System Crashed, Desktop Dissapears

Mar 5, 2009

I just built me a new rigg and im having problems installing Vista Ultimate 64-bit.After i do a fresh install and update all the drivers it'll work for a few hours and all of a sudden my desktop dissapears and all my problems are gone, i then try to restart it and first thing that pops up is volume panel missing with a yellow exclaimation mark, my wallpaper has dissapeared i try to open any file/game that i install manually by going into the folder it say this program has been move or no longer on this hdd.Im only using one hdd.This is my 4th time installing vista 64 ult it happens everytime, and my vista has not last two full days of use and it runs into the same problem.I thought it may have been my hardware but i have checked them all out ran memtest rams are good tested psu.Only thing i can come up with is that its either my motherboard or it can be vista.I have until about the 17th of this month to fix this problem if not i guess i would be returning board and cpu and just return to windows pro.


Desktop Crashed Reformatting System

Dec 15, 2009

My desktop crashed on me when i was reformatting it, after countless tries and couple versions of Linux, I found my old vista CD and decided to throw that on there because its the only system that i am fairly familiar with and that doesnt need codes to run stuff :P. Anyways after I put vista on it, my PC's USB ports that used to work fine have been acting weird, I tried to plug my wireless usb adapter which works on my laptop running win7 and my other desktop running win vista home basic, but with this pc it keeps saying that the device has malfunctioned. After i plug the device in it, it downloads the drivers for it but then says that it has malfunctioned. Oh and also i cant even put a usb stick on.

The funny thing is Device Manager says they are all ok and working fine. ALL 6 OF THEM ARE MALFUNCTIONING lol. (2 FRONT 4 BACK) so i was wondering if you guys could lend me helping hand and tell me what my problem is and how i can fix it. Oh here is a funny thing, with linux, my usb device used to work for it for like 30 mins and then it would cut out. Propably should mention that the device is a Zioncom WL0123 Wireless USB adapter that is supposably VISTA READY. I have done alot of research but have gotten nowhere, and i have done the whole unistall usb's and everything.

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System Crashed During Install

Aug 2, 2009

Was installing service pack 2 and system crashed now can not even get back to my old vista. Seems to be loading and then I get: !!oxc 0190005!! 9293/45274 (registrymachineschemawcm.//microsoft-...) Then it freezes. I let it stay here for 18 hours and nothing. Tried to boot with my old vista windows disk and can not get a fix or get back to loading anything. Latest error said windows can not fix problem. Frequant black screen of death after bios or it goes to above point and stops.

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System Crashed No Restart

Oct 23, 2009

I have a Sony laptop with Windows Vista as operating system. The system crashed. So I initialised a new start via CTRL, ALT and DEL. Unfortunately, the shut down process got stuck and the screen just displays "shut down" without doing anything. It remained like this for a couple of minutes when I hold the turn-on/off button pressed. I was expecting to force my laptop to restart again (which is the usual case on a Windows XP machine). However, my laptop just went to the stand-by modus. Pressing the turn-on/off gave back the frozen display of "shut down".

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System Crashed All Failed

Jul 11, 2009

my system is crashed when i start it dosent load a blue screen appears and nothing happens it jsut restarts so plzz hlp me tell me wat i should doand 1 more thing it dosent open safe mode alsobut i hab backed up my system in other local disk tell me how to boot it

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64 Media Player, System Crashed

Dec 17, 2008

Last night I loaded software for my new digitol camera, and after installation, I chose to reboot so new drivers would take effect. System crashed, Did not see fine print on CD that said it did not work with Vista 64 until after the fact. I was asked on screen to put in Vista 64 disk and try to repair, no luck. Only option available was to restore, the problem here was a newly built computer within the last two months and I failed to backup drives, this won't happen again. Delema was losing over half of the cd's that I loaded from a total of 2437. I had my music on a separate terabyte drive from the operating system. When you look at the music folder on the drive, albums were missing, but total gigabyte of folder had not changed, it was still a total of 277 GB. In the media player, I had checked the block to add recently deleted files and this brought back all 2437 albums in media player only, but if I look in music folder on drive under specific artist that had let say 11 albums, it only shows two in the folder. Now can someone tell me where in the heck did these go.

I did delete some older music files prior to rebuting computer, because I had replaced the 128KBPS files with 320 KBPS files, but always check to make sure number of albums in music folder matched what was in media folder, and they did match before rebooting. Is it possible to recover something after you emptied the recycle bin? Media player shows 2437 albums, music folder over half files are gone. I could probably sinc them album by album to a usb drive, or un-box my complete cd collection and load each one in again, but that would take forever, I know someone with insight can offer a better solution. I'm Desperate, and flipping out over this.

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System Crashed, Wont Boot Up

Aug 10, 2008

I have a newish laptop wunning vista home basic which crashed. It wont boot up I have tried chkdsk which found no problems, the windows repair thing cant diagnose the problem and it still wont work.

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System Crashed Does Not Recongniz Graphics Card

Feb 2, 2009

I recently re-installed vista home premium back on my vaio vgn-fz17g laptop after the system crashed and i noticed a few problems. 1. the computer wont read an sd card. 2. the computer does not recognise my graphics card. 3.i have an unknown device on my device manager. 4. my "UGX"? has no drivers (and none can be found) 4. my base score used to be 4.0 today i installed another gb of ram and i checked my base score and instead of going up it went down to 1.0 i cant even use aero anymore. the base score is where i realised my graphics card disappeared all that shows up in device manager is standard vga graphics adapter when i have a 512mb graphics card somewhere inside.

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Computer Crashed, No System Restore Points

Nov 17, 2008

I blew out the keyboard, (thought something might have gotten down there and was the cause of this) but still no change. I tried to restart my Vista Ultimate x64, but because it was keying that letter it just kept trying to search. So I had to hit the power button. This is where it gets weird. Upon restart, it goes to some sort of recovery wizard. No log-in screen, just this wizard. If I cancelled it, my system would reboot. So, after 6 different cancels / restarts, I tried it. It did a recovery that set up two partitions on my HD, but ERASED EVERYTHING. Anything that was not installed originally on the computer was erased. There are no system restore points (Deleted as well) Don't worry, I back-up fairly often. But I'd like to know what the hell happen.

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Crashed, Lost System Disc, Windows Product Key

Apr 6, 2009

my stepdaughter's laptop's hd crashed (unusable), she of course lost the system disc. I have my laptop and system disc, both laptops are gateway but different models 6752 and 6836. I have a new hd on order, and I will install vista with my disc and her windows product key (her laptop) I shouldn't have any problem with that right?

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Mouse Indicator Dissapears

Apr 3, 2008

I recently bought the settlers, the installation went fine but everytime i start up the game my mouse indicator (an iron glove) dissapears.

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Wireless Card Dissapears From Device Manager List

Feb 12, 2008

I have an HP dv9208nr laptop which has worked perfectly for me until recently. A few days ago after closing the computer and opening it back up i noticed that the wireless wasn't working. Obviously i checked the switch and the switch was on but the LED was orange indicating that wireless connectivity was turned off. I tried restarting and no luck; after a few other simple fixes didn't work; i went to the device manager and noticed that the wireless card wasn't in the list as it should have been. I tried updating the drivers; nothing. HP techs sent me a link to a service manual and instructed me to reseat the card manually, reset the BIOS, and reinstall the drivers. It didn't work. the next day the computer had found the card as new hardware and installed it. it worked fine for a day; then the same thing happened again.

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Desktop Icon And System Restore Don't Work

Nov 17, 2008

i did was reboot my pc(vista ultimate 32bit) and my desktop icons looked like this.(see image). I posted this problem on 2 other forums and no luck yet. System restore don't work. afe mode don't work. Rebuilding icon cache don't work.

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Control Manager: Desktop Gadgets Are Managed By Your System Administer

Dec 1, 2009

First is there a group for win 7? And second I was checking things out and found out this on the desktopn gadgets, when I click on it inthe control manager it says this Desktop Gadgets are managed by your system administer. Why can't I access it?

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Crashed, Cannot Repair

Apr 24, 2008

Hello, my son's pc crashed and will only boot to the black screen with green loading bar, then quits. Monitor keeps going to sleep.

I tried everything: system repair (which says it can't do - corrupt registry). Restore (can't - no restore point was set.) Go back to last known good config - won't work it crashes.

I ran a memory test and all was good.

So, I saw on this site where it was advised to do an upgrade/repair, but I can't because the option is grayed out and disabled. I tried starting with the disc in, and also by starting and then putting the disk in. If I wait until the machine starts and put the disk in, it will not work. It crashes. If I put the disk in and then start the machine is when I get to the install screen and eventually the 'update is disabled' screen.

I'm really trying to avoid a new install. I wonder if there is a way to get around the disabled thing in my case?

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Last Chaos Crashed

Jan 19, 2009

I have a dell Inspiron 1525 with vista home premium and I resently downloaded Last chaos and I tried to play it, and It was fine logging in fine for a couple of seconds and then it crashed. anyone know how to make it work? when it crashes my computer is fine, the screen is fine everything is it simply says, program not responding so i exit out ive uninstalled it and re installed it and run it as an adminstrator nothings working

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Computer Crashed;

Aug 9, 2008

my computer crashed and I tried to recover it using a recovery disk.. but suddenly I choosed and click the TOSHIBA recovery wizard.. And there's a 2 option...Recovery of factory Default Software and the 2nd option is Erase the hard disk(delete all the data and partitions from your hard disk) then I took 10 hours of this..then when it finished the process.. I try to restart my laptop then suddenly appears this word with a black screen.. (invalid partition table)

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Photoshop 7 Crashed

Oct 26, 2007

Everytime i start Photoshop 7 Windows Data execution prevention closes the application with the following message. I am running Windows vista ultimate 64 bit.

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Outlook Crashed

May 5, 2008

I find every morning Outlook crashed. Computer is continuously busy (25% of CPU)Rebooting solves the problem, but next morning again crash. Only program running during the night (as far as I can see) is Windows Defender.

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Crashed Will Not Boot

Mar 23, 2008

my PC crashed and will not boot, the NTOSKRNL.EXE is missing or corrupt, repair from the DVD does nor fix the problem. I need to reinstall but the only option I get when bootin from the DVD is to "Install from Windows" but Windows will not boot up.What can I do?

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Service Pack 1 Has Crashed IE8.

Jun 1, 2010

I'm a Vista and IE user, not a Developer. Sequence of events:

last week... downloaded Vista Service Pack 1
this week... IE8 has stopped working... screen goes white... DEP
problem (blocks code execution) or DEP/NX No-Execute Memory

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SP2 Crashed Not Running Windows

Aug 1, 2009

I installed vista sp2 yesterday and now my laptop won't start. it offers two options, start in repair mode or start normally. I have an 18 month old Toshiba Equiium running vista home P 32 bit. If I start normally, the microsoft logo comes up and then the screen blips blue momentarily then it goes off. If I run the repair, it scans for faults, then prompts to run a system restore. I take this option and then it takes many minutes to attempt repairs - ultimately ending with 'windows cannot repair..."

there is a log with lots of 0x0 type errors notices (which are meaningles to me) I can't even get to the point where I could elect to restore to last best save or whatever. I have all my docs backed up on a portable HD but I cannot get past this failed repair message.

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Recovery Crashed Vista X32

Mar 31, 2009

Recently, my Vista x32 crashed. I deleted it and put on Windows XP. (This was three days ago) I now wish to go back to Vista, as I didn't expect this and never planned to turn to XP. A vista CD did not come with my laptop, but I have a serial. My friend had Vista and when he installed it, it would only be compliant with the serial number it came with. Is there any way to recover my Vista?

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Nvidia 8600M GS Crashed

Sep 12, 2009

Yesterday I was playing a game, and it just pixelated my screen and crashed. I restarted my Vista system, and it couldn't reboot. I reinstalled a fresh version of Windows 7 thinking it might help out. Everything is okay, I run 1280x800 without the drivers for the video but once I install NVIDIA Drivers, it crashes. I can't play any games this way.

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Corrupt Files And PC Crashed

Feb 23, 2010

My Laptop was taking about 8-9 mins on average to boot. But Runs Great once running. also shut down was 4-5 mins. I tried Defrag, CCleaner Defrag Registry, Registry Cleanup,enable both cpu's at start up,ran Avanquest's System Suite Utilities, Chkdsk/f /r,also sfc / reading on some forums, a lot of advice was to update all drivers. So I got Driver Genius Pro 9 by avanquest (Driversoft company when installed)this program found 22 drivers out of date. so I created a restore Point and did a full registry export(backup).next, I let all the drivers completely download, then First, I installed Intel turbo memory drivers,everything was functioning well, so I proceeded to install Intel chipset device software.

3rd was the Nvidia Display Drivers so I made a second Restore point (I had issues in the past with display drivers) So I installed the Nvidia drivers and on reboot I input my password and it says The User Profile Service service failed the logon. User Profile cannot be loaded. I tried to run Restore but it says Disk OS(C) has errors(Windows detected file system corruption on OS(C). you must check the disk for errors before it can be restored. checking disk OS (C) - Some Problems were found and fixed. But at reboot - same issue. so I went to vista forums."Brink" had some great advice I used that I found in a thread, to turn on the "Real" administrator account in safe mode to gain access and I uninstalled the Nvidia drivers under the admin acct. at reboot states corrupt system files (CheckDisk) But when I tried to run driver Genius in admin again to reverse the intel drivers (this shows up as Intel Matrix Storage Manager in Start>Programs) the PC crashed.

I ran CHKDSK /f .NOW I can boot into my acct. but there is NO sound device found, sidebar gadget shows no battery,or battery activity.Also bluetooth Hardware not functioning. The Drivers for bluetooth and sound show "Functioning" in device manager. Someone HELP Please as I spent many many months customizing and lots of money on software that will be lost. It seems to be fixable but HOW?

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Crashed Computer After Update

Jul 29, 2009

I have a gateway MT3422 that I have had for 2 years and it came with vista. I have had to restore my computer once since I have had it and never had any serious problems with it. 3 months ago, my computer was trying to install SP1 and when the computer restarts, it goes to a blue screen, then into a black screen and it says "error, calling phyllat. can not find operating system" and it locks up. I push ALT+CTRL+DEL to reset it and it reboots and says the upgrade did not install and gives me the option to reinstall it. After 3 months of trying, I gave up and ignored my computer to download and install the service pack.

Then one day, it actually installed SP1 and when it restarted, it said "error, do you wish to launch system restore (recommended)" I did and it went to a black screen for 4 hours - no cpu or aything running or eve the blue cpu light to show its running. No fan on, no noise from the processor. I shut my computer off and it doesnt ever go to the windows vista loading screen.

Ive tried to boot in safe mode and it gets hung up on system/windows32.....drv and never goes any further and gets caught in a loop. I pushed f8 to launch the repair mode, and it gets caught in a loop. I put i my restore disc that came with my laptop and when I ask it to install windows vista, it gets caught in a loop. tried to do a system restore and it cant because my C drive is corrupted.

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IE8: 3 Business Machines Crashed

May 28, 2009

I have 3 VB machines running IE8. All worked fine until today, where nobody can open the IE8 app. The one XP machine in the office is working fine on IE8, and the Windows SBS 2008 machine we have is running fine on IE7. We did emergency Firefox installs, and this is what we are using now to do browsing. It looks like the program is trying to open, but just doesn't. The only update installed yesterday was a definition update for Windows defender, although since then I have installed SP2 on my machine to see if it cures.

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Hard Drive Crashed

Apr 14, 2009

My hard drive crashed, so i bought a new one but when i try to run the recovery dvd disc, as soon as i click start it says Error 100a if problem persists contact hp. i called them and they're telling me i now need to get a new recovery disc, but i dont think they know what they're talking about and im sure they will just tell me i need to buy something else when that doesnt work

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Applications Crashed And Terminate

May 1, 2008

I've had windows vista on my laptop for over a year (it came with it) and it's pretty slick and clean looking but why isn't it compatible with a lot of software! like for instance, the window's chess game...worked twice then never worked again...always gives the "executable for chess game has stopped working". I gave up on that. another one, iTunes...has numerous problems in running. Now, I've just recently gotten the sims 2 deluxe and it was running okay but now I've gotten an expansion pack for it and the game works okay once after installation then will no open again and gives me an error.

"The application has crashed and will now terminate" I've tried absolutely everything (and making sure my games and applications meet the system requirements, and they do, running it in compatibility mode, updating my sims games which open for business update will not update after installing it once. It works if i install it immediately after I install OFB..but even then so, it crashes after one time playing the game!).......

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Health Check Crashed

May 30, 2008

I currently have a HP Pavillion Notebook installed with Windows Vista Home Premium, and everytime I try to do a PC Health Check with Total Care Advisor, I get the blue screen and my comp shuts down. I already went to HP support, but they didn't fix it either.

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Print Spooler Crashed

Apr 29, 2008

When installing a printer - at various stages of the process, the installation will fail. Two messages appear:

1) Unable to install printer. Operation could not be completed (error 0x000006be)

2) Spooler subsystem app stopped working and was closed. A problem caused the application to stop working correctly.

Windows will notify you if a solution is available. This computer is running Windows Vista. This issue occurs with SP1 as well. This computer has been re-imaged several times and the issue is still there.

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Autoruns Crashed Boot

Oct 2, 2009

I installed autoruns and conveniently disabled just a few nuiscance startups like google toolbar updater, javaupdate, msdefender after a reboot I could not longer boot into vista. there was some error message indicating autochk corrupted or something to the affect and when ever I started in safemode the system would halt at crcdisk. anyways since nothing was panning out via the diagnostic menu or with a visto boot cd,

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Microsoft Update Crashed OP Sys

Jul 29, 2009

I don't know if anyone else had a problem with the latest update from the wonderful people at Microsoft but I sure did. The system suddenly went into a loop trying to install the latest update then shut down at installing step 3 of 3 at 0%. Well I tried everything and then finally did a reinstall and NOT formatting the drive as to keep the windows.old files. Everything worked great and then the install happened again but this time it took with no problem. It may have been that at the same time cyberlink was having issues with playing a blue ray but I am not sure. I just thought I might mention the solution in case anyone else had the problem. Now everything is nearly back up and no problems so far.

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Kaspersky Crashed During Install

Nov 11, 2008

Tried installing Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009 (KAV) on a friends Vista machine and it crashed during the install. I was required to use the last restore point to get the machine up and running. Has anyone had similar issues w/KAV & Vista 64-bit? When I tried to install KAV initially it found Norton and would not install. I removed Norton but did not reboot before installing KAV. Does anyone think this might be the cause? I am reluctant to try again as the computer is for my friends business and he lost a few files when I went to the restore point.

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Sims 2 Restarted Crashed

Mar 15, 2008

I bought sims 2 to play on my Toshiba laptop, which runs with Vista, and it worked fine for aaaages, but then one day when i took my sim lady downtown, it froze while loading the downtown screen, and when i restarted and re-opened that family, it wouldnt work and was constantly frozen. since then it crashed everytime i tried starting sims or saving a family id made. it doesnt even stay on long enough to move a family into a house. I dont get an error message, it just stops loading or freezes. When i ctrl alt and del it says the programme is not responding. I bought sims seasons, and im still having the same problem. i have ran numerous virus checks and my laptop is fine. ive also uninstalled and reinstalled many times. Ive also tried changing game compatability without success. Ive gone as far as going and buying a new sims 2!

Here are my directX Diagnostics..
System Information
Time of this report: 3/15/2008, 14:15:51
Operating System: Windows Vista™ Home Premium (6.0, Build 6000) (6000.vista_gdr.071023-1545)
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: TOSHIBA
System Model: Satellite L40..........

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Update Of Adobe Crashed My Computer

Nov 9, 2008

i am running vista home premium that came installed on my toshiba.

it was running a tad strangly but still running (not noticing the the computer name had been changed and various other items)..

then i was doing a normal update of adobe pdf reader and the install crashed. after that the microsoft installer wont work, i cant boot my computer normally altho it does open in safe mode - however, the windows installer wont work - even in safe mode.

when i try to boot it normally it seems to start fine but hangs once the desktop appears.....

i have tried repairing the startup process via the vista repair disc.

i have tried restoring back to a previous restore point

nothing so far has worked.

after doing the above i cant even start my computer normally (altho i can boot in safe) it seems to begin the process then the screen just goes black altho the disk light is still on....

i am now just about to reinstall my entire system but i would rather not have to do this....

is there anything else i can try? i have a time sensitive deadline that needs to be reached (of course) so i cant play around with this for too long.

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Make Installation Of Crashed Disks

Aug 19, 2009

Recently I bought a new computer that has Works 9 on it. I got no installation disks with it. If my machine crashes I would have no way to install it again. Is there a way I can make installation disks for myself?

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Panicking! Crashed, Cannot Reboot In Any Mode

May 6, 2009

I'm running Vista on a Sony Vaio purchased new in 9/08. I have neverhad any problems until this morning. My husband used my pc this morning to go to Tax Brain, and on his log on there was a Adobe Update ready to download. When I went to log him off, I decided to download the update;then the update stopped saying that there was a corrupt file on it. So I logged off his side and signed into mine (btw, he has NO adminitrativerights), I then tried to open my Windows Live Mail it then prompted me for a password, which it NEVER does because it's already saved. Then another alert came up that a file in live mail was corrupt; I freaked out and tried to access Norton (which is up to date) and it wouldn't letme. Next thing I know a blue screen comes up and says that windows is to be shut down to prevent damage; it suggested I restart the computer and try to open in safe mode and determine what files may be at fault.{Incidentally, yesterday Norton detected "Backdoor.Trojan" or something of that nature; I looked up the detail report and it said that it was blocked and fully removed from my system, and I was ablel to use the pc until 9pm with no problem - after booting up this morning is when thetrouble began.} Ok, so I tried rebooting in each and every mode available on that inital error screen. The rebooting goes down all the drivers until it gets to crcdisk.sys then it quits and gives me that damn blue screen again that advises me to try rebooting in safe mode. Icannot reboot at all. Now, I have downloaded an iso file of Vista recovery to my thumb drive using the tutorial on this site; and I have plugged it into the pc upon startup with same result as before. Nothing. I am not able to burn a DVD because the old laptop I'm on right now only has a CD-R and a DVD-Rom. I don't have any blank CD's here and my husband is at work; we're pressed for cash also so I'm pretty screwed all the way around.To make matters worse, I have an assignment and my finals (I'm finishingschool at 31) due today, tomorrow and this weekend.I don't have a vistarecovery cd, none was provided when i bought my pc.

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Install On Old Crashed Hard Drive

Mar 26, 2008

I have 2 pc's with xp, each with ide drives, One crashed, so I removed the hard drive to run as a slave on my other pc to see if I could retrieve the data. When I did this, the ribbon pulled loose just enough to shut down my drive (yes on the good one). I now have to reboot with original boot disk, which I no longer have. So I go and buy Vista Home Premium, then first am able remove the data (via knoppix) from the old crashed drive (first one). So I put this drive into the 2nd pc as master, and attempt to install Vista.

I get past the "loading software" and then the "windows" progess bar screens, and the screen goes to a black screed with nothing but a mouse arrow on it.

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Backup Hard Drive Crashed

Jan 9, 2010

I've been using an external USB hard drive to back up my HP laptop system - backing up EVERYTHING incrementally on the drive (including the OS). If I ever had a serious problem, I could rebuild my system without having to reinstall all my software. Recently, my backup hard drive crashed - DEAD!! Before I buy another external hard drive, I would like to get some opinions on other backup strategies. I used to clone my "C" drive (about once a week) in addition to the external hard drive.

But I no longer have an extra 2 1/2" drive large enough to back up to. The cost of additional drives for backup is not an issue. I would just like to get other opinions so I can choose one that works for me. Suggestions for drive models and types are also welcome as well as software. Currently, I use software from Aquarius I.S. Consultancy for sequential backup and I cloned my "C" drive with Acronis True Image.

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External Drive Crashed X, Retrieve

Aug 26, 2008

My WD 120 GB passport just crashed on me last night after serving me for a well over 2 years. lost 100gig + of data. any possible to methods to retrieve it?

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Installed Hitman Game Than Pc Crashed

Feb 25, 2008

Here is the chronology as I remember it... Had new PC with Vista for the first time for a month problems. Installed Hitman game. When I attempted to start game, receieved error that a file was missing. From my memory, it was something like MSVLL771.dll (not accurate, but close). Vista prompted me that it could find the problem and then recommended a download. It was an update in the realm of Framework 1.1- something or other. After downloading and attempted implementation, Vista let me know this program was already on my PC. I did an internet search for the "missing" file and downloaded it specificly and placed in the game's file. The game now ran with no problem.

Yet, at the next boot up of PC it crashed to the "problem" screen. At this point I was able to use safe mode and attempt a recovery by going back to an earlier save point. Did this and reboot. Now PC crashes again and now will not start in any mode (safe, normal, safe with networking, etc) By not start, I mean I get past the prompt asking which mode to start, screen goes blank, no Vista load, just a cursor. The LED light seems to be processing, yet nothing happens from here.I placed Vista disk in to boot from it to Fix and Re-install, but this does not help. After a few steps it goes to a driver selection screen with no drivers available. Lets me browse, but I have no clue where to look for these??

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Real Player 11, Explorer Crashed

Jun 1, 2008

when I install real player 11 on my PC. Explorer crashed when I brows a folder that contains real player files.

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Computer Crashed After Installing Vista

May 18, 2009

I have a Acer aspire Laptop with Windows vista 64 bit It worked fine until the other day i started it and it wouldn't boot windows at all. The only disk that I got with my computer was the Windows vista anytime upgrade CD. It has let me install windows vista once before when my computer crashed. Now when I try to re-install Windows vista everything works fine until I get to the part where it asks me to select the drive on where to install it to.I can't find any where it is suppose to list them.Also what used to be my C: drive is now Drive X: I have tried to boot from dos,Treid to do the repair,Nothing seems to work. When I start my computer now the only thing I get is; Media test failure,Check cable Exiting PXE ROM Can anyone give me some ideas on what to try or do?

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Directx Update The Client Crashed?

Nov 10, 2008

I have a problem with starting Lineage 2 Interlude on Windows Vista Business x64. After Windows install, and after updates, i installed the Lineage 2 Interlude client and worked at well. BUT after Directx update the client crashed, with this error message.

After this message, the client is started but i can't log in. (Access failed...)
Three reason what may be the source of errors:

- DirectX (redistributable, the newest)
- .Net Framework (2.0 or/and 3.0)
- Visual C++ 2005/2008 Redistributable package x64 (once with 2008 x64 package the client is worked, after Windows restart the problem is was the same).

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