whether to go with the 32 bit or 64 bit of build 7100. i have actually already tried both, just to see which i would prefer, but having done so cant quite make up my mind which to go with.

i installed the 64 first because i thought i would end up going with the 32 (due to only having 3GB RAM) but the 64 seems to have been as good, if not actually better. there was even an issue with some program incompatibility with the 32 that wasn't there with 64 strangely.

Admittedly i only installed around half of my usual programs with the 64, but everything seemed fine. WEI score was considerably higher with the 64 bit, and the RAM score was 7.0 in the 64, and only 5.0 in the 32 bit, and the GFX score (gaming) was 5.5 in 64, and 5.1 in 32. i guess this is something to do with how the different architecture utilises RAM?

is it worth going back to the 64bit, now that i have most of my programs installed on the 32? or will i notice an issue with the lack of RAM when all my apps are installed etc? i dont have an issue with having to start all over from scratch tbh, and would be interested to hear of anyone running 64bit with under 4GB RAM.

Posted: May 1, 2009

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Windows 7 Detects 4GB RAM But Using Only 3GB
My computer is a machine that has 3gb DDR3 ram and a 1gb graphics card. I've recently installed windows 7 (32 bit) and upon looking at the system through control panel, i found that windows detects 4.00gb ram but is only using 3.00gb. Does the '4gb' detected by windows include the graphics card memory? Am I able to ignore this and be able to fully use both my 3gb DDR3 and 1gb graphics card?

Posted: Mar 11, 2011

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Making Use Of More Than 3GB System Ram For Games?
I have a new computer with an i7 and 12GB system ram using Win 7 64 bit and had a question about how to utilize more than 3Gb system ram for games.How can I make a game in 64 bit o/s use more system ram say 8GB instead of 3GB for better performance? The game is Arma 2 Combined Operations.

Posted: May 6, 2011

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For my 7137 x64, it seems the system is slower with 6GB RAM than 4GB RAM. Page files are fixed at maximum size as recommended by Windows for both cases. Any one that has 6GB in their system seeing this?

Posted: Jun 6, 2009

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How To Use 6gb Ram Fully
i have 6gb ram ddr3,but win7 shows 3.4 only usable.what can i do?

Posted: Nov 8, 2012

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Problem With 6GB Of Ram
i have just installed windows 7 64-bit ultimate, and i have 6GB of ram, 3 X 2GB, DDR3, FBS 1600, but W7 shows 4GB of ram, what is the reason ???

Posted: Nov 21, 2009

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X64 Windows 7 Is Reporting Only 3GB Out Of 4GB RAM?
I'm a bit confused why it's saying this. All the RAM is PC6400 and it's compatible with my machine.I see this when I go to System properties (right-click Computer and properties). Beside the Installed Memory (RAM) label, it says 4.00 GB (3.00 GB usable).

Posted: Mar 10, 2010

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Difference Between 4bg And 6gb RAM
what's the difference betwwen 4bg and 6bg RAM? Deos this make the pc faster or there is no difference?

Posted: Aug 25, 2011

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Win7 And 6gb Ram Problem
i have windows 7 x64 and when i try to install it on a system with 6gb ram i get an error and the setup don't complete ..

can you help me ?

ok the problem resolved

the setup dvd was the problem i do the installation with an old one and the setup goes smoothly

Posted: Oct 6, 2009

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Explorer.EXE Is Using 6Gb Of Ram
I Use Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit and I got a popup from windows saying it wanted to close program to free up Memory & I am using 8 gigs ram and I thought this was absurd so I opened Task manager and the program Explorer.EXE was using 6.36 Gigs of memory or the exact amount of ram is 6300480 K Kilobytes an insane amount of ram if anyone know what's causing this pleas help I tried to do a memory dump but it froze the computer.

On average the system with all open program usually levels of at around 25 to 35% ram usage never seen a problem like this.

Posted: Nov 29, 2009

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I7 + 6GB RAM With Consistent CPU Spikes?
I've had the HP DV6-3052nr for about a year and a half. My processor is an Intel Core i7, my graphics card is the ATI Mobility Radeon 5650, and it contains 6GB of RAM. A year ago at this time, I was running the game Crysis along with other programs all at once with an accumulated memory usage of 1,500,000. The CPU was at 15% while this was happening. Today, with all other programs closed, I can hardly run Skype, Oovoo, or Minecraft without my CPU spiking to 92% - 100%. The only way for me to solve the lag produced is by restarting my laptop. Why is it that the performance has declined, and aside from formatting, what alternatives do I have to return the performance to what it had once been?

Posted: Apr 17, 2012

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7 64-bit Showing 4GB RAM Instead Of 6GB
I recently installed 64-bit Windows 7 on my new computer I built a few days ago and I have no clue as to why it only shows my memory at 4GBs. My BIOS show the same thing, however CPU-Z says I have the appropriate 6GBs. The "Maximum Memory" option is unchecked in msconfig, by the way. Does anyone know what may be causing this issue?

System Specs:

ASUS Rampage ii Extreme
6(3x2)GB RAM Mushkin Redline DDR3 1600Mhz RAM
Sapphire 5870
i7-920 @ 2.6Ghz
1050w Enermax Revolution
WD 300GB Raptor

Posted: Nov 23, 2009

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Neo Basic 2165 - 4GB RAM Installed But Only Shows 3GB
I am using a dual core Neo Basic 2165 - I just recently upgraded my ram to 4gb 2x - 2gb -ddr2 800 but it just shows 2.75 usable - and only 3gb installed - I've tried every thing so far - still same result - tried the msconfig trick posted her still results after reboot.

Posted: Mar 24, 2011

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PC Freezing Running Windows X64 / 6GB RAM
My PC is freezing in Windows 7 x64. Using the mouse or typing control/alt/delete does not work. I use it for Recording music. My software is Avid Pro Tools 8 and Propellerhead Reason 5. I thought one of those was the problem until it froze while I was online and also when I was using Microsoft Word. Almost at anytime it will freeze causing me to press the power button (Hard Reboot). I did a Memory Test, Virus Scan and SCF Scan. I saw on another website that it might be the NVIDIA GeForce GT 520 graphics card. I do not have any Minidumps because I do not get any BSOD errors.

Windows 7 x64
Sevice Pack 1
AMD Phenom II x4 840 Processor 3.20 Ghz
Installed Ram 6.00 GB
NVIDIA GeForce GT 520 graphics card

Posted: Jun 16, 2012

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System Crashing With 6GB RAM Fine With 4GB
Intel i7 920
windows 7 home premium 64 bit
MSI x58 platinum motherboard
nvidia GTX 260 graphics
750w power supply

I got my system being fixed by a professional, but we're stuck right now trying to find a solution to my problem. The system is fine with 4GB in any slot, but when the third stick is put in, the system crashes.

Posted: Sep 9, 2011

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Windows 7 Booting Takes Around 4 Minutes (6GB RAM)
I used to have windows xp on my pc and recently i upgraded the memory of it into 6GB RAM. I decided to install windows 7 64bit. After that point my pc is slow as hell! Booting in windows takes around 4mins. general performance of pc is very low after installing win 7. I have updating drivers through windows and everything seems updated.

Intel i7 920 @ 2,67 GHz
6GB ram
ATI R5850

Posted: Nov 5, 2011

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Computer Wont Start 6gb Ram Windows 7 64bit?
motherboard emx-amd780-acc everything is fine until I added 2gb of ram to make it 6gb, ddr2 800 kingston that my pc wont start windows764bit but when I removed the 2gb stick computer it runs perfectly well,me as I know my motherboard accept thru 8gb of ram.

Posted: Apr 22, 2011

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PC Running Slow With 6GB RAM - Programs Taking Time To Launch
I have a Toshiba Satellite P755-S5320 with 6 GB of Ram and a Intel Core i3 - 2330M CPU @ 2.20 GHZ. However, it is very sluggish. To launch mozilla firefox, it takes a good 12 seconds, and to open other apps such as Word 2007 it takes about 15 seconds...why with a processor such as this is it this sluggish?

Posted: Mar 8, 2012

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